Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seeing humanity in a cross of dollar and gold

Seeing humanity in a cross of dollar and gold

Today is maundy Thursday, and that day somehow is a part of a sacred week. And for sure most of us are starting to get out and pray, lighting candles as well as meditating, reflecting their actions, intentions made before that sacred day.

Not all problems can be solved through prayers, meditation, or even self flagellation as other people ought to do, as most problems are rather stem from economic, social rather than spiritual affairs that corrupts the inner, personal side of man. And noticing that we, people living in this rotten society didn't notice much as we instead stay away and acting apathetically whilst praying for forgiveness.

For example, the government's negligence on education. We see that most state colleges and universities hath started to increase their fees that in fact, attacks the student's right for education, then the government defending them, those who oppress instead of reprimanding them! How come the government became negligent on education and social services and instead having a large chunk of budget be in the hands of the murderers and of the rich and famous "few?" Or rather say, is the government became disobedient in its fundamental law?

As time goes by, this society became apathetically ignorant, as most people preferred the comforts courtesy of mass media, of modern lifestyle, they didn't notice much about the realities happened, except for earthquakes and other tragedies that may led to temporary unity, like the Ondoy and Pepeng or a mass mourning like the Ampatuan massacre. But on common affairs such as poverty? We simply disregard it away. I don't know why how these people, apathetic in nature are the same people who went to church, gave their tithe and prayed for forgiveness?

Bah! Why is the world becoming like that? Except to those who understand this and trying to break the cycle of problems, most people becoming too or half ignorant in regards to their ideas in regards to the society, whilst bannering words like "patriotism", "hope", "peace", "progress", speaking off words like "change starts from ourselves", "we must study our lessons", and any other kind of, these people are the ones who had no concrete goals and insist in building castles on sand, of pipe dreams without concrete settings.

While at the same time, the massive ranks of people, mostly coming from the oppressed are starting to rise up and marching a la the peaceful rallies during the Russian revolution! Like the PUP students who threw off and burned the old dilapidated chairs in response for Guevarra's increase proposal (that end up in scrapping it off), these people who called for change remained deeply oppressed. True to their ideas that they kept on fighting for it unlike those who banner who in fact hath nothing to deal with it.

In general,
This society we're belonging, remained as it is, rotten and dilapidated, wherein anything around the society is based on what Pol Pot said:
"To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss."
And thus, the clique of the rich and famous, who controlled the society itself simply approved on what Pol Pot hath said to them, to the fact that the ones working, from the farmer to the student are no benefit from them all despite the labors given to them day and night, of having their produce under their own greedy filthy hands and lastly, discarding them out of a certain problem in the end, thinking of it as nothing, no loss indeed as they look for another.

all things out of these problems are likely to give way to anger after languishing in physical torture and mental fantasy-of themselves, the humanity in general, being oppressed by the few, crucified in a cross of dollar and gold! And therefore we mustn't get contented in praying, fasting and anything-we need action all in the name of those who are suffering in the cross of capital against the ones in the temple of greed: for FAITH WITHOUT ACTION IS DEAD!

A message for the youth in regards to the PUP 5 and the struggle for Academic freedom

A message for the youth in regards to the PUP 5 and the struggle for Academic freedom

The PUP 5 is now free.

But millions of Filipino youth,
are still chained to the problems brought by tuition increases,
and the rotten state of education in the Philippines.

The struggle is not yet finished to ensure our right for education.

Continue the movement
Continue the struggle!




Last March 19, we sought students venting off anger through the chairs being thrown and burned, followed by protests in Diliman where they pushed and pulled its steel gates forcibly followed by throwing paint bombs in it. All was full of agitation, until...

Five students, leaders who fought against the tuition hike, were arrested by the Manila Police District last March 24, and formally given charges last March 25 201O. These students were charged of robbery with threat and intimidation.

But then,
Despite all the allegations, all in connected to the increase proposal made by the reactionary leaning administration, more students, parents, and even personalities like presidential candidate Eddie Villanueva of Bangon Pilipinas, voiced out their criticism all against that said increase and includes the arrest of five students who were simply trying to voice out their opinions outside the office of Commission on Higher Education in Diliman through the burnt and thrown chairs of the institution intended to be bought out and be called as an evidence of student anger towards that said increase. As well as CHED Commissioner Angeles, who in fact saving his face in front of angry students, clearly declared that "no tuition hike will be approved or implemented in PUP."

