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Maza hits alleged deal

Maza hits alleged deal*

Nacionalista Party and Makabayan coalition senatorial candidate Rep. Liza Maza strongly denounced the alleged deal between Liberal Party presidential bet Noynoy Aquino and the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) to forego the overcharging in electricity rates, if Aquino wins the presidency on May 10 elections.

Maza said if this deal is true, this could be a portent of things to come where the people will be the ultimate loser again as they will bear the burden of higher power rates.

Meanwhile, the Movement for Better Values (MBV) and its members on Thursday picketed the offices of the Meralco and the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to protest recent hikes in power rates and bared the alleged secret deal between Meralco and the Noynoy Aquino camp.

"Arroyo's legacy of high electricity rates since the approval of RA 9136 or the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) in 2001 and Noynoy's dream for the presidency bodes ill for consumers and the people," Maza said.

"The Noynoy deal with Meralco, if this is true, could be a portent of things to come. The ERC is already sitting on the excessive billings of Meralco proven by the COA audit. Should the deal push through, we are in for bigger electric shocks," Maza added.

Figures from Commission on Audit (COA) Audit Reports of Meralco revealed overcharges by Meralco of P8.552 billion and P4.375 billion in test years 2004 and 2007 for a total of P12.98 billion. The years 1987 to 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008 were not included in the COA audit.

Based on Merlaco’s Audited Financial Statements for CYs 2003 to 2009, the overcharging could reach P15.4 billion.

From a capital base of P441.6-million, Meralco's capital ballooned to P39.2-billion or 8,896 percent in 21 years or an equivalent of 423.6 percent yearly gain.

"This far exceeds the 12 percent returns allowable by law for public utilities like Meralco. Instead of increasing power rates, Meralco should immediately refund consumers and the Noynoy camp should explain their dealings with this company," Maza said.


May Day Greetings

May Day Greetings


"We have not come to do the work of political parties, but we have come here in the cause of labour, in its own defence, to demand its own rights." These are the words Madame Elanor Marx said in Hyde park, last the 4th of May 1890.These words also mirror the fact that all workers are still pursuing the protracted struggle for their rights.

True, for as time goes by, we all expect that more and more hath their minds opened, looking at the realities, rose up and fight. Like Madame Marx hath said: "but the dozens have grown to hundreds, and the hundreds to thousands, until we have this magnificent demonstration that fills the park today." But now, every park,square or plaza around the world became filled with workers and the red flags waving all in the name of struggle,not just for worker's and farmer's rights, but also for genuine Democracy and Socialism.

Driven by strong working class Patriotism and Internationalism, the entire working class somehow became inspiration to many all despite the anomalies, incidents, and tragedies happened pointing against them. The working class will continue forwarding the struggle for genuine Democracy all despite the dissolution of the east bloc, the capitulation of China to the wishes of the west, and modern-day revisionism courtesy of cliques, groups within vanguards.

Somehow the ones from the west and its domestic allies still try to vent much of black propaganda against us out of despair. Worse as we encounter the same methods like harassment and even death amongst our ranks. But then, we, the working class really faced those things regardless of life and in lieu of decreasing ranks amongst us, increasing all due of our lessons we shared upon to the rest of the world, continuing the legacy of popular struggles against the exploiters and the slanderers of the people.

As of now, we call on the peoples of the world, regardless of race, religion and sharing a common idea must forge a new, eternal and fraternal unity in order to counter the hordes unleashed by the Imperialists, especially the United States and its cohorts as we are living in a very tense time as they, the exploiters, maddened by permissiveness and excess of always printable blank dollars, which buy everything and everyone, from the U.S. not serviced at all by the gold reserves of the U.S. (ie, empty wrappers)can afford in it, coupled with kowtowing to the imperialist governments in Europe, Russia, and even the Revisionist China, including acquiescence to the world beyond the aggressive imperialist policy of world conquest robbery-that even encompasses all fields including politics, culture and the economy in different countries of the world are Americanized owing to the US policy of "internationalization" and "globalization."

But then,
The days of exploitation are numbered not just because of rallies directing against them from London to Washington or from Paris to Manila. And a UK cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church told the members of British parliament, politicians and businesspersons that capitalism, the system of exploitation, met its ruin since the declaration of the end of socialism not less than 20 years ago with the collapse of Berlin wall in 1989-all due to the intensification of people's struggles from legal to armed means like Columbia to the Philippines, wherein the struggle kept on growing.

All of these are not because of modern weaponry nor the number of people in every rally. We must recognize that the popular masses, who are behind all of the growing anti-Imperialist, anti-Capitalist, and anti-Fascist opposition play a decisive role as masters of national sovereignty and international solidarity. And that unity is mightier than a nuclear weapon or any kind of modern weaponry and sends the imperialists a tremble with apprehension and fear-like this remarkable May 1 event.

I hope the people must greatly understood the entire event like the past of years ago. The struggle isn't and will never be over irregardless the basis what the exploiters said directly against us.

Long live May 1 - Day of struggle against U.S. evil imperialism, for peace and security, for free labour and prosperity on our beautiful planet Earth! And someday, people of the world will hear and say these words in a coming offensive: Launch the offensives! Protect the Barricades!

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Rebels seize arms from Surigao political rally

Rebels seize arms from Surigao political rally*
by By Anthony Vargas

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Communist rebels crashed a political rally in Surigao del Sur province and seized at least eight firearms from the security escorts of several politicians Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Congressman Philip Pichay and Tago Mayor Hermenegildo Pimentel Jr. were leading the rally in Sitio Cadlom, Barangay Cabangahan, when it was rushed at around 1 p.m. by around 30 New People’s Army (NPA) guerrillas led by Commander Puma of Front Committee 30, Chief Superintendent Lino Calingasan, Caraga regional police director, said.

The rebels took the M16 assault rifles of policemen Ricky Bagnol, Joel Galolo and Eliseo Bontor and the .45 caliber pistol of Emelio Ladaga. They also seized four AK-47 rifles, two of these “licensed to Congressman Pichay” and the other two to Mayor Pimentel and Henrich Pimentel, who is running for Tago mayor on May 10.


Another tactical offensive of NPA-Rizal against government troops resulted to 12 dead and 5 wounded-NDF

Another tactical offensive of NPA-Rizal
against government troops resulted to 12 dead and 5 wounded-NDF

Macario "Ka Karyo" Liwanag
Narciso Antazo Aramil Command
April 25, 2010

Members of NAAC-NPA-Rizal ambushed combined elements of SAF-PNP and 16th IB-PA last April 22 , 2010 at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon in Masalo, Sitio Tayabasan, San Jose, Antipolo City, Rizal. The government troops were pursuing the NPA-Rizal who ambushed the SAF Commando-PNP last April 20, 2010. Unknown to the pursuing government troops, members of the NPA-Rizal had set an ambush in the area that they would be passing through. At around 3 PM, firefight started and lasted for about 1hour.

The tactical offensive resulted to 12 dead and 5 wounded from the government troops. To avoid being seen by the people and by the press, the AFP-PNP airlifted the bodies on board 2 helicopters at night time. The AFP-PNP declared a news black-out of the incident to hide to the public and the media their successive defeats in the hands of NPA fighters. But, much as they would want to hide it, the people in the area, the farmers, tribesmen and settlers knew the result of the NPA tactical offensive.

The NPA fighters suffered no casualties and safely withdrawn to their camp. With the warm support of the people of Rizal and the mastery of terrain, the NPA forces were able to defeat the AFP-PNP offensive even with their superiority in numbers and arms.

For anybody interested to know the truth, including the media people, all they have to do is go to the area where the ambush happened and talk with the people. To be able to ferret out the truth, speak with people without the presence of the government troops so that the people could speak freely about what happened. You can also talk with ordinary soldiers and SAF-PNP personnel without the presence of their superiors.

