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Japanese Militarists Glaringly Reveal Their True Colors

Japanese Militarists Glaringly Reveal Their True Colors

I found an interesting and controversial picture from a blogsite aligned with North Korea this day. And thus I really sought how these Japanese people intentionally unveil its colours as they swore alongside the Imperialists-pointing against North Korea.

No captions from Songun Blog are necessary as this picture speaks for itself. And it says "Japanese militarists are fascist".

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A Japanese militarist performing the infamous nazi salute of the Hitler-era German fascists,
thus glaringly revealing the true colors of the Japanese militarists and their evil intents
towards the DPRK.

And for information,
Some members of the Japanese Imperial Army, like former members of the Nazi Party in Germany were used by the U.S. Imperialists in the name of "anti-Communist" crusades and spreading chauvinistic messages, glorifying dictatorships and the like. Also involved in creating the World Anti-Communist League, involving controversial personalities like Jorge Videla, Ante Pavelic and Francisco Franco.

And in response to this said picture, somehow people around the world, especially progressive, antifascist and peace-loving personalities, individuals and groups may witness that Japan, aside from aligning with the Fascist South Korean Lee Myung-Bak clique and the Imperialist U.S. trying to boast again its wingnut side, and if this persist-would eventually hasten its downfall like 1945.

"Lucky" that the Japanese surrendered to the Americans, if not then it would be pleasing if the Soviets occupied them due to proximity from Vladivostok to Kyushu and from Sakhalin to Hokkaido.

"Pro-Democracy Peoples War": A hollow phrase for a Fascist play

"Pro-Democracy Peoples War": A hollow phrase for a Fascist play

A book Review and critique by Katleah Iskre Ulrike


Yesterday, I bought a book entitled "Pro-Democracy Peoples War" made by a right-wing militarist named Miguel Coronel.

Calling his idea and concept a "Battle for Democracy," the book spoke much of desperate actions trying to counter the Revolution, or according to his words that:
"Fighting for Freedom and Democracy though Participatory Democracy."
These words mirror a mere right-wing sentiment, of preserving the order, but then...

Not all things coming from his Idea are not been much implemented, or seriously undertaken by the Military. The book, made in the year 1990 also reminds of the last days of the Aquino administration and it involves the Low Intensity Conflict, an anti-Insurgency tactic, used and advocated by anti-Communist Right-wing groups and individuals, sprearheading militarism at all costs in countering the Left "at all fronts" as they say. As well as thinking that Socialism must be "wiped out" through force while at the same time offering "development" to the people.

AS according to the CPP's Ang Bayan statement last June 4, 1987:
"For whatever reforms have been instituted merely serve to deceive and divide the people. Serving as topping for state fascism."
True as what the statement said, as Coronel, being a right-wing militarist trying to defend "Democracy", also tried to experiment by using "Populist" and "Social Democratic" means, through his statement that:
"...shall serve as the original principle of the 'pro-Democracy' ideology can thus expressed through a simple slogan: Freedom from want and fear through 'Participatory Democracy'."

What kind of Democracy is he defending and talking about? Is it the Democracy of the Elite, Privileged classes? Who tried to act "serving the people" while in fact doing Reactionary, Fascist, Conservative means in socio-economic affairs?

Cornonel's statement, being praised by Right-wing anti-Communist personalities spoke much of handling the Left militarily and thinking Communism in general as a terroristic action, an authoritarian dictatorship and for abolishing the government and of the nation while theirs is Democracy and Freedom! How come these wingnuts spoke Democracy and Freedom since they did a "wrong job" like Forced Disappearances and the like? From Marcos to the present Arroyo and the upcoming Aquino administration?

And reading every word and understanding every verse, Coronel, now emulated further by the wingnuts like Palparan and Alcover, posing as "Populists", as "Social Democrats", seemingly spoke a smattering of "development" and more of "destruction", using it merely as a tactic to counter the growing Left-wing from the countryside to the urban as I may say. He even opposed Machiavelli's idea that "The end justifies the means." As what he said:
"...They have no fixed or absolute standard of what is right or wrong, just and unjust, good or bad and the like. To them, anything that promotes the success of the Communist movement or perpetuate the Communist party in power is just or moral..."
But contrary to his words, or rather say the Military's stand, majority of them do a Machiavellian way to end the "crisis" as they may say. All regardless of illegality, bad, unjust, only to say that do their job to protect the system. Forced disappearances, creating fabricated and exaggerated truths, collaborating with traitors for propaganda, imprisonment without trial, arrest without warrants, illegal detainment of political prisoners, or treating prisoners of war as bandits, all of these are evenly a tactic conceived to be Machiavellian, or even Draconian if torture or other extrajudicial kind of action is included. And thus their ends are to be justified as their means. So who's much Machiavellian then? The rebel or the bandit?

And in addition to that,
I really notice how these people "fighting for democracy" tried to speak off "God" or any kind of unseen being even in a secular, laicist state that also encourages "freedom of ideas" aside from "freedom of religion." And yet despite these they kept on "speaking", "invoking" of God" like our preamble, according to the 1987 constitution said:
"We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of almighty god..."
These words really negate the secularity, the laicity of the state founded by secular personalities of the Jeffersonian kind. And now seeing the government, or its personalities behind doing the contrary, telling us that an unseen being created man, the world and must believe and strengthen faith in it. And if that's the case, how about the Atheists? Will they force them to say?

I am sorry to say this to the reader, that after assessing things involved in this book, that Coronel, along with the rest of the wingnuts who think much of Socialism literally as an oppressive regime or state as narrow-minded. True that prominent Socialists of the Marxian kind are Atheists, that some of them did atrocities, mistakes, but not ALL to encourage to do so! And god forbid, that they even spoke off passages of the bible, a la Pat Robertson and to call Scientific Socialism, Marxism, Communism a work of the devil! If that's the case then so is Democracy, and instead advocate a Monarchical form of government a la Thomas Aquinas!

And personally speaking in regards to criticism of officials, personalities in using "God" or religion in their ideals, I am not a professed Atheist. I am a lapsed Catholic but at the same time trying to profess as a Deist of a Cartesian kind. In addition to that, to preserve the secular, laicist nature of the government, of the state, it would be better for the government act as if a theologian, or encouraging man to act "godly." -that in fact violates man's will and a tenet of democracy which is "not to interfere on religious affairs" just like what Coronel et al. did! He even spoke that the Policeman's creed be an oath as he said:
"The police creed is just expressions of belief in God..."
Then how about the policemen who are Atheists? Will he force them to worship god, pray than do something for the Philippines aside from defending the rotten system?

And true to what I may expect from this regarding the attempt to unite "faith and governance," as well as thinking that Marx and the rest of the Socialists are atheists, then so are the thinkers of the democratic and other philosophical and literary ideal-like Voltaire, Rousseau, De Sade, even the religious like Charles Kingsley, who saidth:
"We have used the Bible as if it were a mere special constable's hand book, an opium dose for keeping beasts of burden patient while they were being overloaded, a mere book to keep the poor in order."
And I being a Cartesian Deist, who believed that god created anything then left to man for its own 'creation', as well as analyzing the ideas of the wingnuts in trying to put religion into political affairs, thinking that it is their "will" no matter it contradicts to the Democratic ideals to do so-of putting God in a laicist state.

Furthering in reading his statements, foolishly acting as a "Populist" or a "Social Democrat" as he do so, as well as trying to concoct strategies that further emulated and yet trying to be improved by modern-day wingnuts like Palparan and Alcover, as well as others, including Ayn Rand worshipers and the like, that they didn't really notice that their enemy also improves a lot through modifying, if not changing their actions and tactics within Armed Struggle to intensifying propaganda out of the enemy's inhumane actions and the like! That the enemy of the Reds is the chief propagandist who instigates more atrocities than their enemy, who, if they do inappropriate actions then apologizing it to the people fully, but they? Perhaps denying it or blaming it all to the Reds like the disappearance of Jonas Burgos, whom the Military blaming it instead on to the rebels.

And on the reals of propaganda and political warfare, I really notice how the wingnuts, like Coronel in his book really emphasized much on Military means while taking "development" as secondary. Not noticing about the problem that causes insurgency. Like ANAD, who instead blaming it to the rebels by saying:
"Insurgency breeds poverty and not the other way around, In provinces where CPP-instigated insurgency is pronounced, poverty incidence is also high. The stronger the communist insurgency, the higher is the poverty...The CPP is partly to be blamed if the Philippine economy is stagnating all these years.
The vicious cycle of ignorance and poverty, and vice versa, is the very situation that the CPP is feeding on since the inception of the communist insurgency movement on Dec. 26, 1968.
Many Filipinos are ignorant because they are poor. Conversely, they are poor because they are ignorant."

