Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Years after the Manila Times writeup "Seeing Red", there comes another wave of red-baiting and witch hunting, of seeing "red" again after Martial Law and succeeding eras in the Philippines. This writeup also tackles how people, blinded too much by propaganda seemingly reviving another batch of McCarthyites trying to bring back the nation in a state of "national blame" towards the "Communist-Terrorists" (stressing as what they say so). And how are they trying much in creating fabricated truths.

I remember last time reading a comment from a policeman saying "If you don't vote for Palparan you are a pro-communist." And for sure we all know that former AFP general Jovito Palparan was known for being a rabid anti-communist, especially of his extra-judicial tactics all in the name of "democracy" as he and others may say, that all communists are murderers, killers, thieves, anything deregatory against them all for the sake of "democracy", "peace", or even "defending the system."

As what I expect,
It all reminds of the Manila Times writeup. Of blaming communists for anything else against the country, for sure they know how to blame towards without any reason at all and insisting on the "crimes" the left they've committed during the past and being rectified as errors like those of the purges and other actions that made the communist movement in a state of crisis! But then blaming the left in general seemed to be a paranoia for the right since they wanted to "cleanse the nation out of communists, or rather say all the left-including social democrats even like those of their allies like the Philippine Democratic Socialist Party! If that's the case, then they are like devouring their own too as they wanted no left, no red, no commie, no socialist in a democratic land!

Somehow in this kind of idea, it is as if they ought to blame and wanting to join the fray of "killing them" a la Indonesia during the Soeharto era. Since they, like Palparan, Alcover and their cohorts wanted that, of blaming them for lawlessness, poverty, high prices of food and commodities, of compartmentalized justice and of the likes of it, while at the same time bannering their populist rhetoric borrowed from the "left" like those of Norberto Gonzales and even the apologists who originally the ones who instigated the crimes while during their "left days!" So what's the use of blaming the left while at the same time coddling with their left-leaning allies? Isn't it questionable-like blaming the insurgency instead of the system they protecting for poverty?

According to ANAD, im its press statement issued in time for the 41st founding anniversary of the CPP, said:
"Insurgency breeds poverty and not the other way around, In provinces where CPP-instigated insurgency is pronounced, poverty incidence is also high. The stronger the communist insurgency, the higher is the poverty...The CPP is partly to be blamed if the Philippine economy is stagnating all these years.
The vicious cycle of ignorance and poverty, and vice versa, is the very situation that the CPP is feeding on since the inception of the communist insurgency movement on Dec. 26, 1968.
Many Filipinos are ignorant because they are poor. Conversely, they are poor because they are ignorant."

In their message, it shows how these right-wingers tend to be too McCarthyist in what they are saying otherwise they also tend to show proofs that they preferred defending a rotten, corrupt system they're benefiting which is also the ultimate root of poverty, which is also the root insurgency and not on the other way around as what they said so! If Filipinos are ignorant because they are poor and vice versa, then who is benefiting from their ignorance? The Communists? The Muslim separatists? Or the Corrupt officials? The Traditional Politicians? the Landlords and the Comprador Bourgeoisie?
How about the peasantry?
For years the peasant war has been a part of our society and for sure the government and the right-wingers who supported tried much to gain support from the peasantry by its variety of "land reform" programs while at the same time enjoying the benefit from the landlords who tend to oppress these people! Worst was that some right-wingers also joined the caravan of the "Left" through its extended agrarian reform with reforms as they may say, and I notice that how come these right-wingers who are supposed to be rabid anti-left joined in the "left"-sponsored caravan? Why not create their own agrarian reform bill like those of Taiwan instead to curry support from the peasantry before the peasantry-dominated left whom they hated much successfully put their agrarian reform concepts in action as the peasant war continues in the 21st century?
And secondly, I notice that as they denounce communism and defending their actions, how come they didn't also accuse their allies, especially those who are as if having the law in their hands as they create a caravan of death against their "enemies" and insisting on blaming towards the left very much? Well... just like what I have read, just like Marcos and their successors, as more and more of them continues to do so, of oppressing innocents end even those who are in the left, legal or illegal didn't notice that more and more of them will rise from those who have been fallen, especially to those who are deeply affected by the atrocities made by theirs and insisting that their enemies made it, using recycled reasons as possible!

And once I also read an article made by a right-winger about the massacres in Maguindanao, and as what I expect, he, like those of the rightists, insisting that the Communists and not the warlord Ampatuan made the genocide, and seems that due to that kind of writeup he've made, he was trying to divert the people from the warlord and instead blame it rather to the Communists or even the Muslim separatists in Mindanao? Worst was that he tends to revive much of the incidents in the past and trying to connect with the present as a means to blame it further. Well... that man, as what I have said, thinks much of the past events the left made and now conceived as errors and never to be repeated as he kept on watching the news about the massacres made last November 23.

Since they continue doing so, it seems that blaming is part of their lives, blaming without analyzing the society in which makes the Philippines and other nations languish in poverty and insisiting much on insurgency as its root cause instead of what makes the poor into insurgents. Anyway, that's their choice of doing so, and perhaps all the dead right-wingers like Hitler, of Mussolini, of McCarthy, of Chiang Kai Shek, of Pinochet and Franco are starting to roll in their graves as they notice that their die-hard followers are doing the same tactics as theirs! And to make the long story short, seeing red all the times even those who wear Che Guevarra, of wearing Mao Caps, and blaming it to them too much is the root cause of their paranoia. Seeing "red" is not the way for progress and for alleviating poverty, especially in this so-called hell-ran goddamned democracy.

And if they continue so in blaming, what's next? Blaming the left-wing for the acts of god calamities? For the eruption of volcanoes and typhoons? Flashfloods and landslides? Oh god! If that's the case, they are really in an eternal state of paranoia same as their "left" allies than ever-of blaming, of seeing and of thinking "red" too much as if like hell.