Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Serving in the middle of the Kali Yuga

Serving in the middle of the Kali Yuga

Widespread calamities, financial breakdowns, rice riots, anything disastrous around the society. These are the current negative trends we are experiencing up now in this planet called Earth. However, these trends somehow are more of a start, start that may shook the world badly due to the acts that destroys social sanity and of forcing people to join the flow that leads to nothing.

In short,
We are now likely to be in the stage of Kali Yuga in this global society. Age of Kali or in other meaning as the Age of vice, Kali Yuga is the last of the four stages that the world goes through as part of the cycle described in the Hindu scriptures. And that stage somehow shows that human civilization degenerates spiritually, or in a Marxian phrase that it changes due to the condition, especially in the stages of society from primitive communal phase to the stage of capitalism. Somehow if I sum this together, both Hindu and Marxian ideas, as progress continue to lead within the society, the society also degenerates spiritually due to the problems around it, like calamities, financial problems, etc.

But then,
Many people are trying to endure and at the same time resist the flow, of trying to solve every problem in this age of vice, not just spiritual as what the Hindus think of, but also of temporal-of trying to deal with the society like the ones being experienced today.

Let's take the typhoon "Ondoy" in the Philippines perhaps, that typhoon somehow was a part of that Kali Yuga age, and that ravaging wind and rain concoction ravages homes in and surrounding Metro Manila and parts of the country, leaving it flooded, in mud, in dirt while the people, rich and poor are greatly suffered. For sure out of these incident lies a temporary unity and a cease fire from an everyday battle, and instead more and more relief operations laced with corporate social responsibilities, of showbusiness and political aspirations mushroomed through it in order to gain popular support ...or use them.

This example somehow shows that even showbiz personalities also engaged in this short term program to give the affected a handout. Perhaps they may just trying to get serious, or truly, really serious acts to do these things just like Angel Locsin! Perhaps her example seemed different from her previous "Darna" (a Filipino Superheroine) days as a savior of the Filipino masa (the masses, mostly consists of the working classes), but this time without any power just herself as a person or maybe a person excluding her artist appeal perhaps.

But still,
Despite these short term services, more and more will come in this Kali Yuga. Will the people expect this quotation indicating the end?:
"When flowers will be begot within flowers, and fruits within fruits, then will the Yuga come to an end. And the clouds will pour rain unseasonably when the end of the Yuga approaches."
But this time, in this modern age, people may call this crazy or a fairy tale kind of thing; but they didn't notice that in that age also includes ourselves, and thus the only way is not just to pray, but also to change the society hard, especially that life and history in general is more of a struggles both as an individual and as a class, as possible of breaking off the rotten old tree of society and destroy its roots and branches in it, and to build a society which is new one; this time peaceful, just and prosperous that can benefit humankind temporally and spiritually.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The "Self Criticism" of Bayani Fernando and the gimmicks of politicians in the middle of Ondoy

The "Self Criticism" of Bayani Fernando
and the gimmicks of politicians in the middle of Ondoy

At first, he is famous for developing Marikina from a mere town one of the first class cities in Metro Manila in the Philippines. Also famous for his Machiavellian and semi-Draconian example through his forceful eviction of sidewalk vendors and U-turn schemes, Bayani Fernando today seemed met his failure-for his Metro Manila Development Authority didn't handle much regarding the recent floods in Metro Manila, that even includes his bulwark last September 26 until now.

In fact, that man seemed wasting his time at that time in his political ambition as a president-wannabe (although he end up defeated in the nomination by Defense's Teodoro) and at the same time in his long-term vison being a Chairman of MMDA. However, not noticing that a typhoon named "Ondoy" was approaching that it can affect Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon. And just like any other traditional politician, perhaps through his self criticism and confession regarding flood control responsibilities, he's just trying to save his face.

In an event where many people are greatly suffered from a calamity, some politicians, including Fernando, are also grabbing this opportunity in preparation for the upcoming elections in 2010, while others perhaps are seriously doing so despite having a government position. Richard Gordon for example, he's a Red Cross member and at the same time a senator, he's just doing his job as a humanitarian, unlike others who are grabbing a calamity as an asset than a liability, especially from buying life boats to utilizing the military like Teodoro did.

But as these politicians are doing these kind of things, Mikey Arroyo, a member of the presidential family seemed doing something different. In the middle of the tragedies happened, he's buying liquor in a stall somewhere in Katipunan! According to Facebook, it says that:
Author’s Note: The person who posted the picture has asked me to take down the pic because she and her family are worried for their safety and security. She has already removed the picture from her Facebook account. I’ve already advised her that if at any point someone harasses her or her family she should give me a call and I can refer them to people who can help.
Unfortunately, the picture was deleted due to confidential reasons upon doing this remarkable act. But then, Mikey Arroyo, whatever reason he has, still he's doing it in a middle of a tragedy, especially that he's also recognized as a politician and his province was also affected by the typhoon!

These tragic events perhaps, shows how politicians are trying hard to save their faces for 2010, using a tragedy as an opportunity, they are still thinking of ballot boxes as part of it. Except other politicians who are really serving the people with or without these tragedies happened like Ondoy.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Becoming a Migrant (and acting as a Traitor)

Becoming a Migrant (and acting as aTraitor)

It was Sunday when I, while updating my accounts, found something that seemed controversial, especially to a Filipina living in the Middle East named Jacque Bermejo. What makes her confidential was that, in her account, said that in Tagalog: "Buti n lng am hir in dubai! maybe so many sinners bak der! so yeah deserving wat hapend!"

These words, somehow shows that she has no care for her countrymen and the worst? Stupidly calling the Filipinos in general as sinners and deserving that kind of calamity through the ravaging Typhoon "Ondoy!" How come she say so despite being a Filipina? Well... That's the problem of some people who simply migrate to another country for sake, aside from making more money and contenting in a new life, not caring the society!

In response to the said quotation posted in Facebook in the middle of the tragedies, both her Facebook and Multiply accounts was and is bombarded by curses and threats by Filipinos who have read her posted quotation, these shows how Filipinos, saddened by a major tragedy Ondoy did, were venting an anger protractedly towards a girl who called the affected Filipinos in general as "Sinners!" Another unity for the Filipinos perhaps against a race traitor!

Jacque Bermejo is an example of a migrant, working as an alleged Personal Relations officer whose mind perhaps is focused on the cash and on the benefits, being apolitical and asocietal, that girl living in Dubai may have branded by every Filipinos as "Persona non Grata" or even a "Race Traitor" who deserves not just revocation of her passport but a death sentence due to what she said although she tries to make apology for it in a PR manner. But then, she inflicted a blow towards a million people suffering out of a major calamity!

I hope ever people must be aware about these events, especially those who wanted to go to another country in search of a better living, but if you want to go to another country just to escape a liability and even insulting somebody? Think! For it may harm not your suffering nation, but even your race!

Friday, September 25, 2009



Why “Gunpowder and humanity”?

The noise of the society and culture, mostly in a form of struggle between two kinds, both oppressor and the oppressed, is like setting gunpowder on fire. And why is humanity involved? For humanity seemed likely to be victim of these parts. Difficult to end, however this unending battle between culture and counterculture continues to accelerate-even to the highest degree! Thus, if this conflict continues, the society, like a volcano, will end up erupted in a series of misfortune, and even fatal disaster! And even I, a writer and also “against the system” may end up a casualty of that kind of unending conflict erupted! I even think that this world, in this unending battle, is a large gunpowder keg set in a social volcano-likely to set in an explosion, alongside the eruption; Creating victims out of every people around, out of the cannibals whom likely to dominate every scene; for these sons and daughters of bitches wanted to set the whole world on fire! If possible, even the rising of rents, taxes, debts, fees, real incidents, as well as serious problems of the society like hunger, poverty, and other kinds of disaster may even coincide with this cultural rivalry. Remember, rivalries between mainstream and underground culture is often aligned with the upper and lower class rivalries. And thus, the acceleration of that conflict may lead to a discontent of peoples-and as the disaster grows, a great uprising will set through-a revolution!

