Monday, April 19, 2010

A "Possible" unity of Liberals, Opportunists and Wingnuts?

A "Possible" unity of Liberals, Opportunists and Wingnuts?
Lualhati Madlangawa-Guerrero

It all started as the "left" opportunists joined amongst the ranks of the Liberals all in the name of "support" and of a "coalition." This tendency somehow shows how opportunistic what the "left" opportunists are: assailing the left, creating black propaganda, anything desperate all in the name of grabbing votes using a hodge podge of "left" vocabulary and of some sort.

This kind of relationship was added, this time by right wingers, or rather say wingnuts that seemingly desperate to gain votes using the Liberals and even the centrists who still controlled the government. True, as they joined forces with the former two in condemning the left: as murderers, as disturbers of peace, and the like.

I really notice how these wingnuts, same as the "left" opportunists in trying to join into the political scene despite every controversy they've instigated. Like the left they condemn, they started to vent their propaganda: a concoction of populist rhetoric and of conservatism a la the Carlists and of the Mensheviks.

Somehow, Noynoy's kind tries to copy Villar's tactic, but then that kind of tactic is far from Villar's. Ocampo and Maza remained independent whilst acting as guest candidates of the Nacionalista Party and their alliance is more into the compatibility of the platforms they advocated. The "left" opportunists, goes by the name of Risa Hontiveros, joined the ranks of Noynoy Aquino and calling herself a "Liberal" while the wingnuts, mostly coming from Lakas-Kampi "Chistian-Muslim Democrats" also joined into the fray, like Salceda. These people somehow is no different from a traditional politician who joins a party for a sake. And as for Hontiveros, she joined the Liberal Party without any reason except bragging her CARPER and the Cheaper Medicines Bill all despite the anomalies in regards to those two bills, joining at the landlord despite the Hacienda Luisita tragedy in which the Cojuangco-Aquino family was involved!

Their opportunism, "anti-Communist" and populist rhetoric brings them together without any cause except to preserve the rotten status quo. They have no concrete platform except to join into the flow and taking the Aquino name an opportunity. They aren't even ideologically liberal too! Joining into the flow without any platform which is compatible to theirs? If that's the case, this will be the conclusion:

This picture somehow shows how the progressives wanted genuine representation and showing off its absolute opposition against the system to be led by the opportunists and of the reactionaries, especially in the legislature. And like Mao Zedong, the picture shows a similar word:


Somehow these words being said by the late chairman whom the wingnuts despised very much are likely for the progressives to say so against the opportunists and of the wingnuts whether be in Malacanang, in Batasang Pambansa up to the Barangay halls wherein some controlled by vested interests.

I hope people, especially progressive leaning individuals must be keen on the "possible" unity of Liberals, Opportunists and even Wingnuts all in pursuit of victory, positions, etc. They may have won the elections, but then they may never win the hearts of the people fully. And instead letting people venting their rage in the name of bombarding the headquarters of reaction, opportunism and careerism. The events similar to the late days of Marcos regime to the late days of the Aquinos may likely to repeat if possible.

Advance the resistance against the unity of reactionary ultra-right and "left" social fascists!