Monday, November 15, 2010

U.S. Has No Face to Talk about Human Rights-KCNA

U.S. Has No Face to Talk about Human Rights

Pyongyang, November 10 (KCNA) -- Nearly 400 000 confidential data of the U.S. related to the Iraqi war have been disclosed by the Internet website WikiLeaks recently. In the wake of this disclosure Congressmen let loose a whole string of jargons that they would not take issue with what happened during the previous administration, the website touched the old scars and it is better not to dig up uncontroversial matters. They even went the lengths of asserting that WikiLeaks' irresponsible disclosure of those confidential documents put the U.S. into a tight corner.

Minju Joson Wednesday observes in a signed commentary in this regard:

Such brazen-faced act can be perpetrated only by the U.S., the worst human rights abuser, as it was nothing but a gimmick to cover up the hideous crimes committed by the U.S. forces against humanity in Iraq.

The above-said new disclosure brought into bolder relief the true colors of the U.S. as a double-dealer which has perpetrated all sorts of crimes against humanity in actuality while pretending to be a "human rights champion."

It was none other than the U.S. that forced many black children and youth to act as guinea-pigs after undisguisedly organizing tests on living bodies in its homeland and used human beings as targets of radioactive tests. Numerous people are wandering about streets with no elementary rights to existence guaranteed, racial discrimination is prevalent and people are dying everyday due to the unbroken occurrence of gun-related crimes. This is the present human rights situation in the U.S.

What merits a more serious attention is that the U.S. is perpetrating armed invasion of other countries and massacres of civilians in its occupied territories and inhuman torture and maltreatment of prisoners under the pretext of "protecting human rights."

The U.S. talking about "human rights issues" in other countries is just like a thief crying "Stop the thief!"

The U.S. had better honestly admit to all the crimes committed by it against humanity and face a stern judgment of history.