Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Team Noynoy to sink US into deeper, more miserable poverty – Maza

Team Noynoy to sink US into deeper, more miserable poverty – Maza*

GMA’s architects of poverty are in LP

There is a big chance that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s legacy of anti-people policies will continue if the Liberal Party wins the May 2010 elections, as it is now coddling the unpopular president’s “architects of poverty.”

This was the statement of Makabayan-Nacionalista senatorial candidate Liza Maza in a press conference with members of the Nacionalista Party on Monday.

Maza named vice-presidential bet Mar Roxas, senatorial candidate Ralph Recto, Albay Gov. Joey Salceda, and Cesar Purisima as among Senator Noynoy Aquino’s party-mates who have helped the President create policies which plunged the Filipino people into deep and more miserable poverty.

Maza pointed out that former senator and National Economic Development Agency director Ralph Recto was the main author of the E-VAT law, which imposes an extra 12% on the cost of almost all the basic goods and services Filipino families consume every day. Gov. Salceda was former Chief-of-Staff and economic adviser of President Arroyo, while Mar Roxas and Cesar Purisima were former Trade and Finance secretaries, respectively.

“They are responsible for the problem we're in; the high prices of basic necessities, low wages, hunger and very low standard of living. We cannot entrust our future in the hands of people who believe in taxing people to death and whose economic policies are patently anti-poor,” Maza said.

LP’s "Deadly" economic platform

Maza stressed that Liberal Party’s economic program centers on further freeing the market from government restraint and allowing its domination by foreign businesses.

“To bring down the protective barriers of our economy means to lend our economy a rope with which to hang itself to death,” Maza said.

Maza pointed that the livelihood of farmers, for instance, will be gravely affected by the proposal to remove tariff on imported goods as it would cause the overflow of agricultural products from other countries which are much cheaper than our farmers’ produce.

*Url: http://ow.ly/1AzXE