While I watched the scene of a Cambodian Propaganda Movie, I, even thou I used to be in the upper-middle class, had greatest sympathies with them. I used to live in underground culture (my parents opposed me since it is against the system, however I still continue what is against them for the culture reflects me) and even read books about the society. Why not practice it in spite of your status? Why not integrate and sympathise with them? I would like to farm and work with them, not to stand up and supervise their doings! If you are an indirect farmer, then why not join the farmers and work with your hands or even join in their collective thinking? If you are an indirect worker, why not go straight to the factories and help the workers through hard work same as them like manning the machinery and fixing problems directly? It would be better to integrate your minds in those fields using your sheer strength rather than looking through it. Look at the example of the Turkish craftsmen-professionals whom working hard with their profession as makers of ammunition simply by joining with the workers in creating in lathes, these craftsmen-professionals are mostly engineers used to study in Europe, or professional doctors in the barrios whom using their professions in helping the less fortunate people in spite of their problems, since nature and the smiles of the people made them feel fine in their works no matter what their problem is (like going to other countries as nurses).

And so is in culture-enlighten the minds of every people simply by educating them, organizing them with discipline, breaking off the chains inside their minds and resist against the stream by adopting certain traditional and alternative modern cultural forms and integrate with them. What is progressive in foreign cultures should be assimilated and adapted in domestic conditions while respecting the customs, culture and ideas of others, specially the folk; As well as respecting freedom of thought and belief with outmost humanity and rectifying the errors of the culture, adopting criticism and self criticism in a humane and constructive manner in rectification. Thus, the once beaten would have end up beaten the oppressor-more severely through organizing, educating and helping with them. I, in spite of my status, do belong to the alternative, the counterculture, the culture of the oppressed, and helping them may improve the skill well to the extent, thus likely to stop the stream that causes the destruction of the people and the culture they belong; as well as to beat the cannibals who wanted to devour us, and on the finale-helping in the destruction of the so-called status quo that destroys the authenticity, independence and self-decision of man. As well as the culture man belongs to, respecting cultures is good-but rectifying their errors, eradicating stereotypism, accepting constructive and humane criticism and self criticism and improving the culture with good knowledge and skill is better. For it may help in hastening the end of cultural rivalry. Since we used to resist the stream-why not destroy the stream? It would be better! Well, one verse stated that “it is right to rebel”. Then we must!!!!! THE UNDERGROUND MAY LIKELY TO RISE-BUT NOT BEING DOMINATED, BUT TO DOMINATE-ALONGSIDE OF THE DOMINATION OF THE MAKERS OF HISTORY, FOR TODAY IS THE PROTRACTED CULTURAL WAR, THE KULTURKAMPF.

And so, that Kulturkampf, also known is cultural rivalry, would be accelerated into a highest degree-and that highest degree would lead to a victory of the once oppressed, emancipation of thought, and the destruction of social cannibalism and the sons and daughters of bitches once dominated and roamed around the society.

Let the arts that once buried (or rather say despised) be surfaced and revived in the new stage, as what Madame Mao Jiang Qing said that “let the new socialistic performing arts occupy every stage”. I admire the culture set through-but I am not a socialist.


or in its old theme:

Well, well, well.

Anything is part of the society. From hairstyle, education, to relationships, is now dominated. And thus, we are likely to be eaten by being dominated and brainwashed by the prevailing class and its structure. Since I have been a victim of these disillusioned ideas and practicum. I am so deeply sad to these victims and proud to those whom survived.

In this social battlefield, a wave of resistance beneath the underground rise fourth. And more and more of them will set their offence and defence of counterculture to repulse the flow of mainstream culture. And in this battlefield, like the words I have said at first, that within it a spectre will rise within, a spectre of revolution.

What comes revolution a spectre within the social battlefield? Revolution is the idea of the alternative minded underground. This calls for an ultimate insurrection of minds to break off the chains of a stereotypical society, the mainstream culture or I should say their “civilization”. Since V.I Lenin, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Fidel Castro, Mao Zedong, Daniel Ortega, Lazaro Cardenal and even Ernesto “Che” Guevarra advocated a change in the society and its culture-by revolutionary means.

As what the Istiklal Marsi, the Turkish National Anthem said:

“The lands of the West may be armored with walls of steel,
But I have borders guarded by the mighty chest of a believer.
Recognize your innate strength, my friend! And think:
how can this fiery faith ever be killed,
By that battered, single-fanged monster you call "civilization"?”

Upon hearing it, what Ungor and Ersoy, the men behind the creation of that hymn, seemed to be totally historical and realistic. Civilization meant to be the west, especially Europe attacking Turkey. And thus, man should never bow low to the idea that corrupts the minds of everyone. We tried to defend through, although it is difficult to deal with them. For they are strong and we are weak; for they re advanced and we are primitive; remember, we believe in the uniqueness and sovereignty of man and trying to emancipate in this cannibalistic culture prevailing. We tried to believe in our ideas-and thus we must, and therefore we will. For what they don’t know about our innate strength is deep inside our mind, heart, a well as our soul! And it may likely to release through!

Before it grows worse, we must defend our culture. And if the stream strikes-we must reply them pretty well. The world we have belong is gone too far in searching the real joy and pleasure while the reality around us is a concentration camp-cum-freakshow kind to be led by a clique of stereotypes and cannibals around. There we are beaten, while the other one beats us hardly.

And as more and more people thinking of an ultimate alternative, it may succeed. Or even fail. Better try to think it in a concrete manner before setting it in a series of practicum, rather than to end up acting as if a holy water that consecrates the host.



Originally, an extension of the first part, this write-up shows the connection of subculture rivalry as part of class conflict. Upper class culture against working class culture in short, the conflict between subcultures is more like a brawl through cultural means in the realm of class conflicts happened today. Like the Underground culture, who swore to protect their culture against the mainstream, and the most common of all, Punks (including Goths and skinheads) against the Preppy culture.

I used to be a victim of these conflicts. Conflicts that likely to disrupt the minds of every people in deciding through. For the people whom behind these conflicts wanted to gain prominence. And thus, that prominence would serve as a dominating force. For me, it seemed likely to create stereotypes, slaves, or I should say, a fodder to the cannibals whom wanted to devour them, just like in the first part of this write-up.

Most of the people behind the rivalry are likely to end up this kind of mess. Culture against counterculture, mainstream against underground, the conflict of subcultures and genres increased through so badly to the fatal extent-alongside the rivalry of classes in the entire human history, as I, used to be a victim of these oppression, may have written this kind to know about the conflict between two cultures-the mainstream culture and the underground culture, or I should say the culture and the counterculture.

Upon looking at the television, I used to look at every scene, compelling people to admire both culture and counterculture. However, all of the scenes seemed to be depicting mainstream culture, and as for me, it seems to call it as “civilized” and the dominant culture of the world as most adults, kids and grandchildren "participate" in that “pop” culture directly or indirectly. While the underground culture, the counterculture, seemed to be shunned or seldom seen in the television, except to those channels which used to depict it; In short, calling the mainstream as the “in” while the underground as “out”; or even calling the mainstream as the “system” the “status quo”, that obliges people to “join the flow”, while criticizing those whom are alternative in their ideas, or I should day “Against the system”.

But behind these lies the victims of these cultural conflicts. There are somewhat “bad” between these contrasting cultures that need to be rectified in some ways. Like using drugs, unauthorized sex, or any kind of “sins” that needs to be eradicate. Just like in the first write-up, that:

“as if we wanted to cross the river of fire in an uncertain darkness, crossing while our hearts beating out so fast out of our fear, likely to fell and be burn in the flames of the eternal fire setting fourth against us; Without any light to guide as we cross through.”

Subculture rivalry is also totally swollen, maybe due to the physical assaults against another; one of these examples are those whom against the gothic culture (like me, however, I seldom wear, but I prefer their lifestyle and music). Maybe because of public misunderstanding and ignorance surrounding gothic aesthetics, Goths sometimes suffer prejudice, discrimination, and intolerance. As is the case with members of various other controversial subcultures and alternative lifestyles, outsiders sometimes marginalize Goths, either by intention or by accident. Goths, like any other alternative sub-culture sometimes suffer intimidation, humiliation, and, in extreme cases, physical violence for their involvement with the subculture.

In 2006 four Goths were attacked in San Diego California by a Navy man and his brother resulting in one Goth, Jim Howard, having to be rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery in order to repair the damage that was done. The perpetrators of this attack were found guilty in August of 2007 on four related accounts, two of which were felonies. It was made clear that the Goths were assaulted due to their subculture affiliation. This can be otherwise known as a "hate crime" though the San Diego courts do not recognize this attack as such at this time.

On August 11, 2007, two Goths, walking through Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Lancashire, England were attacked by a group of teenagers because they were Goths. Sophie Lancaster subsequently died from her injuries.

These examples of physical assaults against other cultures may rise up such measures to counter the advances of the one whom used to assault; a retaliation from such “hate crimes” that causes total angst against the society. Some of those whom used to be victims may likely end as activists, or rather be, as armed rebels. Like the punks or even skinheads and Goths (imagine a Goth becoming a member of a rebel group?).

