Sunday, September 27, 2009

Becoming a Migrant (and acting as a Traitor)

Becoming a Migrant (and acting as aTraitor)

It was Sunday when I, while updating my accounts, found something that seemed controversial, especially to a Filipina living in the Middle East named Jacque Bermejo. What makes her confidential was that, in her account, said that in Tagalog: "Buti n lng am hir in dubai! maybe so many sinners bak der! so yeah deserving wat hapend!"

These words, somehow shows that she has no care for her countrymen and the worst? Stupidly calling the Filipinos in general as sinners and deserving that kind of calamity through the ravaging Typhoon "Ondoy!" How come she say so despite being a Filipina? Well... That's the problem of some people who simply migrate to another country for sake, aside from making more money and contenting in a new life, not caring the society!

In response to the said quotation posted in Facebook in the middle of the tragedies, both her Facebook and Multiply accounts was and is bombarded by curses and threats by Filipinos who have read her posted quotation, these shows how Filipinos, saddened by a major tragedy Ondoy did, were venting an anger protractedly towards a girl who called the affected Filipinos in general as "Sinners!" Another unity for the Filipinos perhaps against a race traitor!

Jacque Bermejo is an example of a migrant, working as an alleged Personal Relations officer whose mind perhaps is focused on the cash and on the benefits, being apolitical and asocietal, that girl living in Dubai may have branded by every Filipinos as "Persona non Grata" or even a "Race Traitor" who deserves not just revocation of her passport but a death sentence due to what she said although she tries to make apology for it in a PR manner. But then, she inflicted a blow towards a million people suffering out of a major calamity!

I hope ever people must be aware about these events, especially those who wanted to go to another country in search of a better living, but if you want to go to another country just to escape a liability and even insulting somebody? Think! For it may harm not your suffering nation, but even your race!