Monday, November 22, 2010



A protest in London last November 20 2010

A march to demand an end to the war in Afghanistan was held in London on Saturday 20 November. It was organised by the groups, Stop the War Coalition, CND and British Muslim Initiative.

About 5000 people took part. The protesters carried banners saying “Freedom in Gaza” and “Free Palestine”, as well as the banners calling for an end to the Afghan war, placing these conflicts under the same umbrella.
Chanting along the route:

“Obama, Camaron, this will be your Vietnam”
“Free, Free, Palestine”
“You say warfare we say welfare”.

Some of the “Stop the War Coalition” stewards were overzealous in the policing of the march, being quite aggressive to photographers trying to record the event under the impression that media personel would somehow constitute a physical danger to the demonstrators.

At the rally in Trafalgar Square, the main thrust of the speeches was the “illegality” of the war and the length of a conflict that has lasted longer than the First and Second World Wars put together.

After the rally, the crowd drifted off and a few protestors decided to go along Whitehall to try and continue the demonstration.

Additional info… the crowd that left to go along Whitehall set up tents outside Downing street to further protest the war in Afghinstan and remain camped out there there until at least Monday.

At the rally in Trafalgar Square, For Bolshevism-AUCPB set up the red flag, then distributed the paper “For Bolshevism in side the communist and workers’ movment”, handing out Korean Friendship Association (KFA) leaflets and carrying out explanitory work to people at the rally. However, once again, For Bolshevism AUCPB was subjected to attack from one “passer-by” who took an instance disliking to the red flag by marching over to it screaming her head off like some lunatic, and trying to forcibly remove it from the fence it was hanging on. The person failed in the atempt as FB apprehended in a timely fashion by wresting the person from the area where the flag was hanging. Many Russian speakers especially young people from the ex-USSR came over to speak and have their photos taken in from the red flag of Bolshevism and support what we are doing.