Friday, December 18, 2009



(WARNING: This writeup does not speak of defence, but rather out of analyzing the blog being written and creating a criticism out of it.)

Last time, I was browsing blogs in the computer when I found a blog that contains contradicting and red-bait ideas written on that said post. That blog seemed to be made very very very very last time that the writer, who made that post was seemed too "anti-red" that he even stressed his "anti-communist" ideas even in a murder scene that there are no communists involved.

In reading that blog post made by a blogger named "Vegan" last 24 of November 2009 4:02 PM, he spoke of red bait regarding the massacres in Maguindanao. Instead of tackling regarding the Maguindanao Massacre, he spoke of Digos Massacre, which was made last 1989, wherein the NPA made the mistake of killing 39 people on that said place. However, it was considered a mistake since the New People's Army, after that said error of killing innocents in that battle against the government, undergo rectification and of course, apologized for the mistake and ordered compensation.

But then,
How come that blogger tried much in reviving that case despite the group had undergone rectification and confessed their crimes to the people despite the topic was about Maguindanao? How come he talked about the NPA whilst the topic was about Ampatuan? Well... that writeup he have made becomes more of a red baiting to some people. And blaming the NPA seems that it shows how the writer was inaccurately making a writeup-since he's talking about the past wherein the mistakes being made like those of the massacre are being end up rectified as an error while the rest of the people are tuning on to the present-especially in blaming Ampatuan, the Civilian Volunteer Organization, his Private Army, and including the police and military backups as the perpetrator of the crimes, but he? blaming the NPA and insisting in Digos instead of the Maguindanao, along with calling the rebel group as Terrorists, Bandits, and of some sort-just like Ampatuan who, while in prison desparately blamed the MILF for the massacre!

In addition to that,
How come he need to call derogatory words and ideas against them? for he, According to his post:
"Aside from killing civilians opposed to them, they have also ventured into numerous criminal activities like extortion and blackmail, kidnappings and abductions, robbery, violence, intimidation and threats, harassment of locals, persecution of even tourist, raids, and so forth in order to get the money to buy needed supplies weapons and provide for their own families and their unjust cause."
Perhaps he's talking about the rejectionist Alex Boncayao Brigade (ABB) who back then one of the special forces of the New People's Army before being expelled (Due to its errors and of its criminally-motivated tactics) and became a bandit group in a guise of a political armed force whom he had said, or even the Abu Sayyaf whose banditry seemed compatible on what he have said. These two groups somehow are too different from the NPA, the MNLF and the MILF for they are rebel groups who also joined in peace talks with the enemy, who knows the articles of war and even humanitarian law unlike those two who are really bandits.

How about this?
Will it take another “Digos Massacre” for the people to act? It has happen already again (2009-11-23), this time it’s known as the Maguindanao Massacre! The fight against the CPP-NPA is not solely the duty of the government. It is the duty of every freedom-loving Filipinos who abhor violence and value justice. If the people will not provide even vocal support, the effort to defeat the rebel-turned bandits will be futile.
Fine! For sure being an anti-communist tends to speak of that although the topic seemed too different. Remember the NPA was out of that Maguindanao massacre scene although he insists on speaking it against them, And in fact I expect a person who likes to divert ideas much and trying to connect the past with the present tragedies, and somehow few will hear and understand his ideas while the rest will think of it as a desparate writer of the past.

That is what I am expecting, since Ampatuan blamed the MILF, that person blames the NPA! And blaming the NPA for the Ampatuan massacre seemed to be a too desperate attempt for red-baiting and other tactics against a group who were not involved in the scene of the crime. And using the Digos error as a proof? How desperate-for he's writing in a wrong time in a right place, remember this was not 1989, this is 2009; the scene was in Maguindanao not on Davao and lastly, the perpetuator was a warlord not a rebel!

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