Monday, May 10, 2010

Desparacy amongst the politicos?

Desparacy amongst the politicos?
regarding the desperate acts of the politicians this 2010 National Elections

Before writing this, I read news regarding the latest elections, and it seemed that aside from flying voters, jammed PCOS machines, another attempt made by the desperate politicos hath been made in getting votes-this time having a pre-shaded ballot in favor of a particular leader or a movement.

According to Terry Ridon, in his Facebook account, he heard reports involving Pre-shaded ballots in favor of LPGMA Partylist in Balara Elem. School in Baranggay Pansol in Quezon City and Katribu Partylist, in its Facebook account, reporting that members of the Mangyan tribe can't vote out of a reason that they can't vote Katribu and instead seeing Romeo Maganto's SAGIP Partylist pre-shaded on the ballots given by the Board of Election Inspectors in Baranggay. Balao, Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro. These accounts seemed to be factual as they expect these hell-of-a-kind tactic: that most leaders, movements, are trying to gain votes by having pre-shaded ballots directly given to a voter during the election period.

And somehow it really negates the voting process wherein personal will and respect for political ideas must be enacted-how come these desperate politicos do so? Aside from vote buying, popularity appeal, surveys, and now the electors being given pre-shaded ballots? BAH! WTF!

These kind of actions show how these people are indeed desperate of votes, we may have the PCOS machines and brag to the world that we have an automated election! But then it seems that despite voting a leader that advocates change, most of them aren't: for most of them are too traditional in calling a word contrary to their contented ideas. Worse? Wanting people to be contented much while they accumulate wealth after "victory."

I hope people continue their vigilance before and after the elections, accept that life is too short that death comes while acting vigilant in our votes-especially in seeing modus operandi amongst the politicians, electors and the voters.