The victories of the NPA-Rizal forces in defeating government forces are slap on the face the AFP-PNP leadership including their corrupt Commander-in-chief, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. It is a clear proof that they did not really win the hearts and minds of the people as they boasted it to the media. Instead, the people wholeheartedly supported their true army, the New People's Army. It is the support of the people that ensures the victory of the NPA and the defeat of the fascist government troops.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ugly Leftist

Ugly Leftist*
by Raymond "Mong" Palatino
Youth-Student Sector Representative
KABATAAN partylist

‘Ugly’ refers to the politics of Risa H. and her media officers who issued a press statement accusing Satur Ocampo, Liza Maza, and the Makabayan political coalition of having ‘sold-out’ their principles by aligning with Manny Villar in the 2010 elections. Risa also described Makabayan leaders and organizations as members of ‘nondemocratic left’ who are condoning the alleged criminal activities of the New People’s Army.

A few days before Risa published this statement, she called for a moratorium on election mudslinging. It is unfunny that she ignored her own plea by vilifying her colleagues in Congress and fellow senatoriables Ocampo and Maza.

Did Ocampo and Maza betray their principles when they joined the senatorial ticket of Villar as adopted candidates? The emphatic answer is no. Maza and Ocampo remain committed activists and street parliamentarians who vow to advance their advocacies inside and outside Congress. Their inclusion in the Nacionalista slate is indicative of 1) Villar’s recognition of the militant left’s organized strength and his openness to adopt progressive politics if he becomes president; and 2) the sincerity of Ocampo, Maza, and the Makabayan political bloc to pursue the people’s agenda through parliamentary work.

The left has a sterling record in remaining steadfast as vanguard of the poor and oppressed while keeping a tactical alliance with bourgeois parties and politicians. The left supported Gloria Arroyo during Edsa Dos but it became critical of the new administration when Arroyo mutated into a monster. Ocampo and the late great Crispin Beltran were jailed because of their position that Arroyo must be removed from power.

The left did not financially benefit from its brief alliance with Arroyo. It was the NGO friends of Risa who received a billion peso racket from Arroyo through the so-called peace bonds. When Beltran died a poor man in 2008 despite his three-term stint as member of Congress, it gave a valuable lesson for progressives of all stripes on how to live modestly and avoid the corrupting lifestyle of many politicians.

Its exemplary attitude towards Arroyo during and immediately after Edsa Dos and its brave defiance against the Arroyo dictatorship in the past decade are the left’s best assurance that it will not “sell-out” once Villar becomes the country’s next president. Ocampo and Maza can boast of their untarnished reputation as public servants for nine years as proof that they will not abuse their links with Villar for selfish reasons. The Makabayan Coalition can easily make Villar accountable by invoking the people’s agenda document which Villar signed in a public event last December.

But for Risa and other “Liberal Talibans”, the decision of the left to support Villar is unacceptable because of their naïve belief that Noynoy is the only candidate blessed with a pure heart and good intentions. The other lie (naïve and hilarious at the same time) being peddled by the Liberal Party is that Noynoy is unlike Villar who is spending billions of pesos to win in the elections. Ano sa tingin nila ang ipinambabayad ni Noynoy at Mar sa TV at radio networks, campaigners, at local candidates ng partido sa buong bansa – autograph ni Kris at Korina?

Actually it is Risa’s support for Noynoy which smacks of opportunism. Risa initially endorsed Mar for president but when Noynoy announced his candidacy, she immediately raised the hands of Noynoy. She and her group did this even if Noynoy has not yet publicly stated his platform. Remember the assertion of Noynoy supporters who arrogantly reminded the public that based on tradition (as if the only correct behavior is to follow tradition), the period of finalizing and publishing a platform is only after parties and candidates have filed their candidacy papers? Despite his failure to advance or articulate a meaningful social policy issue, the very popular Noynoy was instantly endorsed by Risa.

Villar had to rescind the NP-KBL alliance and boldly included two militant leftists in his senate slate before he got the approval of Makabayan. Villar was endorsed by the left despite his lower public ratings because he proved to be a more sincere candidate with better track record and competence. It would have been easier for the left if it endorsed Noynoy last November or December who at that time was rating 50-60 percentage points in surveys. But our endorsement is not just based on popularity alone.

Did Risa question the inclusion of VATmen in Noynoy’s campaign team? Did Risa clarify the role of Kamag-Anak Inc. in Noynoy’s candidacy? Did she consider the plight of Hacienda Luisita workers and those who were killed in 2004 when she joined Noynoy?

Landlords like Noynoy are thankful for the amended land reform law (CARPER) which Risa supported in Congress. This law was initially being opposed by landlords in Congress but after successfully inserting their amendments last June, even the Arroyo family and other sugar barons voted in favor of this measure. Risa’s sponsorship of the pro-landlord CARPER complements Noynoy’s adamant refusal to treat the Hacienda Luisita matter as a social justice issue. To use Risa’s own words, it surprises me how easily she has sold out.

In fairness to Risa, she is a consistent critic of the militant left. This is the reason why military officials are supporting her. An anti-communist, military-backed partylist solon in Congress (sorry I can’t mention his name, baka sumikat) always enjoins the group of Risa in advocating the elimination of leftist groups from the political mainstream. Why? Because the military and Risa are mouthing the same demands against members of the legal left – that the latter should also condemn the alleged atrocities committed by the NPA; that by refusing to condemn revolutionary taxation, Ocampo, Maza and other activists are affirming their links with the NPA. Through the press statement mentioned above, Risa legitimized the “murderous lines” echoed by Jovito Palparan.

Risa, who claims to be a leftist, should know better that the group she is attacking is not a terrorist organization. The Communist Party is a revolutionary group which espouses the establishment of a new political order through revolutionary means. If she thinks that the Communist Party is a mere terrorist cell which exists to extort money from businessmen and politicians, then why did she agree to become a member of the GRP-NDF peace panel representing the Arroyo government in 2001?

As a student of politics and history, I am aware that most revolutionary groups employ various means, including use of arms, to overthrow the established order. Let us agree that there are now peaceful means to advocate change. But we can’t blame other segments of the population if they continue to think that the reign of injustice and numbing poverty in the country can only end through revolutionary violence. Even the UN recognizes the right of the people to take up arms if they think the elected government has made it impossible for the people to demand change through peaceful means.

By parroting the Palparan doctrine that NPA members are mere murderers and extortionists, isn’t Risa providing ideological justification for the continued postponement of the stalled peace talks? Isn’t this moral-booster line giving the military another reason to step up the all-out war tactic in the countryside instead of addressing the root causes of armed struggle? As leftists, isn’t it more correct and progressive to advocate peace talks and tackle the reasons why many Filipinos continue to take up arms instead of prodding activists to denounce the CPP-NPA? That the insurgency has lasted for more than four decades (the longest insurgency in Southeast Asia) means it is more than just a band of gun toting crazies who love to sread mayhem in the country.

Risa’s insinuations against Maza, Ocampo, and Makabayan members are dangerous because the military can use them to butrress its red-baiting campaign against activists in the legal arena. At least the NPA can defend themselves during military operations but unarmed activists are helpless against illegal combat and psy-war operations. Politicians like Risa, Palparan, and Arroyo who continue to link the legal left with the underground left is the reason why activists continue to be harassed, abducted, tortured, and killed in this part of the world.

Risa’s press statement is not just a demolition job aimed at Ocampo, Maza and Villar. It is part of a systematic campaign to defeat and isolate the left. From day one of campaigning, the military has been very aggressive in its illegal campaign to sabotage the candidacies of Ocampo, Maza, and Makabayan partylist groups. It sends poison letters and death threats to Makabayan candidates, leaders, supporters, and now politicians who endorse the left. Military officers conduct illegal assemblies in communities and schools to warn residents and students against voting Satur, Maza, and Makabayan candidates. Soldiers and their supporters are actively defacing the campaign posters of the left. Palparan is given substantial media time to spread lies in public. The Liberal Party spokesman questions the inclusion of communists in the Villar senate lineup. It is unfortunate that the communist bogey is being used againto get the support of the US imperialist masters.

The post-election scenario is very scary for activists and leftists.

A few years ago, Akbayan stalwarts denounced their inclusion in the so-called NPA hitlist. It turned out that the hitlist was fictitious and the Akbayan leaders who feared for their lives are still very much alive today. They raised a lot of noise in global NGO summits presenting themselves as victims of a totalitarian ideology. What was tragicomic from that affair was that the groups and activists whom Akbayan accused of having ideological and organizational links with NPA were the ones who got abducted and killed by elements close to the military.

