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Comrades, Allies, Friends, I bring to you my warmest greetings.

We are now entering another decade in the history of mankind, and for sure we are trying hard to think of it as promising since the global society tends to create new ways to solve anything, especially after years of crises being set upon against the people, whether it is war, finance, and perhaps even love and sex affairs.

Not all things man surely thinks of can be promising, since some tend to think curses instead of promises and insisting on piting against other people, somehow as what the conservatives in UK said "intenting on waging a negative and pointless class war". True, for the ones who started an untimely mess against the oppressed masses wanted a negative and pointless class war even in the 21st century! Anyway, we cannot deny this kind of event for that kind of struggle, altough they tried to call it pointless has a point, especially in the creation and destruction of human society, and that includes how people treated people and people treated the society same as society treating people,-including things like machinery and others that makes the world going.

But then,
Despite the growing tide of modernity, of change, we didn't notice that most of the people are still facing backwardness as the society, run by the oppressing classes tends to make them in a state of barbarity and ignorance as they force us to join the flow courtesy of consumerism and of the like. And somehow we don't even like to be ignorant and be a part of this growing threat what a backward-forward system wanted against us. For sure people wanted to stop this kind of "flow" by all means necessary for the sake of saving social sanity and mankind in general.

And therefore,
There are events in which the growing tide of opposition against the flow becomes rampant. The rallies against the masacre in Maguindanao and the unveiling of fascist -style violence made by the government courtesy of its warlords, the opposition against extrajudicial killings and justice for its victims, a call for a genuine agrarian reform program to replace the landlord-sponsored CARP, and others, in which it was well-coordinated with the events happned around the world, and now growing as ever.

And of course, there are more and more remains to be done, but the progress and struggles of the past year gives me confidence that we are heading in the right direction towards a just, progressive peaceful society. In this, we must intensify our calls for genuine change and justice, and we should redouble our efforts to forge a real new century of peace and freedom. The challenges we face today are no less daunting, but with good will and determination on both sides, I and the rest of the peoples of the world are confident that we will continue intensifying the struggle we about to continue, as what the song "Internationale" says:
"Tis' the final conflict,
And the last fight must face,
The Internationale,
Unites the human race."

Again, Thank you, God bless you, and have a liberating and promising New Year to the peoples of the world!

Peace, Land and Bread to all the nations of the world!

Solidarity and Friendship,

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Years after the Manila Times writeup "Seeing Red", there comes another wave of red-baiting and witch hunting, of seeing "red" again after Martial Law and succeeding eras in the Philippines. This writeup also tackles how people, blinded too much by propaganda seemingly reviving another batch of McCarthyites trying to bring back the nation in a state of "national blame" towards the "Communist-Terrorists" (stressing as what they say so). And how are they trying much in creating fabricated truths.

I remember last time reading a comment from a policeman saying "If you don't vote for Palparan you are a pro-communist." And for sure we all know that former AFP general Jovito Palparan was known for being a rabid anti-communist, especially of his extra-judicial tactics all in the name of "democracy" as he and others may say, that all communists are murderers, killers, thieves, anything deregatory against them all for the sake of "democracy", "peace", or even "defending the system."

As what I expect,
It all reminds of the Manila Times writeup. Of blaming communists for anything else against the country, for sure they know how to blame towards without any reason at all and insisting on the "crimes" the left they've committed during the past and being rectified as errors like those of the purges and other actions that made the communist movement in a state of crisis! But then blaming the left in general seemed to be a paranoia for the right since they wanted to "cleanse the nation out of communists, or rather say all the left-including social democrats even like those of their allies like the Philippine Democratic Socialist Party! If that's the case, then they are like devouring their own too as they wanted no left, no red, no commie, no socialist in a democratic land!

Somehow in this kind of idea, it is as if they ought to blame and wanting to join the fray of "killing them" a la Indonesia during the Soeharto era. Since they, like Palparan, Alcover and their cohorts wanted that, of blaming them for lawlessness, poverty, high prices of food and commodities, of compartmentalized justice and of the likes of it, while at the same time bannering their populist rhetoric borrowed from the "left" like those of Norberto Gonzales and even the apologists who originally the ones who instigated the crimes while during their "left days!" So what's the use of blaming the left while at the same time coddling with their left-leaning allies? Isn't it questionable-like blaming the insurgency instead of the system they protecting for poverty?

According to ANAD, im its press statement issued in time for the 41st founding anniversary of the CPP, said:
"Insurgency breeds poverty and not the other way around, In provinces where CPP-instigated insurgency is pronounced, poverty incidence is also high. The stronger the communist insurgency, the higher is the poverty...The CPP is partly to be blamed if the Philippine economy is stagnating all these years.
The vicious cycle of ignorance and poverty, and vice versa, is the very situation that the CPP is feeding on since the inception of the communist insurgency movement on Dec. 26, 1968.
Many Filipinos are ignorant because they are poor. Conversely, they are poor because they are ignorant."

In their message, it shows how these right-wingers tend to be too McCarthyist in what they are saying otherwise they also tend to show proofs that they preferred defending a rotten, corrupt system they're benefiting which is also the ultimate root of poverty, which is also the root insurgency and not on the other way around as what they said so! If Filipinos are ignorant because they are poor and vice versa, then who is benefiting from their ignorance? The Communists? The Muslim separatists? Or the Corrupt officials? The Traditional Politicians? the Landlords and the Comprador Bourgeoisie?
How about the peasantry?
For years the peasant war has been a part of our society and for sure the government and the right-wingers who supported tried much to gain support from the peasantry by its variety of "land reform" programs while at the same time enjoying the benefit from the landlords who tend to oppress these people! Worst was that some right-wingers also joined the caravan of the "Left" through its extended agrarian reform with reforms as they may say, and I notice that how come these right-wingers who are supposed to be rabid anti-left joined in the "left"-sponsored caravan? Why not create their own agrarian reform bill like those of Taiwan instead to curry support from the peasantry before the peasantry-dominated left whom they hated much successfully put their agrarian reform concepts in action as the peasant war continues in the 21st century?
And secondly, I notice that as they denounce communism and defending their actions, how come they didn't also accuse their allies, especially those who are as if having the law in their hands as they create a caravan of death against their "enemies" and insisting on blaming towards the left very much? Well... just like what I have read, just like Marcos and their successors, as more and more of them continues to do so, of oppressing innocents end even those who are in the left, legal or illegal didn't notice that more and more of them will rise from those who have been fallen, especially to those who are deeply affected by the atrocities made by theirs and insisting that their enemies made it, using recycled reasons as possible!

And once I also read an article made by a right-winger about the massacres in Maguindanao, and as what I expect, he, like those of the rightists, insisting that the Communists and not the warlord Ampatuan made the genocide, and seems that due to that kind of writeup he've made, he was trying to divert the people from the warlord and instead blame it rather to the Communists or even the Muslim separatists in Mindanao? Worst was that he tends to revive much of the incidents in the past and trying to connect with the present as a means to blame it further. Well... that man, as what I have said, thinks much of the past events the left made and now conceived as errors and never to be repeated as he kept on watching the news about the massacres made last November 23.

Since they continue doing so, it seems that blaming is part of their lives, blaming without analyzing the society in which makes the Philippines and other nations languish in poverty and insisiting much on insurgency as its root cause instead of what makes the poor into insurgents. Anyway, that's their choice of doing so, and perhaps all the dead right-wingers like Hitler, of Mussolini, of McCarthy, of Chiang Kai Shek, of Pinochet and Franco are starting to roll in their graves as they notice that their die-hard followers are doing the same tactics as theirs! And to make the long story short, seeing red all the times even those who wear Che Guevarra, of wearing Mao Caps, and blaming it to them too much is the root cause of their paranoia. Seeing "red" is not the way for progress and for alleviating poverty, especially in this so-called hell-ran goddamned democracy.