And on March 29, after continuous clamor of the studentry, both for the freedom of five students and of scrapping the tuition hike proposal, Dante Guevarra, the reactionary-leaning representative of the PUP administration, eventually gave up his fight instead of pushing through just to save his face in front of people opposing him and his proposal, as well as dropped charges against the 5 imprisoned student leaders who opposed his proposal.

And the rest is history, wherein the scholars of the people gain victory over those who tried to curtail student's rights and minimizing welfare.

Despite having PUP's or rather say Guevarra's TOFI proposal being scrapped by the Board of Regents last Monday, it doesn't mean that the battle for free education stops-but rather intensifies the people's clamor for it, as Kabataan Partylist's Raymond "Mong" Palatino said:
“We welcome Chairman Angeles’ announcements but students also promise to remain vigilant."
We must continue fighting!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A letter to Katleah

A letter to Katleah

Dear Katleah, or rather say "comrade,"

Its so happy to see and hear that you finished college. Happy because you finished four years of mind and body twisting ordeals that seemed make you "nose bleed", "groggy" and anything that may never control most of the time.

But then,
Despite all of these things you have done with, lies sadness as you finish college and leaving it full of memories both material and immaterial. In fact, as I notice you during the first days of meeting, of running as a candidate in the CAS student council, under the banner of KBPA last 2008, I was nearly inspired-from listening to you singing "rosas ng digma" (a tagalog song meaning "rose of war") with Troy while playing a guitar, of enjoying with some friends' company, that even made me compelled much in drawing every features of you, and end up you (in my works) clenching a fist, carrying a gun, or even donning a "Liza Maza" getup of white and having a pink scarf. Well... perhaps out of activism rather and of you, creating a being whose beauty and strength is a product of ceaseless admiration.

And despite all the tragedies I passed though, of having a fight with your friend, I never made wrong or anything against you. But on the other hand, out of that "away", I became so shy, whenever I wanted to meet and have a chitchat with you. True and weird isn't it? But then, Despite any attempt to meet and having a chitchat, perhaps no to avail, since both of us are having most of the time working. And secondly I consider it "difficult", wanting no fight therefore better not to speak though-and instead preferring other means like drawing, of girl with a gun, rising a left fist, having a red star, wearing a mao cap or budenovka headgear, carrying an AK47, etc. Making the person who created is a hardcore.

And like the the song "Comrade Lover", with no regrets in doing every work both school and in struggle, that I sacrificed the blood, sweat and tears of my youth to complete every ordeal-all of these are due to you as my inspiration, as you sing every pop song whilst I listen to hardcore speeches.
As what the song said:
"Joy and Sorrow,
parting and union

-The story always the the same

Hand in hand,
and unchanging face"

Perhaps, it's (or all it's) over, since you are leaving UE with profound memories. And so are the works full of agitation. "All hail thou hope of our land, Loyal thy sons we'll ever be."* these are the words I may say to you my once inspiration and idea in my work. Or rather say, we have another battle to face!

Farewell to a red star shining! You may have left UE, but there are millions of Katleahs, red stars rising and shining in the realm of struggle! HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE!

From a comrade, and once a friend

*From Teogenes Velez's "UP Beloved" (UP naming mahal)

Imprisoned but defiant

Imprisoned but defiant

It was a sad, but defiant day as five activists were arrested by the Manila Police District last March 24, and formally given charges last March 25 201O. Seven days after the remarkable throwing and burning of dilapidated chairs of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa Manila.

The arrested, namely Cheysser Soriano, PUP central student council president; Ferrin Louise Umagat, 19; Judy Anne Fabito, 19; Piem Canela, 18, and Abriel Masilungan, 20, were accused of robbery with threat and intimidation, and it was filed against them after they loaded 13 armchairs into two passenger jeepneys inside the PUP campus in Sta. Mesa and took them out of the school grounds.

According to Chief Inspector Marcelo Reyes, head of the Manila Police District-GAS section, the basis comes from the complaint that relied on information from PUP security chief Leonardo Coquilla, that the five allegedly took out 13 desks (those were being thrown from the PUP buildings and burned last March 19) and board them onto two passenger jeeps bearing the license plates TWU753 and TVY797 without consent from university officials.

