Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reflections on Palparan's "Über-personalistic" responses

Reflections on Palparan's "Über-personalistic" responses
by Lualhati Madlangawa-Guerrero

It was Sunday night when I watched a senatorial debate on TV, that debate seemed to be good at first, but it turned out to be a throwing of personal replies-especially the "defence" given by the senatorial candidate and the man known as "butcher" Jovito Palparan.

True to his background, he may admit himself that he killed enemy combatants, but then killing enemy combatants may include atrocities against the people. But then, despite the accusations with factual evidences, he tried to defend his stance while at the same time responding it with various fabricated accusations against the left movement whom he's against for. Including his personal attacks within the anti-Communist spectrum.

One example is on how he called fellow congressman and senatorial candidate Satur Ocampo a "Communist leader." True, since he went on underground during the martial law years only to return to the legal struggle and end up as a congressman for years-making enough laws that uplifted the poor and yet some being blocked. How about the one who is blaming? He may tried to create some as he could but he focused much on mudslinging and even demonizing the left so much same as the wingnuts in the legislature! True, as Ocampo advocated change, Palparan seemingly advocated the contrary all in the name of "order": likely to call it as change vs. order in short.

I also notice that the rates end up in favor of Palparan instead of Ocampo, perhaps it was also out of black propaganda being circulated continuously in every mass medium, whether it is TV, radio to Youtube and Podcast. And I even think that low ratings for Satur and even Liza Maza are products, by products of black propaganda, mudslinging, and even harassment and of the like to destroy the legal left: made by the wingnuts, with the butcher as its forefront.

And in addition to that,
Noticing how Palparan emphasised Ocampo much as a "Communist leader" and accusing him much in killings whilst he can't speak of his stance regarding extrajudicial killings made by the military! He may spoke much of alleged NPA atrocities, and yet he can't speak much of military-related atrocities in the countryside that contrubuted much in the increase of their "enemy!" As he, a soldier, dutifully loyal to the chain of command also defend it very much also as a personal matter.

And as for Ocampo,
He may also think as the butcher seemingly acts as if "misunderstood" or really acting "ignorant" about the enemy-especially its brand of justice against its enemies. Imbued with experiences in the underground during the martial law era, Ocampo really wanted justice as possible no matter what consequence occur; at the same the the rebel's "revolutionary justice" is far from Palparan's and the entire wingnut's own style of justice-that benefits the rich instead of the poor and includes atrocities. I even notice how the wingnuts really loved, glorified the purges made by the rebels that end up with perpetrators who really conduct the killings (save those who confessed their crimes and hath their errors rectified) joining the bandwagon made by the fascists! And it includes "surenderees" who in fact, criminals who escaped justice simply by joining the ranks of the enemy, acting as informants, as mercenaries, as propagandists who vent "black propaganda" against their former kind.

And thus,
true to what I expected, that the butcher Palparan and the entire wingnut gang blindly heed the voice of the criminals who run over him to escape from charges against the revolution and even creating charges against them, that in fact can be fabricated or a concoction of contradicting truths that they themselves do and not of the movement they once belong. Palparan may have spoke of massacres, but then he can't speak much of his stance on crimes which the military hath done against activists all in the name of "anti-Communism".

And yet I still encounter high responses for him? God forbid, but his reasons, calling the red's armed struggle "outmoded" in "democratic" countries is far from what he expected. He may have read books but then he simply misjudged it like those of the apathetics and those who rally over him. They may have underestimated Ocampo, but none of them created solutions to alleviate poverty nor looking for answers in questions in regards to the problems of the society. True, for what they think of poor people as "ignorant" and the solution is to kill what they call "Communists."

Or rather say,
They really intentionally acting "ignorant" or "misunderstood" as they could, that the struggle the leftists made, even in democratic countries may continue "with unbated ferocity in various forms: sanguinary and bloodless, violent and peaceful, military and economic, educational and administrative." And for sure EDSA "revolution", which is an example of a "peaceful" revolt may even call it as communist instigated or whatsoever! As well as continuously calling the rebels, including the legal left as murderers and bandits whilst the instigators of crimes are along with them! If that's the case, how ignorant then!

Due to what I expect, of low rates for Ocampo and High appraisal for Palparan due to black propaganda or whatsoever created by the wingnuts, including murderers turned apologetics, that "dead man walking" and his band of zombies and bandits really doing their job well same as they advocate their brand of "democracy" which in fact a dictatorship. His BANTAY partylist is even a cult of the Marcos Dictatorship too-that one cause of joining is their "anti-Communist" stance that he also benefited from it.

And thus,
Their, as well as his verbo-physical bullshit, no matter they gained successes may end up rather nothing, they'll simply and up facing charges of crimes against the people and be punished with the fullest extent of revolutionary law-that in the end, may likely for them to understood how revolutionary justice, different from what they think of, really is.