Thursday, December 24, 2009




25, December 2009

Friends, family, and comrades,

We are now celebrating a day in which all people are showing respect to a man whose sacrifice in the cross gave birth to a new chapter in the history of mankind. That person was and is also known for his miracles, his parables, his desciples and perhaps his death on the cross that as if like a sacrificed lamb-cleandsed us from our sins in this sinful earth.

That man is also known for telling us that the kingdom of god is in our hearts, to bring sword not just peace, as well as to love one another same as to love god. And through his birth somehow show us a new path not just towards heaven but a new tommorrow, not just through prayer but through work, not through sermon but through action-for Christ, the man behind chirstmas, tells us to arouse, organize and mobilize for he coming struggle.

But then,
Most people think of it as a mere day for materialist interests. And instead of showing spiritual wealth, bogus charity and of some sort becomes a rampant tradition in our lives, not thinking its real essence of the season-not just sharing and giving, but rather sacrificing for the greater glory not just of humankind but perhaps of god, for Christ himself, being born and raised a humble but regal man, wanted simple that led to his sacrifice: liberating the human race from sin, which is the root of all disruption of friendship and of all injustice and oppression both temporal and in spiritual in this place called earth. Or, just like the Zapatistas, "The people have everything, we have nothing."

For sure as time goes by, of calamities and of other crises rising, Christ tells us not just a mere share and give material needs, but rather to give the real essence of this season a chance to be celebrated-simply by serving the people wholeheartedly, of learning from them and help alleviate from their misery.

Have a liberating Christmas and a promising new year!
Peace, land, and bread in our homes and in the world!