The arrest somehow was deeply connected to the attempt made by PUP President Dante Guevarra and his proposed tuition fee increase that resulted to the anger of the studentry and its spontaneous action, involving the throwing, burning of old, dilapidated chairs. As according to Inquirer:
"Soriano, however, told Inquirer that what they took from the school were 13 "broken" armchairs that they intended to take to the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) office to highlight their protest against proposals to hike tuition at PUP.

She claimed that they simply wanted to point out, through the armchairs, the quality of education students have been receiving for the tuition their parents are paying.

The PUP central student council president stressed that the protest was not only for themselves, but for millions of other students who are forced to shell out more for their tuition. She added that the case filed against them would not prevent them from staging future protest actions."

Despite their arrest and imprisonment, these accused persons are still supported by students, individuals who are opposing the said increase proposal, as well as the state abandonment of its responsibility with its decreasing allocation to education. And according to Soriano, who is the president of the PUP Student Council and also the chairperson of militant group Anakbayan, said their arrest was allegedly made to harass the students who were not in favor of the tuition increase.

The student leaders, both the imprisoned and not, vowed to continue the protests against the proposal in all PUP campuses until the PUP administration, led by Dante Guevarra, withdraws the proposal as the pronouncement of the CHED warning PUP on hasty and un-consulted tuition hike did not balk student leaders in their plans for massive protest action on March 29 during the supposed BOR meeting.

Ocampo and the rest of the PUP 5 are still imprisoned out of an unrealistic accusation, and yet they are still defiant for they are against the proposed tuition fee increase which is more of a robbery towards the poor students who comprised the majority of the entire PUP studentry.

Indeed, they are imprisoned but defiant.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

After the throwing and burning...

After the throwing and burning...

Days after the famous defiance-action made by the students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines last March 19, waves of student protests, although minimal in number, swept over the office of the Commission on Higher Education in Diliman, Quezon City as well as the PUP main campus in Sta. Mesa Manila.

Like the First Quarter Storm of 1970, I notice that their actions are really showing a new wave of resurgence amongst the youth-student sector. Nearly violent as it is according to some spectators. But then, these protests, as what we expected, are quite too swift but then continuous as most student activists tried to break off the gates despite being locked, and even facing the guards, taunting and even retaliating after being beaten, while in PUP lies the significance of the burning of old, dilapidated chairs and tables while protesting against the proposed tuition fee hike like the March 19 event.

In Diliman, a sugar-coated "reply" from the commissioner tries to appease the students, as according to GMA news:
"After destroying an entrance gate and splattering paint all over the vicinity of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in Quezon City, a group of raucous rallying student finally got the answer they wanted from CHED chairman Emmanuel Angeles."
This article shows that out of having its gate destroyed and throwing paint in that said establishment, seems that the reactionary-leaning Angeles, facing angry students from the University of the Philippines and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, tried to save face simply by speaking off opposition towards the hike and even vowed to block moves to increase tuition in PUP by 17 folds or from P12 to P200 per unit. Well... lucky for him, but for the students? I don't think so if they believe in him despite saying to them that:
"I think it is unreasonable to increase by [almost] 2,000 percent..."

Well... in fact,
That kind of event, all despite the throwing of paint bombs, of pushing pulling till destroying the doors of CHED, of burning chairs in PUP, shows the release of emotions what every angry student activist made against every increase proposal or curtailment of rights which is against them. Somehow despite its nearly "putschist" way, it justifies that their action, although illegal in that way, has a justifiable cause to say, all despite the threats of expulsion, of imprisonment, or even forced disappearance and death coming against their ranks.

And like the said writeup I have made last March 20, I really expect that protests regarding the increase in tuition and other fees would come whether it is proposed or approved. "The protests will continue..." as what the final statement said in my work shows that every news in the television and radio, and every newspaper up to the latest blogsite and alternative progressive media like Bulatlat evenly includes the situation regarding the problem not just in PUP but also in other schools that experienced tuition hikes, of curtailment of student representation, freezing the allocation of budget for campus newspapers (like in PUP's Catalyst) and even harassment of students.

Perhaps again another wave of protest will come-even up to the election day!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

MARCH 19-Day of student anger, resurgence in Sta. Mesa

MARCH 19-Day of student anger, resurgence in Sta. Mesa

It all started as old, dilapidated chairs and tables are being thrown away from the buildings of an educational institution. That action seemed "barbaric" as what others may say, and at the same time having a walkout with a mood for anger-as March 19, students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa started a protest, directing against what they may considered a sin-of increasing fees.