Akbayan didn’t kill my comrades and I’m sure it has many members who sympathize with our cause but by spewing out the same malicious accusations hurled by the military against militant activists, (again to use the words of Risa) it “indirectly helps human rights violators like Palparan to commit further abuses.”

Will there be another crackdown against the ‘nondemocratic left’? The signs are evident that the anti-communist bloc will pressure the next president to intensify the war against “communist terrorists” and their “legal fronts.” Wittingly or unwittingly, Risa and her party are being used to whip up insane anti-red hysteria in the country.

Is Risa a leftist? Palparan claims he is a human rights defender; he is even a member of the House Committee on Human Rights. Is Risa a democratic leftist? Palparan is a protector of democracy. What binds Palparan, the democracy-loving general and Risa, the democratic leftist is their shared hatred against the politics of Maza, Ocampo, and Makabayan.

But is she a leftist? Her statements on land reform, living wage, debt moratorium, human rights have been described in the media as progressive. Often, she is mistaken to be a member of Anakbayan or Gabriela. Maybe her statement against the ‘nondemocratic left’ is an attempt to publicly dissociate herself from the ranks of the militant left. Fine. I’ll return the favor by paraphrasing Fredric Jameson: “We have much in common with Risa and her party, in fact virtually everything – save the essentials.”

Long live the revolutionary tradition of the left!

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Stance regarding "Jejemons" et al.

Stance regarding "Jejemons" et al.
by Lualhati Madlangawa-Guerrero

It all started when I walked outside to buy a quenching "Sago't gulaman" in a hawker stall. While buying, I sought scantly-clad people wearing their caps inappropriately, of clothes large or very large in size, listening to "Lumpenic"-inclined Rap music and standing by at the corner.

These people, aside from calling them as gangsters, are also famous (or even infamous) for their text or online messages that can be seen around, especially on social networking sites such as Friendster, and even spread around their idiocy on the web by "tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje," making all people viewing their profile raise their eyebrows out of annoyance-calling them as "JEJEMONS." and at the same time giving them a bout of heckling-especially on boys.

According to the website "Urban Dictionary", it says:

"1) Usually seen around social networking sites such as Friendster and Multiply, jejemons are individuals with low IQs who spread around their idiocy on the web by tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje, making all people viewing their profile raise their eyebrows out of annoyance. Normal people like you and me must take a Bachelor of Arts in 'Jejetyping' in order to understand said individuals, as deciphering their text would cause a lot of frustration and hair pulling.

2) Jejemons are not just confined to trying-hard Filipino gangsters and emos. A Jejemon can also include a variety of Latino-Hispanic fags who enjoy typing "jejejejeje" in a wider context, much to the disdain of their opponents in an internet MMORPG game such as Ragnarok and DOTA.

3) Basically anyone with a low tolerance in correct punctuation, syntax and grammar. Jejemons are usually hated or hunted down by Jejebusters or the grammar nazi to eradicate their grammatical ways."

Aside from the definition given, these "Jejemons" are even considered a "by-products" of Cosmopolitanism, according to the writeup "Homo Filipinus? The modern Filipino as a social by-product of cosmopolitanism", it says:
"Mostly coming from the lower class, these lumpenproletariat, these people are greatly victims of social experimentation, of poverty and wholesale westernization to the point that they tried to act much of the west devoid of contradictions."

True, from their attire to their attitude, somehow it mirrors their class origins as a lumpenproletarian or a lumpenbourgeoisie, worse? Some tend to imitate-especially those who joined into the "flow." I really expect that kind to join as if it makes them "in" not noticing that it becomes as if a birth defect than a subculture they may enjoy. I may admire some rap music and some hip-hop artists, but mixing hip-hop and leet speak into a genre named "Jejemon?" Sounds desperate to me and those who condemn it!

But on the other side,
I consider these people, like gays, lesbians and other condemned creatures as humans. I may have criticized them, but then, criticizing does not mean destroying them nor advocating a physical extermination but rather, a part of remolding. These people may have time to criticize themselves and remold as they grow and eventually engaging themselves in assessing their once called trend they have joined. Like for example: They may have imitated Tupac Shakur, Francis Magalona, et al as Hiphoppers. But then they end up imitating Andrew E and Snoop Dogg of negating the ideas of the genre into a cosmetic like scene-just like what we seen on TV!

As for me, in assessing these things, I consider this as a part of studying contemporary problems, along empirical and dialectical lines in regards to culture. And these Jejemons? Considering that they are victims of social experimentation, poverty and wholesale westernization are in need of self criticism and reform through labor as possible as part of remolding, like the other post being said by a writer in regards to "Jejemons":

"1. Disarm them- most jejemons use their boastful and "bragging" personality because of the threats in their personalities that they are recieving from "Jejebusters". So in order for them to talk nice, we must talk nice too. Patience is also important.

2. Tell them the consequences of being a Jejemon- Some Jejemons would not care about the impact of that "pseudo-subculture" in the society. But some would. If they don't care, let them go. Do not answer flames. These Jejemons don't deserve trolls. (Unless you want someone to talk to..)

3. Educate them- tell them what are the benefits of typing properly and post things how to do it."

Somehow this kind of idea is good, but then as humans, they are in need of care and rejuvenation in order to break its own from the cycle. I may respect them as hiphoppers, but they make the genre suck because of themselves-for the pseudo-subculture meant this according to some who preferred remolding as its means:

"Alphabet & language--downgraded by-->Jejemons--downgraded by-->Jejebusters--dowgraded by--> Anti-Jejebusters/Poser Jejebusters."

For sure some hiphoppers may criticize them also! Remember Chuck D? He even called the genre as 'elitist' then now these "Jejemons" are acting blind and deaf or bereft of ideas while bragging themselves? True is the word of the critics who called them dumb, but then they are in need of help-and only reform through labor can do so for that in order to break it. I may have criticized them but I don't think much of exterminating them but rather engaging them in a struggle session and remolding in order to regain their self consciousness like those of former alcoholics and drug users. All of these are a part of struggle, they are victims-and thus in need of help to recover themselves.

Jejemon is far from a subculture nor its not even inspired by hiphop too, for hiphop and leet speak combined makes a culture dumb or nearly unpopular in other person's eyes.

Hontiveros Digging Own Grave on Palparan De Facto Alliance

Hontiveros Digging Own Grave on Palparan De Facto Alliance
by Terry Ridon

"Our members have been slaughtered, Jonas Burgos will have disappeared for three years now, and she now blames us for all these? Where is the gall of this woman?"

Absolute Absence of Logic

"Risa needs to enroll herself in Logic 101, because she has none of it," This was the angry reply of Terry Ridon, National Chairperson of the League of Filipino Students, when Risa Hontiveros accused Satur Ocampo, Liza Maza and their partylists of being indirectly responsible for the more than a thousand political killings of their members during the Arroyo administration precisely because of the progressive tandem's refusal to condemn the CPP-NPA.

Ridon said that her statement reeked of a 'blame the victim' logic akin to rape victims being castigated by authorities for casting harm upon themselves, instead of addressing the real issues on the nature of political killings and the reality of the armed conflict across the archipelago.

"It is but unfortunate, that Hontiveros is clearly now harping on the same logic as the military butchers like Palparan. Palparan then blamed the very membership of persons in partylist organizations as the reason behind the executions. Risa is blaming us today. Thus, it can now be told, the de facto alliance between Palparan and Hontiveros against Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza truly holds."

Ridon said thousands of political killings and disappearances happened not because of Ocampo and Maza's refusal to denounce the CPP-NPA, but because of President Gloria Arroyo's implementation of Oplan Bantay Laya, in which security forces specifically targeted unarmed civilian activists and its supporters.

"Hontiveros appears to be ignorant even of this fact, or plays blind to this to suit her malicious agenda against Ocampo and Maza."

Absolute Ignorance on the Nature of Peace Negotiations and the Armed Conflict

"She had also exposed her ignorance on the nature of the armed conflict, as she cannot make a distinction between the use of violence by the state against its opponents and the justified use of arms by the people against oppressive regimes and systems."

Ridon said that by stating that Hontiveros abhors all forms of violence, she in effect had rejected the respected revolutionary tradition of Bonifacio, Sakay and the Huks, all of whom waged armed struggle against oppressors foreign and domestic.

