Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Ampatuan supports Aquino?"

"Ampatuan supports Aquino?"
"On warlords coddling for an uninterested interests"

Last time, we sought pictures, videoes of the warlord Andal Ampatuan wearing a rubber baller courtesy of presidentiable Manny Villar in the prison cell. Those pictures and videoes epicting him made the liberals started to throw mud over Villar, thinking that the presidential candidate coddled with a warlord who killed journalists and supporters of his rival.

The entire scene changed up as Last night, I encountered a picture showing the warlord Ampatuan, this time wearing a yellow shirt and a yellow rubber baller flashing a "Laban" sign, as well as bragging that the entire family supports Villar's rival, Noynoy Aquino and his Liberal party.

In this picture, somehow really affects the political scene as warlords, landlords are trying to control their territory using "armalite" and "ballot box" tactics, including coddling to rivals in exchange for concessions and the like-including the trashing off allegations against him in last year's Maguindanao genocide. All started during the early days of the American occupation up to the present day, with Andal Ampatuan as the latest person trying to wear a garb of a "Liberal" instead of a "Christian-Muslim Democrat" whom he really supported for.

But it does not end with Ampatuan. Cebu in an instance, involves warring families and even relatives fighting for seats in the provincial level. Like Ampatuan, it includes coddling with presidential aspirants like the Garcias who supported Villar while the Osmenas supported Aquino. Only Gwendolyn Garcia, also coming from the Garcia clan preferred staying with the Lakas-Kampi-CMD under Gibo Teodoro. Somehow it shows that these people real cared for the territory and didn't care much about the ideology or platforms of the political party they supported.

In addition to that,
As these people kept on controlling every territory, not caring the ideology of the political party they aligned and instead bannering it, some of them somehow are doing the contrary-especially those who stick to the particular line of thought, like Gwen Garcia who preferred supporting Teodoro and of the Osmenas who supported Aquino-except for Lito Osmena who preferred running under PROMDI and even John Osmena who once coddled with Estrada, then Arroyo and then back to the opposition that he, a political chameleon led to his demise!

Back to the topic, upon expecting this, I don't really expect this since traditional politicians, especially warlords really do so! Like wearing rubber ballers, Ampatuan changed sides literally from Arroyo to Aquino, bragging that he supports Aquino and Roxas in a yellow pad as he shown to the media in television!

As for the "Liberals" under Aquino, he-out of popular appeal or whatsoever denied his support while expressing thanks to the imprisoned warlord. He may have denied it but then that simple word “No Thanks!”, out from the mouth of the Presidential Candidate Noynoy Aquino, may likely, or likely not be fulfilled as the Liberals may likely to gain support from the warlords as part of their tactics to gain votes. And although Aquino is very vocal that he does not need the support and personal endorsement of Ampatuan clan, it may likely to call it a farce as kickbacks and other similar "under the table" concepts a trapo may do so!

Warlords are Warlords, desperate in nature and opportunity as its trait.