Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reflections regarding Maksim Mvrca playing Grieg's A Minor Piano Concerto

Reflections regarding Maksim Mvrca playing Grieg's A Minor Piano Concerto

It was last time when my mind recalls a music, a stirring music in which it also accompanies my struggle in my writing work, a music that it also reflects the struggle wherein the great mass of people are involved-the people's war for example. And somehow it all begin in the first few notes of Grieg's Piano Concierto.

This music somehow mirrors Grieg's musical patriotism since it mirrors the heritage of a Norwegian, using music as its medium. And according to Wikipedia:
"...Grieg's work provides evidence of his interest in Norwegian folk music; the opening flourish is based around the motif of a falling minor second (see interval) followed by a falling major third, which is typical of the folk music of Grieg's native country. This specific motif occurs in other works by Grieg, including the String Quartet. In the last movement of the concerto, similarities to the halling (a Norwegian folk dance) and imitations of the Hardanger fiddle (the Norwegian folk fiddle) have been detected..."
Somehow, that work, true in reflecting his homeland by applying his interest in folk music, is among his earliest important works, written by the 24-year-old composer in 1868 in Søllerød, Denmark, during one of his visits, and even describing Denmark as being warmer than that of his native Norway.

And as the piano piece became "modernized" by the famous Bosnian Maksim Mvrca, it also reflects how music must be for the people, like Grieg, he wanted his music not to be under the hands of the Elite, but also to the people who likes to listen to classical music that mirrors the Norewgian or even the Scandinavian culture and identity. For sure the Yellow River Cantata made by Xian Xinghai shared its idea of musical patriotism that includes "music for the people", and thus Maksim Mvrca may ought to do so.

Enjoy the music, it also reflects popular sentiment not fad.