And if they continue so in blaming, what's next? Blaming the left-wing for the acts of god calamities? For the eruption of volcanoes and typhoons? Flashfloods and landslides? Oh god! If that's the case, they are really in an eternal state of paranoia same as their "left" allies than ever-of blaming, of seeing and of thinking "red" too much as if like hell.

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Nepal's Dahal calls for world socialist revolution

Nepal's Dahal calls for world socialist revolution*

KATHMANDU, Dec 26, Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has called on all the revolutionaries of the world to be ready to lead a new world socialist revolution.

Concluding that the new wave of socialist revolution is all set to sweep across the world, Dahal has asked the revolutionaries from across the world to move ahead with great courage.

"At last, on the birth anniversary of Mao, we regard it our responsibility to call on the revolutionaries from around the world to be ready to lead the forthcoming wave of revolution," reads a statement issued by Dahal on the 116th birth anniversary of Mao Zedong.

"The new wave of world revolution has already been seen on the horizon," Dahal states, adding that the revolutionaries can achieve their goal through the political philosophy and strategy of Marxism, Leninism, and Maoism.

The former rebel leader has also called on the revolutionaries of the world to move ahead to achieve their goals with courage.

Born on December 26, 1893, Mao was a Chinese revolutionary, political theorist and controversial communist leader. He died in 1976. Mao is regarded as one of the most influential figures in modern world history, and named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.

*Originally posted at Republica (


A writeup regarding the state, society, and the people
By Lualhati Madlangawa-Guerrero

The state, in a theoretical sense, represents the people, and sovereignty rests upon to them. This idea states that the state must be or rather be supposed to be controlled by the entire people, different from the fact that was and is controlled by the few who interests into it, especially in a year where anything is in the state of crisis-that all of the developing countries are totally in a need of a total recover.

Despite the need for a total recovery, the ruling class who controlled the state simply disregard it, they may be affected, but the worst is that they kept on doing anything to protect the rotten social order-of forcing people to wage slavery or the worst? Modern day serfdom, especially in a society where anything is "agricultural."

In this writeup, I think of saying that there is in need of unearthing facts about state and sovereignty as well as its supposed control. Somehow I think if sovereignty is vested directly to the people, and so is the state a well as its power; likely to conclude that the state must be dissolved into the society, given the fact that the people within the society totally hath carried its power.

According to Adam Muller, he said that the state is "not a mere factory, a farm, an insurance office or a commercial company." for it is "The inner union of all physical and moral needs, of all physical and spiritual wealth, of the whole inner and outer life of a nation, in a great, energetic, eternally active and living whole."
In order to fulfill it, there lies the idea of having the people, particularly the united working class of proletariat and of the peasantry to grab state power and to dissolve it eventually into the society. And since sovereignty is intended to the people, and so is the state-similar to the Paris Commune, the Russian Revolution trough the Soviets, the attempt for a German Socialist Republic through a Council-type of government, or even the era when the great slave emancipator Spartacus hath led thousands of slaves in a war for freedom.

Muller thinks that one must turn to nature and the origins of Communal life, but communal life was and is meant to be total equality, despite being a group of families, both cooperative and collective power is a requirement in order to survive. And not of dictating tasks without any questions asked; I even think that communal life is even an absolute, direct collective one since the elders, who spoke decrees and answering questions from the people tend to ask from the majority of the people whether to enforce it or not. Muller's perspective was more of an unequal one, being a conservative n analyzing the entire society during his time. But his words regarding the state is meant to be given by the majority and not of the few; since "They are the ones who have the power to create and therefore in order to achieve the 'inner union' of what Muller said, the people must grab state power and have the state dissolve into the society-same as economic, and cultural power.

Another idea what Muller spoke is that of the political community.
The political community is to be composed of that of family. Somehow the idea what he've said may consider right, but not of having the "nobility" corresponds as the wife and the "commoners" as the husband. In my Idea, I may say that in a society where there no "masters" and "slaves", family ties may remain, but in a new meaning; aside from being the "smallest unit of the communal society," families tend to have a degree of freedom and of equality, or in other words democratizing the family, especially in the relation of sexes. And in lieu of the "nobility" and of "commoners" as what Muller said, a real productive family is meant to be this: The proletariat corresponds as the husband whilst the peasantry as the wife, composing the new family, that is from the working class. Just like the statue in Moscow, the marriage of the worker and the Kolkhoz woman corresponds to the marriage of the two working class-of worker and of the peasant.

Back to the topic,
The idea of a "popular sovereignty" and of an "ideal people's community-state" lies in having the masses grab state power and dissolving it eventually into the society after the dictatorship of the proletariat. Somehow the concepts in the Philippines (as an example) like the "Barangay", "Bayanihan", "Pakikisama", "Pagkabayani", and "Pakikipagkapwa-tao" also lies into it-especially hat the traits of the working class corresponds to these, and having a Barangay a possible Commune wherein these traits are to be given and enacted. Bayanihan, a Filipino concept, is also an example of a communal-like cooperation, same as Pakikisama, and Pagkakaisa in order to attain Pagkabayani, or in other words, as heroes. Same as the ideas of Ujamaa (Familyhood), Juche (Self-reliance) and the models of community like those of Dazhai in China and of the Kolkhozes and Kibbutzes in then Soviet Union and in Palestine (Israel).

If people has its sovereignty to a nation, then so must be the state-community, and through acquiring it and integrating it into the society lies the union of anything of physical, moral, spiritual needs and strength, all for the good of the people both as an individual and as a part of a greater society.


Originally posted in PHILIPPINES FREE PRESS
February 5 1972

President Marcos is seeing "red"everywhere these days-even among members of the Malacanang household help as well as of his own staff and that of the First Lady.

So the Presidet indicated, according to the Philippines Herald, during a brief discussion at the Mansion House in Baguio last December 29 between the President and newspapermen on the extent of the Communist movement in the Philippines.

Communists right in he very kitchen of the First Couple?

"Probably," said the President, who voiced suspicion over the "strange behaviour" of some members of the Malacanang household help as well as of his own staff-and that of the First Lady.
"They have tried to infiltrate our government," the President said, "even Malacanang, but to what extent nobody knows and we are looking very closely into this. If you ask me if there are in the Presidential Guards Battallion or the Presidential Security Unit, the answer is no. But they may be among the help and the employees. We have some suspect individuals-athough we have not confirmed this-some of whom have conducted themselves rather strangely."

Leftists have penetrated into sensitive agencies under the office of the President, the President said, including the office of the executive secretary, the press office, the budget commission, the office of the legislative secretary as well as of various departaments, bureaus and agencies under the executive branch of the government.

In his State-of-the-Nation message, the President saw "red" once more:
"The Supreme Court has taken note of the existence of a state of rebellion in the country, and has upheld the suspension of the writ of Habeas Corpus which I proclaimed last year. It acknowledged the validity of the view I took the lawless elements engaged in an armed insurrection and rebellion 'have created a state of lawlessness and disorder affecting public safety and the security of the state.' These lawless elements, consisting of Communists of the Maoist faction and members of the New Peoples Army, had been engaged in terrorism and violent acts, such as assassinations and kidnappings, thus endangering public safety and threatening public security. It is significant that the Supreme Court, after assessing all the evidence, declared that the New Peoples Army is per se proof of the existence of the existence of a rebellion, and that consequently the President of the Philippine 'had reasn to feel that the situation was critical' and that therefore 'he had substantial grounds to entertain such belief.'"

