Friday, December 11, 2009



Last November 23, a terrible genocide was happened in the Warlordom of Maguindanao. All of us were terribly shocked as this gorious event made this entire nation not just in a state of mourning but also in a state of danger that still continues to haunt us.

But then,
Last November 5, days after that said event, the government, in pursuit of keeping the entire Warlordom under control as well to protect their vested interests, declared martial law and immediately mobilized the armed forces despite having no rebellion in that said territory. For sure what we expect in the television was of buried weapons as well as hiding "enemy" combatants instead of a massive revolt around it, so what's the reason behind martial law? For sure as what I have said-of protecting interests by using military force with an alibi of "having enemies around" especially in an island famous for its insurgency.

For sure the rest of the people are quite thinking regarding this so-called crisis. Some tend to say that "it is better to have martial law to bring swift justice" while some tend to oppose "in order not to repeat the past wherein Marcos used it "to save the nation from imminent danger out of a year long insurgency and of some sort" but in reality "of brutal tortures, disappearances, of murders, out of 'disciplining the people'." But the rest? Remained apathetic and instead bannering the thought of individualism by saying "change comes from ourselves!" Well... sounds really apathetic to the society!

But on the other side of the story lies false flag attempts in order to pave way for a real martial law int eh Philippines. And activists tend to say that martial law is unofficial due to the same Marcos-like events the government did despite having a law wherein civilian power must be at all times greater-like military interferences, of abridging school's autonomy like those in PUP wherein the military entered its campus despite the LFS-Enrile Agreement (which states that soldiers not to enter the campus), of extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances, these shows that the martial-law remnants are still deeply rooted in this society! And somehow the government, courtesy of the administration may state the most means to declare martial law as possible, out of every false flag attempts a la Enrile's ambush, Plaza Miranda bombing, or even the Maguindanao Massacre too (as what the murderer Ampatuan said that it was the MILF and not he who started the entire mess.) and the MILF-led ambush against the now imprisoned warlord.

But still,
People remained apathetic despite listening the news regarding the events after the mess. Will they continue being drowned by the flow of their own vices and of their so-called ambitions? Then getting shocked on an headline declaring the entire nation after Maguindanao under martial law? Well... 'God' sees anything around this nation, but waits its outcome as the government, courtesy of Arroyo administration do something fishy after the genocide.