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Just Cause of Korean People Supported-KCNA

Just Cause of Korean People Supported

Pyongyang, November 29 (KCNA) -- Richard Stenberg, chairman of the Swedish National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea, issued a statement on Nov. 24 in support of the self-defensive measure taken by the heroic Korean People's Army.

The statement strongly denounced the provocation made by the south Korean puppet authorities in the territorial waters of the DPRK.

The Swedish National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea fully supports the self-defensive measures taken by the KPA to beat back the aggression moves of the provocateurs and defend the country, it said.

The Brazilian Committee for Solidarity with the DPRK, too, in its statement on Nov. 24 extended full support to the Korean people who are responding to the military provocation being made by the U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet forces in the West Sea of Korea with the drive to build a thriving nation under the banner of Songun.

The DPRK which has great and heroic people will only win in the showdown with the imperialists, amid the support from the world progressive people, it stressed.

US-S. Korea Wholly to Blame for Escalated Tension and Danger of War-KCNA

US-S. Korea Wholly to Blame for Escalated Tension and Danger of War

Pyongyang, November 29 (KCNA) -- The U.S. and the south Korean authorities, its followers, are the arch criminals disturbing peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, says Rodong Sinmun Monday in a signed article.

The U.S. and the south Korean warmongers are escalating confrontation and tension through ceaseless moves to ignite a war, seriously disturbing peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, the article notes, and goes on:

The south Korean puppet forces perpetrated a grave military provocation while frantically staging war exercises for aggression against the DPRK in the area very close to its territory despite its sincere efforts to defuse the tension on the peninsula and improve the inter-Korean relations. This clearly proves that it was none other than these forces who escalated the confrontation and tension on the peninsula and brought the danger of a nuclear war to it.

It is attributable to the U.S. hostile policy of aggression towards the DPRK that the peace and security on the peninsula are exposed to a grave threat.

The vicious moves of the U.S. and the south Korean ruling forces in league with it to start a war of aggression against the DPRK are the main factor of driving the situation on the peninsula to a serious catastrophe.

The military provocation committed by the puppet forces in the waters around Yonphyong Island was by no means accidental.

It was part of the adventurous scenario to provoke a war of aggression against the DPRK which has long been in the making and a deliberate and premeditated move to derail the process for improving the inter-Korean relations and do harm to the DPRK by force of arms at any cost.

The U.S. has frantically stepped up the preparations for a war of aggression against the DPRK, while staying in south Korea for several decades. The aim sought by the U.S. is to keep Korea indefinitely divided and put the whole of the Korean Peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia under its unchallenged control with south Korea as its military base and springboard. Prompted by such sinister aim, the U.S. is noisily talking about the fictitious threat from someone while posing a constant military threat to the DPRK under the pretext of coping with it.

The warlike forces of the U.S. and south Korea are driving the situation to an uncontrollable catastrophe under the pretext of the recent incident in a bid to impose a nuclear war disaster on the Korean nation without hesitation.

This is, however, a serious miscalculation. The warlike forces will never go scot-free while making desperate efforts to ignite a war of aggression against the DPRK on this land at any cost.

South Korean Worker arrested for "highly praising" North Korea

South Korean Worker arrested for "highly praising" North Korea

According to the south Korean media including ChungAng Ilbo, Money Today and Ryunhap News, a south Korean worker surnamed Kim (45 years) who was arrested on charges of violating the National Security Law on October 14 highly praised President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il during a trial at the Seoul district court.

He was reported to have carried on the Internet website "Cyber National Defense Command" on several occasions since last June articles praising President Kim Il Sung, leader Kim Jong Il and north Korea.

It was said that the Internet website "Cyber National Defense Command" was established around 2000 and operated by progressive figures of different circles in south Korea. It was coercively closed in late July by the suppression of the government and resumed its activity from August this year. And its members increased to 6,100 in October from 5,500 in June this year.

The security authorities arrested Kim on charges of violating the NSL for mere reason that he posted articles praising President Kim Il Sung, leader Kim Jong Il and north Korea.

Before the arrest he posted on the website "Cyber National Defense Command" the following article.

My faith is as adamant as the steel and I will stand for trial with the same dauntless and dignified posture as was during the police investigation.

I will indomitably practice representing the brave ironclad cavalrymen.

In disregard of my detention I deem that a successor walked a small step, though meager, following the lofty acts of my preceding patriotic fighters and martyrs who devoted themselves for the national independence and the reunification by our nation itself against the foreign forces.
Dear patriotic ironclad cavalrymen!
You are proud and give me a great strength.
I love you.

In the trial court he questioned how could it be a crime to praise the greatness of leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. He expressed his faith saying “leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are great men. I'm prepared to devote my whole life for them.

He imposingly shouted that his determination to continue the posting of articles and photo editions in praise of the great men and north Korea in the future, too, is unshakable as the steel.

During the trial process that lasted over an hour he extolled the greatness of the two leaders and propagated the advantages of the socialist system in north Korea with so assertive and fluent expressions.

Astounded by his daring and faithful deed the prosecutors screamed saying there are coming out more people who praise and follow the system of the DPRK by their firm faith.

Meanwhile, many remarks in appreciation and inspiration of his valiant and righteous behavior are being carried on the Internet.

Posted on the websites including the Surprise were many articles condemning the NSL which bans any favorable sentiment or expression toward the north, saying we all must feel shame before that dignified appearance toward the truth and we hardly repress the tears.

In particular, an Internet user pen-named "Alive Child" said that the dignity of the Korean nation is shining thanks to the north which gains control of the imperialist forces headed by the US by dint of the Songun politics, holding that harboring the sentiment of following the north is a due truth.

Police probing Internet Cafe Praising North Korea

Police probing Internet Cafe Praising North Korea

By BJ Murphy

November 26, 2010

The significance of this article is to clearly point out the fact that it's not the North who id the police state. As we can clearly see here, if any of the two are a police state, it's the South. Yet Western media wants us to believe that it's a democracy? All I can say is good luck.

By Kang Shin-who
November 26, 2010

More alert than ever before, police have began investigating an Internet cafe for praising North Korea after the communist state committed a ruthless attack by shelling Yeonpyeong Island.