The president, of course, blamed the Communists for the Plaza Miranda bombing which nearly liquidted the leadership of the Liberal opposition to his Administration:
"Persons connected with rebellion and with the crime committed during the political rally of the Opposition Party in Plaza Miranda have been apprehended and we are now undergoing interrogation. The military is now in custody of some persons.
...These lawless elements have created a state of lawlessness and disorder affecting public safety and the security of the State, the latest manifestation of which has been the dastardly attack on the Liberal Party rally in Manila last August 21, 1971, which has reulted in the death a serious injury of scores of persons..."

Whoever are to blame for the Plaza Miranda bombing, however, it has since turned out that they were not the Communists. The newest suspects are convicts and ex-convicts supposedly hired to do the job by non-communist or anti-communist elements.

Who is to blame for the increasing lawlessness in the country?
The Communists?
The Communists are behind the armed rblion in Central Luzon, but they are certainly not responsible for te increasing murder, rape, theft and other crimes against person and property with no political motivation whatsoever. The Communists certainly are not reponsible for the mass frauds and terrorism at the polls, the criminals being political warlords, many if not most of them congressen and other pillars of the Marcos regime.
What is the cause or causes of the increasing lawlessness? Poverty, high prices, unemployment and general contempt for a corrupt and wasteful government-are these not the principal causes? Poverty has driven more to crime than any other factor. There are criminals among the rich, of course but they turn criminal not from necessity but viciousness or greed. The poor, seeing how their officials are stealing them blind, ask themselves:
"if they steal or kill, why not we?"
Should we be more moral than the highest officials of the land? One would not be violating any law when there is no law, and there is no law when those who pass laws and those who pass laws and those charged with enforcing them violate the laws and get away with it.

There is a little criminality in Communist China althoug there is poverty there. There is poverty, not only without wealth but also without high prices for necessities.

Who are responsible for the high prices of food and clothing and other necessities of the people in the Philippines?
The Communists?
Nor are the communists guilty of the rampant graft and corruption in the government, for which the people must pay in one way or another nd which has caused such loss of faith in the government.

The Communists are not guilty of increasing unemployment which drives so many to desparation.

The Communists are not guilty of "compartmentalized justice," which enforces one law for the poor and weak and another law for the rich and powerful.

The Communists are not guilty of the transfer of funds from the executive deapartment to Congres to buy the support of "represettives" for Malacanang at a painful costs to public service.

The Communists are not guilty, to repeat of the electoral frauds and terrorism that make a mockery of Philippine "democracy" every two years.

If the Manila International Airport was deliberately set on fire, resulting in the loss of hundreds of millions of pesos to the government, nobody has suggested that the Communists are the ones who did it.

No cheers greeted President Marcos when he arrived at Congress to deliver his State-of-the-Nation address last week. No President had come to Congress so heavily guarded against whom?
The Communists?
No Congress, for that matter, had been so shielded frm the wrath of citizens. Bullet-proof glass enclosed the session hall of the huse where the President delievered his address, transforming the chamber into a glass menagerie-of "tuta," crocodiles and some human beings moving uneasily in the animal kingdom.

Necessary protection, perhaps, for the President and the Congressmen? But protection from whom?
The Communists?
But Marcos, Villareal & Co. have been the bst recruiters for the Communist cause, it has been pointed out. Everytime they denounce communism, many wonder: If these are against communism, considering the kind of government they have given us, how we have suffered under their regime-there must be something good in communism. How would the communist movement afford to lose these characters? What better allies has communism? When they denounce communism, they recommend it. Every rap has a boost.

Those who are truly against communism, not because they would penetrate an unjust social system under which a few are very rich and most of the poor are horribly poor but because they believe in certain liberties, in the bourgeois bill of rights, which they would, however, not reserve for for a minority but would have all enjoy-these can only hope for the rehabilitation of the President's credibility. Nobody really believes in anythighe says any more, it is sad to say. What kind of a President does the Republic have, then? Does it have a real one?

The crisis in the Philippines is one of leadership. There must be a credible one if it would meet the problems of poverty, unemployment, inflation, corruption, lawlessness, dissidence and loss of faith in the governmet and its institutions. The alternative to a true president is a dictator, who would impose "order" by taking away our liberties without giving us anything in return, who would make the rich few even richer and the poor many even poorer and more numerous, who would only enrich himself and his gang with no longer any fear of being exposed and, somehow, made to answer for it.

Whatever ails Philippine society, it is not the Communist movement, which is merely a symptom. We know what is the disease. Good government would cure it.

Democracy, to paraphrase Bernard Shaw, cannot be called a failure or a success in the Philippines because it has never been tried.

Let's try it. Seeing "red" is not the way.

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A work by Anton Dulce

Loosely translated by Paul Smirnoff

Today is Christmas, but just like the recent years being passed, and if you take off all the delicious food, as if it's gone. Gone is the spirit of christmas when we're young, and ever since I've never felt the "religious character" of this holiday.(tell me the truth, do you feel it?)

I would like to share one of the most unforgettable lectures I have heard since college. From a former seminarian and now a sociology professor.

First, the Bible, being a scripture is factual as a historical document. And it means to say that it also records the events during the life of Jesus Christ and in the land of Palestine (today known as Israel).

And the Liberation Theologists said that, based on the research of the Vatican during the decades 50 and 60s, you can't see in the Bible anything "metaphysical" just like "afterlife". And real persons, places, and events were being recorded in the Bible.

By the way, the word "Meta" in Greek means "Beyond", so the word "Metaphysical" means "Beyond the physical world", and being used to pertain things beyond to man's physical understanding.

So where does this metaphysical thing in the Holy Bible arise?

As we remember, one of the famous writers who wrote about "heaven" in the "afterlife" is St. Agustine of Hippo. To those who remember world history, St. Agustine lived during the last part of the Dark Ages, and the lessons in which the intellectuals at that time being studied (since the church are the educated gentry during the Dark Ages in Europe) are the Greek Philosophers, such as Plato.

So what? Remember that the Greek philosopher Plato is the very first Philospher to create a concept of a "place" wherein the "spirits" go. He's also the person who create the concept of the "soul" so isn't it amazing for St. Agustine to create a concept of "heaven" and of the "soul", for that was what they have studied then! So isn't it mysterious that the writeups written are full of those kind.

But it was a wrong implication, for the church hath disposed off the old teachings, especially of "values" like blind obedience to the authorities and of being contented in poverty, for there is no "heaven" whose basis of entering is of being approved by a "metaphysical" being, and so is no reason for a person to scare in being oppressed by the authorities-especially to those who really felt from it, specifically the masses and not the rebels.

And therefore, "Heaven" is not a place far from the moon, sky or whatsoever, but rather a metaphor for a humanistic society.

And as we think of it, if Jesus Christ lives today, he'll be called as a "terrorist" by the government.

For being Anti-Imperialist for being against the reign of the oppressive Roman Empire against the Palestinians (or Jews according to Anton's original Tagalog work)

For being an organizer and an agitator, roaming every part of Palestine in order to preach, and whose people whom he approached and organized? Fishermen like Simon, known as Peter; Government employees like Matthew, and others.

For being a Feminist, since he accepted women in his own fold like Mary Magdalene.

And think of it, he even said that the rich and poor are equal. For at that time, that phrase was so radical-that back then the nobility and the royalty are ought to be born and be treated as them.

But come to think of it, that idea was and is radical even until today?

I couldn't amaze that after the birth of Christ is the foundation day of the Communist Party of th Philippines.




25, December 2009

Friends, family, and comrades,

We are now celebrating a day in which all people are showing respect to a man whose sacrifice in the cross gave birth to a new chapter in the history of mankind. That person was and is also known for his miracles, his parables, his desciples and perhaps his death on the cross that as if like a sacrificed lamb-cleandsed us from our sins in this sinful earth.