They don’t interfere you, if you interfere them with such amicable manner, they may befriend you too. But as you interfere them with such hate, they may end up the same thing against you. Just like the phrase: “Good Friend, Dangerous Enemy”.

And in regards to its connection to class conflict, subcultures seemed to represent the “high” and “low” portions of the society. Upon looking it, mainstream pop culture represents a handsome or pretty person in a modern age manner, a teenybopper, a lover of contemporary pop or any kind of popular music, wearing modern day attire, as well as having a culture full of luck and nothing. While the underground counterculture represents a low class person with a simple need, enjoys underground music (mostly punk, goth, ska, and metal), wearing attire partially or fully different from the common ones, and having an alternative culture all of their lives. It reminds of that the mainstream represents an “upper to middle class bourgeois” type of person while the underground represents a “middle class bourgeois” to a “proletarian” type of person. And the conflict between two cultures reminds of a conflict between two warring classes; one seemed to be the oppressor while the other seemed to be oppressed- if not physically, culturally.

And I think it so badly-that this conflict, a never ending conflict continues to rage many times, as if I used to hear a hymn made for Ataturk continuously. (Sounds weird and irrelevant right?) But then, that conflict may continue to create victims, aside from cannibals, sons and daughters of bitches, and socio-cultural whores. That makes the society in the brink of social chaos comparing to a social volcano which can likely to erupt! OH GOD! HOW COULD THIS BE? WILL YOU HELP THOSE SUFFERING MASSES ROAMING AROUND IN MY SURROUNDINGS?

“As Red blood flow, red roses surely grow-grow in the soil of warriors, warriors whom called by the howl of wolves, and of the cries of the people; advancing to die in the old rotten soil of the earth.”




The waves of protest continue to prevail in the entire nation. Most of the people felt in a different manner, some quickly agitated, others quickly irritated. The society, as what I expected, and its system prevails its rotten characteristics similar to having its people join into the flow despite its problem regarding through.

In this writeup, I am deeply concerned about nationalism. The weapon of left and right, this idea stresses the consciousness of the people towards its own homeland and on how to make it just and prosperous in its own name, using its labour, its heritage, and even its knowledge to keep it intact. However, I am thinking that nationalism, depending on the one who applies it can be opportunistic in some way, especially from the right whose stress is on the "nation" or rather the "race." I accept what they commonly used to, but they lack something as what the left has which is "Democracy", "Equality", and even "Fraternity." Liberty, Justice, and Peace, in my own idea are too common for that in their advocacies.

In that situation, I even think that National consciousness, or rather say the "modern" national consciousness also involves class consciousness as well as eradicating the perannial problem both in national and in class ideas. Like "Why are we fighting for national liberation if we didn't fight also for class liberation?", "What is national liberation if equality is not also advocated?", "What is independence if it is not for all like justice, peace and prosperity?" or to be more accurate: "FOR WHAT IS NATIONALISM IF IT IS NOT DEMOCRATIC AND NOT FOR THE POOR?"


These examples of words being stated I think is considered as general, not in totally specific terms as what lhe "left" and right used to. Like the French people, especially the poor french farmers and artisans, out of love of country and of opposing domestic oppression laid for centuries, rose up and fought violently to achieve their goal of freedom and justice, and in governance, they applied a government which is for the benefit of all, especially the oppressed peoples and not of the few. The Russians, same as the French, also fought for the same ideas of justice, equality and freedom, but then, they also stresses on peace, land and even bread for the benefit of all the Russian people who are also imbued with national and class consciousness given by Marx, Engels and Lenin. As what the French are imbued with ideas given by Voltaire, Rousseau and Robespierre.

Even in the Philippines, being a colony of Spain and influenced by the west (especially the French), hath been enlightened and fought for their emancipation. However, the real objective of the Philippine revolution of 1896 was not just freeing the country from colonial oppression, but also of domestic oppression and social injustice. Filipinos may consider independence as its main goal, however they also have plans in pursuit of their justice, like having a government that would suit their aspirations as a nation, especially the oppressed majority; the lands once owned by the landlords be given to the tillers (since the country is agricutural);as well as a good standard of living being a native of the nation. These ideas involved in the revolution may have not been said in mainstream history of the people for they're focused more on foreign oppression.

Once I browsed the writeup coming from the former Czechoslovak National Socialist Party, also known as the Czechoslovak Socialist Party of the Czech National Front during the cold war era. Upon looking through, their ideas are simply advocating socialism along national lines (since they stress czechoslovak independence at that time). Their objective can be considered as their path as what it says:

"collectivizing by means of development, surmounting of class struggle by national discipline, moral rebirth and democracy as the conditions of socialism..."

As I look upon it, it can be considered good since it focuses alongside the needs and wants of the Czechoslovaks, applying Nationalism, Democracy and Socialism in that state. However, they simply disregard class struggle in favor of national discipline, and thus I opposed it since not all class struggles are indisciplined, especially in the national scene. For the struggle, in achieving it, requires countless organization, and organization requires discipline in achieving it, along national lines since it adapts the ideas of the people as a nation (national discipline), like in China during the early days of the people's republic, as what Mao Zedong said about discipline in the party as well as the people:

"Within the ranks of the people, democracy is correlative with centralism and freedom with discipline. They are the two opposites of a single entity, contradictory as well as united, and we should not one-sidedly emphasize one to the denial of the other. Within the ranks of the people, we cannot do without freedom, nor can we do without discipline; we cannot do without democracy, nor can we do without centralism. This unity of democracy and centralism, of freedom and discipline, constitutes our democratic centralism. Under this system, the people enjoy extensive democracy and freedom, but at the same time they have to keep within the bounds of socialist discipline."


For what is organized rallies then? Like the Edsa Revolts in 1986 and 2001? In appearance it can be noisy and unorganized, however, they are consisted of peoples fighting for a short term national change, if not for liberation; and at least they have imbued with discipline since they are organized although there are others who are likely to put their minds on their fists to beat the police!

And through discipline among the ranks of the struggling masses, the struggle would have been fulfilled, there they would set up in an organized manner the state, and firmly implimenting the programs vested by the people for the people. For this action, as what the Czechoslovak and the Chinese did is out of love for nation and its care for the people, which is an ultimate and fundamental obligation. People may have deny this transition for the fact that Nationalism leads to Democracy, and Democracy leads to Socialism, leading to a countless direct struggle and transition towards international communism (through support and a virtual and fraternal alliance amongst the nations, especially the peoples)- for "the people as a nation needs to understand being a nation as a people," especially the majority who was and is fighting for, not just rights, but for needs and wants.



For sure months pass by will be an end for a semester, and it is also a failed attempt of the studentry against the increase on tuition and other fees.

These events every year makes every student had the possibility to stop or rage against the rising of tuition and other fee increases especially in the city, some ought to resist actively by joining in a progressive organizations and calling for a refund, others simply criticize but continue studying as part of their plans to finish schooling. I, in spite of paying these expensive fees continue to sympathize the ones whom trying to battle against the rising of these illegal fees-and I often actively used to be against it since in spite of our status, these problems involving financial matters may likely to make lives of every student difficult to reach-likely to think whether they'll stop schooling or to shout, likely to have a call for a voice of dissent.

In fact, as I used to have full payments and earning good grades, I pity at those whom used to have lack of requirement or even the infrastructure in the institution, from old classrooms to slow internet connections in school sponsored internet rooms. Most of the students using there end up criticizing these since they used to pay high whilst the connection remained slow. Or in case of classrooms, remained unimproved except painted walls and chairs.

In this writeup, the students, especially from the lower middle class, whom used to oppose these kinds of perennial problems, are the majority of the school population. They used to study hard and trying to remain studying but still, the increase of tuition fees, accompanied by other fees, likely for them to stop, or as they remain, likely to endure suffering-forcing themselves to rise up and shout a voice of total dissent against the authorities.

These voices of dissent are equivalent to a blasting ingredient found in a bomb, gunpowder, TNT or Ammonium Nitrate perhaps, this bomb may likely to shatter ever corner of the institution with the criticisms, anger made by the students and even the parents of these children whom working hard, giving a decent salary, then paying for many essential things including these expensive tuition and other fee increases made by these fee rising universities whether it is state or private; Just like the 15% increase in a private college or the more expensive 300% increase in a State University. These problems related to financial matters may likely to be perennial, even there are well to do families whom may used to pay for it while criticizing this kind of problem.