That protest somehow seemed to be justifed, as what Donna Pascual, the Student Regent of PUP, said:"The students are not barbaric, they are just showing that they are very angry."
And to mention the throwing away of chairs and tables, their action being made somewhat mirrors the fact that these students, mostly coming from humble backgrounds, are studied in a school wherein it is supported by the state, which means anything should be coming from a bigger state subsidy-that even the state for now didn't care about it all despite having a bigger budget that end up in either the hands of a corrupt official or in a murderer.

And as the chairs thrown outside are being followed by setting them on fire, in a funeral pyre like, the students evenly protested much regards to the said increase proposal, from P12 per unit, students of PUP which is a state university, will have to shell out P200 per unit or an increase of almost 1,700 percent- contrary to what I have said that PUP should be given instead a bigger state subsidy as what the students wanted.

But then, despite all of the protests, PUP officials, especially Dante Guevarra, said that only incoming freshmen will be covered by the tuition increase. And around 50,000 freshmen are expected to enroll in PUP this coming school year-but not noticing that most of them may come from the vast majority of what they targeted to pay 200 Pesos for a unit! Isn't it an act of desparacy?
And the worst thing?
Students said that they were not consulted about the hike in fees-also an attempt to curtail student representation in regards to tuition fee consultations, that may even create further protests in regards to their proposal!

But despite the protests happened that March 19 2010, the administrators, especially the reactionary inclined Guevarra still insist that the tuition hike is needed to "improve the school's facilities." And he even said (in English translation):
"The PUP, for the past 30 years, haven't increase its tuition fees... We have nothing to do because anything had been increasing for now. The cost of paper hath increased, the office supplies even increased, same as the electrical supplies that we needed, including power and utilities."
And he even added that the school administration does not need to consult its students about the matter because only incoming students are covered by the increase.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED), however, also said that state universities should consider the economic status of their students-that becoming a basis for increasing fees due to the economic status of students enrolled in PUP and other state colleges and universities. And according to Atty. Julito Vitriolo, CHED executive director:
"...it caters to the less fortunate sectors of the society."
But his message seemed contrary to the actions Guevarra wanted, and despite having students with "less fortunate" backgrounds trying to study in that said institution, may even end up "much less fortunate" for having additional fees to be paid, anything despite every financial scandal or anything that even the education sector may greatly affected!

Even thou it may affect the incoming freshmen and not of the sophomore, junior, senior and even the post graduates in that said institution, the PUP administration, led by the reactionary Guevarra seemed to be blind and deaf-he didn't think that the majority of those who are studying in "his" institution are the poor and of the needy. And the students, who continue opposing that said increase proposal, the same who threw away dilapidated chairs and tables from the windows of the school buildings outside PUP somehow are also imbued with the idea regarding state colleges and universities as institutions subsidized by the state and therefore the state must also manage it being a promoter of education.

And if Guevarra do so? All in the name of modernization, of allowing commercialization and of anything that may ruin rather the entire studentry? Perhaps more and more throwing of chairs and tables to be set upon, same as in other schools who wished to do so without any consultation or rather say trying to block the studentry from having representation in every consultation being undertaken regarding tuition and other fees and its proposal for increase.

The Board of Regents, perhaps even including Student Regent Pascual will meet again to decide if they will push through with the tuition increase.

But for the students, the protests will continue.

Friday, March 19, 2010

UE's Affirmation of its capitalistic, or rather say corporate tendency

UE's Affirmation of its capitalistic, or rather say corporate tendency

It was late in the afternoon and early in the morning when I read The University of the East's school paper. That paper somehow remains as it is-a big leaflet, four pages and contains such write-ups that seemed unbalanced and too emphasized on the school proper.

As I continue reading, I found one article, and it said:
And somehow, it shows how the university affirms to its capitalistic sentiment of creating profits despite the tragedies happened, as well as seriously affirming their intention to increase their fees-or rather say increase their income despite calling itself a "non-stock", "non-profit" institution made last February 24 2010.

And since they continue doing so, that even the pro-administration, socially-apathetic dominated Student Council and its cohorts, minus the opposing College of Education Student Council approved the increase proposal. Speaking off reasons like "old chalkboards", "chairs" and anything that remained a perennial problem.