The message shows the narrowness and extreme anti-Communist sentiment regardless of the concrete problem behind insurgency.

In addition to that, they may have spoke of atrocities and the like while clandestinely doing the same alleged acts while desperately trying to emulate the enemy's tactic like long marches and demonstrations, as what Coronel said "Sponsored by the Private Sector." Meaning to say it may involve paying them to do so, then calling it "a product of grassroots organizing." Paid demonstrators as I may say to them, or being obliged by some private institutions aligned with the Right to join their "rallies" followed by listening to their "Fascistic" ideas in a guise of "pro-Democracy," as what Coronel said:
"These 'pro-Democracy' Private sector, political forces will lobby for the legislation of laws enhancing our National security; like increasing the reglamentary
period and penalty for the insurgents, identification system, more budget for counter-insurgency, protection of 'pro-Democracy' and 'pro-Government' activists and supporters and the like."

Good to say, but then, despite of these, are there any laws they lobbied, especially for the well being of the people? Like intensifying agrarian reform? Of modernizing and mechanizing agriculture? Of increasing wages and salaries for workers? Of massive industrialization focusing on the heavy industry and utilization of resources for domestic consumption? Of free education up to College as well as an active fiscal social policy?

Coronel hath nothing to think of productive means while insist on destructive, totalitarian, Fascist ones in a guise of 'pro-Democracy' tactics like what he think of: the ID system, and so forth. He even not included outlawing the studying of Marxism as a philosophy, of advocating of burning books, of arresting members of study circles, collectives and extreme censorship like McCarthy! So what is his struggle all about? Thinking all Socialists of the Marxian kind as murderers?

Unveiling the Fascist "Defense of the state" against the "Red menace" as they may say, the book Coronel hath made spoke of various half-truths and fabricated ideas, perhaps courtesy of himself or with a traitor, eager to counter-Propaganda made by the rebels who, made their propaganda, based from facts made by the enemy like "Atrocities, anti-people activities" and the like. That in fact, Coronel, Alcover, Palparan et al. Creating a series of inadequate thoughts seemingly based much on rabid fanaticism and narrow mindedness simply just to discredit Socialist thought, the Revolution, and even assailing it even the person(s) involved in that idea!

And like the book, or rather say the objectives of his book, calling a Reactionary regime he've defended, as well as his disciples from the late 1980s, or earlier till today a "Democratic Republic" is a farce. For anything they've supported is same as we expected: "Rotten beings desperate for power, calling Autocracy "Democracy" and their actions as "just". Remember the days Russia being ruled by Tsars? They favor "Orthodoxy, Autocracy and Nationality" as their guiding ideology, and so here, substituting Autocracy for Democracy, which in fact Autocracy in itself. Worse as the system they in favor is semicolonial and semifeudal!

Noticing every passage given in that counter-propaganda material, somehow makes the struggle, whom their "enemy" is fighting, can create also a "counter-propaganda" using theirs, from strategy and tactics better than the enemy itself.

NDFP HRC chairman says spin on UN report on children in armed conflict is 'false, biased and unfair'

NDFP HRC chairman says spin on UN report on children in armed conflict
is 'false, biased and unfair'

Fidel V. Agcaoili
NDFP Human Rights Committee
May 30, 2010

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Human Rights Committee (HRC) chairman, Fidel V. Agcaoili, lambasted today as false the news story that appeared on a national broadsheet alleging the New People's Army (NPA) to be among the "top abusers of children in war".

"Taking bits and pieces from a UN press release dated 21 May 2010 issued in connection with the annual report to the Security Council by the Secretary General, the reporter slants his story to make the false allegation that the NPA is among the "armed groups that subjected minors to the most brutal violence, such as killings, maimings, rapes and other sexual assaults", Agcaoili stated.

"The UN press release as well as the UN report itself is very clear on which armed groups allegedly committed the killings, maimings, rapes and sexual assaults of children. The list does not include the NPA. Such style of news reporting grossly violates the basic tenet of truth in journalism and is only intended to slander the NPA. It also reveals the personal bias and malice of the reporter", Agcaoili observed.

"Moreover, the UN press release itself admits that the accusations against the NPA on the alleged use of child soldiers 'could not be verified' in view of the refusal of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) to allow the UN investigating team access to several areas or to engage with the NPA or the NDFP", Agcaoili noted.

"In fact, reading through the UN report, it would be more accurate to say that the GRP through its fascist thugs in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is the biggest violator of children's rights in the situation of armed conflict in the Philippines. The actual cases of violence against children cited in the UN report pointed to the AFP as the culprits. In the section on recommendations, the UN secretary general even expresses concern on the use of children for military intelligence and the interrogation of children by the AFP in its military operations", Agcaoili added.

"Yet the reporter conveniently disregarded and downplayed these facts and proceeded instead to spin a tall and malicious tale against the NPA", Agcaoili said.

Agcaoili reiterated that the NPA strictly abides by the policy of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) against the recruitment as combatants of children below 18 years of age. It also subscribes to the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) on the protection of children from physical and mental abuse.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Noontime raid nets 11 high-powered firearms, kills 3 enemy troopers-NDF

Noontime raid nets 11 high-powered firearms, kills 3 enemy troopers-NDF

Simon Santiago
Regional Political Department
Merardo Arce Command
NPA-Southern Mindanao
27 May 2010

The Regional Political Department-New People's Army in Southern Mindanao congratulates the brave Red commanders and fighters from the composite striking force of the 3rd Pulang Bagani Company and the Wilfredo Zapanta Command-Front 18 Operations Command of the NPA for the successful raid on the patrol base of the 28th Infantry Battalion-10th Infantry Division Monday, May 24 along the Davao-Mati national highway in Sitio Chapter, Barangay Maputi, Banaybanay, Davao Oriental.

The daring NPA noontime raid netted 11 high-powered firearms comprising of two FN Minimi Light Machine Guns, two M203 grenade launcher rifles, three Garand rifles, three M14 rifles and an M16 Armalite rifle. Three fascist troops were slain and four were wounded. Two enemy combatants surrendered uninjured during the fierce gunbattle and were freed shortly while four scampered away leaving behind their firearms and their dead. One Red fighter, Ka Tonyo, was martyred in this operation.

To deflect attention from its mounting battlefield losses, no less than the Division commander Gen. Carlos Holganza, overriding the officially-designated 10th ID-AFP spokesperson, has taken it as his added professional responsibility to announce the supposed deterioration of the NPA, the disintegration and dwindling of the ranks of the people's army by correlating a far-fetched link between the parliamentary setbacks of progressive groups in the last GRP elections as proof of the NPA's defeat.

Gen. Holganza's spurious military logic of likening the increasing regularity of victorious military actions by the people's army as mere temper tantrums of an "inconsequential" armed group wanting to get noticed is ridiculous. The AFP spin doctors attack blindly and hurl all derogatory remarks at the NPA yet the truth shows through all the lies.

The 28th IB-AFP patrol base in Sitio Chapter has clearly shown that the AFP's so-called "pro-people progress and development" are but ploys to conceal its motivation. The 28th IB-10th ID-AFP is serving as the Private Security Armed Group protecting the corporate interests of large-scale capitalists and businesses such as the Maverick construction company which secured the graft-ridden multi-billion road project contract from the reactionary GRP. The security detail provided by the AFP to big business are all at the expense of the Filipino people. Genuine people's welfare and development by means of thoroughgoing land reform and nationalist industrialization are farthest from the mandate of the reactionary AFP.

The victorious NPA military action once again demonstrates the combat capability of the people's army which relies on precise combat intelligence and deep and extensive network from the mass base. Success of the people's army in the military field is an outcome of the victories of the entire revolutionary movement in the political and ideological arena. Military matters are subordinate and complementary to the over-all political objective of abolishing the rotten social system and establishing genuine organs of political power of the people in the countryside until it is possible to seize political power nationwide.

The downtrodden masses rejoice every time the fascist AFP gets punished by their revolutionary army. Tactical offensives help build up the NPA ideologically, politically, organizationally and militarily. They provide the material basis for building the people's political organs that truly empowers the people.

The recent NPA tactical offensive once again punctuates the utter failure of the vicious counter-revolutionary Oplan Bantay Laya and the epic defeat of the 10th ID-AFP which implements its fascist mandate of suppressing popular resistance to the hated regime and containing the revolutionary forces.

The undeniable fact that the fascists are embattled and need all the resources they can muster to give a semblance of breaking even in their counter-revolutionary war is revealed in the latest one full battalion reinforcement from the 7th to the 10th ID-AFP. The redeployment of the 71st Infantry Battalion -- which is another Palparan Battalion from the 7th Infantry Division in Central Luzon -- to Compostela Valley Province reveals the truth about how desperate and miserable the 10th ID-AFP is faring in their doomed mission in Southern Mindanao. The additional battalion is another proof of their failure.

