Tuesday, December 22, 2009


by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

As Hiphop and other streamish genres prevail, few people tend to listen in songs that seemed too uncommon and at the same time too old as what others may expect. And here in the Philippines, Ska, along with Oi became as if a good example of a real true blue-collar music along with Punk instead of the too common pop and perhaps rap.

In fact,
Upon listening to these kinds of music, it mirrors somewhat a colorful-like side of my life, since I ought to be in a shade of dark as I listen to Metal and Goth as some may expect to me, and secondly, a good alternative to the common music being played in the radio-being sick and tired of the repeating tunes of Korean Pop and of other musical "for sake" crap, unlike Oi and other songs, specifically of the redskin and other anti-fascist and anti-racist kind that bear good message for the struggle.

And as for the Nazi ones, of white power ones, I remember my high school days of listening to their songs via the internet, and having MP3 files coming from bands such as "Rahowa", "Skrewdriver", and others whose Oi! Music seemingly too violent rather than radical on what being said-especially in calling for a racial holy war; but then, it also made me to create some poetry, stories full of extraordinary revolutionary violence, but not against other races but rather against a rotten system who exploits the common man and calls for justice-for I am against the right-wing tendencies the neo-Nazis wanted in their music.

But still,
Listening to Ska, Punk, Oi! And other "working class" music gives enough color to the scene. Somehow I, being a listener of industrial, metal and goth does not mean I am justly stuck in it, but rather to listen in other types of music and get the message rather than the tone and the name of the band who's playing, for just like the writeups I have made, of using music as a revolutionary tool and represents the people and the promises being said; same as their dreams and heritage being spoken using a variety of genres as long as it shows the people rather than useless words unjustly being said and instead being broadcasted for the sake of profit as the mainstream scene usually do.

In short:
I love listening to them same as goth and metal
For there's a figment of struggle unto them.