Monday, December 21, 2009



"Peace, land, and bread", these are the words being said by the Russian proletariat and the peasantry during the Russian Revolution. These words also signify a basic but absolute just call in a land suffered by strife, poverty, and hunger. And so was moral degeneration due to the harsh practises laid by ruling class against the majority.

In these words beings aid also lies an idea coming from the thoughts of every sayer in an entire event: "Justice." And why is that they indirectly call for that? Of shouting "Peace, land, and bread" as well as "Justice?" Justice does not mean justice for the martyrs, the oppressed or whatsoever, but a "revolutionary justice" that calls for a total victory of the majority over the few, of an end to their oppression and realization of basic calls in which the minority didn't give through.

Once, I read Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera (Founder of the Fascist group Falange)s "Bread and Justice," and it shows that he tries to imitate Lenin and the call of the people while preserving the "traditions" of the old order which was and is battered by the anger of the Spanish working class! For he was trying to "synthesize reactionary patriotism and revolutionary syndicalism that could benefit workers."

In his concept, Primo de Rivera, trying to imitate Lenin, speaks of an idea out of of his own mindset "a system neither capitalist nor communist," and yet the Spanish economy during the Falange-dominated Franco era was entirely "state capitalist," "militarist," and "conservative" that retains much of the reactionary system too contrary to the supposed "revolutionary" ideas of Falange-whose workers were entirely like cogs in the machinery of "militarist-dominated state production," the worse? "Only to gain corrupt practises within the military, and to curry favor with the ruling class like the old nobility, the reactionary inclined clergy, and even the imperialists who supported Spain's or rather say the Falange's anti-communist stance at that time.

And somehow, despite his own concept which was somewhat good, it does not mean that you don't need revolution to change a rotten society -since he, like any other right-wing personalities tried much to create an ideology to counter Marxism and its progressive ideas of its succeeding idea-concepts like Mao; and in a century where revolution is protracted and patriotism is progressive, it lies the same slogan what the Russians and other working class citizens of the world has spoken-this time being spoken again by the oppressed masses of today and not those people who advocates change but trying to negate class struggle, revolution, while at the same time imitating the ones who deals with it or even lives by looking at them,thinking of it as an opportunity and not joining in it! Remember: National unity does not mean unifying the nation, but rather unifying the oppressed majorities of the nation (Worker, peasant, intellectual) in order to counter the ones who rule driven by greed and oppression.