Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Statement regarding the US-South korean Military Exercises


Statement regarding the US-South korean Military Exercises

The US imperialist and beliicose fascist puppet south Korean warmongers are going completely mad and have called more war exercises including live firing in close proximity to the DPRK.This is an intolerable provocation and an affront to the DPRK's sovereignity and dignity.These exercises come hard on the heels of previous naval exercises in the east and west sea of Korea and RIMPAC 2010.These exercises will be followed by Ulji Freedom Guardian.

The so called "Northern Limit" of the south Korean puppets is entirely arbitiary and bogus.The case of the Cheonan is a fabricated case.

The moves of the US imperialists to stifle the DPRK, the land of Juche and Songun and the socialist paradise, are becoming ever more serious and deadly and are within a millimetre of the danger line!

All friends of Korea and progressives must rally around the DPRK which is on the frontline against imperialism and is has US imperialist guns and nukes levelled at it almost daily.