The NPA raid in Banaybanay is a fitting welcome to the newly-installed battalion more notorious for its atrocious human rights record than any other accomplishments. The NPA action should give this Palparan battalion a preview of what they should expect to face here in Southern Mindanao from the revolutionary movement as they try to duplicate the terrorism they are so experts of in Central Luzon under Palparan's command.

On the other hand, the NPA also takes issue with Capt. Emmanuel Garcia's incompetence, the 10th ID-AFP public affairs officer responsible for blurting out moronic statements to the media. He is getting paid for bungling and not getting the job done. This predicament of the fascist enemy works well for the revolutionary forces. It affords comic relief to the Red fighters and allows us the pleasure of seeing the enemy camp further expose their mercenary character. This should be fine by us, however, out of concern for a well-intentioned but misguided fine young officer such as Capt. Garcia who lets himself appear like a fool each time he makes pathetic excuses for his favorite unit. We encourage Capt. Garcia to study and search further and if he has a measure of personal integrity left in his moral fiber maybe he'll be enlightened in the process. Defending the hated fascist military establishment and the rotten system is indeed a losing proposition and is never a stepping stone for a successful military career.

Long live the land of Juche the independent socialist DPRK!

Long live the land of Juche the independent socialist DPRK!
from Dermot Hudson

Lets support the glorious and dignified DPRK the land of Juche and Songun against the provocation of the fascist Yankee imperialists and the south Korean fascist puppet scabs!

I have been reflecting on the DPRK with its advanced socialist system, a system chosen by the popular masses and centring on them.A system that provides free health care free education,full employment and has no taxation.It is incomparably superior to the anti popular puppet ruling system in south Korea.South Korea is a fake and marionette, It is in south Korea where millions are out of work,where people starve and where people commit suicide in big numbers even the imperialists admit that.

If the US imperialists and SK fascist puppets attack the DPRK then the DPRK ,the independent power of Songun,will fight the final battle to reunifiy the country destroying for good the miserable and sycophantic puppet regime and its ruling system.Juche idea followers must support this. Let us step up our study and exposure of the reactionary puppet nature of south Korea!

One proposal is for UK KFA and JISGE to hold a seminar on the nature of the south Korean puppet regime and human rights abuses in south Korea.

Lets uphold the DPRK the independent Songun power and smash the south Korean puppets !

SK Puppet NIS provocation against UK KFA and JISGE

SK Puppet NIS provocation against UK KFA and JISGE
by Dermot Hudson

Yesterday one UK KFA member had gone to the Democracy Village/Peace camp protest outside the Houses of Parliament.Another UK KFA member decided to go there to see the camp for himself and discuss the current situation in Korea with him.

They became aware of an East Asian looking man with a camera hanging around near them and watching them.One KFA member went and handed him the leaflet "Defend the DPRK the True Peoples Welfare".'Ah I am a Korean' said the individual and immediately started to vociferate about "north Korean refugees London",this alerted us and made us suspicious as previously UK KFA had been anonymously threatened on UK Indymedia with being beaten up by such people.Moreover if there is such a thing as 'north Korean defectors " in London they would be under the control of the south Korean National Intelligence Service(formerly KCIA,formerly Agency for National Security Planning), as all who defect and betray the DPRK are screened by the NIS,and possibly MI5 and MI6 as well.Those working with 'defectors' are likely to be NIS agents themselves or close to it.

This person gave his name as Chun or Chung and said he was a documentary film maker. He repeated in a simplistic form the usual propaganda against the DPRK ,when challenged and asked whether he had been there he said no,when one of us said he had been there several times he made no reaction nor asked any questions about the visit.We asked for his name card but he said he did not have one which was strange for a documentary film maker.We asked him about the NIS which produced a nervous laugh.

He scurried and scuttled about the place in a suspicious manner.

UK KFA has been the target of abusive postings on Indymedia so clearly we are been targeted from somewhere.

Time to rally around in support of the DPRK!

Time to rally around in support of the DPRK!
by Dermot Hudson

It is now high time to rally around the DPRK and give 100% support and 1000% support in the face of the onslaught against the DPRK by the US imperialists and south Korean fascist puppets.The UK media are constandly repeating stupid and mean lies and the reactionary Con-Dem government(obessed with neo liberalism and spending cuts)have joined in the assault on the DPRK.

The release of the Cheonan investigation is nothing but a farce and conspiracy cooked up by the US imperialists, south Korean puppets but also British, Australian and Canadian reactionaries. Canada has severed diplomatic relations with the DPRK and banned DPRK officials from entering Canada.

The 'evidence' against the DPRK is pure rubbish that looks like it has been dreamed up by a child,some rusty bits that have been in the water for years or inside a museum and could have sunk a ship.Some naval experts also say that submarines cant operate effectively in the area where the Cheonan sunk.Most probably the Cheonan sunk as a result of an accident caused by incompetence and poor seamanship of the SK fascist puppets or possibly was sunk by the US either by accident or design.

It is positive that the DPRK has hit back by severing ties with the South Korean fascist puppets,now we need to organise and mobilise in support of the DPRK,the land of Juche. Lets campaign to expose the lies of the US imperialists and all reactionaries!

Friends of the DPRK must be prepared for the eventuality of an actual attack on the DPRK by the US imperialists and south Korean fascist puppets Lets mount not only a campaign to defend the DPRK but an anti south Korean puppet campaign.We must expose the reactionary, neo-colonial,dependent and decadent nature of south Korea.Too many on the UK left have illusions about South Korea so lets call a spade a spade-south Korea is fascist and puppet and it must be smashed.Too many academics,politician s are taking money from south Korea.

South Korea is an artificial creation of the US,its rulers are traitors who have brought in outside forces to divide the Korean nation.

Defence of the DPRK is also a central part of the anti US,anti imperialist ,anti-globalisation struggle.All opponents of globalisation should support the DPRK!


KCNA: Who Wire-pulled Shocking Case behind Scene

KCNA: Who Wire-pulled Shocking Case behind Scene

Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) -- Many days have passed since the case of "Cheonan" occurred but the south Korean puppet authorities are going beyond the tolerance limit in their racket of confrontation with the DPRK.

Quite many people have expressed their understanding of a lot of information provided by the relevant institutions of the DPRK several times to prove the irrefutable facts and the hard reality that there was no reason for the DPRK to get involved in such case. But the puppet group is getting more reckless as the days go by in its confrontation hysteria. Then why? It is behaving so because it firmly believes in somebody's strong backing.

But for the patronage and prodding of its master, the south Korean puppet group would have not gone the lengths of recklessly crying out for "retaliation" and declaring "it would not rule out even a war" after daring to brand the DPRK as a "criminal" like puppies knowing no fear of a tiger. It is the United States that is behind the case of "Cheonan".

The case was cooked up and the "results of investigation" into it were published with the approval of the U.S. and under its patronage and manipulation from A to Z.

The investigation was steered by the U.S. from its very outset. It approached the joint investigation from the standpoint hostile to the DPRK and branded it as a "suspect," asserting that "there was hardly any other "suspect except north Korea" and "the warship was most probably sunken by a torpedo attack of north Korea" even before truth about the case was probed. The investigation was led by it in that direction.

The U.S. reaction to the recent sinking of the warship was so excessive as to sound strange.

After the publication of the "results of investigation" the U.S. zealously egged the puppet authorities on to adopt a high-handed policy of confrontation, jabbering that they are "considerably trustworthy" and that it extends full support to the publication of their claim that the warship was "sunken by a torpedo attack of the north." It styled itself a guardian of the Lee Myung Bak conservative group, terming the case as somebody's "act of aggression" and "challenge" to international peace and security.

No sooner had the "results of investigation" were announced than the U.S. issued a statement in support of them. In the wake of traitor Lee Myung Bak's issue of "statement to the people," high-ranking officials of Washington vied with each other in clarifying their stand for "policy cooperation" and "maintenance of cooperation. " Ill-famed tricksters of the Departments of State and Defense and the CIA put their heads together to jointly orchestrate a new farce.

On May 25, a spokesman for the National Security Council of the U.S. blustered that north Korea should admit its attack on warship "Cheonan" and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations made no scruple of making such reckless remarks as seriously misjudging the trend of the present situation by uttering that measures for all-out confrontation with fellow countrymen made public by the south Korean puppet authorities were appropriate in view of the situation.

The Command of the 8th U.S. imperialist aggressor army in south Korea has kept itself fully ready for aggression on the DPRK in order to act a "command of conducting war." The commander of the U.S. naval force in south Korea was closeted with the chief of the general staff of the south Korean puppet navy over the issues of staging a joint anti-submarine exercise within the next month and "maneuvers for intercepting ships in waters within the framework of the PSI" within the latter half of this year.

