Monday, September 28, 2009

The "Self Criticism" of Bayani Fernando and the gimmicks of politicians in the middle of Ondoy

The "Self Criticism" of Bayani Fernando
and the gimmicks of politicians in the middle of Ondoy

At first, he is famous for developing Marikina from a mere town one of the first class cities in Metro Manila in the Philippines. Also famous for his Machiavellian and semi-Draconian example through his forceful eviction of sidewalk vendors and U-turn schemes, Bayani Fernando today seemed met his failure-for his Metro Manila Development Authority didn't handle much regarding the recent floods in Metro Manila, that even includes his bulwark last September 26 until now.

In fact, that man seemed wasting his time at that time in his political ambition as a president-wannabe (although he end up defeated in the nomination by Defense's Teodoro) and at the same time in his long-term vison being a Chairman of MMDA. However, not noticing that a typhoon named "Ondoy" was approaching that it can affect Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon. And just like any other traditional politician, perhaps through his self criticism and confession regarding flood control responsibilities, he's just trying to save his face.

In an event where many people are greatly suffered from a calamity, some politicians, including Fernando, are also grabbing this opportunity in preparation for the upcoming elections in 2010, while others perhaps are seriously doing so despite having a government position. Richard Gordon for example, he's a Red Cross member and at the same time a senator, he's just doing his job as a humanitarian, unlike others who are grabbing a calamity as an asset than a liability, especially from buying life boats to utilizing the military like Teodoro did.

But as these politicians are doing these kind of things, Mikey Arroyo, a member of the presidential family seemed doing something different. In the middle of the tragedies happened, he's buying liquor in a stall somewhere in Katipunan! According to Facebook, it says that:
Author’s Note: The person who posted the picture has asked me to take down the pic because she and her family are worried for their safety and security. She has already removed the picture from her Facebook account. I’ve already advised her that if at any point someone harasses her or her family she should give me a call and I can refer them to people who can help.
Unfortunately, the picture was deleted due to confidential reasons upon doing this remarkable act. But then, Mikey Arroyo, whatever reason he has, still he's doing it in a middle of a tragedy, especially that he's also recognized as a politician and his province was also affected by the typhoon!

These tragic events perhaps, shows how politicians are trying hard to save their faces for 2010, using a tragedy as an opportunity, they are still thinking of ballot boxes as part of it. Except other politicians who are really serving the people with or without these tragedies happened like Ondoy.