Wednesday, September 23, 2009



We are still a group of students, progressive leaning ones rather; and it is precisely our youth, idealism, materialism around and its effects drives us to call for a total voice of dissent. For we know fully well that we have call, or rather say "fight" in order to fulfill-a society imbued with justice, peace, progress and humanity.

We have earlier sought to ventilate our grievances as well as our aspirations in a conventional manner. But this too has been fully denied us because of the prevailing culture that requires suppression of freedom in every form. Whether it is in speech, press, assembly, expression-even to rebel against this current situation.

Somehow in this situation we may have say that the entire community is corrupted by interests fueled by reckless individualism as well as its rotten system kept intact by various forces within it. And thus,
this is the reason why we have been resorted to using the alternative media in expressing our countless grievances, ideas as well as aspirations, and yet, instead of trying to investigate fully about this entire situation, we are branded as "subversives", and the worst is that these people who are branding us are also engaging in their so called "intellectual dishonesty", as well as "conspiracies" all in order to protect the rotten status and their interests, through dismissing anything, calling it as "lies","false", or "misinterpretations of facts" related to what we have passed through.

But still,
we will know what is nearest to the truth behind it.And so are the others who may know it clearly and likely to do the same, despite being trying to be deceived by the lies disguised as truths, or recycled ideas only to be dismissed as lies or invented ones.

Therefore, despite all these actions created by these conspirators, we have decided to act, to continue the mantra of "arouse, organize, mobilize" to the people. As youth, being the so-called "nation's hope" may undertake this task of fulfilling this struggle, taking every step in calling for change and hereby enjoin others, especially those who experienced the social problems that continue to haunt us.