In my own perspective, Education must be a right than a privilege. Every educator must consider the status of every people with the aim of educating the people with affordability and of course, with full devotion in enlightening them. They must act as servants to the people since they opted to choose setting up these palaces of knowledge to educate people.

All students must rise up and stop being manipulated. Look at the reality and you will know what's behind their good scene which is rotten and bad. And as you look upon it, you will likely to criticize than to praise-like creating your own bomb against them in the name of justice, since every fee rising university may likely to end up bombarded by the voices of students, faculty members, staff, and even the parents whom paying tuition fees for their children or some progressive minded administrators whom may likely to oppose the idea what their constituents used to agree upon it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

On Folklorealism (Or rather on trying to infuse folklore with realism)

On Folklorealism (Or rather on trying to infuse folklore with realism)

Before I introduce this kind of idea, this concept-idea is simply a concoction of two different ideas colliding. The former focused much on fiction while the latter focused more into reality. And I even think that these ideas, despite having differences, may also in need or likely to be infused for it inspires people to give effort in the struggles made through.

Here are the two literary ideas that are both colliding and at the same time capable of uniting:

1. Folklore

Folklore, at first may consider it as a product of total imagination, especially that it was and is more focused into mythologies and legends-especially out of the storyteller's voice, and of the quill of the writer.

However, Folklore does not mean total imagination to inspire people, the word "folk" from folklore means "people", and thus it reminds of custom and tradition, as part of their identity as a nation. Folklorists, especially Writers, artists and other practitioners of the arts used the ideas laid by the people as an inspiration to give hope, and with total emotion, gives agitation.

According to Wikipedia,
The concept of folklore developed as part of the 19th century ideology of romantic nationalism, leading to the reshaping of oral traditions to serve modern ideological goals; only in the 20th century did ethnographers begin to attempt to record folklore without overt political goals.

Writers at that time are imbued with romanticism and of nationalism in pursuit of giving hope to the people, especially the oppressed nations; The Grimm brothers is one of the examples of folklorists who gives idea to the German cause through culture. And thus, the real idea of folklore fives the "authenticity" of the people and its struggle to its finest, only to be changed and end up as a plain common part of literature, especially for children like Grimm's fairy tales.

2. Realism

Realism, especially in the realms of visual and written arts, usually depicts man and its everyday life as part of its society without embellishment or interpretation.

Man, especially its life is always interpreted by other people; its acts, its ideas, its surroundings are interpreted by the people and thus recorded by the use of arts. I even think that realism, and its idea, tries to look real truth from false facts found amongst the surroundings man used to.

And according to the same source in which I got the idea of folklore, Realists positioned themselves against romanticism, a genre dominating French literature and artwork in the late 18th and early 19th century. Undistorted by personal bias, Realism believed in the ideology of objective reality and revolted against exaggerated emotionalism. Truth and accuracy became the goals of many Realists.

Upon reading it, I even think that realism, and its idea of truth and accuracy really collides with the ideas vested from man-especially imagination and of tradition. The folklorist may have its magical voice and emotion to speak but the realist? Of course, his camera or its eyes looking for the actions of the society for it shows complete and total realities made by man. Both of these have the same idea, but contrast in its interpretation and of its action being laid by these two colliding ideas.

Both ideas are really collide each other; as the former seemed too imbued with the essences laid by man through the mind while the latter are imbued with existence based on its senses given, I even think that it can be difficult to integrate both to make an idea. Once I wanted to do so and I even called it as "Folklorealism".

Folklorealism is imbued the mysterious ideas of the "folk" as well as the realities being made by the "folk". "Folk", being referred to the people, was and is involved in its surroundings positively and negatively. I even think that this idea correlates man as an individual and man as part of the society, particularly its culture belongs to.

Secondly, there are persons who had tried much to think of folk-izing realism as a means to show closure to the people in a society and/or as a part to express their ideas and interpretations through the pen (from poetry to children's stories and other literary work). But at first, these persons, coming from "Left" and "Right" are more of a descriptive, and it does not directly reflect their ideas that may cause trouble. Again, this writeup is about their literary or Ideas based both on folklore and realism.

Here are the people to be given an example out of their work, they may consider controversial as others say so, and I am aware of it.

Mao Zedong, despite being a leader of a vast country, and imbued with Marxist-Leninist ideology, was also imbued with peasant tradition and culture that he even adapted it. And his ideas focused more into the peasantry as the main force of the working class since the innovator of the thought and his actions he made are not just out of his studies in Marxism-Leninism and the situation in China, but of the revolts made by the Chinese peasantry back many years before his time, from the "Yellow turbans", "Panthay", "Taiping" and even the "Boxer Rebellion" where these people, mostly peasants, are trying to voice out realities with a twist coming from their peasant-like beliefs. Mao perhaps also created folklore out of his exploits too during the battles against both Guomindang and the Japanese forces in China, from the Long March to the Battle wherein the Red Army tried to cross a bridge out of chains and steel cables, and even the interpretation of the "Foolish Old Man who Move the Mountains" as well as of Sun Wukong and his staff who smashed heaven (as he may say).

Pol Pot. like Mao Zedong, also wanted his own socialist society which carries a peasant backed society and culture; and despite having a bourgeois background, studying in Paris France and belonging to a slightly well-to-do family, Pol Pot's idea, aside from Marxism-Leninism, was also inspired by the great Angkor Empire that was a peasant-artisan backed society, where rice, water, and stone are correlated and beneficial to their progress back then. Pol Pot may have no writeups like Poems, Essays or any quotations like Mao had done to mirror how he used the idea of the folk as a basis for reality and of tomorrow.

These two socialist leaders, despite having imbued with the ideas of Marx and Lenin, are also inspired by the past and of the actions of the present all in pursuit of the future which is the fulfillment of what history is supposed to. And despite their mistakes, of famine, purges and other errors that end up getting apologized (or being hated by others), they may have tried hard to reclaim a prosperous past by using the present and leaning towards the future.

Another example, perhaps on the "Right", may be the late David Lane.

David Lane was known for being a "White Nationalist." And his ideas somehow may contradict the first two that I have said. In fact, he, known as "Wodensson" and famous for his Norse Spirituality and of his racial views, also tends to join folklore and realism. How? His works somehow shows how folklore mirror realism in a racialist (or racist) view. He may be inspired from reading Norse spirituality, of Nature worship and praising Wotan as his god while at the same time of resisting against the American state due to his views. His work, "KD rebel" for example, may have been influenced from both the exploits of the Norsemen, of its faith, to opposition against gun control, of advocating racial separatism, and of destroying the system through a "racial holy war."

I may have read David Lane's work, somehow it was more of Folk-izing, of making a modern-day mythology based on a concoction of real issue and of folklore. Of opposition against multiculturalism while praising Wotan, and opposing gun control. I, upon analyzing his work may consider that he tried much in infusing Viking life and of Modern day living; and of the Wotansvolk to the struggle. Trying to create perhaps a folk-realist type of concept.

Another example would be Andrew MacDonald.
That person, being a leader of a far-right wing group, was also known for writings whom the right wingers tend to indulge. And he may have also tried much in creating a picture, especially in his work entitled "The Turner Diaries." More of an anti-gun control then a "racial hatred" type of book, his work also shows more of releasing his anger towards a society and through the use of "Racial Holy War" whom he advocated, tends to show a concept too. I may consider that "gospel of the far right" trying to create a mythology and of a folklore-like realism for the right-wingers in the west; same as what David Lane hath wanted.

The story of Dong Cunrui, 1975

In my idea, these people, both Left and Right tend to create a picture out of their idea-concept and of the society, especially the dreams and aspirations of the people, and their experiences. Out of every word being said, of books being read and even the surroundings being seen all of their lives. Somehow these people may have tried to use the pen in order to vent their ideas, their anger, and even their imagination as part of mirroring the reality, the Grimm Brothers have tried so about it, for through their fairy tales written also shows the people and their experiences during the Napoleonic era, whom they are against with.

In case of the Philippines, Francisco Balagtas Baltazar, through his "Florante y Laura" shows patriotism and of mirroring the realities of his time through a classical approach like using a Balkan setting; Jose Rizal, whose literary writeups like "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo" sow a need for a revolution although he opposed into it, unlike Andres Bonifacio who really interpret Rizal's work a la Timothy McVeigh whose actions were inspired by the late Andrew MacDonald and his book!