A number of compliments to North Korea were posted on the online community named Cyber headquarters for people's defense, on Naver, the country's No. 1 portal site. Members of the community have immediately drawn huge criticism online. A lot of angered netizens attacked the community with postings denouncing the cafe members. In response, the cafe manager removed all the critical postings.

According to the National Police Agency, the site is under investigation for violating the National Security Law, which prohibits praising or sympathizing with the communist state.

The cafe manager, Hwang Gil-gyeong, wrote, The commander Kim Jung-un is doing it. You need wisdom to be always be alert and prepared, under the title of Everybody, you were very nervous yesterday?

The message was echoed by other postings written by the online community members. One of them reads, The general in command will proceed without the slightest glitch in full accordance with the North's timeline.Another posting said, “Do not mind the lives of hostages. We are confident that you will achieve your great feat.

Police will punish Internet community members who wrote postings praising North Korea with the purpose of benefiting the North. A police officer said the Internet cafe was first operated on another portal, Daum, and closed in 2002, but reopened in 2007 at the current portal site. It has about 6,500 members. One of the members is in his 40s and was indicted last month on charges of spreading pro-North Korea propaganda.

North Korea's attack on the island, Tuesday, the first of its kind targeting civilians since the Korean War, killed two marines and two civilians and wounded 18 others. The Korean War ended in 1953 in a truce, without a peace treaty and the two Koreas are still technically at war.

International Republican Socialist Network Statement on the AAWRU 30th Anniversary

International Republican Socialist Network Statement
on the AAWRU 30th Anniversary

To the All African Women's Revolutionary Union and All-African People's Revolutionary Party

From the International Republican Socialist Network
November 27, 2010

The International Republican Socialist Network sends its congratulations and solidarity to our sisters in the All African Women's Revolutionary Union on the 30th anniversary of their founding. When those of us who founded the IRSN were members of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, we worked with the AAWRU, and have continued that relationship in the IRSN.

We recognize and salute the many things the AAWRU has done in the thirty years of its existence, from building the Miriam Makeba hospital and agricultural projects in Africa to simply providing a safe place for women comrades to study revolution. Big and small, all victories are victories for the masses and defeats for capitalism.

Irish socialist revolutionary James Connolly wrote, The worker is the slave of capitalist society, the female worker is the slave of that slave. This is similar to the triple oppression African women face and struggle against. Women play an important role in revolutionary struggles the world over, and no less so in the struggle both in Africa and in the African diaspora. Women fighting against colonialism, neo-colonialism, and capitalism have more to win and less to lose, and therefore are many times stronger than men who may seek negotiations with the oppressors.

We salute our sister comrades of the All African Women's Revolutionary Union, and again congratulate them on 30 years of struggle. We know the struggle for a pan-African socialist Africa continues, as does the struggle in Ireland for national liberation and socialism. We will be here for you, comrades, when you need us, and know you will be there for us when we call upon you. We look forward to continued solidarity. We stand, as do you, Ready for the Revolution.

Mary McIlroy,
Comrade, International Republican Socialist Network



The Anti Imperialist Independence Association of Britain wish to denounce the Foreign Secretary William Hague for his remarks attacking the Democratic Peoples Republic of
Korea for its defence of its territory and borders.Hagues remarks represented arrogant imperialist interference in the DPRK internal affairs.It is the DPRK's sovereign right to defend its territory against aggression.Hague who is a hasbeen and failed Toryboy has no right to interfere in the affairs of the dignified and independent Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

Hague's outburst represents British imperialism siding with the US imperialists and south Korean puppets repeating the shameful history of 1950 when the UK sent mercenary troops to fight the young Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea suppressing its struggle for independence and reunification.


NPCK Blasts US-S. Korea Combined Military Exercises-KCNA

NPCK Blasts US-S. Korea Combined Military Exercises

Pyongyang, November 28 (KCNA) -- The National Peace Committee of Korea issued a statement on Sunday as regards the fact that the United States and the south Korean puppet group finally kicked off the largest-scale combined military exercises aimed at armed invasion of the DPRK in the West Sea of Korea.

The madcap aggression war exercises launched by them in the sea and the sky near the extension of the Military Demarcation Line in the West Sea of Korea are putting the Korean Peninsula at a state of ultra-emergency while creating the grave situation whereby peace and security are exposed to serious threat, the statement points out, and says:

The West Sea of Korea is the most acute and sensitive area where military conflict might break out anytime due to the illegal "northern limit line" unilaterally drawn by the U.S. and the ceaseless provocation of the south Korean puppet group.

However, the U.S. and the south Korean puppet group kicked off in this area the military exercises with huge aggression armed forces including nuclear powered carrier involved before the recent smoke of shelling disappeared. This is no more than an attempt to find a pretext for aggression and ignite a war at any cost.

In October last they planned to stage the frantic anti-DPRK war games with U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier George Washington again involved in the West Sea of Korea only to be checked by the unanimous protest at home and abroad. But this time they carried such scheme into practice at last under the pretext of the Yonphyong Island incident.

It is the height of folly for the U.S. and the puppet group to browbeat the DPRK with such nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

The U.S. and the puppet group of traitors will be wholly held accountable for having escalated the tension in the Korean Peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia and wrecked the regional peace and security with their reckless war maneuvers.

Who Is to Wholly Blame for Armed Clash in West Sea of Korea, Queries KCNA

Who Is to Wholly Blame for Armed Clash in West Sea of Korea, Queries KCNA

Pyongyang, November 27 (KCNA) -- The true colors of the arch criminal who orchestrated the recent military clash is being brought into bolder relief with the passage of time.

No sooner had the Yonphyong incident occurred than the U.S. announced that it would stage joint naval exercises with the south Korean puppet forces with nuclear-powered carrier George Washington involved in the West Sea of Korea as if it had been waiting for it to happen before immediately sending the carrier to the sea.

This clearly indicates that the U.S. was the arch criminal who deliberately planned the incident and wire-pulled it behind the scene.

By orchestrating the "Cheonan" warship case the U.S. realized almost all what it had planned. It could maintain its military base in Okinawa though it had been pressurized to transfer it from there and massively beef up its forces in the areas around the Korean Peninsula.

What is left unfulfilled is the plan to bring the above-said nuclear carrier to the West Sea of Korea.

