Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Ecucation system in Ukraine and Fascism

The Ecucation system in Ukraine and Fascism

by A. Gerasimov

the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks)

The first months of his presidency of Ukraine, Yanukovych and the shifting of the ultra-right forces into the opposition, have brought a lot of interesting things. What a surprise - the nationalists and the Nazis have actively and persistently clung to the new Minister of Education D. Tabachnik. And around him, the nationalists are buzzing much stronger than even during the ratification of the Kharkov agreements by the Verkhovna Rada (Upper House of Parliament in Ukraine).

But for every "sighted " person, topics such as the Russian Black Sea fleet are the most sickening and topical. Besides, we see that constant pressure on Yanukovych over Tabachnik, the nationalists have clearly not enough gunpowder. But with enviable persistence anti-Tabachnik protests are renewed again and again. It seems any attempts by the nationalists themselves lead to nothing. But ... all that is surprising only at first glance.

I would not have discovered America, if I said that the situation in recent years in Ukraine is more like Weimar Germany. It would seem that they have something in common?

Germany until 1918, though not for long, just half a century, was a world empire. And it so quickly burst into a circle of world powers, so quickly achieved economic, technological and military superiority over its competitors, that in 1918 the winners made no ceremony and mercilessly tore up their competitors, and this led to the future success of Nazism.

In this respect, there is a great danger to modern day Russia. Clearly, the "downtrodden" Russian people "with a bang" accepted Putin, and then - Medvedev, along with their "sovereign democracy". But the Russian bourgeoisie only plays on these imperial moods, gently returning to a higher position in the world imperialist solitaire. She would never allow an overheating of international relations, because she lives at the expense of energy exports.

Ukraine became "freed" 20 years ago and almost immediately gained the fame of criminal "Honduras in Central Europe.

However, in spite of that, the majority of the population of Ukraine have accepted and recognized "freedom". Even the Russian-speaking population in fact - the patriots of Ukraine, are proud of the football success of “Shakhtar”, the sporting talents of Andrei Shevchenko and the Klichkov brothers victory at the Eurovision of Ruslana, etc. Decorative medals have been kindly accepted. From this perspective, one could say that independence has taken place.

The rise to power of Yushchenko along with the crowd of rabid concerned nationalists broke the idyll being built.

In 1991, the disguised party leadership of the CPSU penetrated this public. The National concerned people (far right) were allowed into culture, media and education, but the public trough was in the exclusive possession of the former bosses of the CPSU. This was an insult to "sufferers" for Ukraine nationalist intellectuals.
In general, it is understandable as their quantitative abundance and that hotbed of nationalism is in Western Ukraine. The latter - a backward, patriarchal land.

However, let us take the same Yushchenko. He is not a "west Ukrainian”, but showed the same habits that of his Lviv and Ternopil brothers in spirit. It is not just that Yushchenko's father was serving the Germans during WWII.

The point is in the petty bourgeoise nature of the peasantry as a class. Especially the Ukrainian peasantry, even before the revolution, capitalism strengthened mostly in the Ukrainian village. Precisely because it is in Ukraine there was the most violent resistance of the kulaks, and collectivization experienced the most difficulties. The famine in 1933 - is the result of class struggle with the petty bourgeois (who did not want to donate grain to the state, so many preferred to drown or bury it).

After the war, a huge mass of peasants poured into the city. Many were enrolled in higher education, forming a petty bourgeois consciousness "Soviet" intelligentsia. And since nationalism is also a sign of mediocrity and narrow-mindedness, it is not difficult to guess that the representatives of the intelligentsia were infected by them.

A bloated ego and incredible claims in full without grounds in any practice field is one of the main characteristics of this public. The same surge of nationalism under Yushchenko, not least emerged as a way to distract the masses from the real economic problems.
The hysteria surrounding the notorious "golodomor" distracts the masses from the current extinction of the population, the unmet social promises by Yushchenko and Co and all other Ukrainian failures.

But such a situation in society gives rise to a petty-bourgeois philistine mass thirst for a "iron hand". The little philistine and the petty bourgeois are crushed by the oligarchs and government officials, ruined by "competitors from the south”, cheating crooks and thieves lie in wait at the entrances to their apartment blocks. And so he is ready to substitute his grievance under any forged boots. However, the average man today is different - there is the proletariat.

The usual police or military dictatorship does not ensure the unity of oppressors and oppressed, and the petty bourgeoisie in there is just humus for the big bourgeoisie.
Thus what the petty bourgeoisie needs is a fascist dictatorship.

To do this, they change the education system. Nationwide propaganda hits "the squares." At school, the Nazi propaganda hits point-blank range in a child's soul.
On what principles are based the implementation of Nazism? Yuscherovskie surrogates, and, indeed, before them, but - "slyly", all this scum from Yuschera and Vakarchuk to the last stinking teacher impose on children the image of the raped and torn to pieces Ukraine, imposing the image of the enemy - the Russian people. They shove forward a corresponding pantheon of "heroes" and automatically class as enemies all those against them.

At the level of mass psychology, the trumpeting on about the "golodomore-famine" and "repression" covers up the current genocide and terror by the secret police. But in the school curriculum, such trumpeting on leads to the formation of revenge psychology.

The results of revanchist education are very visible. Everywhere, like mushrooms after rain, are forming and growing neo-Nazi gangs. Certainly, Nazi propaganda in the education system is only one of the subjective factors that lead to the growth of Nazism. Objectively - this is class inequality, social instability, characteristic of a market economy, and emphasising the Nazi "project" of the big bourgeoisie.
However, the Nazis, unlike the modern left, learned very well the importance of the subjective factor.

* * *

Of course, Ukrainian Nazism is still the ideology of a minority, but an aggressive minority. Most resist this plague, not because of their beliefs, but because of the inconveniences that arise in connection with the spread of this spiritual contagion in "good-sense". Resistance is passive by ballot-box papers stuffing the ballot box.
We should be aware that this is only whilst the little Nazi leaders representing a mob of maniacs gnaw each other like spiders. Suffice for to someone from them to harness to his chariot social slogans - and we then have a potential new Hitler in front of us.

Modern Ukrainian leftists are completely powerless in the face of such prospects, leaving society at the mercy of the big bourgeoisie, unless, of course, the left together with society behave peacefully and quietly and prefer a social-democratic project for the development of bourgeois society. But in the world this project has long gone bankrupt, and even in bourgeois Europe under the guise of social democracy are hidden various forms of liberal fascism.

The only effective form of struggle, against Nazism, and liberal fascism (modern packaging of capitalism) is the struggle for communism. And the only force capable of resisting the fascists of all stripes is the proletariat. But not a formal worker, but the worker who is armed with revolutionary consciousness.

When the proletariat acquires class consciousness, the streets will be dominated by young workers, and members of the Nazi trash will be shovelled by their nose along the ground, and the children themselves will shove the heads of leading teachers of Nazi propaganda down "the toilet bowl”.

The picture painted by me maybe hurts the eyes of another "left" intellectual also, and, moreover - the bourgeois philistine, but on the road to socialist revolution this is what would inevitably happen.

And in order to break the vicious circle of violence and strife in the animal struggle for existence, originating in the "urban jungles" of capitalism, and to once and for all destroy its ulcer, revolutionary violence is necessary!