"Even the Philippine Constitution recognizes the right of the people to rebel against oppressive regimes and systems, including the raising of arms. No other interpretation is possible, and Hontiveros' statement exposes completely her elementary knowledge on the relationship of peace and the roots of the armed conflict in the Philippines."

Ridon said there can be no peace just because of the rejection of the use of violence. "Such is merely the silencing of the guns, as the root causes of the armed conflict will not have been addressed. There can thus be no just and lasting peace, which Maza and Ocampo had long advocated for."

"Even absent the CPP-NPA, for as long as the root causes of the armed conflict remain present, such as massive landlessness in the countryside, the absence of genuine agrarian reform, the continuing foreign subjugation of natural resources, among others, the people shall always resort to justified revolutionary violence."

Ridon said that precisely because of this understanding of the nature of the armed conflict and peace negotiations as to why Ocampo and Maza cannot flatly denounce the CPP-NPA.

"The situation of the armed conflict is much more complicated than the mere condemnation demanded by Hontiveros. Unless she is ignorant of all these, her insistence make her demands suspect and malicious."

Ridon said that in view of these, such demands would ring hollow, and exposes a lack of understanding of the complex situation of the armed conflict and peace negotiations.

"She should thus shut her mouth instead of desperately trying to score malicious propaganda points against Ocampo and Maza. Like her principal Noynoy Aquino, she should just stick to the more important electoral issues like genuine agrarian reform and employment."

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Risa Hontiveros is not my Senator"

"Risa Hontiveros is Not My Senator."*
By Cleve Arguelles


On Education

AKBAYAN Rep. Risa Hontiveros and their allied youth groups in the different State Universities and Colleges are widely known for their anti-student stand on the issue of tuition and other fee increases. Closer to us, AKBAYAN and their allied youth groups in UP has taken the side of the administration in the issue of tuition and other fee increases. They are for the passing of the 300% TOFI in UP.

Hontiveros and her partylist believe that government spending on education is low. They are insisting that the government should prioritize education and follow UNESCO’s recommendation of allocating the 6 percent of GNP to education spending. BUT. But they were not there when students were fighting for a higher state subsidy. Another lip-service. Instead of uniting with the students in their call for a higher state subsidy, they are “parroting” the line of the administration that TOFI is just timely.


On Student’s Rights

She co-authored the fake Magna Carta of Students or the Student’s Rights and Welfare Bill. Instead of protecting the interests, rights and welfare of the students, the bill will limit these things. They continue to lobby this inside the Congress and in other schools through different activities. Deception. Last time I checked, “no one” attended the STRAWBS forum in UP Manila last year.


From "Kailangan ng Laban" to "Magandang Laban"

On Agrarian Reform

She lobbied for the passage of a fake agrarian reform bill. She co-authored the CARPER Bill or the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms Bill. CARPER is a fake agrarian reform bill that is worse than the existing CARP that will benefit the already rich landlords especially the Arroyos, Aquinos and Cojuangcos. Why would PGMA ask her allies in the Congress to immediately pass the bill? Because CARPER is designed to fail. Lands will not be distributed. She is not for the farmers.


On Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza

She is “stupid.” Red-baiting is a cheap tactic. She parrots the line of the AFP that Liza Maza and Satur Ocampo are leaders of CPP-NPA. Can’t she just accept the truth? The Supreme Court of the Philippines already proved and decided that Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza are not in any way connected to NPA. This decision was supported by the United Nations and the US Government. Risa Hontiveros is investing on negative campaigning. Shooting other targets down to gain votes. Pathetic.


"Tambalang Liza at Satur"
(Liza-Satur Tandem)

On Traditional Politics

Hontiveros is a traditional politician. Proof? What can you say about her TV advertisments? It's all about the mysterious and unsubstantiated "Magandang Laban." What the hell is "Magandang Laban?" She's not even beautiful. And she's not even a part of the struggle. She's just affected by the Noynoy mania and instead of presenting her plans or her platform on her ads, she's just dancing and be endorsed by famous personalities. MAGANDANG LABAN?

On tactical alliance with the Liberal Party

Why is Risa Hontiveros with Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas? Why is she with Ralph Recto (EVAT)? Noy-Mar are rabid supporters of the US neoliberal policies. She and her partylist keep on denouncing the US neoliberal policies and E-VAT. They considered it as evil. These are even the problems of of our country. But what happened? Why is she with Noynoy and Mar? With Ralph Recto? What kind of tactical alliance is this? Just to join with. PAGANDAHAN NA LANG NG LABAN.

Risa Hontiveros with Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas
and former Representative Etta Rosales

So you will still join in her MAGANDANG LABAN? Hontiveros is not the people's senator. An opportunistic and fake nationalist leader-legislator is not what we need in this time of poverty and corruption. So who must be in the senate? ALAM NA!

Doon ka dapat sa Sure!
(Go to where it is sure!)

Matapang Makamasa!
(To the brave and supporter of the people!)

*Some are indirectly translated from Filipino. Url:

Walden Bello, AKBAYAN and Noynoy Aquino

Walden Bello, AKBAYAN and Noynoy Aquino*
by Cleve Arguelles

Happy DSS Week!

As part of the celebration of the UP Manila’s Department of Social Sciences (DSS) week, the department invited AKBAYAN Partylist Representative and UP Professor Walden Bello. He delivered a lecture in behalf of the parylist and the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC). His lecture was about food sovereignty or how can a nation prevent food crisis. He cited several causes of a food crisis. These includes land conversion for commercial or industrial use (IT Parks, Subdivisions, Malls and many others), land conversion for export mono-cropping and the exploitation of transnational and multi-national companies of our agricultural resources. And being a country that is capitalist agriculture, we plant crops and other things based on the demand of the global elite market (export demand) and not based on our domestic needs. This means that the landlords only allow farmers to plant crops based on what is more profitable in the global elite market than what is needed here. Many of our lands are converted to unsustainable mono-cropping. There is no consideration of what we need domestically thus, the food crisis and the import of crops and other agricultural products.

UP Professor and AKBAYAN Representative Walden Bello

I agree with Prof. Bello in this part. I share the same findings. The problem of the food crisis lies within the framework of our government and society. We based all our policies for foreign benefits. Our government officials allows these kind of policies that benefits the imperialist countries and the local elites (them and landlords and big companies). National policies does not include the needs and the demands of the poor, the basic mass, the peasants, the fishermen and other marginalized sector of the society. The supposed to be democratic society becomes a society for the elites and the domination of the elites. A capitalist society to be specific.

But Prof. Bello and AKBAYAN is contradicting itself when it comes to the policies they support in the Congress and this society’s problems that they’ve identified. They supported and even lobbied for the immediate passage of the extension of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP or CARPER). This program exempts farm lands that will be converted to commercial complex (what happened in Hacienda Luisita), to poultry and livestock industry and many other things. This allows landowners to not redistribute their lands to the peasants.. It’s a loophole intentionally designed by the people in the Congress. To make it short, landowners will convert their farmlands to be able to maintain its ownership. In this situation, agricultural yields decreases. There’s a policy indirectly encouraging landlords to abandon farming and instead use their lands for other purposes. This decrease in agricultural yields will result into a food shortage that can lead into a food crisis. This food crisis will make us dependent on the importing of agricultural products. Thus, losing our food sovereignty.


Lands must be redistributed. We should go back to community-based farming where farmers consider the immediate needs of the community. This answers the problem of food crisis because domestic needs are being prioritized rather than the demands of the elite market. And only the Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill (GARB) allows genuine redistribution of land. This GARB answers the problem of the fake agrarian reform bill CARP or CARPER. AKBAYAN and Prof. Bello failed to recognize that it is the and the only key. But they continue to blind people that CARP or CARPER will actually answer our problems in land distribution and food security. It actually worsens the situation.

During the lecture, i asked him if there are any presidentiables that is prioritizing food security and sovereignty. If there can be one of these people running for presidency that includes a national policy that will prevent a food crisis and dependence on imports. He answered on the negative and recommended that we should bring this issue as a central problem of the Philippines in presidential debates and other key fora.

But AKBAYAN is supporting the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino, right?

