Friday, April 9, 2010

If Capitalism becomes an absolute society?

If Capitalism becomes an absolute society?

We've witnessed all sorts of events happened in the history of our lives, seeing attempted revolts, revolutions, and even counter-revolutions that trying to change the entire global scene. And for sure we used to think of it as "crazy attempts", "desperate", "unfit" especially with the sign of the times.

But what if nothing happened as capitalism, especially in a form of "democracy" remained on the go despite being interrupted? Of having people getting contented and apathetic as they enjoy the "gifts" of a rotten sytem that is "advanced" to them?

As what I have expected most, the world, being dominated by capitalists, feualists, fascists, imperialists in a guise of "liberals" and "democrats" even "socialists" tend to create a greater bloc, a Capintern to counter the reviving and growing red bloc composed of revolutionaries, progressives around the world. True is what the most expected, as the Capintern, the capitalist international tries to preserve the system, or in case of change, trying to pave their "democracy" into a capitalist system of government, wherein the private sector is the government itself, and so are the police, the justice system and even the prisons.

Why is that I said so?
These are what the "libertarians" and of "conservatives" do. As they preach of their concept of "freedom" and "democracy" to attain "popular happiness" which in fact, more of the modern day slave owners, of the greed and other similar beings that trying to make a fief out of the world. And so are the "Anarcho-capitalists" who, like the trying hard "libertarians" and really right-wing "conservatives" that banner much of "individual rights" and of "human dignity". But then they can't say much if their "capitalism" is a concept of a perfect society, all despite their researches and other similar works.

And if they want so, are they accepting ideas like having a private-law society? Wherein anything is under an "elite", "privileged" few who virtually controlled the police, the prison, the justice system, of thinking much of the society as an asset and even a liability, a virtual market of "opportunities" and accumulation of capital? Of having a state more of an entity?

These ideas spoken by "advocates" of bourgeois "freedom and democracy" is an absolute hollowed phrase, and so is the bill of rights as every law is under the rich whilst the majority end up in prisons and in the graves. True is the word of Lenin that
"Freedom", especially in a capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics, and that is Freedom for the slave owners-and so are today's owners of corporations, landlords turned chief-executive-officers, and similar beings whose mind is on "how to generate profit to the point of selling 'titles' like president for a large sum of cash.

And since capitalism, rotten and decayed still dominates the entire global society, may even pave way to modern day feudal and eventually to a master and slave society wherein anything would be based much into titles and property all in exchange of oppression in a guise of "peace" and "order" while "freedom" and "democracy" end up as hollow phrases, and so is justice as it end up in the hands of those who control property whether it is land or factory or any kind of establishment.

They may have condemned scientific socialism, and so is their fascism but they unofficially condemned democracy since they are insisting in defending much in their "personal interests" better than the common good, or rather say their personal interests are the common good itself, this desparacy shows how they tried to maintain a rotten, corrupt, decaying system trying to get popular just to counter the growing wrath of opposition.

How about the concept of change, of revolution?
Capitalism may use change all in order to maintain their interests, like EDSA revolution in the Philippines for instance, the capitalists tried to grab much the scene from the National Democrats in a guise of Social Democracy all in order to preserve the rotten system, to them change is nothing but a change of leaders instead of the system as they are running after their interests over the interests of the people. Change, as what I expect for them is a hollow phrase as they preferred "order." EDSA revolution? It was originally conceived to be a bloody revolt of an urban insurrection kind, but the CIA and the capitalists turned it into a "peaceful", "orderly", "revolution". Or in the words of an Anarcho-capitalist: "Ordered anarchy."

All the desperate hordes of the rotten system are starting to give off a thrust against the forces of progression all in the name of "democracy" against "communism." True is their word as their democracy is the democracy of the slave owners and of the profiteers who kept on using "freedom", "democracy", "peace", and "justice" which in fact are doing the absolute contrary. The Anarcho-capitalist, the right wing "libertarian" and of the conservative, anything right wing chauvinist kind that controls the Capintern will do their "best" just to destroy progression.

I hope the people understand this, we're in the middle of an endless battlefield.