The Obama administration is using the above-said case for stirring up the atmosphere of "international cooperation" through the increased role of south Korea as its servant for the purposes of escalating instability in the Asia-Pacific region, containing big powers and emerging unchallenged in the region.

This is the ulterior motive of the U.S. acting a strong guardian of the south Korean puppet regime in the warship case.

The hostile actions taken by the U.S. after the occurrence of the case are a wanton encroachment upon the DPRK's fundamental interests.

The U.S. would be well advised to behave itself, mindful of the grave consequences to be entailed by its actions.

FM Accuses US of Creating Atmosphere of International Pressure-KCNA

FM Accuses US of Creating Atmosphere of International Pressure-KCNA

Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry Friday released the following statement in connection with the fact that the United States is becoming all the more reckless in its moves to create an atmosphere of international pressure upon the DPRK by referring the case of warship "Cheonan" to the UN Security Council:

Recently the U.S. secretary of State let loose a spate of sheer lies to brand the DPRK as the chief culprit of the warship sinking during her junkets to Japan, China and south Korea.

But a scrutiny into who is to benefit from the "story about a torpedo attack by north Korea" and what will be gained from it makes it clear that the case was orchestrated by the U.S. and the south Korean authorities. Firstly, the Obama administration is using the recent case for orchestrating with utmost efforts a farce to make it appear "strong" with the Congress mid-term election slated for coming November at hand as it was known to be weak externally in the first year of its administration. Secondly, the U.S. hyped the "threat from north Korea" to sound real, finally making the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, which had been keen to drive the U.S. forces out of Okinawa, yield to it. This is the reason why the "results of investigation" were announced within May. Thirdly, the U.S. has come to justify its policy of "strategic patience" designed to degrade the environment for international investment in the DPRK and steadily suffocate its economy. Fourthly, it became possible for the U.S. to put China into an awkward position and keep hold on Japan and south Korea as its servants.

The truth remains unchanged though the U.S. sticks to its own opinion. The U.S. is blustering that it would refer the said case to the UNSC, but the UNSC is the very forum which had already been besmirched due to Powell's lies about Iraq in February 2003. The U.S., branding the case as a "breach of the Armistice Agreement," instigated the south Korean authorities to spread the assertion that the case should be discussed at the "Military Armistice Commission" (MAC). This is also a self-contradiction. As far as the AA is concerned, it was reduced to a dead document long ago due to the U.S. The MAC has been defunct since the U.S. unilaterally recalled the senior member of the "UN Forces" side and replaced him with a "general" of the south Korean puppet army, not a signatory to the AA. As the MAC exists only in name, the U.S. government made a conclusion that the case is a "violation of the AA" before the "UN Forces" side of the MAC announced that it would make an investigation into the violation. Irony is that the U.S. secretary of State is vociferating about the AA, though she does not know in what shape the AA is.

The U.S. is pressurizing other countries to accept the "results of investigation" announced by south Korea, zealously supporting them but the "investigation team" formed by the U.S. and the south Korean authorities is vague and shady in its nature. What matters is that the team was made up with the south Korean military as the core and equally problematic was that the south Korean authorities included in that team some foreigners unilaterally chosen by them, letting it go by the name of "international investigation team." There is no knowing whether these foreigners participated in the investigation on behalf of the governments of their countries or in private capacity and whether they had any mandate to investigate or borrowed only name and an agreement was reached on the "results of investigation" by going through any procedure. We proposed more than once dispatching an inspection group to the spot, but the U.S. and the south Korean authorities persistently refused to receve it. The reason can be explained by the above-said attitudes of them.

No sooner had the U.S. and the south Korean authorities announced the "results of investigation" than they lost no time to threaten to slap additional sanctions and take counteractions regardless of whether the world understands those results or not. Herein lies an ulterior aim and this patently proves that they are acting according to the script already worked out.

The U.S. is seriously mistaken if it thinks it can occupy the Korean Peninsula just as it did Iraq with sheer lies. If the UNSC is again taken in by U.S. lies and tables the "results of investigation" into the "Cheonan" warship and discusses them, then this will mean that the UNSC is misused for encroaching upon the dignity of the Korean people and the sovereignty of the DPRK. In case the DPRK takes toughest self-defensive counter-measures as already declared, the U.S. and its servants will be wholly to blame for their consequences.

NDC Holds Press Conference on "Cheonan" Sinking-KCNA

NDC Holds Press Conference on "Cheonan" Sinking-KCNA

Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) -- The National Defence Commission of the DPRK held a press conference at the People's Palace of Culture Friday denouncing the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors of south Korea for having recently kicked off a racket of confrontation with the DPRK after groundlessly linking the case of the sinking of warship "Cheonan" with it.

Present there were Korean and foreign reporters, representatives and military attaches of foreign embassies and representatives of international organizations here.

Maj. General of the Korean People's Army Pak Rim Su, director of the Policy Department of the NDC, spoke at the press conference.

Referring to the fact that the situation created after the case of warship "Cheonan" cooked up by the group of traitors is so grave that a war may break out anytime, he stressed that any accidental clash that may break out in the waters of the West Sea of Korea or in areas along the Demilitarized Zone will lead to an all-out war.

The south Korean puppet authorities persistently refused the field inspection, unilaterally insisting on the forged "results of investigation" out of guilty conscience, he noted.

He disclosed the truth behind the case as follows:

The case of the warship sinking is a fabrication and charade orchestrated by the south Korean puppet authorities from A to Z.

First, we can say this because the "scientific investigation" and "objective investigation" touted by the south Korean authorities were nonsensical.

To begin with, the "team for investigation" was formed in such a way that it could not make a scientific and objective investigation, and this is clear from the fact that the south Korean military supervised the investigation.

It is as clear as noonday that in what direction its results were worked out because the investigation was supervised by those who should be tried for being chief culprits of the case.

The "international joint investigation team" was also made up of those countries which were not in a position to conduct an objective investigation.

The United States was included in it.

The U.S. is in the hostile relationship with the DPRK as it is still technically at war with it, and countries including Britain, Australia and Canada which joined the team are also those countries which participated in the Korean war by toeing the U.S. line and are now cooperating with the south Korean authorities.

Clear is which party the members of the team from those countries would side with and what conclusion they would make.

The same is the case with the "civilian and military joint investigation team". It raked up its brain to link "the material evidence" produced with the DPRK after supporting the story about "the north's involvement" the south Korean authorities spread before the results of investigation were announced.

It was reported that civilians involved in the investigation team were hindered in their movements, leading a prison life aboard the warship "Tokdo" of the south Korean navy, because they had been strictly isolated from the outside since the start of investigation. They were barred from taking part in the major investigation.

No wonder, some were expelled from the investigation team for the mere reason that they made assertions contrary to the stand of the "Ministry of Defense" and even they were prosecuted for them.

The course in which the results of investigation changed several times and they were fabricated to gradually focus on the story about "a torpedo attack of the north" goes to prove that the investigation was unscientific and nonobjective.

The time and place the sinking occurred changed several times.

At first, it was stated that the case took place at 21: 45 and then it was corrected as 21:16, changing the time several times.

The south side said that the warship was sunken near Paekryong Islet with lots of rocks, but later corrected that the place was changed into other place without rocks.

It cannot be construed otherwise than intentional changes to draw a conclusion that the case was not an accident caused when the warship ran against rocks.

The announcement of the stand on the question as to whether there was "outside provocation" or not was also repeatedly changed.

The captain of the warship "Cheonan" who can be called irrefutable eyewitness said at first that "there was not outside provocation at all." But, finally he said "there was outside provocation. "

The puppet military said at first that "there was no ground whatsoever to say it was an attack from the north." But, finally it changed its stand by saying that "the warship was sunken by a torpedo attack of the north."

It claimed there was no eyewitness who saw the column of water rising during the warship explosion, even among survivors of the warship. But later, it made a guard on Paekryong Islet far away from the waters where the ship sank state that he saw the white column of water 100m high in the pitch-dark. This was also a dastardly farce orchestrated by the group of traitors to link the case with the DPRK.

There is a lot of evidence to prove it.

The DPRK, therefore, categorically turns down and totally refutes the "results of investigation" announced by the south side.

Second, a scrutiny into the "evidence" produced by the south Korean authorities makes it easy to guess that the story about "a torpedo attack of the north" is a sheer fabrication.

Senior Colonel of the KPA Ri Son Gwon, official of the Policy Department of the NDC, with the help of a visual aid analyzed "pieces of evidence" produced by the south side one by one. He cited facts to scientifically prove that they were nothing but a sheer fabrication.

Pak said there is the need to think over which side of both the north and the south got benefit from such case of warship sinking.

He went on to say:

The entire army and all the people of the DPRK are all out to bring about great innovations and leap forward in building a thriving nation in 2012, the historic year.