AKBAYAN Representative Risa Hontiveros
with Liberal Party's Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas
and former Representative Etta Rosales

Noynoy Aquino is planning for a more open and more neo-liberalize economy. This means more foreign exploitation and domination of our resources. Once this happens, the agricultural market will disregard the domestic needs or demand. The country will be again producing for the market of the global elites. When this happens, food crisis is likely to happen. Prof. Bello and AKBAYAN again missed the point. Why would they support a Noynoy government if they don’t want food crises to happen? Contradicting.

Even though Prof. Bello and AKBAYAN recognizes the problems of this country, they failed to give the right solutions. Is this the change that their party list and their president is talking about? If it is, I don’t want any part of it.

*Made last February 1 2010. Url:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Red scare tactics and witch-hunting" against progressive candidates denounced by Maza

"Red scare tactics and witch-hunting" against progressive candidates
denounced by Maza*

MAKABAYAN Coalition and Nacionalista Party senatorial candidate Liza Maza condemned what she called a "systematic red scare and witch-hunting campaign" against progressive candidates as the run-up towards the May 2010 elections heats up.

"They try to rehash the old McCarthyist witch-hunting during the Cold War of the 50's-60's in the US, as well as the failed martial law tactics of the 70's-80's, to implicate progressive groups and candidates with the CPP, the NPA and the NDF. This is a desperate move and does not respond to present realities,” Maza said in a press conference on Saturday.

“They tried to use red-scare when we first ran in 2001, but Bayan Muna got more than a million votes. They did it again in the 2004 elections, and three progressive party-lists branded as "red" won with close to two million votes. Again, they repeated the same tactics in the 2007 elections, and close to three million voters elected four progressive party-lists with eight representatives in Congress," Maza pointed out.

Maza said that she, fellow candidate Satur Ocampo and party-lists Gabriela, Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Kabataan, ACT and Katribu have been experiencing massive vilification and hate campaign all over the country, in which documented cases point to state and non-state actors – military and para-military forces, government and "civil society" groups – as perpetrators.

"Such is a desperate move of Arroyo and those who want to replace her with a yellow crowd. As history has taught us, only the big landlords and compradors can benefit from a hyped anti-communist hysteria. The people need genuine change and the only way for that to happen is to end Arroyo and foil state terrorism," Maza said.

Maza cited instances of vilification and hate campaign such as her and Ocampo’s campaign posters being vandalized with anti-communists slogans. This happened in different cities in the National Capital Region as well as in different provinces in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

In Davao City, members of the 69th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army actively campaign in schools and universities against progressive candidates, telling students not to vote for them in the coming elections. In South Cotabato, the 27th IBPA has been airing smear campaign against the progressive groups over radio, and has been conducting meetings in barrios showing documentary films portraying progressive party-lists, Maza and Ocampo as members and supporters of CPP and NPA since January.

The fisherfolk group Pamalakaya reported that the military in Sorsogon are conducting house-to-house campaign in the province calling on all voters not to vote for militant party-lists and candidates. On February 26, volunteers of Makabayan Coalition who are supposed to deliver campaign materials to Masbate from Sorsogon were harassed by four soldiers armed with high powered rifles.

Individuals and groups supporting Maza and Ocampo’s senatorial bids were also assaulted, intimidated, harassed, slapped with trumped up charges, abducted and illegally detained. Re-electionist town councilor Fernando Baldomero, who is a Bayan Muna provincial coordinator in Aklan and is campaigning for senatorial candidates Liza Maza and Satur Ocampo, survived a grenade lobbed at his house by two motorcycle-riding men in Aklan.

Local bets supporting the Makabayan senatorial bets has also been receiving "poison letters and death threats."

* Url:
Risa Hontiveros & Akbayan: Caught in their Lies*
By Anton Dulce

In a press statement last April 19, Akbayan senatoriable Risa Hontiveros said "The links between the left-wing candidates in the NP slate and the Communist Party is something that nobody really questions". She further states "On one hand they (MAKABAYAN senatoriables Satur Ocampo & Liza Maza) vehemently deny all links to the CPP-NPA, but on the other hand, they continue to refuse to publicly condemn the extortion activities and other human rights abuses by the NPA".

This pronouncement was roundly criticized by cause-oriented groups, including the League of Filipino Students and the KABATAAN Partylist as "irresponsible", and a repetition of the mouthings of notorious human rights violator Gen. Jovito Palparan.

A message sent to members of the Facebook group "Youth Volunteers for Risa" states the following: 'Dear Y4R, Because of Risa Hontiveros' sterling performance in debates and interviews, certain groups have started spewing cheap propaganda against our "magandang laban"... particularly, elements of the CPP-NPA-NDF.'

In a statement this April 24 however, she is now claiming that Nowhere in my press statement did I call them communist".

The evidence is clear, Hontiveros is claiming that the links between the MAKABAYAN senatoriables and the CPP-NPA is "unquestionable", and her handlers are echoing the same line to her misguided supporters. To deny it and claim otherwise as an insult to the intelligence of the public and the electorate.

Her latest statement goes on to say "It is actually their refusal to condemn the atrocities and abuses of the CPP-NPA that indirectly helps human rights violators like Palparan to commit further abuses."

This sounds familiar to regular press releases of the Armed Forces of the Philippines after encounters between the AFP and the NPA. Clashes between two armed groups are being made to appear as “human rights violations”, or on the same ground as the assassination of an unarmed activist by an armed state trooper. These “abuses” are then being made to justify human rights violations by the military.

Hontiveros has also forgotten to mentioned that the CAHRIHL (Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and Int’l Humanitarian Law) states that only the State has the capacity and institutions to commit human rights violations. As a former member of the government peace panel, she should not have forgotten this basic concept.

Caught in her own web of lies, Hontiveros makes the ultimate insult against victims of human rights violations by blaming them for their plight.

Finally, in an attempt to salvage favorable public opinion, Hontiveros is making it appear as if she was being condemned by the MAKABAYAN coalition of Ocampo and Maza because of her condemnation of the PTC (Permit to Campaign) policy of the NPA.

Nothing can be further than the truth: her statement was criticized because it repeated the "dangerous" and "irresponsible" claims of Palparan that cause-oriented groups and progressive partylists are "members/fronts of the CPP-NPA", especially at a time when four of KABATAAN’s candidates (2nd and 3rd nominees, Councilor candidates in Quezon City & Antique) have received death threats and accused of being "Communists".

By continuing to "red-tag" and "red-bait" legal activists, Hontiveros is echoing the propaganda line of the AFP and provide a justification for more assassinations and abductions. Now, isn’t this being "pro-Palparan"?

As a final note, wasn’t Hontiveros’ Akbayan praised by the AFP chief of staff at the height of extra-judicial killings as a "good leftist party"?


Stop the AFP's red-baiting and intimidation against progressive candidates

Stop the AFP's red-baiting and intimidation against progressive candidates
by Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza

Since 2001, the Macapagal-Arroyo government and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have been trying, but have so far failed, to stop us and our parties from representing the marginalized and underrepresented sectors in Congress. Now that we are running for the Senate, they are becoming more desperate in trying to prevent us from serving our people and pursuing the politics of change.

In the last three months, we and the progressive parties under the Makabayan coalition – namely Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anakpawis, Kabataan, Act Teachers Party and Katribu - have been subjected to an intensive, concerted, nationwide red-baiting and smear campaign by the Arroyo regime, the AFP, their adjuncts as well as those who claim to be left-of-center but attack the Left at every opportunity.

The black propaganda take different forms – the defacement of our campaign materials, anonymous poison letters to our allies, written and verbal threats, AFP-produced radio programs, film showings, seminars and public meetings, even house-to-house campaigns by soldiers telling voters not to vote for us – but they all contain the same old story: that we are fronts of the Communist Party and New People’s Army, that we are guilty of multiple murders and other crimes attributed to the NPA, and thus we should not be supported in the coming elections.

Poison letters have been sent to hundreds of candidates in various parts of the country. The content is exactly the same whether in Luzon, the Visayas or Mindanao – proof that this is a systematic, nationwide campaign. The letters give first warning to our allied candidates to stop supporting progressive candidates and later followed by letters threatening death to the candidate or his/her family.

The rehashed drivel in this letter and other black propaganda materials has already been rejected three times by the electorate who have voted us into office since 2001. It has also been rejected by the Courts, including the Supreme Court when it dismissed the rebellion charge against the Batasan 6 and 45 other individuals in 2007. Mga luma at malisyosong akusasyon po ito na hindi kailanman napatunayan o pinaniwalaan ng taumbayan.