Somehow, anything real becomes a folklore to the minds of the people. How come a real battlefield becomes a fairy-tale type of story for children like Chanson de Roland or Rolando Furioso? Or the voluntary contributions of Lei Feng, Dong Cunrui, and Huang Jiguang that became "folk heroes" during the Cultural Revolution in China? Perhaps I may include Budenny and his Red Army Cavalry too! Since people who sought their contributions in the struggle whether it is war or not became a part of a literature of the folk. Or even creating literary heroes based on their exploits, of creating stories inspired by them; indeed- this is folklorealism!

In fact,
I tend to create some stories inspired by both myth and reality, and both the ideas of the folk and the surroundings that are real in the eyes of man. People may call it a "trying hard child's fairy tale" or a carbon copy of a story being made before me; but still I am trying to do so since not all folklores and realisms are about fairy tales or mind giggling events, but of course these are coming from a sentiments of man, of trying to mirror lives and inspiring themselves to create an era what they may call "peaceful, just, equal and prosperous."

Noli De Castro: Gloria's Own Khrushchev

Noli De Castro: Gloria's Own Khrushchev

Last time, a very contrary event happened in Laguna, as the news broadcasted Philippines' Vice President Noli De Castro and his remarks towards the protesting people in an event on that said province.

Calling them as "Lazybones" and threatening them to evict from their homes he've built, De Castro seemed that he's showing his real color to the urban poor, who are just protesting their grievances and even calling for a real housing plan; only to reply with subjective remarks such as his "lazybones", "insecure people", and even saying that "Maybe they are lazy. Tell them they are lazy. They should pay their loans. I will demand their payment or else I will drive them away, no matter who they are."

His words somehow would easily worth remembering in the mindsets of the urban poor, since De Castro simply attacked the urban poor perhaps in general, the worst is that the administration used them as mere propaganda tools since last or even for the coming elections. Isn't it too contrary to say those things against the urban poor from a man whose populist style of attitude made him "win" last 2004 elections? Not noticing what these people protesting and replying them with an offending remark are just calling for something meaningful like free housing or even low loans that these people can pay?

Using his words, perhaps the urban poor tried hard just to pay early than to be evicted. How come they need to pay early or on time in the middle of ups and downs in oil prices, of increase in commodities while having low salaries as stevedores, truck and jeepney drivers, as laundrywomen, and even retail store owners? Few may pay early, but the rest? They'll need to think about where will their budget lead to: The dining table, debt payments, or at the hands of the loan collector-especially on the day of their eviction?

Better for De Castro to say those words to those who are drunkards in the streets, who are sitting idle, or rather say the lumpenproletariat than the ones who are self-employed and working even overnight just to have a complete budget that includes paying loans and other fees. Anyway, why do they need to pay? They have also taxes to pay too despite being self employed. And where are their taxes going? To the short term programs, defense budget of the government who is oppressive towards the people instead of free housing and other basic needs?

In addition to that, De Castro's remarks, of "driving them away, no matter who they are!" reminds slightly of former Soviet revisionist Nikita Khrushchev and his quotation that seemed loosely translated by the western media as "We will bury you!" And these two quotations from two different leaders are seemingly threatening, especially towards the people whom are they saying, the worst is that it will be remembered in every annals of history written and read. But Nika remarked again years after about his said statement: "I once said, 'We will bury you,' and I got into trouble with it. Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you". Paraphrasing what Marx said also a statement that lead Nika to say to about it: "What the bourgeoisie therefore produces, above all, are its own grave-diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable". De Castro, and the rest of the oppressors within the society is an example what Marx said in his work.

Will De Castro again do so what Nika did towards the people? Or Will the people prepare more to evict him from his post or even from the political arena? Perhaps one of the people may say the same what De Castro said, this time would be towards him:
"Maybe he is lazy. Tell them he is lazy analyzing the people's situations and hearing their grievances that led them to rally and say 'lazybones' and threatening us with 'eviction', for we will demand his retraction of his statement, or resign from his post; or else we will drive him away, no matter who he is-and we will bury him as what he deserve!"

Face the Future (Then Go to the people) Face the East (Then dare to struggle)

Face the Future (Then Go to the people) Face the East (Then dare to struggle)

Upon writing this, I saw some students in the University of the East wearing another t-shirts that show how much they take pride in their Alma mater, that also seemed showing how willing to take part aside from studies and vices around all of their lives in that institution.

"Face the Future, Face the East." These are the words written in these t-shirts worn by some students around. These words somehow also mirror the words being said in the poster and in the tarpaulin around the campus, that "tomorrow begins in the east." And it shows the institution's attempt to say that the future, that tomorrow lies there, of having students enroll, study, and finish as professionals
...or as bummers? Maybe.

On the other side, despite showing off their pride and willingness to sacrifice mind, body and soul to the Alma mater, I even think that these students somehow are simply contenting on the gifts, vices, and programs around instead of showing it to the masses through concrete actions. For me, how come they will face the future in the east without any willingness to serve the people? And how come they wanted to serve through contentment and not of struggle? NSTP (National Service training Program) is just a government sponsored program, Operation Damayan is just a program limited for the victims of calamities, and all of these are just a part of reaction from the growing number of student power, not just in that particular institution, but of others affected by the system, that all must integrate with the masses similar to the once socialist China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, or even Chile, Argentina, Cuba and Venezuela.

Real future in the East, as what I have said in the earlier writeups, means integration to the masses, of joining in their struggles for progress, equality and stability through education, training, rectification of their errors, and ceaseless work. We must all remember that anything around in the East is composed of masses, especially workers and peasants who, despite their creations in the society are being neglected and disenfranchised; the worst is that they are maltreated by the society now controlled by the few. And it includes the educational system now being commercialized, colonialized, and fascist in interpretation due to the manipulation made by its owners-and thus, in need of absolute dismantlement by the working masses as well as the students affected by the policies and actions against them.

And thus,
As what the t-shirts said, lies fulfillment, that facing the future in the East meant to be going to the people and joining with their struggle, and not a mere objective of studying just to have a mere diploma, of becoming famous for that particular profession, and even to indulge in various vices around, since working for blood and soil is worth nothing without collective action, and as what I have said before, that tomorrow begins... if the East is Red.

Tomorrow begins... If the east is RED

Tomorrow begins... If the east is RED

Staring at every poster and streamer inside a prestigious university in Manila, that school speaks of their so called future that according to them, "they are the ones who pave way."

"Tomorrow begins in the East." These are the words being said by one of the posters in that prestigious university. However, the reality lies behind those words being said, that seemed contradicting somehow, from chalkboards instead of whiteboards to campus oppression in which students aren't given free will to join any movement or criticize that, in their sense "against the school." The worst is that forcing every student not to think real thoughts and insisting on being in the four corners of the room-studying in a bunch of theories.

In my opinion, these reminds of the writeups I have been made. Especially of the contradictions between the vision mission statement being stated and the actual actions being taken. Imagine, they speak of "Academic freedom", "Progressive instruction", "Creative scholarship", and "Effective educational leadership", or even "Affordable to the common man", but then in actual we see of "Campus repression", "Limited instruction", and even "Corporate privateness" of an educational institution, and that includes allowing themselves to increase their fees that can cripple the dreams of the common man.

Is this the future? Of making the studentry into peons of the few or a vast majority of the unemployed?

Due to the apoliticalness of the studentry, they didn't notice that they didn't feel getting restrained by the clutches of the ruling class as "educators", of contenting in "lessons" that according to them may benefit in their courses, but not noticing that they are bleeding dry- through being limited much of their ideas bit by bit, and even restraining their movement and style.
But then,
For me, there are some that know what's going on about these situations. Including the struggles of every student as a future working class in order to attain an idea-concept of "future", including "freedom". And that future, and even freedom does not mean anarchy or dissolution of order as what anarchists usually say, secondly, it also speaks of "Utopia", especially as what on the poster and streamer speaks of: "Tomorrow begins in the East."

In order to attain that "tomorrow", that "Utopia", is that of accepting that history is mostly consisted of class conflicts, and within it that includes individual struggles. Affirming that we belong to a bastardised, backward society that is in need of an absolute revolutionary process, where anything must be dismantled -not just through a mere process called "education", but of direct action using the power of the masses being creators of the society.

In connection to this, I may say that think, and even forget some of the promises, especially sugar coated statements and look at the realities, look at all sides both the front and at the back and analyze fully about these things around. You may notice much of studies, of basketball, but you didn't notice getting harassed by a guard or something inside the campus, that in the end you may feel getting irritated about those events passing through, then you are apolitical and a no care? then break it! For this time, students there must greatly affirm that their future is there, that tomorrow is in the east as they suppose; but that east does not mean a mere just east as expected, but a revolutionary one-as what the past wanted, as what the unsung progressive ones being cherished; of getting red that shatters away the darkness around, of raging flames that shook against the reaction bursting from the people's will, all in the name of the masses fighting for social justice.