That man is also known for telling us that the kingdom of god is in our hearts, to bring sword not just peace, as well as to love one another same as to love god. And through his birth somehow show us a new path not just towards heaven but a new tommorrow, not just through prayer but through work, not through sermon but through action-for Christ, the man behind chirstmas, tells us to arouse, organize and mobilize for he coming struggle.

But then,
Most people think of it as a mere day for materialist interests. And instead of showing spiritual wealth, bogus charity and of some sort becomes a rampant tradition in our lives, not thinking its real essence of the season-not just sharing and giving, but rather sacrificing for the greater glory not just of humankind but perhaps of god, for Christ himself, being born and raised a humble but regal man, wanted simple that led to his sacrifice: liberating the human race from sin, which is the root of all disruption of friendship and of all injustice and oppression both temporal and in spiritual in this place called earth. Or, just like the Zapatistas, "The people have everything, we have nothing."

For sure as time goes by, of calamities and of other crises rising, Christ tells us not just a mere share and give material needs, but rather to give the real essence of this season a chance to be celebrated-simply by serving the people wholeheartedly, of learning from them and help alleviate from their misery.

Have a liberating Christmas and a promising new year!
Peace, land, and bread in our homes and in the world!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009




People nowadays are tired of perennial poverty both material as well as spiritual. These people, upon experiencing these in every year, are trying to seek for a total alternative. And one of which examples is to go to church and pray, seeking for a miracle.

Not all things are end up through prayers. Since praying does not rally give material support but of a spiritual wealth and guidance to help. That in the end, people were starting to question about themselves, their faith, and event their own fate as working people.

The church, on the other hand, was also questioning about their actions towards people. Especially abouyt their plight and a need for a support. History tells us that the church at that time became tainted with absolute corruption, benefiting from their conservatism, that some of the clergymen are starting to question about it, and even starting to read again their bible and at the same time examining the social crisis.

To a churchman, many reasons regarding their idea arise. Like "we're doing this according to the bible," "we're doing what the lord says," or "we're doing anything according to what Jesus Christ said."

These churchmen, despite telling anything to the laity in an overspiritualized manner, are still doing a task to alleviate popular misery, of poverty in particular, not just according to the bible-but also through scientific and logical means, or in other words in a materialist perspective.

But anyway,
Anything regarding faith and liberty starts in the scripture being written. People may interpret it "left," "right," or even "center." And one example is:
Matthew 10:34 - "I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword"
And perhaps, people around us may interpret Christ's quotation hardly, stressing much on the word "sword" in that phrase, only to interpret it that Christ wanted not just peace but rather social justice by social revolutionary means; to be lead by the oppressed against the oppressor. And we all know that these people are waiting for a political messiah, but God sent instead a spiritual one, whose message, despite its spiritual rhetoric, lies a political meaning in to it, as well as calling for the liberation of mankind from oppression.
Christianity originally does not meant to be a "religion," or focused much on "faith" and on "spiritual" emphasis, but rather on social action and liberation, or in other words-a "revolution" that makes ever churchman likely to examine and interpret the society scientifically and to revolt against the age old cloister-centric traditions, especially the corrupted policies of the age old hierarchy and so forth.

In my idea, this so-called "revolt from tradition" against a corrupted, apathetic hierarchy lies a call for a "drastic" changes all in the name of faith and of the people. How would you imagine a clergyman or a laity joined in the ranks of the militant struggle, of becoming worker, of becoming peasant, of practising their faith by working along with them, including a right to defend during their strikes and calling for fairness by all means necessary. Since they ought to practise their faith by integrating themselves to the people-all for the salvation of the masses, especially the working class.

As what the segment of the hook "German theories of the corporate state", entitled "Social Catholicism," it says that:
"The churchmen, scholars, publicists, social workers and politicians who became the leaders of Social Catholicism were moved primarily by religious and humanitarian impulses...ways would be found to alleviate the popular misery."
But Social Catholicism at that time seemed to be trying to counter the Socialist movement as they try to negate class struggle although the "Social Problem" that they saw had its roots from working class discontent. Few churchmen perhaps may say that "There is a need to read Marx, Engels and at the same time of the Bible, to organize dialogue with the communists, and to alleviate popular misery through revolutionary means and not of the traditional ones."

Surely, churchmen like Camilo Torres, being "moved" by faith and humanitarian impulses made him a communist rebel, and his analysis about the society made him speak like activists do, of "expropriating" property from the capitalists to the masses, of land to the tillers, of independence- that made him forced to "defrock", but his idea remained still as he moved underground to liberate man from both temporal and spiritual suffering! Or even Martin Luther King Jr. whose sermons in the congregation urges people to stand up for their rights and urges them also for the white Americans to recognize the blacks as equal and at the same time as a community since "separate but equal" politics in the United States at that time was not really "equal" for the blacks and even other minorities in that country. And Martin Luther King Jr's teachings regarding equality were all based both from the bible and from realty.

Faith lies freedom, and faith with struggle leads to freedom. Faith, through its scriptures, lies total social action, including a call for reform the church and an active support for people's emancipation. For, as members of the faithful, we identify much of people's suffering, and as we read, listen, or speak what comes from the scripture lies a curtain call to participate into the people's struggle; the commitment to the struggle for national liberation and international revolution is a once expression, and a vocation to help build god's kingdom and a paradise we wanted to do. And using Christ and other martyrs, saints and activists as an example, of offering our lives for redemption lies in resurrecting the struggle of oppressed peoples, for sure in fulfilling these tasks also give flesh and blood to our faith, and also to the people we support.

Marc Hall jailed for angry 'Stop-Loss' Hip Hop song

Marc Hall jailed for angry 'Stop-Loss' Hip Hop song*
By Courage to Resist.
Updated December 22, 2009

Stop-lossed Army Specialist Marc Hall (aka Hip Hop artist Marc Watercus) was placed in the Liberty County Jail Friday, December 11 for speaking out against the continuing policy that has barred him from exiting the military, including recording an angry and explicit song. Servicemembers do not completely give up their rights to free speech, and certainly not when they do so artistically while off duty. However, the military intends to hold Marc in the county jail for months of pre-trial punishment before court martial. This could become a precedent setting case for boundaries of dissent within the ranks. Free Marc! Free speech! Free the troops from Stop Loss!

"Stop Loss" by Marc Hall (aka Marc Watercus)

Marc Hall is the self-professed "first Hip Hop President of the World", with the issue of ending the Army's "Stop Loss" program being at the top of his agenda. On a music website, he explains, "I am a political artist. I rap about real issues in life in hopes to recover a solution. Life is based on decisions we make. So we should make decisions that will make us better in the future and fully aware in the present."

He was shipped off to jail after talking to to his Ft Stewart, Georgia commander Captain Cross about not wanting to redeploy. The military currently intends to keep Marc in pre-trial confinement until they court martial him months from now for a violation of Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which covers "all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline" and "all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces." In other words, for an angry song entitled "Stop Loss" that artistically expresses some of his frustrations.

Send letters of protest to Marc's commanding officer:
CPT Cross, Commander, B 2-7 INF BN, Fort Stewart GA 31314.

Marc is being represented by civilian Washington DC lawyer Jim Klimaski.