The question is, why are these wild, malicious accusations being repeatedly made today? At first glance, we might say this is merely meant to reduce our chances at the polls. But the more insidious motives of all this red-baiting and demonizing is to prevent the intelligent discussion of issues, to constrict whatever democratic space there is under our political system, and worse, to justify witch-hunting and physical attacks against activists and the people we work with.

In truth, we fear that this massive mind conditioning against the legal, democratic Left – led by no less than the butcher Gen. Jovito Palparan – is a prelude to another round of killings and abductions that can happen right before and after the May elections.

Once again, we are being demonized for defending a political platform that calls for genuine land reform and national industrialization, for upholding and promoting fundamental human and democratic rights, for institutionalizing people’s empowerment through vibrant grassroots organizing, for leading mass struggles against oppression and exploitation, and for using the ballot to elect patriotic and pro-people candidates.

We say never again to this time-worn, fascist tactic. We demand that the Arroyo government, especially the AFP, immediately stop its red-baiting and smear campaign against progressive and patriotic candidates in the coming elections. Furthermore, the government should hold its military and civilian officials accountable for illegal partisan political activities and other illegal acts related to its fascist campaign.

Cause oriented writing and other forms of mass media is rebellious

Cause-oriented writing and other forms of mass media is rebellious

It all started as journalists and other cause oriented media practitioners unveil such perennial problems that involved prominent officials and other personalities. Their activity may possibly be given good results, but in fact, it end up nothing except- ending up buried in the graves or simply disappeared away and never to be heard again.

This problem somehow shows how these people are doing their work for a cause, not just informing but also enlightening the people about the daily acts of life. Imbued with idealism and fully influenced with realism, these people in the media tried much in exposing the problems of today no matter what effect it is and even meeting its conclusion-including death.

But to others, working in that kind of job, especially cause oriented journalism, somehow may ought to call it dangerous. Cause oriented journalism? They would prefer working in a fashion magazine or indulging in an apathetic-oriented journalism like showbiz or whatsoever except politics and the society, all after witnessing students of mass media as of now preferred to be apathetic and ignorant of the society while intelligent in terms of "neutral" topics like showbiz and the like.

Based on my work, "Mass media, Propaganda and the society," it says:
"First and foremost, Mass media, a part of human society, is a contributor of human affairs, especially in giving ideas and events to every people. It is serve as a propaganda tool in disseminating the pros and cons of every individual or every group in pursuit of their beliefs they must defend or offend, as part of our daily lives in giving entertainment and in educating every citizen in this kind of struggling world we belong."

True, but despite its contributions to the human society, mass media, especially cause-oriented writing seemingly end up either in the trash bin or having its practitioners be harassed or even killed-that makes the younger generation of writers preferred writing "safe" topics, which in fact propagating apathy or blind tolerance instead of engaging in struggle.

For sure we writers and media practitioners greatly believed in the word "The pen is mightier than the sword", but the word becomes somewhat "untrue" when it comes to reality, lucky that one writer, Butch Espere, said:
"...haven't you noticed? we no longer hear people say 'the pen is mightier than the sword'. maybe because the gem in such saying has been dulled by the laptop revolution. but above all because it was never true. In history, the pen has been mighty only where it worked to herald the unsheathing of the sword."

Since history is evident that struggle is inevitable and protracted, it all goes both the pen and the sword as weapons of the people. Somehow the age-old quote "the pen is mightier than the sword" may not be true at all as time goes by, and instead being substituted by the saying that "the pen is mighty as it worked to herald the unsheathing of the sword"-signifying that through the cause-written works, as being read by the people supports in responding popular expression and eventually dissent instead of advocating "pacifism" a la Jose Rizal-that every tyrant tried much to silence the voices of those who oppose their tyrannical policies and of the like. Rizal somehow wanted to do so through Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo-he experimented reform, but the latter work experimented revolution, and whilst studying it, I really think that the people focused much on the former despite recognizing (but in fact disregarding) the latter-which end up a basis by the subversive Bonifacio.

As of now there are more deaths amongst the media practitioners around the world. Like the Ampatuan genocide happened last year, and other politically motivated extra-judicial killings, it shows that cause-oriented writing, in the eyes of a conservative, gunpowder-minded irrational wingnut, is considered dangerous to them.

Friday, April 23, 2010

"To all the graduates"

"To all the graduates"

Today is a special day, especially to the sons and daughters whose 4 year hardships hath end up with pomp and fervor, complete with diplomas and shining shimmering medals being vested upon to them as they exit the realms of education.

Graduation does not mean the end, but rather a beginning of another challenge, as Constantino said:
"...It is in the conventional sense a commencement of adult responsibility for the young. For their parents, it is the climax of years of anxious waiting and of sacrifices. But, if both want to divest it with a deeper significance, commencement should mark the beginning of understanding and of partnership with the young in patriotic involvement."
True as what Consantino said, for as graduates of Batch 2010 must also ought to create an era of new understanding and willing to take partnership especially with the contributors of our society, not just parents and teachers, but also the majority who also involved in our everyday lives.

But then,
We may not understood this clearly and instead joining on with the flow, in a ceaseless tide wherein we may resist or even not and instead submit to it. For sure most graduates may rather insist in getting a job followed by marriage and whatsoever being the most common norms of our present day life. All except those who, after graduation, willing to become a part of the people and thus willing to serve them faithfully like what Constantino said. As we, living in a period of turbulence, o instability ought to call for immediate change, a societal change that encompasses all things, including our character and our culture instead of getting contented and act apathetic, or becoming backward all despite we hear around in our society.

And as graduates, including faculty members and parents, I really expect that as we enter the world of reality, we must regain our consciousness simply by joining to the people and be a part of the creation of history, of be imbued with realities and willing to defy against the norms of the society now ridden by backwardness and of instability. For sure as you read or listen to these words may surely call it as "A call to arms" and a "Need for a voice of dissent," true, for the youth, being a nation's hope ought to be rebellious against a system full of unsolved problems and fabricated mysteries.

Like in UP and other state colleges and universities for example, we see protests acted by the studentry against the actions made by the administration against them. From tuition fee increase proposals to unfair treatment of students, even in graduation ceremonies we even sought them venting their protest no matter what aftermath will be, simply just to express their grievances for the last time as students and for the first time as servants of the people.

And yet we continue criticizing them and even thinking that they may never finish their schooling just because they joined into activities that may call them as illegal, yet having no alternative nor solution except keeping quiet and act apathetic, or going on with the flow and get contented to it, and now just to see that the ones they condemn going to the stage and be given diplomas before venting their last protest?

In this video somehow is the example of I have stated. They may have finished their degrees but then it does not mean that they get contented in their degrees,or in case of the ritual limited to a traditional pomp and grandeur that requires etiquette. For sure you may oppose this but that's the fact: of calling the youth to go and serve the people and fight for the rights of every student, no matter how "bad" the action is just to justify the content of what they believe for instead of letting the ceremony more of a dinner party or whatsoever that goes by, it, according to them, is part of an arduous struggle.

I hope every graduate of Batch 2010 must open up their mind and be fully enlightened as we enter the gates of society. We must not get contented, we must believe in what it is right, and fight what is wrong in our society-simply by serving our people and learn from them.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Seeing "Poison Letters" and other kinds of harassment means "Escalating Anti-Fascist Resistance"

Seeing "Poison Letters" and other kinds of harassment
means: "Escalating Anti-Fascist Resistance"

Yesterday, I read an article in Bulatlat about activists, as well as political volunteers, being given "Poison Letters," threatening them with death due to their beliefs as progressive leaning individuals and telling that their organizations as a communist fronts, and thus liable for harassment and of ceaseless subjective criticism.

Upon reading the article, I notice how opportunists, as well as wingnuts resorted to "purely personal" acts as they faced a growing left pointing against them. True, as these people, despite bannering "democracy", "freedom", and other similar words seemingly doing the contrary-since they curtail people who dare to oppose the system they supported through.