The U.S. instigated the south Korean puppet forces to perpetrate an armed provocation against the territorial waters of the DPRK side from Yonphyong Island and was contemplating bringing its nuclear-powered carrier to the West Sea, availing itself of the incident, though it was compelled to cancel its plan to do so three times after its announcement.

Right after the occurrence of the military clash, the U.S. spearheaded the racket for "denouncing" the incident in unison as "a unilateral provocation" even before probing the truth about it. This proves that the U.S. had carefully worked out the scenario for the provocation in advance.

The DPRK side warned several times against the enemy's plan for shelling in the sensitive areas around Yonphyong Island and sent a telephone notice on the morning of the very day the incident occurred as part of its superhuman efforts to prevent the clash to the last moment, but the south side preempted the firing of shells into the territorial waters of the DPRK side. The enemy side, however, has kept silent about all these facts.

Moreover, it is now working hard to dramatize "civilian casualties" as part of its propaganda campaign, creating the impression that the defenceless civilians were exposed to "indiscriminate shelling" all of a sudden from the DPRK side.

If that is true, it is very regrettable but the enemy should be held responsible for the incident as it took such inhuman action as creating "a human shield" by deploying civilians around artillery positions and inside military facilities before the launch of the provocation.

The fact that there were human casualties inside the military base clearly proves itself the ulterior intention of the enemy.

The U.S. regarded the death of innocent civilians as a common practice in the past in a bid to serve its military purposes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other parts of the world. This inhuman atrocity of the U.S. repeated itself on the Korean Peninsula this time.

While the incident occurred, the shells indiscriminately fired by the enemy dropped in the area close to civilian houses far from the artillery positions of the Korean People's Army.

All facts go to patently prove that it was attributable to the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK aimed to carry out its Asian strategy for domination that an unstable state of armistice has persisted and the military tension escalated periodically over the last nearly six decades.

The U.S. has so far obstructed the solution of any issues related to peace and stability while being keen only to keep the military tension on the Korean Peninsula.

Peace and stability can never settle on the peninsula but only instability will increase in the region near Korea and the rest of the world unless the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK is brought to an end.

The DPRK has so far restrained itself with the maximum patience. But the enemy encroached upon the inviolable territorial waters and land of the DPRK by firing live shells in the most sensitive disputed area despite its repeated warnings.

The counter-shelling of the DPRK was a resolute and proper retaliation against the reckless military provocation of the enemy.

If the U.S. brings its carrier to the West Sea of Korea at last, no one can predict the ensuing consequences.

Fulfill and carry forward the tasks of the second propaganda movement to advance the National Democratic Revolution!-NDF

Fulfill and carry forward the tasks of the second propaganda movement
to advance the National Democratic Revolution!

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Mindanao
November 30, 2010

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines - Mindanao salutes all the members as well as the heroes and martyrs of the Kabataang Makabayan (KM) on the occasion of its 46th founding anniversary.

Andres Bonifacio, one of the great revolutionary leaders whose 101st birth date was chosen to be the founding date of KM, must have been proud to see the sons and daughters of the revolution today carrying onward with fervent and vigor the aspirations of the Filipino people to be free from the clutches of oppression and exploitation by foreign power and its local agents.

True to its goals and ideals, the KM, has performed and has continued to do so its historic role of being the vanguard organization of the Filipino youth. Since its founding in 1964, the patriotic Kabataang Makabayan took on their significant task of carrying forward the national-democratic propaganda movement to stimulate the positive revolutionary potential of their fellow youth and students, and, more importantly, to help in rousing the revolutionary might of the masses of workers and peasants.

Amid sharpening social contradiction, the swelling youth protest movement, then led by KM among others, sparked the historical wave of the First Quarter Storm that shook the reactionary puppet regimes of Macapagal and, remarkably, of Marcos. The quickening pace of a political upheaval combined with an ideological ferment that was imbued with Marxism, Leninism and Mao thought among the youth produced some of the brightest young minds of our generation who offered themselves to become professional revolutionaries who, as cadres and mass activists, immersed with the struggle of the basic masses, and contributed significantly to the nationalist-democratic liberation movement.

When declared illegal in 1972 under Marcos's military rule, the KM went underground, many of whom immersed among the masses of the workers and peasants. Many of them also became leading cadres of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) who aroused, organized and mobilized the basic masses; and became cadres and Red fighters of the New People's Army (NPA). The patriotism of the KM has inspired the youth from the intelligentsia to remold themselves in the service of the Filipino people and course the revolutionary armed struggle towards national liberation and democracy.

The role of the KM is now more than ever relevant to the current situation of the Filipino youth and the whole nation, because we are beset with the same three basic problems of the society: US imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism, which have all turned even more malevolent in exploiting and oppressing the toiling masses. As was its task to expose and oppose the pro-imperialist and fascist character of the dictator Marcos as well as that of the reactionary regimes of Aquino, Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo, it is the KM's challenge currently to unmask the duplicity of the US-Aquino regime.

Past regimes have trampled on the youth's basic right to access quality education. This is even made worse under the new US-Aquino regime because the budget for state colleges and universities has been reduced, and tie-ups with private firms, pushed. In Mindanao, this means affecting the more or less 30 state colleges and universities, increasing the number of school drop-outs, imposing more burden on their parents, and pushing the youth towards further exploitation.

In cities, the youth and their families continue to wallow in poverty, poor health system and the utter lack of other basic social services, and are pushed to anti-social activities. In the countryside, the youth and children of peasant families continue to be exploited by big landlords and multinational companies, depriving them of their own land to till and preventing them from making ends meet. To safeguard landlord and capitalist interests, their communities are also subjected to massive militarization, which always inflict grave human rights abuses, snuffing out their chances at education, and for an assured future.

Under these worsening economic crises and hapless state of the youth, the KM is reminded of its goal to rouse the broader number of youth in order to assist in advancing the revolutionary aspirations of the masses of peasants and workers. The youth is a significant force for revolutionary social change as they are open to revolutionary ideas, and are energetic; they possess the time and ability to scrutinize our social ills, and, if aroused, can be a significant moving force alongside the peasants and workers.