And thus I may say this that:
Tomorrow begins-as (not if) the east is RED!

(This writeup is created remembering the progressives in the University of the East. Of students whose struggle that until now remained still, especially fighting for genuine academic freedom, progressive instruction and a genuine, militant, patriotic tomorrow.)

Alma Mater Dolorosa

Alma Mater Dolorosa

During my elementary and high school days, my teachers taught us how to be loyal, and being loyal includes "loving" to our dear "Alma Mater". And we, as their servants do so despite the policies they impose are often disagree, especially when it comes to haircuts and not bringing cellular phones.

As I enter college life, it becomes totally different. For college life lies outmost realities, that we always see in the boob tube and in the voices of our college friends. I, in fact, say that college life is better than elementary or high school, for anyone can exercise their own "thought" without any restriction; but the difficult thing is that on how will you exercise your own "thought", of thinking out of the box, of looking at realities since all of us are forced to be confined in the four corners of the classroom for years, of obeisance without opposition, of paying expensive fees whose majority are exorbitant, of being forced to be bookish and having limited time to think from realities, supplemented by vices outside?

That is what all colleges, including state ones used to, all in order to continue the system of the ruling clique, of forcing students to obey without "ifs" or "buts", all in order to become peons of the ruling class-especially comprador bourgeoisie and of the landlord-CEOS or the worse? To become a member of a large army of the unemployed. These situations students may likely to face may likely to think about the "behind" rather than relying on to the "front" of their respective institutions, of thinking where were their monies being paid off as tuition fees going through? To the salaries of their professors? To the improvement of their surroundings? Or to the advertising and marketing department to continue the method of deceiving the nation's hope?

Through these, that is what I call "the reality of the education system" And most of the policies bear a chance of every comprador bourgeoisie as educators to exploit the youth, of making them possible as their peons. "Nourishing" them forcibly with the ideas being vested, of not having the youth geared for struggle for enlightenment and instead? Focus much on theories supplemented by some practices, as well as vices and illusions given to them.

And through these, some students, especially those who are running for scholarships, end up relying to the owners of the establishment they are studying. Some even work in the businesses owned by the same owners and trying to have their children to study there, for according to them, it is good to study in a school to get a good job. Then why? For the owner of their company is the same owner of their alma mater!

Is this alma mater? Is she the one who nourishes us with knowledge with love? Of instructing us progressively? Of giving us a critical mindset out of analyzing realities around? Of encouraging us to build a just, progressive humane society?
A monster who corrupts us? Of chaining us? Enslaving till end up being fed to the cannibals and its flesh loving cohorts?

ALMA MATER DOLOROSA! This is the real nourishing mother that gives us knowledge, now being chained, blindfolded, gagged and suffered from pains given by the exploiters and of the monsters around her. For sure most of her children didn't know what's going on about her, especially her suffering coming from them!

Someday, every children who had know the truth in regards to her will eventually rise up and revolt to save her, to the point of building barricades around and even resorting to arms-joining hand in hand with the worker and peasant, ready to destroy the exploiters and redeem education from the clutches of the ruling class!

Revolution? Or Ersatz Revolution?

Revolution? Or Ersatz Revolution?

The spirit of 1986 and 2001 in the Philippines, according to the majority of the people, ought to call it as a revolution since most of them think of it as they topple a corrupt, oppressive government and leadership. However, as they passed these decades after these so-called revolutions lies the rise of errors that is in need of rectification.

These errors for sure lay above all in the basic contradiction, as we see the ruling classes not seriously undertaking the so-called "revolutionary" objectives of theirs and instead bannering it; while the masses end up either agreeing or disagreeing with their ideas related to their actions. They may changed the leadership, but the entire system? I doubt, for the ruling class remains skeptical about what they made and instead, enjoying in their orgy of privileges given upon to them while the masses remained poor.

I consider the actions of the ruling class who joined in a "revolutionary attempt" as an act of "desperation." Unless if they are really progressive and realistic in the course of action, most of the ruling class are running after privileges than realizing the aspirations of the masses, of calling for compromises than giving up themselves to the will of the people, their so called "revolt" for sure in the eyes of the people still trapped in the dungeon of the system is just a mere "opportunism" to the privileged and an "illusion" to the rest of the working majority! What kind of revolution is that when there is no regulation of private sector by the people? As well as absolute confiscation of properties by the people from the ruling class? What kind of revolution is that when large remnants of status quo remained still? An absolute reaction does not conduct an absolute reaction for the reaction, was and is remain reaction! Except the fact that the status quo they preserve is oppressive in the eyes of the majority they consider as they subjects, the worst? Corrupted by the rotten remains of its past. And willing to accept the consequences from accepting themselves to the will of the people to rectification and purging themselves from their misdeeds and errors-all in order to become a part again of the revolutionary society.

In addition to that,
Diverting the idea of the revolution is another way for the ruling class to "join in" and "grab" from the rest. The 1986 revolution, according to some sources stated, was in fact an attempt to become a bloodier armed mass strike coupled with civil disobedience against the status quo, but it became a "peaceful" as the opportunist ruling class, allegedly supported by US imperialist elements tend to use the military also to oppose the ruling class; and at the same time other petit bourgeois reformists tend to support the soldiers and at the same time pushing for a peaceful type of "revolution" as they say. For me, the supposed "mass strike" may likely to be called as a revolution since people are supposed to be angry against a particular regime that was oppressive, and therefore there might be martyrs and people charging against the soldiers from every road leading to Manila! Its just the ruling class and its cohorts tend to change the topic and making it in a different situation, especially with the support from an outsider.

Back to the topic,
The opportunism, especially of the ruling class as "revolutionaries" during 1986 and 2001, or even 1899 in the Philippines signifies that they tried to grab the revolutionary power from the masses who literally started it, who were experiencing challenges and started to vent anger into the ones who oppress. Somehow the ruling class, being opportunist and running after their privileges barely managed to create some mere "substitutes", an ersatz disguised as "revolutionary goals" and "practises" to gain support by the majority. Using excessive proletarian tongue if possible to succeed their want. Just like the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program, and despite its name, that program proved to be a failure. But that ersatz to the peasants, although being "extended" with some "reforms" (as what opportunists and petit-bourgeois reformists say) cannot entirely cater to the rest of the landless peasants and farmworkers, who are now really seeking for a real agrarian reform program and not of an ersatz agrarian reform like CARP.

Anything "Revolutionary" from the ruling class is merely an ersatz one. Only to find it as impossible to be set despite invoking the past victories then bannering it. For me, the peasants, workers, and other progressives hath started to rise up and trying to fight against the system as they could; while the ruling class and its cohorts continue to invoke and join into the procession of their own "ghosts" to counter the anger of the poor. Only to end up getting beaten as the people expose their reactionary attitude and behaviour despite their sugar sweet "revolutionary" words coming from their "reactionary" mouths.

The "People's community" and the "mistakes" of Jose Streel

The "People's community" and the "mistakes" of Jose Streel

Jose Streel's concept of "Communaute Populaire" (People's community) seemed to be good sounding into our ears. But then despite that, I notice that his ideas, especially his concept tries to negate the ideas of class struggle, insisting the idea of "coexistence" heavily.

In addition to that, his glorification of the middle ages, of feudal order and Ancien regime seemed likely to ruin the vision of the future. As what John Starchey said "A return to the dark ages".

In Streel's word, he emphasized much of "Social order" in this so-called "People's community", that, in a rightist sense, is often confused with the "nation", well... Streel even said that the community of the people is "the nation considered a complete social environment in which man can blossom." But then. the left may also likely to say of it!
And so is it's ideas vested like "It pre-exists the individual and is not dependent on an unstable set of conditions, it is above all conflicts of interests which can manifests themselves within it, and imposes on its members links and solidarity effective and powerful enough..."

But then,
In every society lies different conditions and struggles to pass through. Marx even said that class struggles is inevitable until it reaches the goal of communism! Another that, the community really enforce links and solidiarity-for the community of the people is a collective of the people, and not of a fascist individual outlook garbed as "social order".