Is there any reason for the DPRK to attack such south Korean patrol ship because it is channeling all its efforts into attaining the above-said gigantic goal?

It was only the group of traitors that required such shocking case, he noted, laying bare its ulterior intention as follows:

The case was needed by the group to justify its anti-DPRK moves.

The policy of the present south Korean government is, in a word, to totally deny the policy of reconciliation, unity, cooperation and exchange which was followed in the past.

Furthermore, it is aimed to totally scrap the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, the programme for implementing it.

This policy brought the inter-Korean relations to the brink of a war.

The resistance of the south Korean public against it has reached the point of explosion.

Precisely for this reason, the south Korean authorities needed the case of the warship sinking by "a torpedo attack of the north" in a bid to spread among the south Korean people the conception that the DPRK is the "principal enemy", not fellow countrymen.

Next, the case was needed to justify the south Korean authorities' foreign policy put in a crisis.

Under the existing agreement reached between the United States and south Korea, the "right to command wartime operations" is to be transferred to south Korea in 2012.

If this happens, the U.S. forces will be deprived of any justification to stay in south Korea.

This would deal a telling blow at the south Korean authorities as they regard the "south Korea-U.S. alliance almighty" as the core of their foreign policy.

For this reason, the south Korean authorities cooked up the fiction that the warship was sunken by "an armed attack" of the DPRK in a bid to hype such "security uneasiness" that a war may break out on the Korean Peninsula any time.

The case was also needed to rally the conservative forces in south Korea.

The south Korean conservative ruling forces are now torn apart.

This cannot but be a cause of anxiety for the present south Korean authorities.

So, they floated the story that the warship was sunken by "a torpedo attack of the north" in a bid to stir up confrontation with the DPRK and rally the conservative forces.

The above-said case was also required to win in the forthcoming elections to local self-governing bodies.

The puppet authorities egged the military warmongers on to groundlessly link the case with the DPRK in an effort to strain the situation and stoke the confrontation with it for the purpose of creating a phase favorable for winning in the elections.

For the present, the farce was needed to evade their responsibility for the case.

It is quite evident that in case the sinking of the warship is confirmed to be caused by stranding from self-carelessness or the "aging" of the warship, the blame for it will rest with the commander-in- chief of the puppet armed forces and military bosses.

The group of traitors can prolong their remaining days only when it fakes up the conclusion that the warship was caused by the attack of the DPRK.

The noisy racket of confrontation with the DPRK kicked up by the group over the sinking of "Cheonan" is nothing but an act of precipitating its self-destruction as it is an undisguised declaration of a war against the DPRK and a hideous criminal act of driving the inter-Korean relations to the state of war.

The DPRK has so far bolstered up its nuclear deterrent under the banner of Songun for the purpose of coping with such present acute situation. Its powerful physical means including nuclear weapons are not to be on display or to be stockpiled.

Now is the time for the DPRK to demonstrate the mettle of its revolutionary armed forces. How the situation will develop entirely depends on the attitude of the group of traitors.

Upon the authorization of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, Pak once again notified the participants of the important steps taken by the KPA. And he solemnly clarified the principled stand of the army and people of the DPRK to strongly retaliate against the frantic actions of the group of traitors to do harm to the dignified DPRK.

There were answers to the questions raised at the conference.

Friday, May 28, 2010

In defence of North Korea

In defence of North Korea
by Katleah Iskre Ulrike


I strongly condemn the South Korean efforts to discredit North Korea out of a certain problem regarding the recent crisis happened. As we all know that the two Koreas are still in the middle of a silent war, wherein propaganda and simple action were undertaken on both sides.

Noticing their opportunism to destroy fellow Koreans at the behest of the imperialists, according to the Korean Central News Agency, it even said that:

"The Korean people have been indignant at the anti-DPRK confrontation escalated by the south Korean puppets since the sinking of their warship "Cheonan."
And even condemning the attempts made by the Fascist South Korean Lee Myung-Bak government in interfering North Korean affairs in the name of their "Reunification", which in fact a means to occupy and integrate in capitalist and fascist oppression like those of military-supported Park Chung Hee and Chun Doo-hwan regimes. While others may criticize North Korea for its internal policies, but we cannot ignore the fact that North Korea has strived to defend itself against U.S. impositions and threats of attacks like the Cheonan incident which is also an attempt made by South Korea to infiltrate the socialist state. That in the end calling all the reactionary leaning countries to join against North Korea in accordance to "war against terrorism" and the like.

And according to the weekly Chosun Ilbo, it said regarding the crisis pointing against North Korea:
"...The new Cold War triggered by the North Korean torpedo attack has ramifications beyond inter-Korean relations. China would come under tremendous pressure if U.S. aircraft carriers converge on the West Sea for joint military exercises with South Korea while the two allies conduct maritime blockade drills. The torpedo has shattered the shared foundation that the U.S. and China had built up through the six-party nuclear talks. If Beijing-Washington relations sour, both North and South Korea stand to suffer the most."
This possibility, driven by Fascist exaggeration, and fueled by imperialist ambition would again create a chaotic outcome not just in Korea but the world in general. Sensing that the attempts made by the exploiters, from creating blockades,counter-propaganda, to resumption of attacks would lead to their demise.

And since the Philippines, though its reactionary-leaning government likely to join on the side of the exploiters like those of the Korean War days, may again likely to become a "safe heaven" for fascists as well as the imperialists like the US. As well as in defence of their interests, can't condemn their crimes against the Korean people, and thus created bitter enemies, that makes every reactionary-leaning country like the US and the Philippines a "no-place safe" from revolutionary attacks and its allies.

In accordance to defending North Korea and its right for defence and its will for unification:
1.) We demand the end to attacks, whether attempt or not against North Korea.
2.) We demand the withdrawal of US soldiers from South Korea.
3.) We demand all progressive and peace loving peoples to block all attempts, like the United Nations and other reactionary-leaning and supported organizations to create expeditionary forces, like the Philippines et al. to support the Fascist Lee Myung-Bak regime.
4.) We demand the end for naval and air blockade attempts against North Korea.
5.) We demand all peace loving and progressive countries to unite against fascism, imperialism, and capitalism and for the peaceful reunification of two Koreas under the Juche-Songun principle.

We demand a just and meaningful peace, but then we demand to respect North Korea's will to defend its independence and is will to reunification with the south and an end to Imperialism under the United States and its cohorts. Somehow as according to a letter from Dermot Hudson and said:
"...It is positive that the DPRK has hit back by severing ties with the south Korean fascist puppets,now we need to organise and mobilise in support of the DPRK,the land of Juche.Lets campaign to expose the lies of the US imperialists and all reactionaries!

Friends of the DPRK must be prepared for the eventuality of an actual attack on the DPRK by the US imperialists and south Korean fascist puppets Lets mount not only a campaign to defend the DPRK but an anti south Korean puppet campaign.We must expose the reactionary, neo colonial,dependent and decadent nature of south Korea.Too many on the UK left have illusions about South Korea so lets call a spade a spade-south Korea is fascist and puppet and it must be smashed.Too many academics,politican s are taking money from south Korea. South Korea is an artifical creation of the US,its rulers are traitors who have brought in outside forces to divide the Korean nation. Defence of the DPRK is also a central part of the anti US,anti imperialist ,anti-globalisation struggle.All opponents of globalisation should support the DPRK!"

May the peoples of both Koreas unite against fascist oppression, militarism, capitalism through the efforts of the Korean Peoples Army and the Korean Workers Party.


NDC Spokesman's Statement Hailed in India-KCNA

NDC Spokesman's Statement Hailed in India-KCNA

Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- The All India Indo-Korean Friendship Association issued a statement on May 21 in support of the statement issued by a spokesman for the DPRK National Defence Commission.

The grave situation is prevailing on the Korean Peninsula owing to the sinking of warship "Cheonan" of the south Korean puppet navy, the statement said, and went on:

The south Korean authorities announced the "results of investigation" cooked up by them which assert that the warship was sunken by torpedo attack by the DPRK. And they are now crying out for "punishment" and "retaliation" against the DPRK and foolishly seeking even to prod the international community into applying additional "sanctions" against it.

We bitterly denounce the south Korean puppet forces for their trite trick whereby they fake up a shocking case and use it for building public opinion about "north wind" whenever they find themselves in a crisis. We also vehemently condemn the U.S. and Japanese aggressors for working hard to keep the hostile policy toward the DPRK on its orbit while chiming in with their south Korean stooges.

We fully support the statement issued by a spokesman for the DPRK National Defence Commission and strongly urge the south Korean authorities to sincerely accept it and make efforts for peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

The French Group for the Study of the Juche and Songun Idea, too, issued a statement on May 20 denouncing the south Korean puppet group's "results of investigation" into the case of sinking of "Cheonan".