Thus, instead of allowing the massive potentials of the youth to be denigrated under the exploitative charge of US imperialism and the local ruling class of big landlords and big comprador bourgeois, their talent and abilities must be utilized to advance the just cause of the revolution. After all, real education that is oriented towards liberating the masses from exploitation and oppression can be obtained only through revolutionary struggle, and not within the stifling walls of bourgeois universities and institutions

To celebrate the founding anniversary of KM, therefore, means to reaffirm its tasks in carrying out vigorously the nationalist and democratic propaganda movement, and to bond themselves with the worker and peasant masses to help advance and attain victory for the people's democratic revolution, steadily envisioning the march towards socialism.

And as we strive to fulfill the requirements of the strategic stalemate phase of the people's protracted war, the Kabataang Makabayan, as the vanguard of the revolutionary youth movement in the country, is ever more challenged to rally tens of thousands of young blood from the peasant, worker and intelligentsia classes to take the road to revolution. Because as Mao once said: "You young people, full of vigor and vitality, are in the bloom of life, like the sun at eight or nine in the morning. Our hope is placed on you."

The NDFP-Mindanao calls upon the Kabataang Makabayan and the rest of the Filipino youth to harness and direct their immense energies toward resolutely carrying out its tasks of the second propaganda movement for the nationalist democratic people's revolution.

We ardently bid the youth to join the New People's Army! It is only the revolutionary road which genuinely attends to the aspirations of the Filipino youth; it is the road that promises a bright tomorrow for the youth and the whole Filipino people!

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NDFP-Mindanao urges: remove all impediments to peace!

NDFP-Mindanao urges: remove all impediments to peace!

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Mindanao
November 28, 2010

The NDFP-Mindanao is one with all peace advocates and peace-loving Filipino people in the pursuit of a just and lasting peace. We are aware of the call for peace of advocates through the Mindanao Week of Peace. It is, however, imperative to thoroughly understand the nature and context of the social conflict that breed un-peace.

Almost four centuries of Spanish rule and six decades of US tutelage fettered the Philippines to feudal and semi-feudal exploitation. Filipino peasants have been deprived of land; workers, reduced to cheap labour force; and our natural resources and environment, plundered and ravaged. The country became a dumping market for overpriced goods, and a forward base for imperialist hegemony in the Asia-Pacific.

Since the bogus independence of 1946, puppet governments were beholden to US imperialist economic and political interests. Particularly in Mindanao, the Moro warlord ruling elite connived with US imperialists to grab and turn their ancestral lands into export crop production at the expense of both the Moro and non-Moro peasants.

This paved the way for US Firestone rubber plantations in the Cotabato and Zamboanga provinces, and for vast Dole Phils. pineapple plantations in plains of Cotabato and part of Bukidnon. This insured imperialist interest in oil, geothermal energy and minerals in the Liguasan marsh, Cotabato, Sulu and Palawan.

Moro warlords were heavily armed to protect foreign monopoly businesses and the ruling class as well as suppress people's opposition. They were pampered to such an extent that they killed with impunity, as did the Ampatuan warlords in the brutal massacre of 58 civilians, including lawyers and journalists, on 23 Nov. 2009.

In non-Moro areas, US imperialism, in collusion with the big bourgeois comprador and local big landlords, grabbed forests and land for large scale plantations, logging and mining. Xstrata, Inc., a large foreign mining firm, laid claim to the mineral rich quadri-boundary of SOCSKSARGEN, to the detriment of the masses there. The mineral-rich provinces of Surigao and Davao were ravaged by big multinational mining firms. Mindanao valleys and plains fast became imperialist plantations, displacing countless peasants and turning food production into export crop plantations.

To secure its geo-political interest in the Asia-Pacific region, the US deployed its troops to Mindanao and other parts of the country, which directly participate in military operations in clear violation of our sovereignty. The Michael Meiring bomb accident of 2002 in Davao exposed US's hand in Mindanao terrorist bombings to justify its military intervention here. US imperialist discretely worked to impel the reactionary government to tamper with the GRP constitution to allow US military basing and full property rights.

The AFP, together with the PNP, CAFGU, CAA and private armies, served as mainstay to impose and to secure the interests both of the local ruling class and US imperialist, which often end in rampant human rights violations such as massive dislocation, abduction, torture, rape and murder.

This vicious systemic exploitation and oppression, which has compelled the Filipino people to rise in revolution, is the root of un-peace. Therefore, true sovereignty from imperialist domination and the attainment of social justice are pre-requisites for a just and lasting peace for the whole country.

Particularly in Mindanao, the recognition and granting of the Moro and the Lumad peoples' right to self-determination is a must and, as such, majority and Christian chauvinism should be eradicated. In concrete, their ancestral domain must be protected from imperialist, big comprador bourgeois and big landlord incursion and land grabbing. Genuine land reform must be instituted to emancipate the Lumad and Moro peasants from warlords who perpetuate feudal and semi-feudal exploitation.

On the other hand, the majority population in Mindanao are one with their Lumad and Moro counterparts in their struggle against US imperialist domination in the island, and against the exploitation of the comprador bourgeoisie and big landlord classes.

Genuine land reform and national industrialization are indispensable together with the institutionalization of a real democracy to give the workers and peasants the political power to determine their future.

The MILF and the NDFP, the major revolutionary forces in Mindanao, are both committed to attain just and lasting peace that may result from a political settlement with the GRP thru peace negotiations, so long as peace talks genuinely address the root causes of the armed conflict and the people's discontent. However, the two revolutionary forces share the same predicament in facing the GRP which appears disinterested in pursuing the peace process because it has been dilly-dallying, has not been serious in implementing all signed agreements, and, worse, has continuously launched military offensives against both revolutionary movements.

In this context therefore, peace advocates have a crucial role to help urge the GRP under Benigno Aquino III to be serious in undertaking talks with both the MILF and the NDFP. All advocates for peace at the same time need to be aware of the historical and current circumstances that have spawned un-peace in Mindanao.

Conversely, while we work in earnest to achieve peace that is based on social justice at the negotiating table, other forms of struggles will go on until all the root causes of social injustice are genuinely addressed. More so that the Aquino III government, unlike its predecessors which have shown initial positive gestures such as releasing political prisoners and declaring the suspension of offensive military operations, has so far paid only lip service to the peace process while extending the military campaigns of OBL 2.