Somehow, I agree what he've said that "it is perpetuated through the heritage which is passed down to each generation from its forebears and through the duties which unite it to future generations."
Agree with a sense that is drew from Mao Zedong's mass line that states that "the masses are the creators of history, the power to create and the master's of our fate!" The community, in an actual basis, is composed of masses (worker, peasant, intellectual) and it is their duty to "serve the people" by doing things Streel and Mao think through.

Solidarity, according to Streel, "Is not a sentiment nor a voluntary act of generosity, but of organized condition of its existence from which NO one is free to opt out." In this idea, Streel seemed too "right" in interpreting it, and somehow he tries to make it too obligatory without any internal will to involve or not; but then, solidarity within the community is really a force since every people within it voluntarily joined together as a collective in order to set actions, guidelines, and plans to improve, to rectify, and to change. And so is the essence of unity and cohesion-through collective action and democratic centralism, just like the communes in China during the early days of socialist construction, where anything within the socialist volksgemeinschaft is carried with these actions taken.

The idea what Streel made me disagree is that he disagrees with class struggle in the entire society and calling it as a "destructive to the society!" YES! And class struggle is both destructive and constructive in the history of humankind! Somehow in the books we read and in the places we see lies the stages of our community, of our society that usually experienced it; and so is the struggles of both oppressing classes, same as its contributions.

Streel tried to defend the order which is "oppressive", and despite every contribution lies the oppression being made-especially to the masters whose whips are carried in their hands to give every slave a pain and a scar on its back or a construction worker who made a finest building but having no big buck in his pocket. These oppressions being made lies the concept of struggles between the majority and the few within the community.

Every fascist, like Streel called it as a "revolution", but their essence is simply a complete "reaction", a "counter-revolution", whose objective is to revive the "glorious mediaeval order" in a guise of a "revolutionary process". Streel's idea, in my own opinion may carry both "right" and "wrong", but since he's a fascist, he may end up totally "wrong"!

(back to the topic)
Class struggles within the community really destroys, especially when the ruling class is oppressive towards the majority. Just remember the struggles of every society, and in ever oppressive "community" lies a reprisal coming from that same community affected. We cannot escape the inevitable class struggle. And in every oppressive community lies a reprisal coming from the affected-who had the possibility of inflicting pain over the one who oppress through.

And despite Streel's opposition, and ignorance of class struggle-he didn't notice that class struggles, in the history of mankind also contributes to a creation of different society step by step, for it dismantles the old rotten one by the unity of the working class all in order to create a real "people's community"-this time under the dictatorship of the proletariat, a greater collective of humankind "in each according to duty, in each according to work, in each according to need!"

And thus,
Streel's concept-idea may consider "good", but negating class struggle, of revolution is negating reality!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The analysis of Struggle

The analysis of Struggle

Upon analyzing the entire Filipino realm, especially Manila, its capital; I think that it is ripe to have a total revolution. Somehow the status quo tries and continues to resist this kind of idea, but despite of these, more and more people, especially those who continue to face total oppression laid by the system, likely to say that the spectre of revolution continues to roam totally, haunting the rotten state and its vestiges.

The government, for now continues its desperate stand against the will of the people, creating desperate attempts to deceives like creating half truths, recycled truths, of resolutions that according to them as their revolutionary plans that in fact, contradicts the people's wants. And if they continue doing so, instead of uplifting, it hastens the realization of the rumor of revolution!

And thus,
As I continue analyzing every place, both urban and rural; the crisis created by the rotten state apparatus and its traditional power controls will continue to linger as more and more problems created by them will grow thoroughly, same as the cries of the masses to repeal their decrees that destroy them and their dignity as men! Well... this is what we call "future" and a "prerequisite to the apocalypse."

In addition to that,
I may say that most people, despite feeling this so-called spectre, does not care about it and instead they called it as "distress", as "dangerous", however they felt the worse ones than what they've said about that spectre, despite contenting on what they have!

That is what a neo-colonial standard of living is-to become blind and too contented on the four corners of their cells. Except those who kept on trying to resist as much fast as they could. By organizing more and more to realize the spectre being foretold, reviving what "we" deserve for "us."



We are still a group of students, progressive leaning ones rather; and it is precisely our youth, idealism, materialism around and its effects drives us to call for a total voice of dissent. For we know fully well that we have call, or rather say "fight" in order to fulfill-a society imbued with justice, peace, progress and humanity.

We have earlier sought to ventilate our grievances as well as our aspirations in a conventional manner. But this too has been fully denied us because of the prevailing culture that requires suppression of freedom in every form. Whether it is in speech, press, assembly, expression-even to rebel against this current situation.

Somehow in this situation we may have say that the entire community is corrupted by interests fueled by reckless individualism as well as its rotten system kept intact by various forces within it. And thus,
this is the reason why we have been resorted to using the alternative media in expressing our countless grievances, ideas as well as aspirations, and yet, instead of trying to investigate fully about this entire situation, we are branded as "subversives", and the worst is that these people who are branding us are also engaging in their so called "intellectual dishonesty", as well as "conspiracies" all in order to protect the rotten status and their interests, through dismissing anything, calling it as "lies","false", or "misinterpretations of facts" related to what we have passed through.

But still,
we will know what is nearest to the truth behind it.And so are the others who may know it clearly and likely to do the same, despite being trying to be deceived by the lies disguised as truths, or recycled ideas only to be dismissed as lies or invented ones.

Therefore, despite all these actions created by these conspirators, we have decided to act, to continue the mantra of "arouse, organize, mobilize" to the people. As youth, being the so-called "nation's hope" may undertake this task of fulfilling this struggle, taking every step in calling for change and hereby enjoin others, especially those who experienced the social problems that continue to haunt us.

Why not a "National Democratic" Black Metal?

Why not a "National Democratic" Black Metal?
by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

"The Guerrilla is like a poet," these are the first words of the poem with the same title made by Jose Maria Sison, and it shows the similarity of a guerrillero and a poetry writer. This poem somehow, bears the struggle entirely through its words and so as its meaning; especially when the people's chorale sung it both English and in Tagalog, and upon listening to it- I remember the hollowness through its melodies, similar to a fighter rising from the darkness in order to bring light to the oppressed peoples.

People, especially the unorganized or semi-organized young; if or upon listening these songs similar to Joma's work or any other progressive writers and singers, may likely to say that song "rocks", since they emphasized much on the tone just like Bamboo Manalac (since he made the song Tatsulok Crappingly "good" to the ears of the people) rather than on its meaning; but others-especially the ones who listened these songs many times and at the same time listening to mainstream or underground rock genres, may call that song a part of a culture of liberation, using music as its medium-and even trying to give some good flavor with a deep emphasis on the message of struggle same as its appropriate melody.

Bobby Balingit of the Wuds, Chicoy Pura of the Jerks, Jess Santiago may consider a good examples of making progressive music more palatable as what Tambisan sa Sining, Patatag, and Danny Fabella do. Bamboo Manalac may perhaps tried to do so by reviving the song "Tatsulok" by Noel Cabangon and his own Buklod, but people, especially Bamboo fans, may emphasized much on the tone and its lyric, but the meaning? Perhaps a few of them may easily understand it away about the state of the society, especially of being enslaved by oligarchic and imperialist interests.

But anyway,
Upon understanding these, I am quite thinking clearly about other genres capable of propagating the culture of "New Democracy", one of which is Metal. I use to listen some varieties of Metal music, including the ones Neo-Nazis ought to play (National Socialist Black Metal), that I even think that perhaps Metal may likely to get influenced not just by folk, as well as the realities happened in the society though its lyrics as well as its sound given. Metal does not mean a mere head banging, growling and even exessive drumming and guitar playing. Turisas, a folk metal coming from Finland are more into incorporating folk music through instruments and even singing styles; one of examples is the song "Holmgard and Beyond", which more of a 'storytelling'-metal style rather than of a mere growl, shout as what other stereotypical bands do. Or even Thor's Hammer's "May the hammer smash the cross", but it is more of propagating anti-Christianity and glorifying paganism though its lyrics, especially its title. FYI-Hammer is the weapon of Thor, god of thunder in Norse Mythology.

Secondly, turning music as a weapon includes making music as an instrument of sentiment as well as of resistance, not just a mere ear candy for an Ipod or an Mp3 player user. For sure some musicians use to express feelings regarding the society and a call for total struggle despite having a different genre. Likely to integrate every genre as possible to the masses, simply by infusing the melodies of the common metal scene and of the struggles of the folk, of Kudyapi, native drums and gongs with the drumset and electric guitars! Playing the melodies of revolution as possible, and so is propagating it through its words given.

