Sunday, May 9, 2010

Noynoy Aquino is not Eli Soriano

Noynoy Aquino is not Eli Soriano

In the latter days of the campaign period, I sought a video of Noynoy Aquino and his "daan" commercial.

But then, as I watched his campaign commercial it mirrors and reminds of this:

These two videoes somewhat shared the same rhetoric, but then, Noynoy Aquino seemed to act too scriptedly despite the good message given in his video to encourage voters to vote for him and the entire Liberal Party ticket, but despite the message of having people vote for the one who leads the right path, it lacks something like cats and figures and the like, problems that a President to be ought to deal with.

And as I watched those videoes, and carrying the same rhetoric of "going to the right path", Noynoy Aquino's message seemed to be trying to act like Eli Soriano minus a biblical passage! Bah! Except to people who vote for Noynoy for goddamn sake people may think that he had nothing to say except for those words like comparing two paths and encouraging them to go to the path where he leads while others, like rivals Villar and Estrada hath basis like facts and figures, accomplishments through pictures, and the like. How about Noynoy? Bragging his father and mother as heroes?

True is what Noynoy said, we may choose the right path to greatness, but it may not he who lead. Noynoy is even far from Bro. Eli to say words regarding the "old right path" with a dash of bible verse to say, but then: Noynoy Aquino is not Eli Soriano in speaking what path to go through, he's just speaking about a path-without any fact or figure unlike his rivals do while Children continue singing Villar's jingle.

While the adults and teenagers became a part of Noynoy or Gibo's generation,
the children belongs to Villar's.