Friday, September 25, 2009



Why “Gunpowder and humanity”?

The noise of the society and culture, mostly in a form of struggle between two kinds, both oppressor and the oppressed, is like setting gunpowder on fire. And why is humanity involved? For humanity seemed likely to be victim of these parts. Difficult to end, however this unending battle between culture and counterculture continues to accelerate-even to the highest degree! Thus, if this conflict continues, the society, like a volcano, will end up erupted in a series of misfortune, and even fatal disaster! And even I, a writer and also “against the system” may end up a casualty of that kind of unending conflict erupted! I even think that this world, in this unending battle, is a large gunpowder keg set in a social volcano-likely to set in an explosion, alongside the eruption; Creating victims out of every people around, out of the cannibals whom likely to dominate every scene; for these sons and daughters of bitches wanted to set the whole world on fire! If possible, even the rising of rents, taxes, debts, fees, real incidents, as well as serious problems of the society like hunger, poverty, and other kinds of disaster may even coincide with this cultural rivalry. Remember, rivalries between mainstream and underground culture is often aligned with the upper and lower class rivalries. And thus, the acceleration of that conflict may lead to a discontent of peoples-and as the disaster grows, a great uprising will set through-a revolution!

While I watched the scene of a Cambodian Propaganda Movie, I, even thou I used to be in the upper-middle class, had greatest sympathies with them. I used to live in underground culture (my parents opposed me since it is against the system, however I still continue what is against them for the culture reflects me) and even read books about the society. Why not practice it in spite of your status? Why not integrate and sympathise with them? I would like to farm and work with them, not to stand up and supervise their doings! If you are an indirect farmer, then why not join the farmers and work with your hands or even join in their collective thinking? If you are an indirect worker, why not go straight to the factories and help the workers through hard work same as them like manning the machinery and fixing problems directly? It would be better to integrate your minds in those fields using your sheer strength rather than looking through it. Look at the example of the Turkish craftsmen-professionals whom working hard with their profession as makers of ammunition simply by joining with the workers in creating in lathes, these craftsmen-professionals are mostly engineers used to study in Europe, or professional doctors in the barrios whom using their professions in helping the less fortunate people in spite of their problems, since nature and the smiles of the people made them feel fine in their works no matter what their problem is (like going to other countries as nurses).

And so is in culture-enlighten the minds of every people simply by educating them, organizing them with discipline, breaking off the chains inside their minds and resist against the stream by adopting certain traditional and alternative modern cultural forms and integrate with them. What is progressive in foreign cultures should be assimilated and adapted in domestic conditions while respecting the customs, culture and ideas of others, specially the folk; As well as respecting freedom of thought and belief with outmost humanity and rectifying the errors of the culture, adopting criticism and self criticism in a humane and constructive manner in rectification. Thus, the once beaten would have end up beaten the oppressor-more severely through organizing, educating and helping with them. I, in spite of my status, do belong to the alternative, the counterculture, the culture of the oppressed, and helping them may improve the skill well to the extent, thus likely to stop the stream that causes the destruction of the people and the culture they belong; as well as to beat the cannibals who wanted to devour us, and on the finale-helping in the destruction of the so-called status quo that destroys the authenticity, independence and self-decision of man. As well as the culture man belongs to, respecting cultures is good-but rectifying their errors, eradicating stereotypism, accepting constructive and humane criticism and self criticism and improving the culture with good knowledge and skill is better. For it may help in hastening the end of cultural rivalry. Since we used to resist the stream-why not destroy the stream? It would be better! Well, one verse stated that “it is right to rebel”. Then we must!!!!! THE UNDERGROUND MAY LIKELY TO RISE-BUT NOT BEING DOMINATED, BUT TO DOMINATE-ALONGSIDE OF THE DOMINATION OF THE MAKERS OF HISTORY, FOR TODAY IS THE PROTRACTED CULTURAL WAR, THE KULTURKAMPF.

And so, that Kulturkampf, also known is cultural rivalry, would be accelerated into a highest degree-and that highest degree would lead to a victory of the once oppressed, emancipation of thought, and the destruction of social cannibalism and the sons and daughters of bitches once dominated and roamed around the society.

Let the arts that once buried (or rather say despised) be surfaced and revived in the new stage, as what Madame Mao Jiang Qing said that “let the new socialistic performing arts occupy every stage”. I admire the culture set through-but I am not a socialist.