Monday, April 12, 2010

Seeing "Lovely" in paint: A "Chicc" for a "?"

Seeing "Lovely" in paint: A "Chicc" for a "?"

I was last year when I stared at the pictures of a finely young "Chicc" online. That girl somehow is somewhat pretty- a "Dakilang Morena" type, skin kissed by the sun with a curvaceous body and a loving face. That girl, whose name is Lovely, somehow reminds of all the paintings depicting a pure, native Pilipina, especially on the paintings made by Amorsolo and Botong Francisco.

"Muslim Betrothal" by Botong Francisco,
but despite the theme, it is more of a Pagan than of a Muslim wedding:
the old man is more of a shaman than of an Imam.

"Maria Makiling" by Botong Francisco

The girl ought to be "drawn"

But then, despite her "Dakilang Morena" appeal, that girl I have met, chatted online lived in Japan, being a daughter of a Japanese father and a Pilipina mother, as well as inclined much in foreign tastes especially in contemporary RnB and sometimes, "lumpenic" rap music. And in addition to that, Lovely somehow carries "pure" Pilipino blood despite carrying little or enough Japanese features in it-that I even call her a young version of the actress Eula Valdez.

The proof? Is in her appearance that, the dominant blood, trait is of a Pilipina! That all reminds of a beautiful "Probinsyana" (Provincemaiden) or a simple, but pretty lad of the "Kalunsuran" (Urbanside) that even the Foreigner or a Mestizo may ought to find and love, but then she is far from a stereotypical maiden who is submissive or "easy to get", due to the times we tackled upon to about love life and relationships, and thus I ought to consider it good for at least she prefers handling her own fate unlike others who submit to others will for sake.

And like the paintings of Botong Francisco, I notice that she's really quite similar to it, and thus I simply like to put her whether on the paint or in the sketch as possible as a means to portray her beauty, but then it requires much constant thinking than of a swift advance to prevent such problems to it as well as a kind permission to do so-of drawing her and make her hair black or slight brown instead of blonde, of retaining her natural colour instead of much white, and so is her curvaceous body in an appropriate scene of Mt. Makiling or in the mountains of Sierra Madre as an "Aspara", a "Diwata", or a "mangbubukid" carrying a bolo on one hand and a rifle on the other, or in other words a female rebel acting as a spirit of the wilderness fighting against the oppressors and slanderers of the people a la Lorena Barros and the Jennifer "Ka Maria" Carino. And it may even say to her that "I am quite inspired by yours to draw you better!" and even "It's an honour to share to me your fate!"

But then, Not all things physically, like her's or even others who possess beauty can be considered beautiful, but rather it comes from the way she carries,a fine character, of preserving her honour and dignity, and a love for reason and knowledge makes a woman beautiful. Somehow like the paintings of Botong Francisco really depicts the Pilipina was, is, and must be: an equal partner of man and a contributor to humanity.