Friday, April 9, 2010

Give a "Chicc" an "oil bomb" and act real

Give a "Chicc" an oil bomb and act real

It was last last time when I talked to a gangsta "chicc" online while making a writeup. At first, I thought that she would be snobbish like other gangsters I met and talked online, true as I experienced being snubbed by these people famous for its "lumpenproletarian" extravagance.

That girl seemed to be different from the rest of the snobbish majority: nice, friendly, accommodating, and thus made me a time to have a good chat with her. Tackling good, interesting topics like music to love and relationships wherein she spoke about her "husband" (their term for their boyfriend) and her love of rap music especially in native Tagalog.

And as I continue chatting at her, somehow I was quite thinking that person, especially a girl who preferred listening to rap music while trying to have a good posse seemed to be a good break from those who continuously preferring the lumpenic extravagance of having fake silver, skimpy shorts and of snobbish attitude. These people somehow are different from hers whose respect is at least respect instead of having it as a hollow word.

But then,
She's different from another one who listened much to hip hop. Dancer by background, that girl also possessed much talent as I may expect, she done painting, poetry and even possessed a good voice as a singer, but then she, a hip hopper, or rather say an old school hip hopper preferred dancing than like the former, a gangster as I may say.

And so was another one,
Also a gangster, that girl seemed emphasized much into sex, by asking me if I had a girl and having sex, well... I say yes but on having sex? No. And so in asking her the same question-only to replied by saying "yes" as a means to show love for her boyfriend, of her "husband". Quite interesting- only to take the response that their love is much emphasized on eroticism.

And thus,
As I analyze these three persons, originally two, these people somehow are much into rap music and the entire culture itself, but then-the second one preferred music and arts as her forte whilst the former and the last indulged much in a fusion of fashion and music; and in addition to that, especially the last person described, I notice that sex became a means of showing relationship despite not having married and an inappropriate age-making sex for a recreational sake I guess in the world wherein rap music and the entire culture a part of their bloodline.

True is the books I hath read that girls within the hiphop scene became commodified due to its appeal that made the entire scene becoming synonymous to the ghetto, skimpy clad women, and anything lumpen, but then not all can be like that since the old school hiphop of the second person indicated carries the concept wherein dance, dj-ing and graffiti as its primary means.

As years passed and the genre diversified from absolute lumpen to well refined working class "hiphop" culture, these three women I have described somehow are shown as examples of the culture: an accommodating "chicc" that at first you think is as snobbish, an "old school" dancer who also sings and performs a variety of arts a lot, and a submissive lassie who thinks of sex as love. And thus, better for the last person, true to her character same as those who are snobbish, whom the people may think of her and the others as a "bitch" or some sort to be -as well as to be given an "oil bomb and act real" as possible! Give a "Chicc" an oil bomb and she'll likely to behave.