One example of a "Poison Letter" is the work being made by a wingnut who, speaking of "freedom" and "democracy" vent a tone that generalizes the left as terrorists and murderers. As according to the news service Bulatlat:
"...The letter branded Ocampo as a “butcher and murderer” in the Southern Tagalog and Bicol regions for allegedly leading the “Operation Missing Link”, the supposed purge of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) against suspected military agents inside the movement. The letter also accused Maza of ordering the killing of Akbayan members and coordinators in Nueva Ecija..."

"...The letter also maligned party list groups Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Gabriela, Kabataan, Katribu, ACT Teachers and Akap-Bata as front organizations of the CPP for the upcoming 2010 elections with the alleged aim to “infiltrate the democratic institution and ruin it from the inside..."

Some evenly spoke too personal, in a threatening manner that evenly includes killing-like having a black ribbon in one of the "Poison Letters" being distributed to a particular person. And thus, these "Poison Letters" shows the continuous harassment of those who fight for their political beliefs, a mockery of democracy that, in fact benefits the privileged as according to Ramon Plaza of MAKABAYAN-Ilocos Norte, said in Bulatlat:
"The letter is a desperate attempt to ruin the credibility of the candidates and to deprive the masses of leaders that will truly serve their interests,"

True, but then instead of pitying the struggle, it evenly intensifies, especially the anti-Fascist struggle of the people courtesy of the groups and individuals being threatened and harassed through the "Poison Letters" being distributed upon to them. Somehow the ones who created those letters shows how desperate are they, that as if taking Mao's message too literal: "Political power grows through the barrel of the gun." And thus, these letters being distributed meant, in their idea a reminder not to get involve, if not they rather kill them and expressing it as "defending democracy and freedom" which in fact doing the contrary.

And so is the posters featuring the progressive leaning partylists and of Senatorial candidates Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza, writing it with the words calling them as "Communists", "Partylists supported by the NPA", "Sponsoring terrorism" et al. Somehow it really shows how these people, whether it is a wingnut, a "left" opportunist, or both of them (somehow they unite in doing this) really trying to malign and even violate fair election laws too!

These kinds of acts really unveil Fascist-related acts, especially made by the wingnuts, that some can be similar to the actions being undertaken against then Partido ng Bayan in the late 80s and other similar acts that, instead of ideological, driven much by personal acts and of the like. And until now, that the automated elections is coming, and the election-related activities kept on continuing, these threatening acts, as what I said from above escalates anti-Fascist resistance and makes it stronger in every challenge being undertaken-including reading threatening letters.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

UP Min students, faculty rally against Roman

UP Min students, faculty rally against Roman*

Kabataan Party-list yesterday said students and faculty members of the University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPMin) met the arrival of UP President Emerlinda Roman and other Board of Regent officials with a lightning protest during the 13th commencement exercise.

"Graduates waved black ribbons in clenched fists as students and members of the Student Council flashed streamers against the tyranny of the UP President and Chancellor Gilda Rivero while singing the 'UP naming mahal,'" Kabataan coordinator Karlos Manlupig said in a statement.

Manlupig said Roman "ran in her attempt to evade the protesters. She was chased by angry students who eventually blocked her car."

Manlupig also quoted Student Council chair Rosel Susan Serrano as saying the intention of the lightning rally was "not to disrupt the graduation exercise but to condemn the 'Roman Empire' particularly on the issue of unseating Student Regent Charisse Bernadine Banez in the Board of Regents last January 2010 and to reaffirm the struggle in upholding the democratic rights and welfare of every student in the fight for free and quality UP education."

The protesters also condemned the 200-300 percent tuition fee increase initiated by Roman in 2006.

Manlupig said students and the Kabataan Party-list will intensify their struggle "to attain higher budget allocation for education."

The group also challenged the graduates, students, and faculty members to "uphold the patriotic tradition of the university."


Hontiveros-LP red-baiting condones extra-judicial killings, torture and harassment of activists

Hontiveros-LP red-baiting condones extra-judicial killings,
torture and harassment of activists*

By Vencer Crisostomo
Secretary-General, KABATAAN Partylist

This is in reaction to a statement by Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros released last April19, 2010, titled, “Transactional politics, links with nondemocratic Left hurting Villar.”

It is now becoming more and more evident that the Liberal Party is threatened by the Left’s raising of legitimate issues such as genuine land reform, economic reforms and human rights, thus exposing its standard-bearer Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s lack of stance on them, and is now resorting to desperate, baseless and malicious red-tagging.

Linking Makabayan senatorial bets Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza to the CPP-NPA is an old and stale story that has long been discredited and pronounced baseless by no less than the Supreme Court. It is utterly false and misleading to claim that “the links between the left-wing candidates in the NP (Nacionalista Party) slate and the Communist Party is something that nobody really questions.” Up to this date, Ocampo and Maza have not been convicted of any crime of rebellion, or any trumped up criminal charges that have been filed against them by the Arroyo administration for that matter.

Hontiveros’ rabid ranting places her in the same ranks as Retired Gen. Jovito “The Butcher” Palparan and other human rights violators in the military. It is precisely because of careless statements like hers that the military is emboldened and given license to abduct, harass, torture and kill activists and innocent civilians.

It is because of these malicious red-tagging and witch hunts that former University of the Philippines student activists Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeno remain missing to this day. It was the same twisted reasoning that had League of Filipino Students leaders Cris Hugo, 19 years old, and Rie Mon Guran, 21 years old killed in cold-blooded murder by suspected military elements. It is how the military now justifies the illegal arrest, torture and detention of student leaders-turned-community health workers Jacqueline Gonzales, Jane Balleta, Janice Javier and Malen Serato who are among the Morong 43.

We will not be surprised if Hontiveros and anti-Left LP stalwarts, in connivance with the present administration, are even now responsible for the distribution of “poison letters” and death threats to known local candidate supporters of Ocampo and Maza and progressive partylist groups, and the proliferation of posters and paraphernalia linking Makabayan and progressive partylists to the CPP-NPA.

Hontiveros further states that she is “surprised at how easily they have sold out,” referring to Ocampo and Maza. The bitter irony of her statement is not lost on the public, especially on farmers and farm-workers of Hacienda Luisita.

Hontiveros is claiming that she is for peasants’ rights and welfare but she was in fact primarily responsible for ‘selling out’ farmers when she authored and voted for the bogus CARP extension (CARPER) in Congress. House records will show that aside from Hontiveros, majority of landlords in the Lower House voted in the affirmative for CARPER because it would maintain the status quo and prevent them from distributing their lands to farmers.

Hontiveros further consummated her very own “unholy alliance” when she pledged allegiance to the anti-peasant Cojuangco-Aquino landlords. Hontiveros and LP are both parties in the cover-up of the non-distribution of land and massacre of farmers of Hacienda Luisita, a major issue in these elections that continues to haunt the Aquinos.

Hontiveros and LP’s red-baiting and anti-human rights stance explain why Makabayan is aligned with NP. Hontiveros and LP are trying in vain to down-play and malign the NP-Makabayan alliance that is based on land reform and respect for human rights, principles that their party deliberately overlook for political convenience.

Ocampo and Maza’s many years of genuine service to the people, their spotless track records and their pro-people platforms put Hontiveros and LP’s under-handed tactics to shame.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Team Noynoy to sink US into deeper, more miserable poverty – Maza

Team Noynoy to sink US into deeper, more miserable poverty – Maza*

GMA’s architects of poverty are in LP

There is a big chance that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s legacy of anti-people policies will continue if the Liberal Party wins the May 2010 elections, as it is now coddling the unpopular president’s “architects of poverty.”

This was the statement of Makabayan-Nacionalista senatorial candidate Liza Maza in a press conference with members of the Nacionalista Party on Monday.

Maza named vice-presidential bet Mar Roxas, senatorial candidate Ralph Recto, Albay Gov. Joey Salceda, and Cesar Purisima as among Senator Noynoy Aquino’s party-mates who have helped the President create policies which plunged the Filipino people into deep and more miserable poverty.

Maza pointed out that former senator and National Economic Development Agency director Ralph Recto was the main author of the E-VAT law, which imposes an extra 12% on the cost of almost all the basic goods and services Filipino families consume every day. Gov. Salceda was former Chief-of-Staff and economic adviser of President Arroyo, while Mar Roxas and Cesar Purisima were former Trade and Finance secretaries, respectively.