In view of the foregoing, the NDFP --Mindanao calls on all Filipinos to unite resolutely in the pursuit to shatter the chains of social injustice to attain just and lasting peace!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Those damn student activists! Those damn progressivists!

Those damn student activists! Those damn progressivists!

by Paul Smirnoff

Why are we striking instead of studying?

Most students, both state and private, are greatly affected by the "both sides" of the same coin; namely "Tuition and Other Fee Increases" and "Budget Cuts in State Colleges and Universities."

These problems, the student, faculty, staff, and even the parent encountered further burdens despite the apologetic's "justification" of that said proposal. It also intensifies direct anger against the system that tolerates these kinds of acts all in the name of "Commercialization", "Privatization", and "Globalization" of certain institutions... or even the society in general.

Students, with their idealism, tried enough to counter this hell of a kind problem set forth by the system. Studying 24 hours and 7 days a week for a grade of 1.00 up to 2.00 or even working part time as a restaurant crew and call center agent just to pay their tuition and other fees is not enough to lessen this kind of problem as the Philippine economy usually slows down, and due to the system's emphasis in debt servicing and the buying of guns, bullets for its military, how about education? Comparing to Thailand and Malaysia, whose half of its budget goes to schools, universities, the budget laid by the Philippine Government is too little, not enough for improving the entire education system in general!

For sure most people don't know much about this hell of a kind problem, and at the same time the apologetics vent forth their propaganda justifying the said clause made by Aquino, Abad et al. one post even said that "from 240 B 270 B became even today. The only difference is the focus of the Palace on Basic Education (Elementary and High School) rather than the Tertiary." If that's the case then is the government itself affirming that they will do a "Laissez Faire" when it comes to state funded tertiary education? Leaving it away to the administrators?

The protests in Manila and even other parts of the Philippines are greatly assailed by some elements who underestimated student power in the society. According to Tito Sotto, he even called it "Demonstrating against a Ghost" Yet according to Aquino, he spoke of allocation of 23.4 billion pesos to 112 state universities and colleges next year-a 1.7% lower than the 23.8 billion peso budget this year, affirming that he'll reduce SUC's subsidies for the sake of additional government funds!

Funds for what? For debt servicing? Encouraging foreign investors to control every institution? For bullets and guns? Aquino and the rest of his clique remained deaf when it comes to basic problems despite bragging to the rest of the people about bonuses for government employees and the like. And again, the pro-TOFI increase and Budget Cuts would tell that "the government would provide scholarahips for the deserving..."

Scholarships for the deserving? According to Allan Peter Cayetano, he said that "the congressional insertion are for capital outlay and additional scholarship, but the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses of 97 out of 112 SUCs still have cuts. MOOE cuts actually result in Tuition and Other Fee Increases."

The actions made by Aquino, Abad, et al. wanted to step away from the problems of education such as these especially in the tertiary level. They may've spoke much of education, but limiting it to primary and secondary levels that, they themselves failed to handle. The books, the buildings, chairs, even salaries of teachers and personnel, remained as it is although the latter was lately been discussed through by Abad-that they even banner it as one of the breakthroughs in regards to the problems of education.

But how about in private schools? It doesn't mean that the problem in regards to education is limited in state funded ones, even private educational institutions are greatly affected and its students, faculty and personnel resorted to strikes. UE increased its tuition fees every year while the number of enrollees dropped, their propaganda news service would tell that they are "increasing" yet failed to meed the pre-1990 numbers UE used to brag about. The attempts to silence student's struggles even became a problem amongst the students, that even bringing of guitars require permits and if not, not to be used inside regardless of the reason. The paranoia manifested by every administrator intensifies student's, faculty and staff's yearness for salary increase, student's rights and welfare and realization of progressive instruction and academic freedom as what UE's vision and mission statement said so-that the Administrators failed to realize.

Strikes made by the students will still continue to intensify, not just in the Philippines but all over the world. Dublin, London, Paris, Berlin, even Chittagong were being affected by strikes made by the students due to government's attempt to step away from state funded tertiary education in favor of private-minded administrators. Tuition fee increases, Budget Cuts, Fascistic tendencies would intensify massive student resistance against the rotten social order instead of letting themselves imprison in the four corners of the classroom.

NPA snipers carried out legitimate offensive in hitting enemy combatants and sparing civilians

NPA snipers carried out legitimate offensive
in hitting enemy combatants and sparing civilians

Fr. Santiago "Sanny" Salas
NDF - Eastern Visayas
November 28, 2010

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today commended the New People's Army in Northern Samar for carrying out a successful sniping operation while ensuring the safety of civilians in Brgy. San Isidro, Las Navas last Nov. 22. "According to the terms of international humanitarian law, the NPA carried out a legitimate offensive because it targeted enemy combatants of the 6th Field Artillery Battery and did not harm any civilians," said Fr. Santiago Salas. "Gen. Mario Chan, 8th Infantry Division chief, makes up the cock-and-bull psywar story that the NPA committed rights violations. The enemy casualties, Sergeant Rennie Solis who was killed and Technical Sergeant Edgardo Tahum who was wounded, were legitimate targets as regular combatants. The 8th ID really wants to hide its embarrassment over having veteran noncommissioned officers such as these as casualties, for being careless in the warzone and paying dearly. Moreover, the real violation of international humanitarian law is that the enemy combatants and their unit were encamped and mingling in a village of civilians and thus putting them in harm's way as human shields. The NPA sniping operation was a way of ensuring that only legitimate targets were hit and that civilians were safe."

Fr. Salas added that the NPA sniping operation was entirely different from the cowardly and cold-blooded attack by the 19th Infantry Battalion without identifying their targets, and that killed leading botanist Leonardo Co and two other civilians in Kananga, Leyte last Nov. 15. "The 8th ID in fact flagrantly disregards international humanitarian law by insisting that the massacre in Kananga was a legitimate operation, even though civilians had been killed. Furthermore, the 8th ID is talking only to itself in making an investigation in collaboration with the police and recently clearing the 19th IB elements of wrongdoing. Everybody else is demanding an impartial civilian investigation, while the Communist Party of the Philippines goes even further by calling for a joint investigation by the Philippine government and the NDFP. As far as the massacre of Co and his companions is concerned, the revolutionary movement has nothing to hide and is willing to cooperate in a joint investigation. But the 8th ID is twisting in the wind in trying to do a cover-up in the face of intense public scrutiny. Its expression of remorse without an apology is nothing more than hypocrisy."