Hatred against S. Korean Regime Runs High-KCNA

Hatred against S. Korean Regime Runs High-KCNA

Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- The Korean people have been indignant at the anti-DPRK confrontation escalated by the south Korean puppets since the sinking of their warship "Cheonan".

Ri Un Chon, 45, a department director of the Ministry of Metal Industry, told KCNA that the Lee Myung Bak regime made public false "results of investigation" into the incident to mislead public opinion inside and outside and isolate and stifle the DPRK.

Accusing the regime of trying to inflict a nuclear war holocaust upon the Korean nation, he said the Korean workers, who have gained in strength under the Songun politics, show no mercy to the enemy.

They are resolved to annihilate the aggressors to defend leader Kim Jong Il and the socialist system if the enemy dare to invade the DPRK, he said, adding:

The south Korean regime's foolish attempt to impede the advance of the DPRK will only make the Korean workers harden their resolve.

Kim Yong Chol, 37, a section chief of the Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, said in an interview with KCNA:

The spokesman for the DPRK National Defence Commission declared in a statement that the DPRK will counter the enemy's reckless "counteraction" with an all-out war of justice. It is a legitimate step to safeguard the headquarters of the revolution and defend the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people from the aggressive moves of the warmongers.

The DPRK has a heroic Korean People's Army, equipped with powerful attack and defense means, and an invincible might of the people closely united in mind.

The south Korean regime will surely have to pay dearly for its clumsy ploy against the fellow countrymen in the north.

Kim Hyok, 28, a student of Kim Il Sung University, lambasted the south Korean regime for trying to bring the afore-said incident to the United Nations Security Council with the backing of the United States and Japan to hurt the fellow countrymen.

General Staff of KPA Issues Crucial Notice-KCNA

General Staff of KPA Issues Crucial Notice-KCNA

Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- The General Staff of the Korean People's Army issued the following crucial notice Thursday:

The top-class servants of the puppet ministries of Defence, Unification and Foreign Affairs and Trade buckled down all at once to putting into practice the scenario for confrontation with fellow countrymen already worked out by them after traitor Lee Myung Bak declared it as a "state policy" to escalate all-out confrontation with the DPRK in his May 24 "statement to the people".

Such movement of the group of traitors is an act of totally scrapping the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, the programme for implementing it, gains common to the nation, and a hideous criminal act of driving the north-south relations to the state of war.

As the group of traitors dared preempt all-out confrontation with the DPRK, the KPA General Staff informs it in strong terms that the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK will put into practice crucial measures to cope with such action.

1. The KPA will retract all measures for providing military guarantees for the north-south cooperation and exchange.

It will start examining the closure of the military communications liaison offices in the eastern and western coastal areas and the total suspension of the overland passage concerning the Kaesong Industrial Zone, etc. for the present.

2. As for the anti-DPRK psychological campaign which the puppet military is set to resume, merciless counteractions will be taken throughout the frontline areas as the commander of the forces of the KPA in the central sector of the front had already warned the enemy side.

3. Bilateral agreements concluded to prevent accidental conflicts in the West Sea of Korea will be declared completely null and void.

In this connection the use of international maritime ultra-shortwave walkie-talkie will be banned and the communications line which has been in service to handle an emergency situation be immediately cut off.

4. The KPA will make a prompt physical strike at the intrusion into the extension of the Military Demarcation Line under our side's control in the West Sea of Korea.

5. It will totally ban the passage of warships, airplanes and other means of transportation of the group of traitors through the territorial waters, air and land of the DPRK.

6. It will strictly ban the entry of the group of traitors including the puppet authorities into the DPRK.

7. It will probe the truth about the "fabrication" and "charade" to the last as long as the group of traitors persistently refuses to receive the inspection group of the DPRK National Defence Commission.

The above-said steps are the first-phase reaction of the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK to the reckless moves of the group of traitors, confrontation maniacs, sycophants and quislings to escalate the showdown with it.

The group will come to keenly realize what dear price it will have to pay for having completely scrapped the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

South Korea, U.S. maneuvers threaten war on DPRK-WWP

South Korea, U.S. maneuvers threaten war on DPRK*

By Deirdre Griswold
(Workers World Party member)
Published May 26, 2010 1:41 PM

It was a full-court press, concocted by the U.S. government and the rightist regime in South Korea and eagerly magnified by the corporate media.

Back on March 26 a South Korean Navy warship, the Cheonan, sank near the maritime border with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Of the 104 crew members aboard, 46 perished.

Almost immediately, the government of Lee Myung-bak in the south accused the DPRK of having torpedoed the vessel.

An “international” investigation team was set up. Basically, it was a team composed of the U.S., which occupies South Korea with nearly 30,000 troops, and the Lee regime. Britain and Australia, tight U.S. allies, were added to give it a little more cover. This group came up with the foregone conclusion that yes, the ship had been sunk by a submarine from the DPRK. Skeptical voices were raised in South Korea, but they were quickly shouted down by the media.

China later expressed skepticism that a DPRK submarine had sunk the South Korean ship, but their skepticism got little publicity here.

The DPRK denied any involvement and counter-charged that the Lee regime was trying to torpedo agreements made some years ago between the north and the south that had improved relations between the two. It also announced that it would send a team from its National Defense Council to examine the “evidence” the south claimed to have.

As an important meeting between China and the U.S. on security and economic issues drew near, the Western news media began focusing on how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was rounding up support for U.N. sanctions on the DPRK, and would raise it vigorously in Beijing.

On May 24, the same day that the U.S.-China meeting was starting, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, himself a former South Korean foreign minister, came out in support of sanctions on the DPRK and said the results of the “international” investigation were not in dispute.

The diplomatic maneuvers were accompanied by military threats against the DPRK. The same day as Ban Ki-moon’s statement, South Korea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Yu Myung-hwan, Minister of National Defense Kim Tae-young and Minister of Unification Hyun In-taek held a joint press conference in Seoul. They announced that the South Korean government would prohibit all DPRK vessels from entering their territorial waters. They also said that they and the U.S. Navy would proceed with a massive joint “anti-submarine” exercise in the area.

Clearly, U.S. submarines that prowl the seas around Korea would not be the targets of this military move.

The Lee regime said it would also ban trade with the north and further limit travel there. It would also resume blasting anti-DPRK propaganda from high-decibel speakers near the demilitarized zone that divides Korea.

The South Korean regime also turned down the request by the DPRK’s National Defense Council to let a team of investigators from the north examine the so-called evidence that supposedly justifies this dangerous escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Legacy of Korea’s division

The danger of military confrontation on the Korean peninsula has existed ever since Korea was divided after World War II. The U.S. set up a puppet dictatorship in the south that was fiercely hostile to communist-led forces in the north that, fighting alongside Soviet troops, had defeated Japan’s occupying force at the end of the war.

Kim Il Sung, the leader of the liberation army, was a revolutionary. He represented a social movement that encouraged the people to overthrow the landlords, merchants and petty officials who had collaborated with Japan during its period of harsh colonial rule over Korea, which lasted from 1910 to 1945.

It was different in the south, which was occupied by U.S. troops at the end of the war. There, the U.S. actually rearmed Japanese troops under its command in order to keep the revolution from spreading. It set up a government headed by Koreans willing to collaborate with foreign exploiters — be they U.S. or Japanese imperialists. The Syngman Rhee dictatorship carried out massacres of those who sympathized with the revolutionary movement to liberate all of Korea.

As the north developed toward a socialist society, the south was brought into the world capitalist economy as a U.S. vassal. Soviet troops left the north after three years, but the U.S. has never ended its occupation of the south.

From 1950 to 1953, when the U.S. waged a full-scale war against socialist Korea, a million Chinese volunteers came to the aid of their neighbors. Having just won their own long struggle for liberation, they fought to prevent the return of the bad old days of foreign imperialist domination.

China and Korea

Perhaps the U.S. foreign policy establishment thought this history was forgotten in China when it sent Hillary Clinton and her entourage to try to intimidate or inveigle the Chinese leaders into going along with the Washington-Seoul campaign against the DPRK. But a report in the May 25 New York Times indicates otherwise.

It says that after the U.S.-China talks concluded, the U.S. had “made little progress on winning China’s backing for international measures against North Korea over the sinking of a South Korean warship” and that “there was no immediate prospect of a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the attack.” China, as one of the five permanent members of the Security Council, would have veto power over such a resolution.

The report also admitted that the Chinese government had “expressed skepticism” about the DPRK responsibility for the sinking.

This was the first time that the U.S. media had even allowed for the possibility that the story might not be true.

This does not mean, however, that Washington and Seoul are ready to abandon either their diplomatic or military efforts against the DPRK. Their joint exercises are scheduled to go on.