On a posting on his website (, Marc co-authored and published the following statement regarding his situation:

"Specialist Hall is a soldier in the US Army Schedule to leave the ARMY February 27th 2010. He is in a Unit that's deploying back to Iraq some time in November, December of 2009 or early next year. That's right before he get out. There's a possibility that the ARMY want's to have its cake and eat it too. With the ARMY all ready meeting its numbers the ARMY don't want to let go used troops. After explaining Specialist Hall's situation with Congress and the Pentagon , and his company commanders and Sergeants at 1st BRIGADE B-CO "2-7 IN" and 1st BRIGADE F CO BSB at Fort Stewart Georgia about his inability to perform this deployment operation this time around-- showed little encouragement; But once again they don't take heed to the warning signs of soldier's morale when it came to them being effected in dangerous ways when it came to the "Stop Loss", "Stop Movement" and or "Fenced In" policies. The Army can call the Stop Loss Policy a different name But it all means the same thing--"Stop-Loss". Specialist Hall's wish is to get out the ARMY on time like his Active Duty contract states- Three years and 28 weeks of Active Duty. His ETS Date is as stated "February 27th 2010". By the will of God he said to our editors he shall be release back to his life as a civilian and a father. The way a Father should be there after serving the people of the United States of America."

*this writeup was originally posted from


Statement by the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB) in connection with the 130 th anniversary of the birth of J.V. Stalin

stalin Pictures, Images and Photos

December 21, 1879, 130 years ago, Joseph Stalin (Dzhugashvili) was born - the greatest statesman and political figure, the greatest military leader, a prominent theoretician of Marxism-Leninism, the student and the continuer of great Lenin, the head of the world's first multinational state of workers and peasants –the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the leader of the working class, workers, the oppressed and dispossessed masses throughout the world. Stalin went down in history as a leading politician of the twentieth century, as the creator of the first ever multi-ethnic state of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

As the largest proletarian revolutionary, J.V. Stalin was one of the main organizers of the struggle of the proletariat against the tsarist Russia, the landowners and the bourgeoisie, the preparation and implementation of the socialist revolution in Russia. Great is his role in the fight against the White Army and interventionists during the Civil War, in the implementation of industrialization and collectivization of agriculture in the struggle to build socialism and the independence of the Soviet Union, the strengthening of world peace. Much of the credit belongs to the J.V. Stalin in the ideological struggle with the enemies of Leninism - the Trotskyites, right-wing opportunists and bourgeois nationalists and various revisionists. In his theoretical works that have enduring value, J.V. Stalin, defending Leninism creatively developed the Marxist-Leninist theory in relation to the construction of socialism in the USSR. This has been important for the international workers' and communist movement. His most recent theoretical work, “Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR "(1952) had a great influence on the development of the Marxist foundations of the political economy of socialism. J.V. Stalin, stressing the objective nature of economic laws under socialism, formulated the basic economic law of socialism: "To ensure maximum satisfaction of the constantly growing material and cultural needs of society through the continuous expansion and improvement of socialist production on the basis of higher techniques. "Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR" are testament J.V. Stalin, the new generation of builders of communism in the USSR.

J.V. Stalin has always emphasized the need to strengthen the Soviet state, the intransigence of class enemies, and vigilance against counter-revolutionaries, saw the potential threat to socialism in the USSR. Now, more than half a century after the death J.V. Stalin, you see the justice and the vision put forward in his position that the Soviet state as we move forward in building socialism, the class struggle in the country will be increasingly exacerbated. Rejecting of this thesis, a mocker of his disdain in the Khrushchev and Brezhnev times, opened the gates of creeping counter-revolution, was a prelude to the downfall of the cause of building communism in the USSR.

Indisputable is the colossal role of Stalin as military leader of the Soviet people in the defeat of German fascism in the Second World War, in the formation after the end of the war of a powerful world socialist camp.

In the work of the party, the Bolshevik Party and Soviet State in strengthening the defence capabilities of the country in connection with the "cold war" against the socialist camp, started by former allies in the anti-Hitler coalition in the construction of missile and nuclear capabilities of the USSR is an enormous role in person J.V. Stalin. Creating on orders of Stalin and the test in the Soviet Union in August 1949 of the atomic bomb prevented the possibility of unleashing a World War III by the imperialists with the use of nuclear weapons.

The outstanding work by J.V. Stalin was highly appreciated by the Soviet government. He was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labour (1939), Hero of the Soviet Union (1945) and the Generalissimo of the Soviet Union (1945). He was awarded three Orders of Lenin, the Order of Victory of the Red Banner, Suvorov 1-st degree and medals.

The death of J.V. Stalin (March 5, 1953) interrupted the rapid movement of our country forward - towards communism. Then came to power petty-bourgeois neo-trotskyite group of N.S. Khrushchev that rejected the Stalinist strictly scientific and inextricably linked with the practical needs of society plans to move to communist construction, slandered the leader and laid the foundations for the gradual drift of our country back to the capitalist slavery. Degeneration of the Communist Party and the proletarian state, the gradual displacement of the working class from power, the introduction of capitalist elements in the socialist economy created economic, ideological, socio-political conditions for the bourgeois counter-revolution, carried out under the flag of Gorbachev's perestroika and led to the temporary defeat of socialism, the destruction of the socialist camp and of our great Soviet homeland.

At present the Soviet people, divided by national quarters is experiencing a real tragedy.

Interethnic conflicts and wars, multi-million mass unemployment and poverty, drunkenness at the hopelessness of life, massive drug use, months of unpaid salaries, pensions and scholarships to starvation, constant and rapid increase in food prices and essential commodities, the growth rates for housing and transportation services upsurge of crime and prostitution, family disintegration and child neglect, and as a result - the rapid extinction of the population. Here are the main satellites of capitalism restored in our country as a result of the victory of the counterrevolution and the destruction of the USSR.

The so-called Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), established on the ruins of the Soviet Union, has shown its complete failure and incompetence. Bourgeois rulers of former Soviet republics faithfully serving thieves of oligarchic capital, in order to distract working people from the real cause of all their calamities and misfortunes - the revival of capitalism, a policy of disengagement and hostility towards people, inciting and pitting nations against each other and in the first place -- the great Russian people.

Transnational capital, American and Western multinational corporations and banks have become the real masters of the so-called "Sovereign" and "independent" states of the former Soviet republics, dictating the ruling political regimes of its own will, imposing financial and economic policies conducive to maximizing profits from the brutal exploitation of our people and plunder our natural resources.
"Colour revolutions" in Georgia and Ukraine, the scenario of Western puppeteers and funded by hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars, brought to power in these republics puppets of U.S. capital, conducting anti-Russia policies of open confrontation of fraternal peoples - Georgian and Russian (Mikhail Saakashvili, the 5 day war of Georgia against South Ossetia in August, 2008), pitting against each other of the two half-Slavic peoples - Russian and Ukrainian (Yushchenko) , etc. And all this - for the sake of the interests of U.S. imperialism, Zionist capital of the world struggling for world supremacy and the extension of the existence of past exploitative system in the world - capitalism at its highest, imperialist stage. The struggle for the extraction of excess profits due to ruthless exploitation of cheap labour, plunder of natural resources and wealth in the first place - Russia, other republics of the USSR, through violence and the organization of the local bloody wars in the Middle East, as well as against other countries and peoples, not part of the so-called "golden billion" - this savage face of modern world Zionism and its practices through policies adopted by the United States.

Crushed by the need to survive and rabid anti-communist propaganda in all media, domestic and foreign, workers of the USSR did not want to put up with the pathetic plight of modern slaves and begin to rise to fight for their rights. There is a growing scale of the strike struggle in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Central Asian republics and the Baltic. While this struggle is not organized and cohesive, the bourgeois regime still manages to divide and separate the fighters for their social and political rights. The reason for the weak activity of confrontation - is in the degeneration of society in the period after Stalin. During the years of Khrushchev and Brezhnev, the working class, working people of our country lost much of its revolutionary character, the revolutionary spirit, to a certain extent became philistine and become a man in the street, waiting for the mercy of the powers that be and who believe their empty promises. Modern bourgeois harsh reality destroys illusions. The working people are increasingly aware that the parliamentary and presidential election campaigns only strengthen the power of capital and the ever-worsening situation of human labour. This is particularly evident in the current deep financial crisis that has engulfed the whole imperialist world. Output from the system of world crisis, the bourgeoisie, the big business trying to exercise only at the expense of workers, ruthlessly driven out on the street, and left without a livelihood and of themselves and their families.