Somehow the UE Administration, again speak off their intentions regarding the results of the last year's increase, of building renovations, of water reproofing of the Education building, of changing chairs to fibreglass, but all of these carry the main basic reason-of accreditation of colleges.
How come they say so in that said increase? And yet due to the financial reports the profits of that said institution increased from 2008 to 2009? And due to the tragedies being happened, of typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng, of this El Nino Phenomenon and other financial scandals strike all over the country and others, why is it the institution, being known as the "University of the Common Man", and a "Poor Man's University" increased their profits instead of utilizing their main income much on these said projects? And how come they even spoke of having UE be given a faster internet access through having the entire building, university-wide having a Wi-fi internet service, which it was really intended for many years as a plan?

Despite that said approval, there are still opposing to that approved plan, as the progressives remained defiant against the approval made by the reactionary inclined and its horde of apathetics who are evenly approved the said increase proposal, as Crisostomo Consul said (in an English translation):
"We are against the TFI. For the main problem is that we are paying increase without justifiable changes or development."
And he even said that it is not enough even the University being given an autonomous status and has undergone a lot of changes to justify the cause of that said increase. And he even said this (in an English translation):
"It must start from the internal, since we're much emphasised on the external. There's UAAP, topnochers, all of them are champions. But we must consider our internal problems."
And he even explained that the said increase may resulted to a domino effect on the University;s status (In an English translation):
"If they increase, there will be a big loss to UE. It may decrease enrollment, and even the quality education may decrease due to the incompetency of the professors."
And lastly, Consul concluded (In an English translation):
"I hope they consider first the students who are agonizing in paying the tuition fee but willing to finish their future in UE."

But then, on the other side,
The newly elected president of the council, the illiberal-inclined Mars Lago, like the rest of the Kaisa Ka Clique simply agreed on the said increase, bannering such statements like "development", "improvement", that in fact, a cosmetic job for the administrators for the sake of accreditation while the rest end up in filling up the institution's pockets-a feature of a capitalist- and thus, it affirms UE's entity as a "corporation", a "profiteer", a "capitalist roader" who disregards its vision and mission as an institution and a vanguard of the youth, emphasizing profit generating activities over quality education whilst bragging for academic excellence!

How come the newly elected University Student Council president approved so without any question? Is the Kaisa Ka Party Coalition, or rather say the moderates who trying to act as progressives didn't think much of student welfare and instead bannering UE's academic excellence blindly? Perhaps as years passed by, and if the reigning party continue approving the increase, whether it is small or big and for the goddamn sake of "cosmetic improvement" without reading any financial statement to notice about the increase in UE's profits, then we'll end up as what Consul said!

What's next?
Doing the events in PUP, of throwing away chairs and tables from the building? Of doing the age old carrying the coffin up to Lualhati (UE's counterpart of UP Oblation) as a sign of the death of UE's entity as a "University of the Common Man"? Sadly for the Kaisa Ka and the UE admin for it may. For in the end, we hope that there will be an insurrection inside the institution! We demand the stoppage of a yearly tuition fee increase without any cause!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Of "Affiriming" the U.S. Imperialists, and its allies as Paper Tigers

Of "Affiriming" the U.S. Imperialists, and its allies as Paper Tigers

54 years since the late great Chairman Mao Zedong made this writeup lies the conclusion that the U.S. Imperialists, as well as its reactionary allies are to be known as Paper Tigers. True, for despite their strengths outside, they remained internally weak, and yet they still tried to pretend acting as strong-especially due to their actions which may lead to their demise as an entity.

For sure Mao even told us that the United States owes much debts in every corner of the globe. Whether it is in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, or even Great Britain, France, and Eire (Ireland). And it also tries its "best" or rather say "worst" to control whether by hook or by crook all in the name of their concepts of "Democracy" and "Liberation." And yet, the people whom they "helped" remained hostile towards them.

And somehow, as years passed, due to their intentions as a "policeman of the world", all capitalist-controlled countries, stretching from Japan to the smallest like Maldives owe much to their all-mighty overlord, Uncle Sam a debt of gratitude in their interests, which is contrary to the interests of the people which is Independence and Self Sufficiency.

