Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aquinocracy means Jesuitism

Aquinocracy means Jesuitism
a work by Lualhati Madlangawa-Guerrero

June 30 means a new day for the country. A day that, in the eyes of the Pilipino may call it a birth of change, as Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, elected by the "people", will assume office as both the head of state and government of the Republic of the Philippines.

But to others,
This kind of decade may ought to call it as a "Florealian reaction," for, like the Thermidorian reaction of the 18th century France, also ended up the years started from the infamous Second People Power revolt that made Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo appointed by the people as its president, only to found that leader as an opportunist, of seeing the promises being unfulfilled and instead scandals around her be sprout during her term. That "reaction", like France somehow would be different, but in name as traces of the past would still be retain, not just from the old regime, but from the regimes ancient before Arroyo and Aquino himself.

And as we may expect, that this kind of "Aquinocracy" would boast much of "reforms" that may benefit the country, utilizing populist rhetoric while conducting neo-Liberal methods, these may also smacks of Jesuitism-of seeing the President, his clique, as well as his followers acting the role of a "Paterfamilias" and governing the masses supposedly for their own good, and if not, doing the other one as we also may expect-mobilizing the entire military, and curbing opposition like Arroyo against the Left, and the Hacienda Luisita Massacre whom he defended while boasting of "Democracy" just like the wingnuts like Alcover and Palparan that soon to be their allies.

And how come I said so? Of calling Aquino's government "Aquinocracy" also a kind of "Jesuitism?" Well... aside from the leader being educated by the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila, he and the rest of the gang somehow tried to act as if "pro-people," "pro-democracy" simply by giving off bread and circuses while at the same time doing something fishy without getting noticed by the people outside the circle. Manglapus is one of the examples of these kind of people, and the then "Christian Social Movement" whom he created, nonetheless, is a product of the desperate people from Ateneo de Manila, who bannered "pro-People" ideas while acting not except to counter the left, then growing in state universities like UP Diliman.

And noticing that "Aquinocracy" is "Jesuitism" of the Manglapus type, of trying hard to inculcate Social Democratic ideas through Hontiveros and the like, shows that these people really tried much to counter the Left, including meddling with the wingnuts like Alcover and Palparan! Imagine, these people spoke of "low prices for medicines and other commodities," "land reform," and yet they kept on meddling with the Americans for goddamn sake of security, of maintaining ties with the capitalists like those of Ayala-Zobel and Tan?, and even pursuing the legacy of murdering the campesinos like days past in Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita? Isn't it really an intention to fool the people as they could, that they may resort in blaming the Left to save their faces!

According to Jose Maria Sison, in his work, "Struggle for National Democracy," he spoke of the then Christian Social Movement of Manglapus and seems connected to the ideas made by the Aquinocrats, a concoction of clerico-fascists, of pseudo-progressive social democrats to the wingnuts.
"...It is in the context of this development that the emergence of a Christian "democratic" movement, now under the name Christian Social Movement, is to be evaluated properly. Current attempts of Raul Manglapus, president of the Christian Social Movement, to introduce this kind of movement reveal the determination of clerical quarters to build up a political party, a Christian socialist party based on the traditional following of the dominant church. As the theme song goes, the second is like the first. Participate in modern secular affairs, in the fashion of loving thy neighbors, only to serve old feudal and bourgeois ends. Drum up the utopia of New Jerusalem through pseudo-Left rhetorics, and exorcise the armed "demons" of the revolution!"
worse as he said this:
"While the Christian "democrats" have ferociously tried to hinder the advance of scientific socialism as a revolutionary movement, it could merely take superficial verbal digs at capitalist society which it utopianly avows to reform structurally from within. In practice, Christian "democrats" are defenders of capitalism against scientific socialism and are utopian and hypocritical neo-feudalists with their fundamental religious bias. They speak of peaceful social revolution and they obscure the objective class struggle between the exploiters and the exploited whom they try to reconcile through "communitarianism", their principle of "distributing wealth" without disturbing the property rights and state power of the exploiting classes."

The contemporary equivalent would be the SocDems, Christcrats (my term for "Christian Democrats" like those of Salceda and some of the former members of the wingnut infested Lakas Kampi "CMD" of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) amongst the Aquinocrats who tried much to vent of "superficial" messages like "reform from within" and "restructure the society" like "Land Reform" and the like. And like what Sison said, which was made in the year 1968, it shows relevance to the present day, as Aquino and his gang seemed to be doing the manner what Manglapus envisioned! That their CARPER, the Cheaper Medicines law are examples of "Jesuitism" what they intentionally advocated, while the massacres at Hacienda Luisita as the other.

And finally, according the the interview with, Joma Sison explained the situations occured in the coming Aquino regime, or as I may say "Aquinocracy and the Flrorealian reaction".

The Aquino regime will pursue basically the same exploitative and oppressive policies dictated to the Arroyo regime by US imperialism. It will not solve but will aggravate the problems of the Filipino people, such as foreign monopoly capitalism, domestic feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

The Aquino regime will continue to carry out liberalization, privatization, deregulation, curtailment of social rights, reduction of social services and increased taxation at the expense of the people under the US-dictated policy of free market globalization. US troops will continue to maintain forward stations and engage in military intervention under the pretext of combating terrorism. The Aquino regime will continue the US-dictated Oplan Bantay Laya under a new name and will generate a new wave of human rights violations.

US and foreign banks and corporations will continue to extract superprofits and plunder the country. The Aquino regime will be grossly incapable of stopping the widening trade and budgetary deficits and the mounting debt burden. The fiscal and sovereign debt crisis will shake the Philippine economy from the base to the rafter and will be used by the foreign banks and corporations to further bend the Philippines.

As during the Cory Aquino administration, the Kamag-Anak Inc. will be at the head of big landlord and big comprador operations. While the regime might still tout a bogus land reform program, the Cojuangco-Aquinos intend to use layers of corporations to frustrate land reform in Hacienda Luisita and other landed estate. They are poised to benefit greatly from the corrupt practices of the high bureaucrat and big comprador.

The Aquino regime will try to broaden its support f from various reactionary parties in Congress, including the Lakas-Kampi party of Arroyo. But the worsening socio-economic crisis of the ruling system will tend to intensify the political contradictions among the reactionaries. There will be rising waves of legal mass protests and revolutionary resistance by the broad masses of the people. Ever aggravating the basic problems of the Filipino people, the Aquino regime will use brute force in a futile attempt to suppress the resistance of the people."

Somehow it really mirrors the fact, and thus likely to repeat not just the era wherein Cory Aquino then ruled, but also with their kind, especially the ones trying to act like Manglapus, Christcrats amongst the Aquinocrats venting off alongside the SocDems and even wingnuts like Alcover their sugar-sweet words like "democracy", "reform", and the like in order to fool the people! Indeed, they are really doing their "Jesuitism!" Benefited, funded by the comprador bourgeoisie, the imperialists and of course the landlords.

I hope people must prepare for another nightmare in the history of the nation-state, for we'll face bread, circuses, and even blood and steel in this community. What is change anyway if we vote for the good old days and same people behind the untimely mess? Aquinocracy is indeed Jesutism, bred by the Jesuits, but too complicated to be progressive-except countering the left.