Metal may likely to do so, then if possible, why not a "National Democratic" Black Metal? Perhaps some metal music mirrors the realities despite the growl and the continuous playing. Unlike others who are more of a posing, the worst? To be Lumpenic.

On “Poserism” and the subgenre

On “Poserism” and the subgenre
(or the rift between genres)

They came from the same root, but different ideology.

Upon doing this, I, in spite of being "Gothic", has a right to made this write-up as I have sought such problems involving poserism, labeling without a reason, and the forced assimilation to the cannibalistic mainstream culture which likely to enslave the minds of the people-or I should say to be eaten by the society prevailing. How deeply sad these things that likely to intensify such drift and total competition. As for me, these things are likely to be a secondary part of class struggle in the realms of culture and the arts. I as a writer, may express such criticism about these “joust” between two genres out of poserism, the mainstream as well as name calling and generalization. How deeply sad!


Emo is originally an admirer of emotive hardcore music, from the punk subgenre, especially as Independent emo in late 1980s and survived until the late 1990s, as many of the bands either disbanded or shifted to mainstream styles. As the remaining indie emo bands entered the mainstream, newer bands began to emulate the mainstream style. As a result, the term "emo" became a vaguely defined identifier rather than a specific genre of music.

In recent years, emo, in the popular media, has been associated with a stereotype that includes being emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angsty. It is also associated with depression, self-injury, and suicide (that's why they've been branded and criticized. Bah! Undesirable posing persons thinking of it yet nothing to realize the impossibility!).


Goths are more molded into such elegance and spooky in a nostalgic manner. The Goth subculture began in the United Kingdom during the early 1980s in the Gothic rock scene, an offshoot of the post-punk genre. Has survived much longer than others of the same era, and has continued to diversify into different sections of the genre. Its imagery and cultural proclivities indicate influences from nineteenth and some early twentieth century Gothic literature along with horror movies and Gothic rock music in this post punk era (this is better, at least they live throughout the years, and thus we are.).

As for me, both of them are nice. But when the arrival of the posers (imitators who does not think and instead imitating it), and of integration to stereotypical mainstream culture, set fourth in these cultures, anything changed. Drifts and Factions intensified. And thus need to be stopped and destroyed. In addition to that, the mainstream culture tried to invade independent ones, in which destroy the authenticity for capitalist ideology based on profit from the culture or the genre itself. And upon looking through, it seems that mainstream culture is more into making a series of divide et imperia over the cultural scene.

Both of them are influenced and likely to be a part of punk culture (Goth is likely to consider as the punk’s long lost cousin), but what I am deeply concerned is these so-called "posers" and the forcible -like tactics of the mainstream culture whom likely to destroy. Out of such arrogance, selfishness, and of course, thinking of it as a fashion than a genre, a music, a culture within a culture. Combat them! Rectify their error! And Eliminate them from the ranks!!!

As I have said before, inspired by Mao Zedong’s thought:

"All Posers, like Imitators and reactionaries are paper tigers. In appearance, the reactionaries are Elegant, beautiful, terrifying, but in reality they are ugly, unknown, stupid, not so powerful. From a long-term point of view, it is not they who are imitating and trying to intimidate but the people who are knowing it and taking it seriously are really powerful.

Am I wrong or not? Correct me if you Like!

The Filipino Militant as a Political Soldier

The Filipino Militant as a Political Soldier

As I look at every militant scene in Manila, Militants used to chant slogans while marching, clapping their hands, making noise, and lastly, facing the police to taunt them. Or rather set up a place where a barren street will be its makeshift stage, with a permission from the authorities, to speak their grievances against the regime they considered as bourgeois reactionary.

In fact, these people whom organized through are likely to be called as Activists, Leftists, National Democrats, anything positive or negative may likely to call them. Terrorists, Noisemakers, spoiled brats, sheesh...The audience may likely used to watch those things and judge subjectively-especially from the voices to the flags these patriotic men and women used to.

Therefore, In my own perspective about them, I consider these political militants as Political Soldiers. And these political soldiers are the one who devotes all their time and energy to the nationalist struggle they wanted to achieve. This term I used is more associated with the rightists, especially in Europe and in America. However, I don't think of it as totally rightist since nationalism can be Left or Right, and so in the Philippines where most of the Nationalists are from the left, and a bit from the right, therefore, the filipino militant friends are likely to be considered as political soldiers!

What makes a Filipino Militant a Filipino Political Soldier?

· First, they are imbued with patriotism, patriotism which is not based on the nation, but to the people whom they used to serve. Full or Part time, these people are ceaselessly continue their service through organizing, integrating, studying and of course mobilizing the entire people, especially the suffering masses in calling for a change in this rotten society, often resorted to violence of needed.

· As they imbued with a nationalist sense, they wanted a perspective based from the interests of the people. International friendship based on cooperation and respect, Land reform for farmers, National Industrialization for the workers along with 125 wage increase, Free education for the youth , Free housing, health care and ceaseless rural reconstruction based on the masses are these examples of what they wanted. Through ceaseless action both in armed and in parliamentary struggle.

· And lastly, they opted to discipline themselves like rejecting materialism, total individualism, decadency and other kinds of ideas that weaken them. As they continue devoting themselves to patriotism religiously, they need to strengthen themselves with morality and of course ceaseless study of the society.

In short:
These militants indicate a fanatical devotion to the cause of nationalism, or in the Filipino sphere as National Democracy, which its supporters felt was needed to bring about a revolutionary change in society.

And how they adapt these?

· Love of Country- Love of Country does not mean saluting the flag, or acting as if a totally nationalist like what mainstream do-real nationalism is vested not just on the nation and its flag nor its symbol, but to the inhabitants of the nation. Being a nation of regions, swearing that unity must be stressed along with their will to preserve their regional heritage.

· Serving the people- Love of country requires serving the people regardless of their region, race or religion. And therefore these actions must be taken with good faith, since the struggle requires the service made by the people, especially the masses in gaining successes, through joining with them and of course serving them with all your heart.

· Ceaseless Education and Practice of theories-Every action requires education and it includes analysis of the entire society of the nation, which was and is backward, neglected, and in need of a moral and total regeneration through total action of the people. And action refers to the practices out of theories being undertaken (theory-practice-theory) to ensure and strengthen the fibre of the entire movement being followed. But then, every policy being practiced must also reflect the will and aspirations of the masses and employ them fully within the entire struggle.

As what the British National Front said that it called for the building of a fresh ethos within society and for the emergence of a new man to be known as the Political Soldier, Filipino militants, especially the National Democrats, are likely to be considered as a new being, a new blood of revolutionaries emerged from the society where all are considered as victims of the ones whom manipulate the entire society itself, and being educated both in school and in the society, are likely to be considered as Political Soldiers. Since they are the future one who will rebuild and defend the nation once being oppressed!

Basing the idea (and the concept of the political soldier) on those of Julius Evola, an Italian Fascist philosopher who sought the creation of a new elite to combat the decadence of modern bourgeois society, or in case of Mao Zedong, through Lin Biao and Jiang Qing, where they mobilized the politically educated youth, known as the red guards who, same as what Julius Evola sought-to destroy the decadence of a bourgeois society and encouraging proletarian culture at all costs. These actions made by Lin Biao and Jiang Qing, I think were more like indirectly inspired by Julius Evola.

But still,
They are virtually opposed-Evola is a Fascist while Jiang Qing and Lin Biao are socialist. They would disagree both of them because of their opposing ideologies while their ideas can be somehow indirectly related no matter how the line is. Since Julius Evola's idea of a political soldier was merely a theory while some of its ideas may likely to be considered as indirectly practiced by Jiang Qing and Lin Biao through the Red Guards.

(Back to the topic)

The Filipino Militant Activist, as I called them as Political Soldier, must continue their action in parliamentary and on the extent of armed struggle. And as I looked upon them, their sacrifices leads to greater opportunities. Why the former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos being ousted and so was Estrada? Because of the actions being laid by the Militant Filipinos that consists of the front of the Filipino Political Soldiers and not of the Elitists whom used to lead from the top!

I hope if this current government continues to oppress, I hope the Filipino Militants, as political soldiers, must Arouse, Organize, and totally mobilize-charge though with sheer strength before the elitists rose and acquire the scene! All of these actions created by these soldiers of the masses was and is vested by the will of the people-primarily the masses of the farmers and workers as the majority, as the superior force, and lastly as the liberating army all of these under the dictatorship of the proletariat.

And as they reached the goal, these actions will be laid on total construction-since these political soldiers, as future professionals, along with the masses will undertake the first steps of laying the real change of the nation.