The NDF-EV praised the NPA for carrying out the revolutionary war against the Aquino regime while putting the highest premium on protecting civilians. "The NPA observes human rights and international humanitarian law in word and in practice. That is the crucial difference between the NPA and the 8th ID. Gen. Mario Chan mouths platitudes about human rights, but snarls and defends his men who are accused of violations. The 8th ID is thus the paragon not of sincerity but of incorrigibility. As the Aquino regime claims to uphold human rights in preparing a new international security plan to replace Oplan Bantay Laya, the people should continue to stand up and fight the military's impunity for rights violations."

* Url:http://theprwcblogs.blogspot.com/2010/11/npa-snipers-carried-out-legitimate.html

Campus rallies against SUC budget cuts presage rising tide of youth and people's protests-CPP (NDF)

Campus rallies against SUC budget cuts presage
rising tide of youth and people's protests*

Communist Party of the Philippines
November 27, 2010

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) salutes and supports the struggle of students and other school personnel of the University of the Philippines, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, the Philippine Normal University and other state universities and colleges (SUCs) in Metro Manila and other regions against unjust SUC budget cuts.

The CPP hails the militancy and determination of the students, teachers and other school personnel in the mass protest actions they have launched the past two weeks. The CPP takes note of the widespread unity of students, teachers, administrative officials, non-academic workers and supporters against the US-Aquino regime’s SUC budget cuts. The broad united front against the budget cuts underscores the popular opposition to the ruling regime’s policy to cut state subsidies for SUCs and other direly needed social services, and concentrate the bulk of state spending for foreign debt servicing, military spending, privatization programs, “pork barrels” and the World Bank’s Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program for perpetual mendicancy.

The participation of several thousand students, academic and non-academic school personnel and other sectors in campus walkouts and other protest actions the past several days significantly mark a rising tide of mass protests against the US-Aquino regime’s antipeople policies.

These rallies in Philippine universities and colleges are taking place at the same time as students wage protest actions in unprecedented numbers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, some states in the U.S., and other countries where governments have carried out similar “austerity measures” resulting in brutal budget cuts in education and other necessary social spending.

The US-Aquino regime’s spending cuts for SUCs spell the further deterioration of services and facilities of state tertiary education, and make university and college education more inaccessible to the vast majority of young Filipinos.

Close to 90% of college-age youth are out of school because of the high costs of going to universities and colleges. Yet, funding for SUCs next year has been cut by at least P1.3 billion. The Aquino government slashed the budget of UP by P1.39 billion (from P6.9 billion in 2010 to P5.5 billion in 2011). PUP will only get P672 million out of the P2 billion it needs. The budget of the PNU has also been slashed by P92 million (from P387.23 million to P295.88 million). Funds for government scholarships were also reduced by 43 percent.

The justification by the US-Aquino regime that it reduced the budget for SUCs to prioritize basic and secondary education evades the issue of its gross failure to allocate an adequate budget for public education in general. It also dodges the fact that is has allocated only P10.5 billion (instead of the required P91.5 billion) to solve the grave shortage of public elementary and and high school teachers, principals, books, classrooms, chairs, water and sanitation facilities this school year.

Aquino has only further enraged the students and SUC personnel when he justified the cuts as a measure to push the SUCs toward becoming self-sufficient and financially independent, a reiteration of the Philippine government’s policy of abandoning state tertiary education. For the past years, this policy has pushed SUCs to increasingly engage in profit-oriented commercial operations and raising tuition rates and imposing other fees.

The spending cuts in state tertiary education highlight the continuing budgetary malappropriations. National spending priorities are determined not by needs of the people but by imperialist neoliberal dictates of privatizing public assets and turning social services into commodities, as well as by the US government-designed counterinsurgency program that hinges on further strengthening the military combined with deceptive doleout programs and cosmetics.
Despite its prating about “reforms” and “taking the righteous road,” the US-Aquino government has failed to make a significant break from the rotten, antipeople policies of all previous puppet reactionary regimes, and is proving itself to be no different in terms of its pro-imperialist and elitist commercial priorities and programs.

The CPP urges students, teachers, non-academic personnel and officials of SUCs and other schools and communities to continue pressing for bigger and more adequate allocations for state tertiary education in particular and for education in general. Those in state schools should unite with those in private schools to also incisively critique the profit orientation of the entire school system. Students in private schools have as much interest in opposing the budget cuts. In the face of the state abandonment of education, owners of private colleges and universities are only emboldened to further commercialize their operations and keep on raising tuition fees.

The CPP also urges the affected students to unite with the different sectors of Philippine society who are likewises adversely affected by the US-Aquino regime’s policy to reduce much-needed social spending. They should help in explaining the issues to the broad masses of workers and peasants and the millions of unemployed and urban poor who continue to suffer gravely from the government’s pro-imperialist, commercial, elitist and antipoor policies.

The issues being faced by the students are tightly bound with the political and socio-economic malaise in the country and the masses’ concrete problems of poverty, hunger and deprivation of much-needed social services amid the overall spiralling of costs of living and general deterioration of the people’s conditions.

The significance and effectivity of mass student protest actions in the past weeks will be amplified severalfold as they unite with the other sectors and forge a broad united front against cuts in basic social spending and other political and socio-economic problems prevailing in the country.

Student councils and associations, youth organizations and progressive groups can organize the students to go en masse to factories and worker and urban poor communities near their schools and even to far-flung peasant communities to generate support for the struggle against education budget cuts. At the same time, they can extend support to the struggle of workers, the unemployed and impoverished masses for jobs, wage increases, and the provision of health, housing and other essential social services. As in many occasions in our past, the streets will again be a venue for the students and the people to make history.

The US-Aquino regime has failed to address the clamor of the people for national industrialization and land reform; for stable domestic jobs and wage increases; for government prioritization of education, health and other essential social services; and for an end to prioritization of allocations for debt-servicing, privatization, mendicancy-perpetuating doleouts, militarization and ‘counterinsurgency’ operations.