As the Imperialist system continues to retain its clutches using "Technology", "Democracy", "Liberalization", "Free Trade" and any other intended actions, their rottenness gives the people whom they controlled a protracted despair, in which as they sweat so much in every working hour in a sweatshop or in a factory, only to end up having few earnings whilst the entire profits are being controlled much by vested interests-especially companies controlled by the U.S. Imperialists and its allies.

And as Imperialist interventions continues to prevail, despite their weaknesses, countless resistance will remain still protracted as ever as what the people expected. Remember September 11? The U.S. Imperialists got a terrible blow from the Terrorist Al-Quaeda and thus unleashed their weakness due to their action. Somehow these people, who are bragging that they are "strong", deserved a terrible blow from those whom they called "weak".

Same as in Iraq, wherein U.S. soldiers, despite their technology, their modernity, were being beaten much by the insurgents whose opposition to the "liberators", who are in fact, fighting for oil, are radically severe as an old Soviet-made Rocket Propelled Grenade can destroy a modern Apache attack helicopter.

Whilst their tactics, proven according to themselves to be effective, also having strains of weaknesses that can also destroy credibility, strength and even its ability. As what Mao said:"Now U.S. Imperialism is quite powerful, but in reality it isn't. It is very weak politically for it is divorced from the masses of the people and is disliked by everybody and by the American people too. In appearance it is very powerful but in reality it is nothing to be afraid of, it is a paper tiger. Outwardly a tiger, it is made of paper, unable to withstand the wind and the rain. I believe the United States is nothing but a paper tiger."

And thus,
Due to the words being said by the late Chairman Mao, the United States of America, who boasts much of its own as a strong entity, a vanguard of "democracy", of the "free world", was and is nothing, but a paper tiger, strong in outside but weak in inside; and the September 11 tragedy, the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and other showcases of Military capabilities in the U.S. shows how these reactionaries called themselves as strong-only to unleash rather its weakness, and even resorted to atrocities-that instead of demoralizing and submitting its subjects to their will, rather increases to the point of staging a battle towards them-exposing its weaknesses and concluding that the U.S. Imperialists, and even its allies as "paper tigers" who can't withstand the winds and the storms of struggling people rallying against them, all despite of their "Nuclear teeth" and of their "Steel skin" wrapping around its body.

And how can we destroy them?
In an era wherein class struggle continues despite the loss of the USSR, of seeing China as being turned to a revisionist, and other countries greatly being manipulated by vested interests, the great mass of people fighting against them and its allies are somehow are in need of consolidation and of unity-both in the realms of parliamentary and armed struggle.

And somehow like the wind and the rain that spoils off the paper tiger, the people who continues to oppose U.S. Imperialist and domestic reactionary policies somehow gives an absolute resurgence to the popular struggles this 21st century. As the Iraqi insurgents and the Palestinian militants to the IRA in Eire and the NPA in the Philippines also unleashes its protracted wrath also against the U.S. And even on the oppressor's bulwark, wherein in every state, as the inhabitants of the oppressive country are even fighting against their administration's policies set upon also against their will to support oppressed countries' right for self-determination (like the Anti-Imperialist league of the late 19th and early 20th centuries). And only through unity and consolidation to the point of generating a global opposition would hasten its disability, as what Mao said:
"If we do a good job, we can root out imperialist oppression. In this we are comrades."

And since the battle continues against them, why not accelerate it further protractedly? Since Mao himself said:
"We are of the same nature as you in our opposition to imperialist oppression, differing only in geographical position, nationality and language. But we are different in nature from imperialism, and the very sight of it makes us sick."
And that sick U.S. Imperialism, that continues to harm every people through its affected allies, that zombie or pestilence that infests every land, nation and people into a terrible mess, must be wiped out virtually, as we affirm that the U.S. Imperialists, its allies and cohorts, who are imbued with "strength", "modernity", "technology" are really paper tigers.

"What use is imperialism?" Mao said. "The Chinese people will have none of it, nor will the people in the rest of the world. There is no reason for the existence of imperialism."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Behind the stories-the inspiration of my works

Behind the stories-the inspiration of my works

"For sure most of us are not really destined to become writers, but only through inspirations and ideas made us get into that." These are the words I often think of in creating such stories and even writeups that pop-"uped" (sorry for making "up" in a past tense) in my mind, and somehow it involves how every written work, or a living person became a basis, an inspiration in a work I have really made for all of my life.

