Friday, September 25, 2009



Originally, an extension of the first part, this write-up shows the connection of subculture rivalry as part of class conflict. Upper class culture against working class culture in short, the conflict between subcultures is more like a brawl through cultural means in the realm of class conflicts happened today. Like the Underground culture, who swore to protect their culture against the mainstream, and the most common of all, Punks (including Goths and skinheads) against the Preppy culture.

I used to be a victim of these conflicts. Conflicts that likely to disrupt the minds of every people in deciding through. For the people whom behind these conflicts wanted to gain prominence. And thus, that prominence would serve as a dominating force. For me, it seemed likely to create stereotypes, slaves, or I should say, a fodder to the cannibals whom wanted to devour them, just like in the first part of this write-up.

Most of the people behind the rivalry are likely to end up this kind of mess. Culture against counterculture, mainstream against underground, the conflict of subcultures and genres increased through so badly to the fatal extent-alongside the rivalry of classes in the entire human history, as I, used to be a victim of these oppression, may have written this kind to know about the conflict between two cultures-the mainstream culture and the underground culture, or I should say the culture and the counterculture.

Upon looking at the television, I used to look at every scene, compelling people to admire both culture and counterculture. However, all of the scenes seemed to be depicting mainstream culture, and as for me, it seems to call it as “civilized” and the dominant culture of the world as most adults, kids and grandchildren "participate" in that “pop” culture directly or indirectly. While the underground culture, the counterculture, seemed to be shunned or seldom seen in the television, except to those channels which used to depict it; In short, calling the mainstream as the “in” while the underground as “out”; or even calling the mainstream as the “system” the “status quo”, that obliges people to “join the flow”, while criticizing those whom are alternative in their ideas, or I should day “Against the system”.

But behind these lies the victims of these cultural conflicts. There are somewhat “bad” between these contrasting cultures that need to be rectified in some ways. Like using drugs, unauthorized sex, or any kind of “sins” that needs to be eradicate. Just like in the first write-up, that:

“as if we wanted to cross the river of fire in an uncertain darkness, crossing while our hearts beating out so fast out of our fear, likely to fell and be burn in the flames of the eternal fire setting fourth against us; Without any light to guide as we cross through.”

Subculture rivalry is also totally swollen, maybe due to the physical assaults against another; one of these examples are those whom against the gothic culture (like me, however, I seldom wear, but I prefer their lifestyle and music). Maybe because of public misunderstanding and ignorance surrounding gothic aesthetics, Goths sometimes suffer prejudice, discrimination, and intolerance. As is the case with members of various other controversial subcultures and alternative lifestyles, outsiders sometimes marginalize Goths, either by intention or by accident. Goths, like any other alternative sub-culture sometimes suffer intimidation, humiliation, and, in extreme cases, physical violence for their involvement with the subculture.

In 2006 four Goths were attacked in San Diego California by a Navy man and his brother resulting in one Goth, Jim Howard, having to be rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery in order to repair the damage that was done. The perpetrators of this attack were found guilty in August of 2007 on four related accounts, two of which were felonies. It was made clear that the Goths were assaulted due to their subculture affiliation. This can be otherwise known as a "hate crime" though the San Diego courts do not recognize this attack as such at this time.

On August 11, 2007, two Goths, walking through Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Lancashire, England were attacked by a group of teenagers because they were Goths. Sophie Lancaster subsequently died from her injuries.

These examples of physical assaults against other cultures may rise up such measures to counter the advances of the one whom used to assault; a retaliation from such “hate crimes” that causes total angst against the society. Some of those whom used to be victims may likely end as activists, or rather be, as armed rebels. Like the punks or even skinheads and Goths (imagine a Goth becoming a member of a rebel group?).

They don’t interfere you, if you interfere them with such amicable manner, they may befriend you too. But as you interfere them with such hate, they may end up the same thing against you. Just like the phrase: “Good Friend, Dangerous Enemy”.

And in regards to its connection to class conflict, subcultures seemed to represent the “high” and “low” portions of the society. Upon looking it, mainstream pop culture represents a handsome or pretty person in a modern age manner, a teenybopper, a lover of contemporary pop or any kind of popular music, wearing modern day attire, as well as having a culture full of luck and nothing. While the underground counterculture represents a low class person with a simple need, enjoys underground music (mostly punk, goth, ska, and metal), wearing attire partially or fully different from the common ones, and having an alternative culture all of their lives. It reminds of that the mainstream represents an “upper to middle class bourgeois” type of person while the underground represents a “middle class bourgeois” to a “proletarian” type of person. And the conflict between two cultures reminds of a conflict between two warring classes; one seemed to be the oppressor while the other seemed to be oppressed- if not physically, culturally.

And I think it so badly-that this conflict, a never ending conflict continues to rage many times, as if I used to hear a hymn made for Ataturk continuously. (Sounds weird and irrelevant right?) But then, that conflict may continue to create victims, aside from cannibals, sons and daughters of bitches, and socio-cultural whores. That makes the society in the brink of social chaos comparing to a social volcano which can likely to erupt! OH GOD! HOW COULD THIS BE? WILL YOU HELP THOSE SUFFERING MASSES ROAMING AROUND IN MY SURROUNDINGS?

“As Red blood flow, red roses surely grow-grow in the soil of warriors, warriors whom called by the howl of wolves, and of the cries of the people; advancing to die in the old rotten soil of the earth.”