Because of its adamant perpetuation of the old, rotten system and government policies against the interests of the broad masses of the people, the US-Aquino regime is bound to be rocked by massive protests in the coming months and the rest of its term.

The campus strikes and protest actions of the past days and weeks presage rising tides of more wide-ranging people’s protests against the policies of the US-Aquino regime that serve only the interests of the imperialists, local big capitalist compradors, big landlords and big bureacrat capitalists. The intensity and heightening of the political and socio-economic crisis in the country increasingly bears down on the people and leaves them with no recourse but to wage militant struggle and revolution.

* Url:http://theprwcblogs.blogspot.com/2010/11/campus-rallies-against-suc-budget-cuts.html

Saturday, November 27, 2010

U.S. and S. Korean Warmongers Contemplate More War Maneuvers in West Sea of Korea-KCNA

U.S. and S. Korean Warmongers Contemplate More War Maneuvers
in West Sea of Korea

Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- The U.S. imperialists and south Korean puppet war-like forces announced a plan to stage combined exercises in the West Sea of Korea from Nov. 28 to Dec. 1, according to south Korean Yonhap News.

To be involved in this saber-rattling are USS George Washington and various type warships such as cruisers, destroyers, patrol boats and escort warships and antisubmarine aircraft as well as huge aggression forces of the U.S. and south Korea.

The Command of the U.S. Forces in south Korea announced that the combined war maneuvers were aimed to demonstrate the "alliance" with south Korea.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is inching closer to the brink of war due to the reckless plan of those trigger-happy elements to stage again the war exercises targeted against the DPRK in wake of the grave military provocation they perpetrated against the territorial waters of the DPRK side in the West Sea of Korea while staging the Hoguk war maneuvers for aggression against the DPRK.

Maneuvers of U.S. and S. Korean Warmongers under Fire-KCNA

Maneuvers of U.S. and S. Korean Warmongers under Fire

Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- The British Branch of the Korean Friendship Association released a statement on November 18 denouncing the U.S. and south Korean warlike forces for the provocative war maneuvers codenamed Hoguk.

The statement noted that the above-said saber-rattling would be participated in by at least 70 000 U.S. forces and south Korean puppet troops and other forces.
It continued:

This is a version of various forms of exercises for a war of aggression including the Team Spirit joint military exercises which had been staged in south Korea for a long period to threaten peace on the Korean Peninsula and the rest of the world and part of the anti-DPRK moves that have persisted so far under the pretext of the "Cheonan" case.

The war exercises clearly indicate that the U.S. is pursuing an aim to stifle socialist Korea of Juche by force.

These maneuvers for aggression go to prove that the U.S. is not sincerely interested in the detente on the Korean Peninsula.

We demand the U.S. and south Korean warlike forces cancel at once the military exercises.

We call on the world peace-loving people to launch a campaign against the above-said saber-rattling.

S. Korean Puppet Group Warned Not to Do Rash Act-KCNA

S. Korean Puppet Group Warned Not to Do Rash Act

Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet group is now getting hell-bent on the wholesale racket for confrontation with the DPRK while groundlessly taking issue with the army of the DPRK over its due punishment meted to the group for its reckless military provocation.

In this regard, a spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea released a statement on Friday.

The recent military provocation by the puppet group is a product of the deliberate and premeditated plot hatched by it to save its smear confrontational campaign from total bankruptcy, tarnish the daily rising might of the DPRK, scuttle the efforts for improving the north-south relations and tide over the domestic and international isolation and crisis, it points out, and says:

The group perpetrated the recent provocation prompted by a sinister calculation that in case the DPRK did not make any reaction it would take it as "a tacit recognition" of the illegal "northern limit line" and make it a fait accompli and in case the DPRK took a military counter-action, it would use it as a pretext for kicking up anti-DPRK smear campaign.

This notwithstanding, the chief executive of south Korea did not bother to cry out for "much stronger punishment" while pulling up the DPRK. This is nothing but last-ditch efforts of those who were hit hard after making hasty provocation.

The prevailing situation clearly proves that the DPRK's warnings and domestic and foreign concerns that the seizure of power by the Lee Myung Bak group of conservatives would bedevil the inter-Korean relations and lead to a war were by no means for nothing.

If the puppet group insists on confrontation with the DPRK, the DPRK does not have any idea of dodging it at all.

It is the temperament of the DPRK to resolutely counter confrontation with confrontation and war with war.

The army and people of the DPRK are now greatly enraged at the provocation of the puppet group while getting fully ready to give a shower of dreadful fire and blow up the bulwark of the enemies if they dare to encroach again upon the DPRK's dignity and sovereignty even in the least.

The group should not run amuck, clearly understanding the will and mettle of the highly alerted army and people of the DPRK to wipe out the enemies.

Escalated confrontation would lead to a war and he who is fond of playing with fire is bound to perish therein.

Gone are the days when verbal warnings are served only.

We will respond to good faith in kind but punish the provocateurs encroaching upon our dignity and sovereignty with resolute and merciless counter-action.

CHC-NPA to 10th ID-EastMinCom: Abort "rescue operations" for possible early and safe release of prisoner of war

CHC-NPA to 10th ID-EastMinCom: Abort "rescue operations"
for possible early and safe release of prisoner of war

Roel Agustin II
Conrado Heredia Command,
NPA-Southern Mindanao
November 26, 2010

The New People's Army in Southern Mindanao calls on the 10th Infantry Division of the Eastern Mindanao Command to abort its so-called rescue operations for the NPA prisoner of war (POW) to pave the way for his possible safe and orderly release. Experience has shown that none of these so-called rescue missions has ever succeeded in the past and could only endanger the lives of prisoners of war.

POW Cpl. Daiem Amsali Hadjaie (Serial No. 813144) is undergoing investigation by revolutionary authorities for possible crimes he might have committed against the people and the revolutionary movement during his service under the GRP's Armed Forces of the Philippines. He is under the custody of the NPA's Conrado Heredia Command-Front 20 Operations Command.

POW Hadjaie, a member of the 25th Infantry Battalion Charlie Company, was arrested in a mobile checkpoint mounted by the Red fighters along Sitio Mabatas, Upper Ulip, Monkayo, Compostela Valley province at around 8:00 AM last November 16.