“They are responsible for the problem we're in; the high prices of basic necessities, low wages, hunger and very low standard of living. We cannot entrust our future in the hands of people who believe in taxing people to death and whose economic policies are patently anti-poor,” Maza said.

LP’s "Deadly" economic platform

Maza stressed that Liberal Party’s economic program centers on further freeing the market from government restraint and allowing its domination by foreign businesses.

“To bring down the protective barriers of our economy means to lend our economy a rope with which to hang itself to death,” Maza said.

Maza pointed that the livelihood of farmers, for instance, will be gravely affected by the proposal to remove tariff on imported goods as it would cause the overflow of agricultural products from other countries which are much cheaper than our farmers’ produce.


"Me ne Frego" to the Filipino "Ayn Rand" wannabe

"Me ne Frego" to the Filipino "Ayn Rand" wannabe

Last afternoon, I read a post made by a self-proclaimed "libertarian" in his account, and it says:
"Oh come on. The poor should only get the crumbs. They're so overly reliant on the state that they do not do anything much about their predicament. They remain uneducated, lazy and destitute of culture. If the economy of the country is good, then there'll be more crumbs for them."

These words sounds funny at first, however it turns out that he attacks the poor in general, calling them ignorant, lazy, and even lumpen without any idea at all. That man, goes by the name of Carlo Miguel Saavedra seemed to be acting too personally in saying the phrase.

That man, allegedly living in Singapore and studying in De la Salle-Canlubang, somehow tries to act as if a "libertarian" of an "Ayn Rand" kind or a "Anarcho-Capitalist" who advocated much of anti-welfare and pro-profit activities as he called social security as "dole out" or predicament while the poor in general as comprised of the lumpenproletariat! How come he say so then?

Like the late libertarian capitalist and advocator of a "small government" Ayn Rand, Saavedra somehow simply creating foolish phrases as he enjoys the wealth of a first world country like Singapore. Like the phrase asking pro-poor people on why are they so "pro-poor", he simply assails the poor and calling them ignorant and lazy! If that's the case, then is the farmer who worked 24 hours a day in the field, plowing, sowing, waiting for plants to grow then reap only to acquire only a few bucks are all due to laziness? The worker, who also works for an overtime only to get a few bucks to meet bigger debts et al. are also due to laziness? Oh god! That man studying in La Salle perhaps needs an ocular visit or work for a month then experience what he may call laziness.

And somehow he shared ideas with the writer, from the book "Atlas Shrugged", Ayn Rand said:
"...If you ask me to name the proudest distinction of Americans, I would choose- because it contains all the others- the fact that they were the people who created the phrase "to make money". No other language or nation had ever used these words before; men had always thought of wealth as a static quantity- to be seized, begged, inherited, shared, looted or obtained as a favor. Americans were the first to understand that wealth has to be created..."

True, and Saavedra, who advocated selfishness from his words, somehow also thinks of anything material can be seized, looted inherited, anything involving wealth as a static quantity and never to be distributed, democratized at all. And how come he lived in Singapore according to his Facebook profile? He must also know that Singapore also do a "welfare-state" like activity for its citizens, he may have benefit from it, and yet how come he opposed it by saying that the poor should only get the crumbs.

And aside from that, Saavedra also joined the wingnuts and the opportunists "rallying against Communism"! He assailed Ocampo as an NPA member, the progressives as "cheap" and "distasteful", calling mass demonstrations as "uneducated" and "radical" and even saying "enough" with "pro-poor policies" and yet how come he can't say his own brand of solutions? Like ANAD, for sure he called the poor "ignorant and that is why they are poor." As well as supporting the elitists, who wanted personal interests very much, using the phrase coming from Pol Pot:
"To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss."

To sum things up,
This guy is simply acting too personal as a "libertarian capitalist" of Ayn Rand kind. And for sure he kept on reading Atlas Shrugged and praising the dollar loving Ayn Rand most of the time-to the point that being selfish in the name of wealth is through work and never to be distributed pave way to happiness as one part said:
"...So you think that money is the root of all evil? Have you ever asked what is the root of money? Money is a tool of exchange, which can't exist unless there are goods produced and men able to produce them. Money is the material shape of the principle that men who wish to deal with one another must deal by trade and give value for value. Money is not the tool of the moochers, who claim your product by tears or of the looters, who take it from you by force. Money is made possible only by the men who produce. Is this what you consider evil?"
For sure Saavedra may have called the poor, including the workers and the peasants as moochers and never to be supported for they are moochers who claim wealth by tears, of calling them lumpen too!

That person, although hard to explain shows how desperate he is. Benefited from Singapore's system, how come he speak of it? And as he came to the Philippines he started venting words that in fact barking at the wrong tree? Bah! That guy is nuts and feeling that he's Ayn Rand or something!

Saavedra, if you live in Singapore and enjoying the riches of it courtesy of its welfare state activities, then don't act like Ayn Rand or something, if you want that kind of attitude to get into action, then go somewhere else wherein your ideas belong to. For sure your main idea is absolute capitalism, then why not? And if you are still studying in Canlubang, why not study at Harvard or a real exclusive school so that you can't see farmers, who in your idea as moochers?

The lesson:
"Me ne frego"* to those who are against principles and giving damn to people who are devoid of aspirations. Saavedra's "ayn rand" attitude is a damn to the people, especially hard working poor individuals, both farmer and worker whom he called as moochers and be deprived of a six letter word called "wealth".

*I don't give a damn

"Ampatuan supports Aquino?"

"Ampatuan supports Aquino?"
"On warlords coddling for an uninterested interests"

Last time, we sought pictures, videoes of the warlord Andal Ampatuan wearing a rubber baller courtesy of presidentiable Manny Villar in the prison cell. Those pictures and videoes epicting him made the liberals started to throw mud over Villar, thinking that the presidential candidate coddled with a warlord who killed journalists and supporters of his rival.

The entire scene changed up as Last night, I encountered a picture showing the warlord Ampatuan, this time wearing a yellow shirt and a yellow rubber baller flashing a "Laban" sign, as well as bragging that the entire family supports Villar's rival, Noynoy Aquino and his Liberal party.

In this picture, somehow really affects the political scene as warlords, landlords are trying to control their territory using "armalite" and "ballot box" tactics, including coddling to rivals in exchange for concessions and the like-including the trashing off allegations against him in last year's Maguindanao genocide. All started during the early days of the American occupation up to the present day, with Andal Ampatuan as the latest person trying to wear a garb of a "Liberal" instead of a "Christian-Muslim Democrat" whom he really supported for.

But it does not end with Ampatuan. Cebu in an instance, involves warring families and even relatives fighting for seats in the provincial level. Like Ampatuan, it includes coddling with presidential aspirants like the Garcias who supported Villar while the Osmenas supported Aquino. Only Gwendolyn Garcia, also coming from the Garcia clan preferred staying with the Lakas-Kampi-CMD under Gibo Teodoro. Somehow it shows that these people real cared for the territory and didn't care much about the ideology or platforms of the political party they supported.

In addition to that,
As these people kept on controlling every territory, not caring the ideology of the political party they aligned and instead bannering it, some of them somehow are doing the contrary-especially those who stick to the particular line of thought, like Gwen Garcia who preferred supporting Teodoro and of the Osmenas who supported Aquino-except for Lito Osmena who preferred running under PROMDI and even John Osmena who once coddled with Estrada, then Arroyo and then back to the opposition that he, a political chameleon led to his demise!

Back to the topic, upon expecting this, I don't really expect this since traditional politicians, especially warlords really do so! Like wearing rubber ballers, Ampatuan changed sides literally from Arroyo to Aquino, bragging that he supports Aquino and Roxas in a yellow pad as he shown to the media in television!

As for the "Liberals" under Aquino, he-out of popular appeal or whatsoever denied his support while expressing thanks to the imprisoned warlord. He may have denied it but then that simple word “No Thanks!”, out from the mouth of the Presidential Candidate Noynoy Aquino, may likely, or likely not be fulfilled as the Liberals may likely to gain support from the warlords as part of their tactics to gain votes. And although Aquino is very vocal that he does not need the support and personal endorsement of Ampatuan clan, it may likely to call it a farce as kickbacks and other similar "under the table" concepts a trapo may do so!

Warlords are Warlords, desperate in nature and opportunity as its trait.