The working class, working people has the only correct way, one weapon - the inflexible, firm and decisive struggle for their rights, solidarity, unity and organization in this struggle, class solidarity, mutual help and mutual assistance.
The working class, working people, referring to the experience of the Stalinist period of construction and protecting the gains of socialism, a period of struggle and victory, make the right conclusions for themselves. Public opinion is gradually unfolding in the direction of Stalin, to realize the greatness of deed of his life and activities devoted to improving the lives of working people.

The truth can not be killed or hidden. True stories swept away from its path by foul lies and slander of every kind of renegades, perjurers, corrupt lackeys of world imperialism and the enemies of socialism and the Soviet people, more than 50 years maliciously slandering Stalin, smearing the light of way, trying to erase or erase the memory of the Soviet people and all progressive humanity of Stalin.

Last year, the forgers of history in Russia decided to ascertain the impact of its malicious and slanderous anti-Soviet and anti-Stalinist propaganda, organized a television opinion poll "Name of Russia". The survey results led the organizers to a state of shock: in the first place came Stalin! Organization of double voting, disconnecting the phone number for votes in favour of Stalin, cutoff (theft) of one million votes in favour of Stalin, the servants of the current criminal capitalism, Russia has to remove the name of Stalin in the first place.

The television poll of opinion "Name of Russia" clearly demonstrated that despite continued for more than five decades of unbridled anti-Stalinist campaign of lies and distortions of history, recently re-assuming the character of anti-Stalinist hysteria, the name, and the cause of Stalin is alive in people's memory. Today, there is an unlimited demand, for each more or less truthful book about J.V. Stalin and the Stalin era. There is a growing stream of people coming to his modest grave at the Kremlin wall, to pay tribute of respect and love to J.V. Stalin.

We Bolsheviks can say with justifiable pride that since its inception on Nov. 8, 1991, our Party, the AUCPB held and now holds a clear and precise position on promoting the personality of J.V. Stalin, of enormous historical significance of his ideological and practical activities in world history. The evidence of this are our books, articles, Stalin conferences, rallies, demonstrations, pickets. The return of opinion recently in the direction of Stalin, the growth of interest in his personality and activities, we refer to the merits of our party - the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks. If the 90-ies of the last century, our fellow travellers in the communist movement, shied away from us, bearing in demonstrations portraits of Stalin, they are now (RCWP-PKK), represented by their leaders to adopt the plenary meetings of their party statements to remember Stalin on special dates like fervent Stalinists with the slogan - "Glory to Comrade Stalin!". Or another obvious example - the leader of the Communist Party of the Social-Democrat Zyuganov, now stands as a ... zealous advocate (!) of Stalin in the TV show the Round Table. Head of Communist Party cells in Minsk - in the very recent past, an outspoken anti-Stalinist is now positioning itself as a "true Stalinist".

Leaders are forced to shift position by their party ranks who do not share the ideological position of their leaders.

Stalin prophetically once said, "... many of the affairs of our Party and people would be distorted, and spat upon, especially abroad, and in our country - too. ... And yet - no matter how events developed, the time will pass and the eyes of new generations will be converted to the cause and victories of our socialist motherland. Year after year, new people will come. They once again raise the banner of their fathers and grandfathers. And they will give due in full. This time - the respect and admiration for the heroic deeds of our grandfathers and fathers, who defended and build socialism under the leadership of the great Stalin, is already knocking at the door.

"Stalin - our banner of fighting!" - Now, as before, -- is the
slogan of our party!

NA Andreeva

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)

Translated by Kevin Cain
For Bolshevism-AUCPB

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

As Hiphop and other streamish genres prevail, few people tend to listen in songs that seemed too uncommon and at the same time too old as what others may expect. And here in the Philippines, Ska, along with Oi became as if a good example of a real true blue-collar music along with Punk instead of the too common pop and perhaps rap.

In fact,
Upon listening to these kinds of music, it mirrors somewhat a colorful-like side of my life, since I ought to be in a shade of dark as I listen to Metal and Goth as some may expect to me, and secondly, a good alternative to the common music being played in the radio-being sick and tired of the repeating tunes of Korean Pop and of other musical "for sake" crap, unlike Oi and other songs, specifically of the redskin and other anti-fascist and anti-racist kind that bear good message for the struggle.

And as for the Nazi ones, of white power ones, I remember my high school days of listening to their songs via the internet, and having MP3 files coming from bands such as "Rahowa", "Skrewdriver", and others whose Oi! Music seemingly too violent rather than radical on what being said-especially in calling for a racial holy war; but then, it also made me to create some poetry, stories full of extraordinary revolutionary violence, but not against other races but rather against a rotten system who exploits the common man and calls for justice-for I am against the right-wing tendencies the neo-Nazis wanted in their music.

But still,
Listening to Ska, Punk, Oi! And other "working class" music gives enough color to the scene. Somehow I, being a listener of industrial, metal and goth does not mean I am justly stuck in it, but rather to listen in other types of music and get the message rather than the tone and the name of the band who's playing, for just like the writeups I have made, of using music as a revolutionary tool and represents the people and the promises being said; same as their dreams and heritage being spoken using a variety of genres as long as it shows the people rather than useless words unjustly being said and instead being broadcasted for the sake of profit as the mainstream scene usually do.

In short:
I love listening to them same as goth and metal
For there's a figment of struggle unto them.



"Go to the people, to educate them, to raise them, to improve them physically and morally; to encourage them to love their land, their village, their family, their home..."

These are the words what the Fascist leader Achille Starace said before creating the National Leisure System in Italy during the Mussolini era. These words also mirrors the simple words Mao Zedong said:

"Our objective is to fulfill our tasks to the people. Every word, deed, and plan are aligned with the good of the people, and if there are mistakes, they are liable for rectification-that is the meaning of having objectives for the people."

In reading Starace, these words made by a Fascist seemed trying to make similar to the socialists like those of Mao. But then their ideas are rather too contradicting as we may say, as Fascists tend to enforce without people's will, the Socialists are into genuine solidarity and cooperation, as Fascists tend to glorify the past too much, the socialists turned themselves into the future; Fascists tend to preserve the rotten social order, Socialists tend to build a new order. Starace's words are literally good-only to be practised much by the left as part of the struggle, since Mao tends to stress the mass line very much-"From the masses to the masses" as he may say, and Going to the people and doing for the people means analyzing the condition to understand it fully, and not of a mere action as what Starace and other rightists think of, its just like "you go and do"-without analysis, creating without understanding.

In general,
Going to the people and serving them whole-heartedly is a door to the struggle along with them. Going to the people is meant to be submitting one's self to the people, being the creators of the society, and the ones who have the power to create-in order to destroy the opposing classes and to build a new society "in each according to duty in each according to work," all from joining in their organizational work, in educating them, living with their simplicity, working amongst them as well as defending them same as they defend themselves from oppression. And not those who simply create for the sake of defending the rotten system with a smattering of populism and of some sort, including Starace's plan, although his concept shows similarities, for it bears a true objective the fascists think of-to give the masses a rope to be hanged, as they (the fascists and the reactionaries in general) tried to fascistize the laboring people and negating class struggle with their so called "class cooperation", or rather "submission", or perhaps even "death".

Going to the people is part of revolution, for you accept them as creators of history, and not as a mere them, of a mere oppressed being.