The unit he is under -- the 25th IB-10th ID-EastMinCom -- has been committing serious violations of human rights directed mainly at the peasant populace in the hinterland. This military unit is guilty of falsely accusing and detaining 13 civilians, including two minors, in Monkayo town as NPA members or supporters. They were illegally arrested and put under physical and psychological torture.

In a bid to protect big foreign and local mining companies that are greedily plundering the mineral resources of the gold-rich Mt. Diwata range, this military unit has subjected civilians to harassment and intimidation. By serving as Investment Defense Force, the 25th IB-10th ID-EastMinCom has put the lives and livelihood of peasants and small-scale miners in danger. The 25th IB-AFP's crimes against the people and the revolutionary movement have made them targets of the NPA's tactical offensives.

With POW Hadjaie's captivity, the NPA assures his family that he is safe and well. He is being treated humanely, and his rights are fully respected as a prisoner of war in accordance with the International Humanitarian Law and Geneva Conventions. The NPA fully respects as well POW Hadjaie's religious beliefs. The NPA has provided POW Hadjaie the necessary health, medical care and other basic necessities under the prevailing guerilla conditions of his captivity.

The NPA reiterates that any "military rescue operations" will only delay the investigation on POW Hadjaie, prolong his captivity and derail the possible reunion with his family.

* Url:http://theprwcblogs.blogspot.com/2010/11/chc-npa-to-10th-id-eastmincom-abort.html

A revolutionary tribute to a true people's scientist-CPDF (NDF)

A revolutionary tribute to a true people's scientist

Simon "Ka Filiw" Naogsan
Cordillera Peoples' Democratic Front
November 23, 2010

The Cordillera People's Democratic Front mourns with the family of slain botanist Leonard Co and condemns in the strongest possible terms the 8th Infantry Division for the killing of the brilliant scientist and two other civilians in Kananga, Leyte.

Leonard Co is remembered by the people of the Cordillera as a brilliant scientist who utilized his expertise to unselfishly respond to the needs of the masses. During the many years he spent in the Cordillera, he lived among the people of many communities and trekked through numerous mountains and forests to gather, document, and study medicinal plants.

With his photographic memory, Leonard Co was like a walking encyclopedia. Tribal elders remember his keen insights and immense contribution to their knowledge as well as his humor and exemplary humility in learning from and teaching the masses. One tribal elder recalls that Leonard Co urged him and other tribal elders to "protect and defend your ancestral lands because it is not only rich in gold and other mineral wealth but is also a vast source of indigenous medicinal plants and other forest products." A tribal herbalist and elder who usually accompanied Leonard Co to Mount Sisipitan once said, "the usual two-hour hike from the nearest barrio to Mount Sisipitan took us a whole day because Dr. Co would name all the plants along the way up to the mountain. It was like being in a walking class room."

The results of Leonard Co's labor have greatly advanced community-based rural health care in the Cordillera. He worked with non-governmental development organizations and people's organizations in addressing the health needs of the masses. He promoted self-reliance and enriched tribal herbal medicinal knowledge with scientific means. He helped pioneer the community-based processing of herbal medicines into tablet and capsule form. With these, communities were able to treat common diseases without relying too much on expensive and not readily available prescription drugs.

His death at the hands of the military is a great loss to the Filipino people. The CPDF extends to him the highest accolade and vows to continue to defend the Cordillera ancestral lands in line with his call to preserve the source of indigenous medicinal flora.

We join the family, colleagues, friends and the rest of the indigenous people whom who had the privilege of working with Leonard Co in demanding immediate justice for the slain people's scientist. We demand the immediate dismissal and criminal prosecution of all the officers and men of the 8th ID, the 802nd Brigade and the 19th IB responsible in the brutal murder of Co and his two companions.

With the murder of one of the country's top botanists and specialist in plant taxonomy and ethno-botany, the challenge falls on his fellow patriotic and pro-people scientists to follow the footsteps of Leonard Co and make science and technology truly serve the Filipino masses.

* Url:http://theprwcblogs.blogspot.com/2010/11/revolutionary-tribute-to-true-peoples.html

Friday, November 26, 2010




* Url:http://aucpbenglishevents.blogspot.com/2010/11/more-photos-from-student-demo-of-24-nov.html



Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, said today that he had "no record" of police officers on horseback charging at protesters.

A spokesman later added "Police horses were involved in the operation, but that did not involve charging the crowd. I dare say they were doing the movements the horses do to help control the crowd for everyone's benefit, which has been a recognized tactic for many, many year, but no, police officers charging the crowd – we would say 'no they did not charging the crowd." Apparently charging is a "quite specific term" according to this spokesman.

These 16 images, taken from the same spot with a high speed dSLR, proves them wrong.

The first image, taken at 18:09:24 shows a line of riot police that had been pushing a few hundred protesters back along Whitehall toward Trafalgar Square with a line of police horses in the distance. The riot officers suddenly withdrew to the sides.

The second image was shot at 18:10:10 (46 seconds later) and shows police horses travelling at speed through where hundreds of protesters had been standing seconds before. The next 14 images cover a period of 8 seconds. A number of people lost shoes in the general stampede away from the charging horses.


* Url:http://aucpbenglishevents.blogspot.com/2010/11/photos-of-mounted-police-charging.html



On November 24, students marched and clashed with police in London and other cities today in a national walkout and day of protest against tuition fees and education cuts. Smoke grenades, fireworks and paint/spray cans were set off, and fires lit around parts of London as protesters clashed with police. Later in the afternoon, police on horseback mounted attacks on demonstrators by suddenly charging them at high speed. Police also used gas in their attempts to disperse protesters. Many protesters were held in a police cordon, between police lines, known as a “kettle” for several hours before being released 2 at a time, then 10 at a time later in the evening. A number of protesters managed to break out of that cordon, and have the police surrounded. Protesters understood that keeping mobile and moving about quickly avoided them being kettled by police. Police made repeated attempts to kettle more protesters that arrived in the evening, but the protesters escaped police control tactics and marched unhindered around central London, with angry students lighting fires, and shop windows and cars belonging to the rich being smashed.

Many universities have also been occupied by students and are currently ongoing.

See links for detailed reports and photos: