Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The analysis of Struggle

The analysis of Struggle

Upon analyzing the entire Filipino realm, especially Manila, its capital; I think that it is ripe to have a total revolution. Somehow the status quo tries and continues to resist this kind of idea, but despite of these, more and more people, especially those who continue to face total oppression laid by the system, likely to say that the spectre of revolution continues to roam totally, haunting the rotten state and its vestiges.

The government, for now continues its desperate stand against the will of the people, creating desperate attempts to deceives like creating half truths, recycled truths, of resolutions that according to them as their revolutionary plans that in fact, contradicts the people's wants. And if they continue doing so, instead of uplifting, it hastens the realization of the rumor of revolution!

And thus,
As I continue analyzing every place, both urban and rural; the crisis created by the rotten state apparatus and its traditional power controls will continue to linger as more and more problems created by them will grow thoroughly, same as the cries of the masses to repeal their decrees that destroy them and their dignity as men! Well... this is what we call "future" and a "prerequisite to the apocalypse."

In addition to that,
I may say that most people, despite feeling this so-called spectre, does not care about it and instead they called it as "distress", as "dangerous", however they felt the worse ones than what they've said about that spectre, despite contenting on what they have!

That is what a neo-colonial standard of living is-to become blind and too contented on the four corners of their cells. Except those who kept on trying to resist as much fast as they could. By organizing more and more to realize the spectre being foretold, reviving what "we" deserve for "us."