Monday, December 21, 2009



As the oppression laid by the totalitarian fascists continue to escalate, there lies the opportunity to resist through by any means necessarily, especially against the oppressive measures laid upon against the vast majority of people, particularly those who are against the system itself. Somehow it also shows that in every oppressive policy and action lies the opposition to increase its number to strengthen the anti-fascist struggle.

And upon the events continuing, from the disappearances to the extrajudicial killings, massacres laid against the innocent, reprisals rise forth by the ranks of the resisting people-avenging every fallen whether it is an activist or not, trying to accelerate total resistance through a series of offensives against the enemy. And somehow upon escalating resistance resulting damages to the enemy, safeguarding the innocents is strictly enforced in order to prevent casualties amongst them, during and after every offensives against the enemy.

We all know that the enemy has a variety of tactics in order to submit the entire population into their will, whether by hook or by crook, the enemy continues to do so; not noticing that their actions create total anger and tendency to escalate resistance as possible. Thus, as what I have both expect and said it intensifies the resistance as more and more people joined the ranks of the struggle as well as creating more and more reprisals that inflicts much of the enemy's strength and power.

In fact,
Upon writing this, the growing fascist oppression, laid by the government and its paramilitary cohorts courtesy of the warlords, tries to curb the popular resistance posing as threat to the rotten system in itself. For sure we heard about the oppression laid against political prisoners, of tortures, forced disappearances, and perhaps even massacres that, in a fascist perspective may curb the growing ranks of the opposition, despite violations that have made against the fundamental law of the land and its supporting laws, they insist in calling it as a means to curb the problems of "terrorism," "insurgency," "subversion," "treason," and even "disloyalty."
But despite all of these, oppression intensifies opposition, it intensifies both political and armed resistance as the anti-fascist opposition strengthens and grows its own bulwark courtesy of the people. As more and more victims hath drawn into the ranks and purging the ones who corrupt the struggle. And just like the former writeups I discussed through, more and more protests and armed conflicts may arise and continue though despite the enemy's attempts to curb-either by hook or by crook, by voice or by the gun!

This writeup states and shows the people's will to resist the monsters being laid in the days of oppression, for sure that there are countless mass strikes and armed ones rising against the fascist scum totally. And thus it is unbreakable, and stronger to endure the pain the enemy may give to them. And the absolute call of the people fighting?



"Peace, land, and bread", these are the words being said by the Russian proletariat and the peasantry during the Russian Revolution. These words also signify a basic but absolute just call in a land suffered by strife, poverty, and hunger. And so was moral degeneration due to the harsh practises laid by ruling class against the majority.

In these words beings aid also lies an idea coming from the thoughts of every sayer in an entire event: "Justice." And why is that they indirectly call for that? Of shouting "Peace, land, and bread" as well as "Justice?" Justice does not mean justice for the martyrs, the oppressed or whatsoever, but a "revolutionary justice" that calls for a total victory of the majority over the few, of an end to their oppression and realization of basic calls in which the minority didn't give through.

Once, I read Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera (Founder of the Fascist group Falange)s "Bread and Justice," and it shows that he tries to imitate Lenin and the call of the people while preserving the "traditions" of the old order which was and is battered by the anger of the Spanish working class! For he was trying to "synthesize reactionary patriotism and revolutionary syndicalism that could benefit workers."

In his concept, Primo de Rivera, trying to imitate Lenin, speaks of an idea out of of his own mindset "a system neither capitalist nor communist," and yet the Spanish economy during the Falange-dominated Franco era was entirely "state capitalist," "militarist," and "conservative" that retains much of the reactionary system too contrary to the supposed "revolutionary" ideas of Falange-whose workers were entirely like cogs in the machinery of "militarist-dominated state production," the worse? "Only to gain corrupt practises within the military, and to curry favor with the ruling class like the old nobility, the reactionary inclined clergy, and even the imperialists who supported Spain's or rather say the Falange's anti-communist stance at that time.

And somehow, despite his own concept which was somewhat good, it does not mean that you don't need revolution to change a rotten society -since he, like any other right-wing personalities tried much to create an ideology to counter Marxism and its progressive ideas of its succeeding idea-concepts like Mao; and in a century where revolution is protracted and patriotism is progressive, it lies the same slogan what the Russians and other working class citizens of the world has spoken-this time being spoken again by the oppressed masses of today and not those people who advocates change but trying to negate class struggle, revolution, while at the same time imitating the ones who deals with it or even lives by looking at them,thinking of it as an opportunity and not joining in it! Remember: National unity does not mean unifying the nation, but rather unifying the oppressed majorities of the nation (Worker, peasant, intellectual) in order to counter the ones who rule driven by greed and oppression.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Katleah singing "Der Offene Aufmarsch" in a picketline-concert

Katleah Raising a toy AK-47 while singing a punk song in a picketline-concert


Friday, December 18, 2009



(WARNING: This writeup does not speak of defence, but rather out of analyzing the blog being written and creating a criticism out of it.)

Last time, I was browsing blogs in the computer when I found a blog that contains contradicting and red-bait ideas written on that said post. That blog seemed to be made very very very very last time that the writer, who made that post was seemed too "anti-red" that he even stressed his "anti-communist" ideas even in a murder scene that there are no communists involved.

In reading that blog post made by a blogger named "Vegan" last 24 of November 2009 4:02 PM, he spoke of red bait regarding the massacres in Maguindanao. Instead of tackling regarding the Maguindanao Massacre, he spoke of Digos Massacre, which was made last 1989, wherein the NPA made the mistake of killing 39 people on that said place. However, it was considered a mistake since the New People's Army, after that said error of killing innocents in that battle against the government, undergo rectification and of course, apologized for the mistake and ordered compensation.

But then,
How come that blogger tried much in reviving that case despite the group had undergone rectification and confessed their crimes to the people despite the topic was about Maguindanao? How come he talked about the NPA whilst the topic was about Ampatuan? Well... that writeup he have made becomes more of a red baiting to some people. And blaming the NPA seems that it shows how the writer was inaccurately making a writeup-since he's talking about the past wherein the mistakes being made like those of the massacre are being end up rectified as an error while the rest of the people are tuning on to the present-especially in blaming Ampatuan, the Civilian Volunteer Organization, his Private Army, and including the police and military backups as the perpetrator of the crimes, but he? blaming the NPA and insisting in Digos instead of the Maguindanao, along with calling the rebel group as Terrorists, Bandits, and of some sort-just like Ampatuan who, while in prison desparately blamed the MILF for the massacre!

In addition to that,
How come he need to call derogatory words and ideas against them? for he, According to his post:
"Aside from killing civilians opposed to them, they have also ventured into numerous criminal activities like extortion and blackmail, kidnappings and abductions, robbery, violence, intimidation and threats, harassment of locals, persecution of even tourist, raids, and so forth in order to get the money to buy needed supplies weapons and provide for their own families and their unjust cause."
Perhaps he's talking about the rejectionist Alex Boncayao Brigade (ABB) who back then one of the special forces of the New People's Army before being expelled (Due to its errors and of its criminally-motivated tactics) and became a bandit group in a guise of a political armed force whom he had said, or even the Abu Sayyaf whose banditry seemed compatible on what he have said. These two groups somehow are too different from the NPA, the MNLF and the MILF for they are rebel groups who also joined in peace talks with the enemy, who knows the articles of war and even humanitarian law unlike those two who are really bandits.

How about this?
Will it take another “Digos Massacre” for the people to act? It has happen already again (2009-11-23), this time it’s known as the Maguindanao Massacre! The fight against the CPP-NPA is not solely the duty of the government. It is the duty of every freedom-loving Filipinos who abhor violence and value justice. If the people will not provide even vocal support, the effort to defeat the rebel-turned bandits will be futile.
Fine! For sure being an anti-communist tends to speak of that although the topic seemed too different. Remember the NPA was out of that Maguindanao massacre scene although he insists on speaking it against them, And in fact I expect a person who likes to divert ideas much and trying to connect the past with the present tragedies, and somehow few will hear and understand his ideas while the rest will think of it as a desparate writer of the past.

