Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day Greetings

May Day Greetings


"We have not come to do the work of political parties, but we have come here in the cause of labour, in its own defence, to demand its own rights." These are the words Madame Elanor Marx said in Hyde park, last the 4th of May 1890.These words also mirror the fact that all workers are still pursuing the protracted struggle for their rights.

True, for as time goes by, we all expect that more and more hath their minds opened, looking at the realities, rose up and fight. Like Madame Marx hath said: "but the dozens have grown to hundreds, and the hundreds to thousands, until we have this magnificent demonstration that fills the park today." But now, every park,square or plaza around the world became filled with workers and the red flags waving all in the name of struggle,not just for worker's and farmer's rights, but also for genuine Democracy and Socialism.

Driven by strong working class Patriotism and Internationalism, the entire working class somehow became inspiration to many all despite the anomalies, incidents, and tragedies happened pointing against them. The working class will continue forwarding the struggle for genuine Democracy all despite the dissolution of the east bloc, the capitulation of China to the wishes of the west, and modern-day revisionism courtesy of cliques, groups within vanguards.

Somehow the ones from the west and its domestic allies still try to vent much of black propaganda against us out of despair. Worse as we encounter the same methods like harassment and even death amongst our ranks. But then, we, the working class really faced those things regardless of life and in lieu of decreasing ranks amongst us, increasing all due of our lessons we shared upon to the rest of the world, continuing the legacy of popular struggles against the exploiters and the slanderers of the people.

As of now, we call on the peoples of the world, regardless of race, religion and sharing a common idea must forge a new, eternal and fraternal unity in order to counter the hordes unleashed by the Imperialists, especially the United States and its cohorts as we are living in a very tense time as they, the exploiters, maddened by permissiveness and excess of always printable blank dollars, which buy everything and everyone, from the U.S. not serviced at all by the gold reserves of the U.S. (ie, empty wrappers)can afford in it, coupled with kowtowing to the imperialist governments in Europe, Russia, and even the Revisionist China, including acquiescence to the world beyond the aggressive imperialist policy of world conquest robbery-that even encompasses all fields including politics, culture and the economy in different countries of the world are Americanized owing to the US policy of "internationalization" and "globalization."

But then,
The days of exploitation are numbered not just because of rallies directing against them from London to Washington or from Paris to Manila. And a UK cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church told the members of British parliament, politicians and businesspersons that capitalism, the system of exploitation, met its ruin since the declaration of the end of socialism not less than 20 years ago with the collapse of Berlin wall in 1989-all due to the intensification of people's struggles from legal to armed means like Columbia to the Philippines, wherein the struggle kept on growing.

All of these are not because of modern weaponry nor the number of people in every rally. We must recognize that the popular masses, who are behind all of the growing anti-Imperialist, anti-Capitalist, and anti-Fascist opposition play a decisive role as masters of national sovereignty and international solidarity. And that unity is mightier than a nuclear weapon or any kind of modern weaponry and sends the imperialists a tremble with apprehension and fear-like this remarkable May 1 event.

I hope the people must greatly understood the entire event like the past of years ago. The struggle isn't and will never be over irregardless the basis what the exploiters said directly against us.

Long live May 1 - Day of struggle against U.S. evil imperialism, for peace and security, for free labour and prosperity on our beautiful planet Earth! And someday, people of the world will hear and say these words in a coming offensive: Launch the offensives! Protect the Barricades!