Monday, December 21, 2009



As the oppression laid by the totalitarian fascists continue to escalate, there lies the opportunity to resist through by any means necessarily, especially against the oppressive measures laid upon against the vast majority of people, particularly those who are against the system itself. Somehow it also shows that in every oppressive policy and action lies the opposition to increase its number to strengthen the anti-fascist struggle.

And upon the events continuing, from the disappearances to the extrajudicial killings, massacres laid against the innocent, reprisals rise forth by the ranks of the resisting people-avenging every fallen whether it is an activist or not, trying to accelerate total resistance through a series of offensives against the enemy. And somehow upon escalating resistance resulting damages to the enemy, safeguarding the innocents is strictly enforced in order to prevent casualties amongst them, during and after every offensives against the enemy.

We all know that the enemy has a variety of tactics in order to submit the entire population into their will, whether by hook or by crook, the enemy continues to do so; not noticing that their actions create total anger and tendency to escalate resistance as possible. Thus, as what I have both expect and said it intensifies the resistance as more and more people joined the ranks of the struggle as well as creating more and more reprisals that inflicts much of the enemy's strength and power.

In fact,
Upon writing this, the growing fascist oppression, laid by the government and its paramilitary cohorts courtesy of the warlords, tries to curb the popular resistance posing as threat to the rotten system in itself. For sure we heard about the oppression laid against political prisoners, of tortures, forced disappearances, and perhaps even massacres that, in a fascist perspective may curb the growing ranks of the opposition, despite violations that have made against the fundamental law of the land and its supporting laws, they insist in calling it as a means to curb the problems of "terrorism," "insurgency," "subversion," "treason," and even "disloyalty."
But despite all of these, oppression intensifies opposition, it intensifies both political and armed resistance as the anti-fascist opposition strengthens and grows its own bulwark courtesy of the people. As more and more victims hath drawn into the ranks and purging the ones who corrupt the struggle. And just like the former writeups I discussed through, more and more protests and armed conflicts may arise and continue though despite the enemy's attempts to curb-either by hook or by crook, by voice or by the gun!

This writeup states and shows the people's will to resist the monsters being laid in the days of oppression, for sure that there are countless mass strikes and armed ones rising against the fascist scum totally. And thus it is unbreakable, and stronger to endure the pain the enemy may give to them. And the absolute call of the people fighting?