That is what I am expecting, since Ampatuan blamed the MILF, that person blames the NPA! And blaming the NPA for the Ampatuan massacre seemed to be a too desperate attempt for red-baiting and other tactics against a group who were not involved in the scene of the crime. And using the Digos error as a proof? How desperate-for he's writing in a wrong time in a right place, remember this was not 1989, this is 2009; the scene was in Maguindanao not on Davao and lastly, the perpetuator was a warlord not a rebel!

For analysis:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Analyzing "Voltes V" and its alleged "subversiveness"

Analyzing "Voltes V" and its alleged "subversiveness"

When we were young, we enjoy watching good shows, and one good example is Japanese-made Animation. And for quite some time, we remember every show being broadcasted in the boob tube, one of which was Voltes V.

Voltes V, in laymen's idea is a mecha-anime featuring a robot coming from five different vehicles manned by five well trained pilots fighting against the enemies of the human race. But then, that Anime, according to Wikipedia, also narrates the heroic exploits of the young robot pilots known as The Voltes Team and their trials against alien invaders from the planet Boazan. Armed with the Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V, the five pilots drive back the invaders one Beast Fighter at a time. The series is different from typical super robot anime of the time in that it illustrates human sentimentality and common values, with underlying themes such as the love of family, equality, selfless sacrifice, team work, and patriotism.

Voltes V is not just a mere anime as what the children and the once children think of, since Voltes V is in fact a work that has a heavy revolutionary undertone. For sure the series ends with Voltes V's or rather say the "revolutionary nobleman" Baron Hrothgar's spectacular counterattack on planet Boazan to liberate the slaves from the oppression of tyrannical ruler, Emperor Zu Zambajil. And some information said that the creator of that said anime, Tadao Nagahama, was influenced by the French Revolution, taking the theme of enslaved population rising up to overthrow an aristocracy.

But according to me, a once avid watcher of that anime and having a DVD of that show, Voltes V shows the attempt to create an agitative propaganda using futurism, science fiction and of course, animation. Nagahama may have taken the French Revolution, but he seemed that he's using a Russian one than of a french one, for Boazanian society was sort of between feudal and capitalist one, since technology and serfdom were the bases of economy on that anime; and the ones affected, especially the unhorned class, out of years of oppression wanted a drastic change to end that ancient situation-using revolution as a type of action as what the creator Nagahama think of, and perhaps I need to thank him for revolutionizing and even his attempt for politicizing anime using science fiction and his creation Voltes V-that made Ferdinand Marcos banned it "due to its violent actions that may harm the children."

And since I speak of Marcos' ban on Voltes V during the martial law era, he banned it "because of excessive violence" and also states that due to cartoons such as this may affect children in their education. But in fact, despite his reason, it was really because of its subversive themes-as the Philippines during his era was in turmoil, as widespread protests and the growth of the National Democratic movement and his so-called 'imminent danger' made the late president declare Martial Law "to save democracy." But how come Voltes V was included in the list? Why was that anime being banned for showing? Just because of "violence?" Or rather "Its subversive messages?" And even having the channel where the anime being shown surpassed other two government-owned TV stations?

Some said that the show could be used by activists, especially from the National Democratic movement might also use it as a visual tool, an example to create another kind of protest a la First Quarter Storm and the Diliman Commune, and its scenes may use it as an example of a class struggle with a socialist perspective, and it includes the freeing the "slave" class in the Philippines. And somehow Nagahama really admired his work same as the others didn't notice that his work, a product of revolution, was in tune with the political atmosphere of the Philippines during the 1970's and thus could not have patterned his characters & his story as allusions to the mentioned Philippine leaders or to the troubled political situation of the country at the time. Remember Amado Guerrero's Philippine Society and Revolution? Somehow the anime's description of Boazania seemingly slightly similar to the Philippine society according to his desciption, and perhaps, Voltes V would be better if Amado Guerrero helped Nagahama for the story proper to mirror the realities clearly, or rather say a good teaching tool for a revolution as the story goes more revolutionary than science fiction, for agitation than recreation!

And as Voltes V unleashed its revolutionary theme, it shows that how society despite its modernity, remains backward; as V.I Lenin tend to call imperialism (with Boazania as example) as a highest stage of rotten-ripe capitalism, or rather say an instigator for a future "corporate feudalism" or "neo-feudalism", as capitalism continues to accumulate and propagate its outmost rottenness thanks to the countries of a developing type who supported the imperialists and its policies. And at the same time, People who are deeply oppressed for years in that kind of society may have tried to think of this: to think of change by any means necessary-including a call for armed struggle as what Baron Hrothgar (Ned Armstrong) wanted, from the creation of rifles to the rebels to the creation of Voltes V as a means for liberation; in short- a backward society needs a revolution.

Perhaps people may misunderstood this kind of writeup, especially to those who didn't know that Voltes V's message is more of change to the society and love of people, especially to the creators of the society; and instead of thinking of it as a show which was and is enjoying, an eye candy for them, for in the end people may understand what Voltes V and other "subversive" literary pieces really speaks of-as what Thomas Jefferson said:
"a little rebellion now and then is a good thing. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Friday, December 11, 2009



Last November 23, a terrible genocide was happened in the Warlordom of Maguindanao. All of us were terribly shocked as this gorious event made this entire nation not just in a state of mourning but also in a state of danger that still continues to haunt us.

But then,
Last November 5, days after that said event, the government, in pursuit of keeping the entire Warlordom under control as well to protect their vested interests, declared martial law and immediately mobilized the armed forces despite having no rebellion in that said territory. For sure what we expect in the television was of buried weapons as well as hiding "enemy" combatants instead of a massive revolt around it, so what's the reason behind martial law? For sure as what I have said-of protecting interests by using military force with an alibi of "having enemies around" especially in an island famous for its insurgency.

For sure the rest of the people are quite thinking regarding this so-called crisis. Some tend to say that "it is better to have martial law to bring swift justice" while some tend to oppose "in order not to repeat the past wherein Marcos used it "to save the nation from imminent danger out of a year long insurgency and of some sort" but in reality "of brutal tortures, disappearances, of murders, out of 'disciplining the people'." But the rest? Remained apathetic and instead bannering the thought of individualism by saying "change comes from ourselves!" Well... sounds really apathetic to the society!

But on the other side of the story lies false flag attempts in order to pave way for a real martial law int eh Philippines. And activists tend to say that martial law is unofficial due to the same Marcos-like events the government did despite having a law wherein civilian power must be at all times greater-like military interferences, of abridging school's autonomy like those in PUP wherein the military entered its campus despite the LFS-Enrile Agreement (which states that soldiers not to enter the campus), of extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances, these shows that the martial-law remnants are still deeply rooted in this society! And somehow the government, courtesy of the administration may state the most means to declare martial law as possible, out of every false flag attempts a la Enrile's ambush, Plaza Miranda bombing, or even the Maguindanao Massacre too (as what the murderer Ampatuan said that it was the MILF and not he who started the entire mess.) and the MILF-led ambush against the now imprisoned warlord.

But still,
People remained apathetic despite listening the news regarding the events after the mess. Will they continue being drowned by the flow of their own vices and of their so-called ambitions? Then getting shocked on an headline declaring the entire nation after Maguindanao under martial law? Well... 'God' sees anything around this nation, but waits its outcome as the government, courtesy of Arroyo administration do something fishy after the genocide.