Friday, December 4, 2009

Flying stones for a Flying kisser

Flying Stones for a Flying kisser
by Lualhati Madlangawa-Guerrero

Last November 30, eight days after the Maguindanao genocide, media people joined along with the peasants, workers, students and progressive professionals as well as the urban poor in a call for immediate justice for the victims of that said genocide.

As the indignation-protest rally continues, one of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's cohorts, the mouthpiece Cerge Remonde came and stood on the pedestal of the statue of the late freedom fighter Joaquin “Chino” Roces to deliver a message at around noon, but still-the people continued to call him as “terrorist” and “tuta” (puppy), along with "murderer" and a couple of boos against Remonde, the Presidential Security Group and even the policemen in Mendiola.

Remonde tried to pacify the crowds simply by smiling and throwing flying kisses, but still the protesters started to pelt him with crumpled pieces of paper, bottle caps, and even a plastic full of Pinakbet (a Filipino delicacy) and even surging forward to attack him; and the mouthpiece of the administration, a former radio broadcaster, was immediately pulled out of the rally as the raging anger of the protesters continue to vent their anger against him.

In that kind of event wherein a member of the administration was trying hard to join in the name of "being one with them" as a former member of the press and "upholding press freedom," somehow is also an attempt just to speak of on behalf of the administration; but how come he tried to speak in a crowd against the Ampatuans and even their boss Arroyo? Remember, this genocide is a part of the long range of crimes against journalists and media practitioners that left unknown! That makes the Philippines dangerous for journalists to enter!

And according to Renato Reyes, secretary general of the militant group BAYAN (New Patriotic Alliance), described the incident as “unfortunate,” and even adding that Remonde should not have gone to the rally, as he said:
“He was already advised not to proceed to the rally because emotions were volatile. The people reacted that way because they were surprised,” Reyes said.

In this kind of indignation protest lies the hidden anger amongst journalists and media practitioners same as the worker, peasant, student and progressive professional has. Especially in throwing "stones" against a "flying kisser"; and perhaps out of these, for sure there will be more killings and false flag operations against them all in the name of "eradicating opposition" and of "national security", so who's to blame for slow process of justice? Who's the perpetrator of extrajudicial killings and other crimes?

Perhaps we are now unexpectedly returning to the 80s.