In response, the DPRK has announced it is severing all ties with the south and is banning their ships and planes from the north’s air and sea space. It also accused the south of “provocative acts,” including the intrusion of dozens of warships into its territorial waters from May 14 to 24.

Workers in the U.S. need to resist the barrage of propaganda against the DPRK that is a prelude to aggressive acts against that country. They should remember how Washington orchestrated a similar scenario in preparation for the invasion of Iraq. Today those concocted stories of “weapons of mass destruction” have no weight, but the war happened anyway, with all its horrible consequences. It must not happen again.


NDC Spokesman's Statement Supported-KCNA

NDC Spokesman's Statement Supported-KCNA

Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- Personages of Finland and France released statements on May 20 in support of the statement issued by a spokesman for the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.

The director of the "Kominform" Company of Finland said in a statement that the DPRK can never take military action against its fellow countrymen in the light of its political idea, adding that the case of the sinking of south Korea's warship "Cheonan" is evidently a charade orchestrated by the south Korean authorities.

Noting that the DPRK is a righteous country and military plots against this country can never go down with anyone, he added that the DPRK's innocence as regards the case will be brought to light just as justice is always bound to win a victory.

Lyne Sinyodyium, a member of the French Group for the Study of the Juche Idea, in a statement expressed full support for the statement of the DPRK NDC spokesman which declared the firm attitude and principled stand of the DPRK government on the sinister plot hatched by the south Korean authorities.

He said that the army and the people of the DPRK united close around their leader will remain unfazed despite whole gamut of vituperation and mud-slinging at it. The DPRK demonstrating its might by dint of Songun is prepared for both sanctions and war, he stressed.

KCNA: Who Got Benefit from "Cheonan Case"

KCNA: Who Got Benefit from "Cheonan Case"

Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- The United States is taking the lead in disturbing the world after the south Korean puppet authorities announced "the results of investigation" into the sinking of warship "Cheonan," a sheer fabrication.

When a certain crime occurs, it is an elementary logic in the investigation into it to look into who will benefit most from it.

The warship of the south Korean navy broke into two pieces and went down to the bottom of the West Sea of Korea. It is the U.S. and its "allies" in the Asia-Pacific who fished in troubled waters in this case, the U.S. being the biggest beneficiary.

It is universally known that the DPRK has been focusing all efforts on an all-out offensive to open the gate to a thriving nation in 2012.

In the light of the common sense that development presupposes peace, the DPRK at present requires peaceful external environment more than ever before. Precisely for this reason the DPRK advanced a proposal for establishing lasting peace-keeping regime on the Korean Peninsula.

This being a hard fact, Americans are floating misinformation that the DPRK got the same political "benefit" from the above-said case as it did by "closely rallying its ranks."

This is nothing but an excessive logical jump and far-fetched assertion made by those to do harm to the DPRK. They might mistake their subjective desire for reality, obsessed by their strong desire to bring down the system in the DPRK or worked hard to cover up the stark reality in the DPRK where all efforts are concentrated on building an economic power.

Whoever has logic may understand well that the DPRK would get nothing by orchestrating such case. But the case is quite different with the U.S.

The U.S. seems to have a complacent smile of satisfaction. It considers the case as a golden opportunity for loudly trumpeting about the "theory of threat from north Korea" in a bid to tighten its grip on its "allies" in the Asia-Pacific region, contain big powers and escalate the offensive for stifling the DPRK.

As a matter of fact, the Obama administration is straining the situation in a bid to beef up its forces in the region and tighten its military domination over it as evidenced by the order issued by it to its forces in south Korea to be combat ready to cope with another Korean war.

Under the U.S. manipulation, the south Korean puppet group and the Japanese authorities openly expressed their strong displeasure with the development of the DPRK-China relations and are becoming more zealous than ever before in escalating the moves to stifle the DPRK by imploring the countries around the DPRK to recognize the hypocritical "results of investigation" .

The Japanese government had been seeking a chance to deceive the people in Okinawa Prefecture under the U.S. pressure over the issue of the transfer of the U.S. forces airfield in Futenma. It willingly accepted the U.S. request, raising a hue and cry over "security uneasiness" allegedly created this time.

This made the U.S. raise a shout of joy.

The May 24th issue of the New York Times in an article described Japan's decision to transfer the U.S. forces' airfield from Futenma to the Camp Schwab coastal area, as requested by the latter, as a U.S. victory.

The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors has greatly benefited from the case.

It made public "investigation results" and then the "statement to the people" with the "June 2 elections to local self-governing bodies" just around the corner, maximizing the effect of its conspiratorial farce in the elections.

It has launched a wholesale political terror campaign to ensure an unchallenged domination of the Right-wing conservative group by kicking up an unprecedented atmosphere hostile to the DPRK in the south Korean society and purging pro-reunification progressive forces.

It has completely frozen exchange and cooperation between the north and the south and brought the inter-Korean relations back to those before the publication of the June 15 joint declaration, pushing the situation on the Korean Peninsula to a war phase in a moment. By doing so the group of traitors pleased its master more than ever before and created conditions favorable for its stay in power.

As seen above, the fact that American master and his south Korean servants benefited more than any others from the case of "Cheonan" that claimed the lives of 46 soldiers of the puppet army clearly proves that the "the story about the north's torpedo attack" is nothing but a lie faked up by the U.S. and the south Korean authorities.

The international community should pay attention to the fact that the "Cheonan" case presages the full-fledged commencement of the U.S. "war on terrorism" for aggression in Northeast Asia as it is the Asian version of "September 11 incident" cooked up by it with the south Korean puppet authorities involved in a bid to turn the politico-military environment in the Asia-Pacific region, strategic hub in the 21st century, decisively favorable to it.

Cheonam ship incident is a fabrication from South Korea and the USA

Cheonam ship incident is a fabrication from South Korea and the USA

A statement by Alejandro Cao De Benos
President, Korean Friendship Association

1. Why South Korea rejected the team offered by the North?

DPR Korea has publicly offered several times to dispatch a team from its People’s Army to clarify the incident and demonstrate its innocence. South Korea did not allow it. This amounts to a case without probed evidence, without defense for the accused. A court staged to justify an imperialist aggression and military buildup of US pacific forces. Same like Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction yet to be found.

2.Who is using Chinese characters?

The DPR of Korea, proud of its roots and culture, never uses Chinese characters in any products made in the country. Since many years ago, the DPRK produce its own tanks, submarines or torpedoes relying on its military self-sufficient industry. This is the reason always USA has regarded weapon manufacturing as the main export of DPRK. All weapons manufactured by DPRK uses Korean alphabet, but the following news from Yonhap, again talk about Chinese Characters on the torpedo fragments.
------------ --------- --------------------
N. Korea used Chinese-made torpedo in attack on S. Korean ship

SEOUL, 2010 May 19 (Yonhap) -- Investigators have concluded that North Korea attacked a South Korean naval ship in March with a Chinese-made torpedo as they found Chinese writing in torpedo fragments collected from the scene, a senior government source said Wednesday. "Chinese- and Russian-made torpedoes, respectively, have the Chinese and Russian languages written inside," the source said. "Chinese was written in torpedo" fragments collected from the scene where the 1,200-ton patrol ship Cheonan broke in half and sank on March 26, he said.
------------ --------- --------- --------- -
It is South Korea the one that regularly uses Chinese in all their manufactured items, including weapons or torpedoes. In this story from Yonhap News (South Korean agency), on 25th May 2010, we can see a ceremony of a torpedo manufacturing facility. Under the Korean alphabet, we can read Chinese characters.

Torpedo factory dedicated

2010. May 25, JINHAE, South Korea -- A tape-cutting ceremony is held to mark the completion of a new torpedo manufacturing factory inside South Korea's Naval
Logistics Command in Jinhae, South Gyeongsang Province, on May 25. (Yonhap)

3.How does a ‘Number 1’ links a weapon to a certain country?

Seeing this picture from Reuters, seems that the only ‘evidence’ is just an imagination, a number 1 written by ‘anyone’, this time in Korean language. Didn’t South Korea reported originally that Chinese characters were written in the torpedo? How can suddenly appear a new Korean Character written by a blue pencil? (not embossed)

The following is a picture released by South Korea about the blueprint of
supposed North Korea torpedo. The differences between the blueprint (and new layer) and the real found weapon are clear. Specially in piece number 3, we can see that the position of the piece does not match at all with the blueprint.

Originally in Spanish

NDFP calls on incoming administration to hold Mrs. Arroyo accountable for human rights violations and plunder

NDFP calls on incoming administration to hold Mrs. Arroyo accountable
for human rights violations and plunder

Luis G.Jalandoni
NDFP Negotiating Panel
26 May 2010

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Negotiating Panel calls on the incoming administration of apparent President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to hold Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the military and civilian officials of her regime accountable for numerous gross human rights violations and blatant cases of massive corruption and plunder.

