Thursday, April 22, 2010

Seeing "Poison Letters" and other kinds of harassment means "Escalating Anti-Fascist Resistance"

Seeing "Poison Letters" and other kinds of harassment
means: "Escalating Anti-Fascist Resistance"

Yesterday, I read an article in Bulatlat about activists, as well as political volunteers, being given "Poison Letters," threatening them with death due to their beliefs as progressive leaning individuals and telling that their organizations as a communist fronts, and thus liable for harassment and of ceaseless subjective criticism.

Upon reading the article, I notice how opportunists, as well as wingnuts resorted to "purely personal" acts as they faced a growing left pointing against them. True, as these people, despite bannering "democracy", "freedom", and other similar words seemingly doing the contrary-since they curtail people who dare to oppose the system they supported through.

One example of a "Poison Letter" is the work being made by a wingnut who, speaking of "freedom" and "democracy" vent a tone that generalizes the left as terrorists and murderers. As according to the news service Bulatlat:
"...The letter branded Ocampo as a “butcher and murderer” in the Southern Tagalog and Bicol regions for allegedly leading the “Operation Missing Link”, the supposed purge of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) against suspected military agents inside the movement. The letter also accused Maza of ordering the killing of Akbayan members and coordinators in Nueva Ecija..."

"...The letter also maligned party list groups Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Gabriela, Kabataan, Katribu, ACT Teachers and Akap-Bata as front organizations of the CPP for the upcoming 2010 elections with the alleged aim to “infiltrate the democratic institution and ruin it from the inside..."

Some evenly spoke too personal, in a threatening manner that evenly includes killing-like having a black ribbon in one of the "Poison Letters" being distributed to a particular person. And thus, these "Poison Letters" shows the continuous harassment of those who fight for their political beliefs, a mockery of democracy that, in fact benefits the privileged as according to Ramon Plaza of MAKABAYAN-Ilocos Norte, said in Bulatlat:
"The letter is a desperate attempt to ruin the credibility of the candidates and to deprive the masses of leaders that will truly serve their interests,"

True, but then instead of pitying the struggle, it evenly intensifies, especially the anti-Fascist struggle of the people courtesy of the groups and individuals being threatened and harassed through the "Poison Letters" being distributed upon to them. Somehow the ones who created those letters shows how desperate are they, that as if taking Mao's message too literal: "Political power grows through the barrel of the gun." And thus, these letters being distributed meant, in their idea a reminder not to get involve, if not they rather kill them and expressing it as "defending democracy and freedom" which in fact doing the contrary.

And so is the posters featuring the progressive leaning partylists and of Senatorial candidates Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza, writing it with the words calling them as "Communists", "Partylists supported by the NPA", "Sponsoring terrorism" et al. Somehow it really shows how these people, whether it is a wingnut, a "left" opportunist, or both of them (somehow they unite in doing this) really trying to malign and even violate fair election laws too!

These kinds of acts really unveil Fascist-related acts, especially made by the wingnuts, that some can be similar to the actions being undertaken against then Partido ng Bayan in the late 80s and other similar acts that, instead of ideological, driven much by personal acts and of the like. And until now, that the automated elections is coming, and the election-related activities kept on continuing, these threatening acts, as what I said from above escalates anti-Fascist resistance and makes it stronger in every challenge being undertaken-including reading threatening letters.