Monday, August 16, 2010



UK KFA statement

The US imperialists and south Korean puppets-thee Lee Myung bak sellout fascist regime-are staging yet more military exercises this time Ulji Freedom Guardian.These come hard on the heels of earlier military exercises which appear to be held continously in south Korea.

UFG is larger in scale than the other exercises and is a clear cut rehearsal to start a war and invade the DPRK.US president Obama has declared himself the "first Pacific president of the USA" and intends to rule the Asia Pacific region as a colonial domain.

UFG exercises are a threat to peace not only on the Korean peninsula and the Asia-Pacific region but also the entire world as a war could easily start as a result of the exercises,a small incident or accident could easily turn into war which would then spread across Asia and become a nuclear war.

UFG is a crude and blatant attempt at intimidating the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea into making unilateral concessions and ultimately to give up its socialist system.This is a serious encroachment on the DPRK's sovereignty.The future of the DPRK should be determined in Korea not in Washington or New York and Korea's reunification should be solved by Koreans not but outsiders.

UK KFA demands the Ulji Freedom Guardian exercises are immediately cancelled and the US pull their troops out of Korea,revoke the sanctions and desist from making a nuclear threat to the DPRK.