But then,
Despite all of the works I have made, not all, whether it is a writeup, a tale, or a drawing are based much on the persons I met or the books I have read. And although they gave influence in every work, it does not mean that I copied from them. "Iskender E Rizza", "The Harmonium Player", "When Lizette met Paul Quillrose" are mainly inspired much minimally from books, and mostly from the barren mindset desperately yearning for writing. Same as "A Total Sacrifice", "The Revenge of Manyatsoe", and "Partisan Katleah", where inspired from historical events and reinforced my realistic concepts of a conditioned mind before being written.

And as I continue doing so, of writing works, it all mirrors anything coming from both book and from the mindset. "Iskender E Rizza" somehow was somewhat inspired from the legends in the Balkans like Shqiperia (Albania) while "When Lizette met Paul Quillrose" also inspired from the Slavic myths, that I even like off to read most of the time. Same as my poetry (here are the examples):

As the strange beauty of the fallen red rose blooms
The love given through hate will being glory and destiny
For your Hate is love-and my war is peace!

-From "The fallen rose"

Someday your victim may rise up
Rise up to gain revenge
Out of darkness, out of slumber
Making tyranny out of your presence!
-From "The voice of revenge"

I've been dreaming of you when I see you in red
Then my eyes turned red till it bled
As if I've seen a rose covered in blood
Heiliges quillrose now found!

-From "Charmel"

Like these excerpts from my poems, it shows the anger, love, melancholy, of a yearning for liberty, of fire, iron, gunpowder, roses and perhaps even women and men joining side by side. For sure some may ought to call me "weird" or "crazy" out of these things, that in fact-showing a sense of apathy and even misunderstanding in some works, passages, or figures I have made.

How about my artworks?
It also mirrors the idea that seemed to be different. I may have drawn realistic ones, of factory chimneys, of working people, anything based on everyday life; but for quite some time I also tend to draw some nostalgia-of 19th century lifestyles that also mirrors my love of anything past.

All of them are also inspired by people, like the last drawing (of a female knight), it is based much of my schoolmate-she's boyish despite his feminine appearance, and thus I made a sketch of her as a warrior-complete with an armor; and somehow it also shows how women tend to be strong and trying much to join alongside men, to be "half of men" in carrying the "half of the world."

I also tried making music, however I confessed that I am not a good musician-but being a music aficcionado influenced me, and listening to good music becomes a good basis for works-especially some of my poetry and drawings being made. Metal perhaps is one of the examples as well as punk rock and classical. And the proof lies in the drawings featuring women in armor, carrying a gun, battlefields, etc. And the poetry with messages full of melancholy, defiance, revenge,and liberation. The German song "Dem Morgenrot Entgagen" inspired me to create the poetry "To Ayala we're marching" and I even borrowed the melody to make it more compatible to it. The songs sung by Marko Perkovic of Thompson also inspired me to create some poems and even the story "Partisan Katleah" and "Katleah of Veid: Crusader of Ostgard".


As you see these kind of works, whether it is written or drawn, it does not mean that I turned myself over to the past ideas that seemed unsuitable for this modern day era, while at the same time doing it for a sake-that may lead me to demise same as other people who blindly joined through-just like the drawings that may also show defiance to a "decadent" culture. Those inclinations shows how rotten the idea in the realm of literature and art is, since it shows what objective is art is-if it is for man or for profit, of using imagination to image the reality or just to make a bastardization of the human image. Grimm even ought to create tales not just for the sake of speaking it to children, he made it for it mirrors the idea of people, the folk-despite having its stories, like "Hansel and Gretel" more into children.

And despite having these kinds of works as more of "past related" it does not mean to say that I am doing a "backyard renaissance" like literature or drawing, but rather I am doing my best in making such works radical and at the same time classical-of utilizing the "Past-like" works, of nostalgic-like realism, and even "Imagination" into a contributing factor in mirroring realism and of the supposed idea of man as a creator of art and not as a victim of wholesale artistry.

Like Jiang Qing, of Aleksandr Bogdanov, of Bertolt Brecht, Gliere, Eisenstein end even the Brothers Grimm and of the composer Wagner, somehow they tried much in putting "fire" and "ice" into their works, that may inculcate man's intention to break off the shackles of eternal tyranny like the film "Oktobr" (which is based from the book "Ten Days That Shook The World") and of "The Red detachment of women." These may also came from the past, and yet they give lessons for the present and of the future, of giving inspirations for the struggle, and so are my works-and despite its fictitious lore, it tries its best to connect with reality.