The broad masses of the people expect Aquino to fulfill his promise to carry out the investigation and prosecution of the Arroyo regime within the legal and political framework of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP). The failure of Aquino to fulfill his promise within the first 100 days of his rule will outrage the people and will once more expose the rottenness not only of the new administration but also the entire ruling system.

Aquino vigorously sought votes by pledging to investigate and prosecute Arroyo and her cohorts for the crimes that they have committed for so long. The people therefore expect Aquino to go beyond mere rhetoric in the electoral campaign and to go after Mrs. Arroyo and her cohorts. The people are determined to obtain justice and will condemn and take action against the obnoxious practice of the oligarchs of condoning each other's crimes at the expense of the people.

Holding Mrs. Arroyo accountable in response to the demands of Filipino people and the victims and their families will significantly help to improve the atmosphere for the resumption of formal peace talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).

We issue this call in line with our firm commitment to uphold, defend and advance the fundamental interests of the Filipino people and in response to their deep aspirations for social justice, democracy and a just and lasting peace.

The NDFP stands ready to resume formal peace talks with the incoming administration on the basis of The Hague Joint Declaration of 1992, the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) of 1995 and the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), among others. We are committed to address the roots of the armed conflict through fundamental economic, social and political reforms.

The Arroyo regime must be held responsible for more than a thousand extrajudicial killings, more than 200 enforced disappearances, hundreds more of frustrated killings, thousands of cases of torture, the displacement of millions of civilians in the rural and urban areas. This will be an important signal of the new administration's commitment to implement the CARHRIHL.

Firmly taking up the crimes of plunder and corruption of Mrs. Arroyo and her cohorts will entail the exposure of the basic causes of social injustice and maldevelopment, and will thus be of great benefit to the negotiations on social and economic reforms, which is the second substantive topic in the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations as defined by The Hague Joint Declaration.

To recognize and honor the victims' and their families' unceasing efforts to obtain justice, and to respond effectively to the people's aspiration for a just and lasting peace, the NDFP demands that Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo be held accountable for gross violations of the human rights of the Filipino people and for massive plunder and corruption.

Chairperson, Negotiating Panel
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CPRK Declares Resolute Actions against S. Korea

CPRK Declares Resolute Actions against S. Korea

(Statement from the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea)

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea Tuesday issued the following statement:

Traitor Lee Myung Bak of south Korea on Monday made public a "statement to the people" over the case of the sinking of a warship of its puppet army, in which he viciously slandered the DPRK again. He formally announced a ban on the passage of DPRK's ships through waters of the south side, "stop to trade and exchange between the south and the north", the exercise of "the right to self-defense" and the reference of the case to the UNSC, daring vociferate about "responsibility" and "apology".

Then the chiefs of the puppet ministries of defense, foreign affairs and trade and unification called a joint press conference at which they ballyhooed about follow-up measures.

This is little short of formally declaring that they would not rule out a war by standing in confrontation with the DPRK to the last.

It is traitor Lee Myung Bak and his puppet conservative group that should be responsible for the said case, apologize for it and face a punishment as it is a tragic product of their despicable sycophantic and treacherous moves and reckless actions for escalating confrontation with fellow countrymen.

As far as the "results of investigation" announced by the puppet group are concerned, their conspiratorial nature is brought into bolder relief as the days go by to be ridiculed by the world, as they are peppered with contradictions and doubts.

Now that traitor Lee Myung Bak is taking the lead in shifting the blame for the case on to the DPRK and formally challenging it with reckless provocations despite the above-said hard reality, the DPRK is compelled to opt for taking resolute punitive measures as it had already declared internally and externally.

The DPRK had already solemnly declared that it would regard the puppet group's anti-DPRK smear campaign over the sinking of the warship as a declaration of a war against the DPRK and mete out a merciless and strong punishment if the group dare defile its dignity.

The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, accordingly, formally declares that from now on it will put into force the resolute measures to totally freeze the inter-Korean relations, totally abrogate the agreement on non-aggression between the north and the south and completely halt the inter-Korean cooperation.

In this connection, the following measures will be taken at the first phase:

1. All relations with the puppet authorities will be severed.

2. There will be neither dialogue nor contact between the authorities during Lee Myung Bak's tenure of office.

3. The work of the Panmunjom Red Cross liaison representatives will be completely suspended.

4. All communication links between the north and the south will be cut off.

5. The Consultative Office for North-South Economic Cooperation in the Kaesong Industrial Zone will be frozen and dismantled and all the personnel concerned of the south side will be expelled without delay.

6. We will start all-out counterattack against the puppet group's "psychological warfare against the north."

7. The passage of south Korean ships and airliners through the territorial waters and air of our side will be totally banned.

8. All the issues arising in the inter-Korean relations will be handled under a wartime law.

There is no need to show any mercy or patience for such confrontation maniacs, sycophants and traitors and wicked warmongers as the Lee Myung Bak group.

The Lee group's call for "resolute measure" is as a foolish and ridiculous suicidal act as jumping into fire with faggots on its back.

The group is making a last-ditch effort in league with outsiders but will get nothing but its self-destruction.

The army and the people of the DPRK and all other Koreans will never pardon the group of traitors as it is finally bringing the dark clouds of war to hang over the Korean Peninsula, wantonly violating the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration and bringing the inter-Korean relations to a total collapse.

Military Commentator on Truth bihind "Story of Attack by North"-KCNA

Military Commentator on Truth behind "Story of Attack by North"-KCNA

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- A military commentator Tuesday released an article disclosing the truth behind the "story about the north's torpedo attack" on "Cheonan", a warship of the south Korean puppet navy, faked up by the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors.

The article cites facts to prove that the "story about the north's torpedo attack" is a whopping lie cooked up by the group of traitors to weather its crisis in a bid to kick off "north wind" and that the investigation into the cause of the sinking of the ship was not conducted on a scientific basis but unilaterally done to serve its purpose and it was not objective but was based on bias and arbitrariness.

The article asserts that the "story about the north's torpedo attack" floated by the group on May 20 is sheer fabrication cooked up by it in an effort to deliberately link the case with the DPRK from the day the ship's sinking occurred.

"A small amount of powder ingredients" , "alloy fragments" and 1.5m-long rear part of torpedo, letters "No. 1" written in the "writing style of the north" and a variety of other "definite material evidence" which the "joint investigation team" produced so far under the manipulation of the group of traitors only arouse strong doubts, and such evidence is sheer nonsense from A to Z, asserts the article.

Recalling that a "civilian-military joint investigation team" and an "international joint investigation team" were involved in the operation to prove that the ship was sunken, the article goes on:

The group of traitors employed all control means, persistently brushing aside various conjectures and opinions not serving the purpose of the scenario worked out by it and threatening and blackmailing people in the whole period of investigation.

The "story about the north's involvement" in the case spread in a quiet way was hyped up to be the "north's direct involvement" and even the "north's torpedo attack" in the direction of linking the sinking of the ship to us.

In the meantime, evidence which may refute our involvement in the case went into oblivion one after another or was strictly excluded from the objects of investigation. Typical of them is a gas turbine, main evidence proving the cause of the sinking of the ship, the article notes, and goes on:

The puppet group is working with bloodshot eyes to peddle story about "north wind" defying scientific evidence and objective procedures after cooking up such mean and clumsy charade in a bid to tide over the present crisis.

Warning that the DPRK will react to "retaliation" with stronger retaliation and to "punishment" with indiscriminate punishment of its own style, the article says:

All facts prove that the "story about the north's torpedo attack" is, indeed, a poor anti-DPRK farce orchestrated by the group of traitors to harm and stifle fellow countrymen and an undisguised burlesque for confrontation in a bid to realize its despicable ambition and black-hearted intention.

Its brigandish farce is a hideous crime to be recorded in the history of inter-Korean relations as it is an open negation and total rejection of the June 15 era of reunification.

The army and people of the DPRK are sharply watching the moves of the group of traitors, which seeks to stifle fellow countrymen while linking the cause of the sinking of the warship with the DPRK, and keeping themselves ready to take decisive counteractions.

If the south Korean puppet forces show any sign of the slightest provocation, political, military and economic, against the DPRK, backed by the U.S. imperialists, we will immediately react to them by the just tactics of wiping out one by one, eliminate all rubbish of the nation from the Korean Peninsula and build on it rich and powerful reunified Korea where all Koreans enjoy prosperity.

We will never deal with south Korea as long as Lee Myung Bak group of traitors steeped in the morbid hostility toward the DPRK to the marrow of its bone stays in "Chongwadae" .

History and truth are always bound to be clarified and tricksters will not be able to escape a stern judgment of justice regardless of the statute of limitation.