Friday, April 16, 2010

Unleashing opportunism within and outside the rotten system

Unleashing opportunism within and outside the rotten system
by Lualhati Madlangawa-Guerrero

Last Wednesday, April 14, a news report nearly reshaped the political scene of the Philippines as the election comes.

True, as members of the administration party, Lakas-Kampi "Christian-Muslim Democrats" started to defect to any kind of party whether in the side of Nacionalista, Liberal, or even the PMP of Estrada. These opportunists, as what people mainly think of them, may consider it first a desperate but opportunistic act-especially as the feud between "Presidentiables" Villar and Aquino, and even Estrada rise through, leaving Teodoro of their once beloved party desperate to gain support.

In addition to that,
I also notice that most of these people were quite doing some measures to protect their fief, property simply by defecting to parties that has bigger support and protection. Shedding off their heritage as "Christian" or "Muslim" democrats in favor of opportunism through the cloak of "Nacionalista", "Liberal", or even "Populist" like those of Estrada et al. They may say that one basic cause of defection is lack of funds, but then the real cause is as what I have said from above-a personal intention.

True as what being said, as party politics, becoming an absolute interest by these traditional politicians without any concrete set of goals or whatsoever carries no ideology of its own except bannering it. How come a "Christian-Muslim Democrat" like Lakas-Kampi joined amongst the ranks of Liberals, Nationalists, and Populists? Isn't it desperate as we see them unveiling their political colour?

In addition to that,
If they are ought to be Christian, Muslim and at the same time Democrat, why they don't do like those of the center-right politicians like Conrad Adenauer or even Von Papen? Somehow they remained cling to their ideology no matter what problem the party hath encountered. Or even Ronald Regan and George Bush whose Republican party, also includes the Christian right, encountered problems that need not to defect.

They simply left the party with wingnuts, military minded personalities and die hard warlords in Teodoro's Lakas-Kampi "Christian-Muslim Democrats". And wingnut personalities like Jovito Palparan and Pastor Jun Alcover, with his "Pro Dem for Gibo Movement" are trying to uphold their connections, allegiance with him. As for Palparan, despite his "independent" stance, his supporters are pro-Teodoro and he even wanted himself to be a part of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD slate!

And one wingnut supporter said:
"Gibo is my president
Palparan is my senator
ANAD (a right wing sectoral party) is my party list"

True as what he have said, however he didn't notice that Teodoro is also a "Trapo", a traditional politician who also joined into the ranks of Lakas-Kampi-CMD from his uncle's NPC. And in addition to that, how come these wingnuts didn't help Teodoro in upholding "unity" within the party structure as most members of the party defected out of personal intent? Then they'll call them as "Trapo" not noticing that their Teodoro and their allies are "Trapos?"

They may have defended Teodoro et al. despite their favorite as a defector from the NPC and a "Trapo." while assailing those who defect from his party into the ranks of Villar, Aquino, Estrada et al. Opportunism indeed hath unleashed through within and outside as time goes by-until May 10: the day wherein the ballot box, M16 and mud started to use althogether. Stupid are those who defect, for they have no ideas or enough causes except selfish interests, politics, except for those who wanted to emphasisise much in administering than politicking, is dirty-that only an absolute dismantlement of the old, rotten system what the "Trapos", opportunists, et al. belong to as the solution.