And if people continues to attack anything within my works, of thinking it as if more of a crazed work or a work out of nothing, of calling it a trying hard artist, sorry to say, my alter ego carries the past while my body belongs to the present-and he, representing my ideas, and imbued with the reason of giving it "to the people" through creativity, helped me in this kind of work I am doing-therefore in these I communicate with my muse, and my muse communicates with the rest whom being served wholeheartedly.

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Bastardizing the partylist

Bastardizing the partylist
by Ellen Tordesillas

Parañaque Rep. Roilo Golez sees conflict of interest in the membership of Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes in 1-Utak (United Transport Koalisyun), a partylist group.

Golez said in the hearing of the House Energy Committee last Monday, Reyes admitted that he was offered a lost in the 1-Utak party list and in a TV interview, he said he is considering it.

His nomination indicates that he has been a member of the past three months because the law states that a nominee should be "A bona fide member of the party he seeks to represent for at least ninety (90) days preceding election day."
There are calls for Reyes to resign because as Golez said, "his membership in 1-Utak, a player in oil products price and supply issues, which are within the jurisdiction of the energy secretary poses a clear conflict of interest."

Concerns have also been raised about Mikey Arroyo, son of Gloria Arroyo who has opted not to run re-election as representative of 2nd district of Pampanga to allow his mother to make a bid to return to power via the House of Representatives?

Mikey Arroyo is the first nominee of Ang Galing Pinoy, allegedly representing tricycle drivers and security guards. How in heaven’s name can Mikey Arroyo be a member of association of tricycle drivers and security guards? The same question was asked when his aunt, Marilou, got to the House of Representatives representing balut vendors.

Ang Galing Pinoy and 1-Utak are two of the 187 partylist groups that are included in the ballot (that helps explain the two-feet long ballot). The Comelec admits many of those 187 are questionable but they decided not to question them because that would have delayed the printing of the ballot. They say that they could still disqualify some of those before election day.

Former Akbayan Rep. Etta Rosales laments the bastardization of the partylist system which was introduced in the 1987 Constitution with the noble purpose of giving the marginalized groups a voice in Congress. It was giving substance to the philosophy articulated by the late President Ramon Magsaysay that "those who have less in life should have more in law."
Etta said that in 2007, Akbayan exposed 11 dubious party list groups including Biyaheng Pinoy, a tricycle party list group founded in Mandaluyong but whose bulk of votes came from Mindanao. It was headed by the brother of the disgraced Comelec chairman Benjamin Abalos.

Etta said there is no serious effort by Comelec to investigate the integrity of all the groups it has accredited, both past and present.
She said, "Some curious names in the 187 list include Agbiag, no. 34 and Ang Galing Pinoy, no. 89. In 2007 this was one and the same suspected government front called ‘Ang Galing Pinoy, Agbiag! Timpuyog Ilocano, Inc.’ (Agbiag) for short. Now they have split like an amoeba with Ang Galing Pinoy ‘aching’ to have Mikey Arroyo its first nominee in the party list."

Etta asks the Comelec: "What does ‘1-Ako ang Babaeng Astig Aasenso’ stands for and what under-represented sections of the population does it represent?"

She further said, “1-UTAK is among seven accredited party list groups that command the first row because they all start with “1”! Obviously this is intended to have these seven groups listed ahead of some 102! party list groups starting with the letter “A”. While these PL titles in competition of billing are a comedy by themselves, what is more bothersome is the fact that the transport group 1-UTAK should offer its first slot to a GMA cabinet member, Angelo Reyes, whose loyalty to the President today is measured by the years of service he has given to her in the various cabinet posts he has held regardless of experience these past 9 years.”
Etta said elections is being held under "a regime in a desperate drive to hold on to power in a period of rapid decline."

Etta is not alone in thinking that " This kilometer-long list of 187 party list groups may hold the key to her last remaining options – a private army of party list loyalists to support her speakership where district solons are fast jumping ship in search of new perks."

She is calling for the reactivation of Party List Caucus. She said, "The Comelec must be called to task and the Supreme Court must respond decisively before the dream of EDSA for a democratic Congress ends in a gruesome nightmare. A democratic Congress can still be a reality, but only with the concerted action of an informed public."

Originally posted March 3, 2010.