Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The value of Baybayin “ka” in every Filipino

The value of Baybayin “ka” in every Filipino

Every people used to look at the red flag bearing the baybayin symbol "Ka" during mass demonstrations and mobilizations, especially in Manila where discontent is rampant. As we look upon it, especially from a reactionary pont of view, it shows militant leftism, however, their counterparts used it, especially the military, whose logo also carries the "Ka" symbol. Once, I even think that "Ka" represents the nationalism vested upon to the Filipino People sworn to continue the National Democratic revolution what our fallen comrades used to fight for. From the flag used by our late cadre Andres Bonifacio during the first National Democratic revolution to the flag used by the Kabataang Makabayan during 1964 and lastly, the youth group Anakbayan. And thus, unlikely to be used by the reactionaries.

There are so many meanings we used to look at tat baybayin symbol of "Ka". "Ka" at first sinifies "Kalayaan"- freedom. Freedom that every comrade obliged to swear through it. "Ka" represents the Katagalugan, but not just the tagalog peoples in particular through its word "tagalog", but the entire Filipino nation as an entity, an entity consists of our regional brothers like the Cebuanos, Ilokanos, Warays, and even the Moros. "Ka" Signifies "Kasaganaan" and "Kaginhawaan", Abundance and Prosperity that every Filipino may have and share equallyamong Filipinos as well as among nations around the world. And lastly, "Ka" may also stand for "Kamatayan", in a literal meaning: Death, but not just death, but rather as sacrifice of every Filipino to defend the nation and its freedom against domestic and foreign oppressors, whom we described as "Kasamaan" or evils in our country.

Once I even think of "Ka" as a symbol of our heritage, unseen heritage rather, that mainstream Filipinos, especially from the abroad opted to use the sun and stars as a symbol for Filipino entity. As most of the hiphop boys wear shirts bearing that sun and stars symbol in it. As for me, Sun and stars may represent the entire Filipino nation, but with "Ka", it represents the value of freedom, justice, youth, sacrifice, and lastly the entire Filipino nation, not just the Tagalogs whom using "Katagalugan" but also our regional brothers within our sphere-In short: Katagalugan represents the Philippines in general, a nation of regions, united with a common goal and a common purpose. Guided by a main force "Pangunahing puwersa"-the Filipino Masses, primarily the farmers and the workers fighting to dismantle the rotten society concocted by Feudalism, Bureaucrat capitalism, and of course: Imperialism.

Argentines may have carried the sun of liberty, Americans with their bald eagle, Russians may have carried the double headed eagle, Frenchmen may have carried the liberty cap and the Guillotine, Italians their fasces, Mozambicans their AK47, Cubans for graffiti featuring Fidel and Che, but for Filipinos? We have our sun and stars and the baybayin "Ka" as the symbol of our heritage. Every Filipino must keep the value and instill in every heart, as the waging struggle goes on and so are we, like those of our fallen comrades long ago from the first to the current situation.

And how can we defend it? to keep it?
It is not just through enough and just pray, study and work, but through ceaseless service to the people, primarily through propaganda, agitation and of course, activism. "Arouse, Organize, and Mobilize" is one of its solution. Sacrifice is also one of its parts since some may exchange their life for the unfinished struggles what they fought as what the Legionary Grades Oath, by Corneliu Codreanu from Romania said:
"The permanent self-sacrifice, serving the Nation; the elite idea is strongly linked to the sacrifice idea, the poverty idea, the severe living idea; where the self-sacrifice stops, there stops the Legionary elite."
or in our oath of Allegiance:
" I offer my life, dreams, and successes to the Filipino nation."

Therefore, these acts are obliged in keeping the values what the baybayin symbol "Ka" Stood for, and is defending the Filipino from oppression, and building a new nation with a new democracy, a people's nationalism, and aprogressive people'sperspective we have been awaited.