Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seeing humanity in a cross of dollar and gold

Seeing humanity in a cross of dollar and gold

Today is maundy Thursday, and that day somehow is a part of a sacred week. And for sure most of us are starting to get out and pray, lighting candles as well as meditating, reflecting their actions, intentions made before that sacred day.

Not all problems can be solved through prayers, meditation, or even self flagellation as other people ought to do, as most problems are rather stem from economic, social rather than spiritual affairs that corrupts the inner, personal side of man. And noticing that we, people living in this rotten society didn't notice much as we instead stay away and acting apathetically whilst praying for forgiveness.

For example, the government's negligence on education. We see that most state colleges and universities hath started to increase their fees that in fact, attacks the student's right for education, then the government defending them, those who oppress instead of reprimanding them! How come the government became negligent on education and social services and instead having a large chunk of budget be in the hands of the murderers and of the rich and famous "few?" Or rather say, is the government became disobedient in its fundamental law?

As time goes by, this society became apathetically ignorant, as most people preferred the comforts courtesy of mass media, of modern lifestyle, they didn't notice much about the realities happened, except for earthquakes and other tragedies that may led to temporary unity, like the Ondoy and Pepeng or a mass mourning like the Ampatuan massacre. But on common affairs such as poverty? We simply disregard it away. I don't know why how these people, apathetic in nature are the same people who went to church, gave their tithe and prayed for forgiveness?

Bah! Why is the world becoming like that? Except to those who understand this and trying to break the cycle of problems, most people becoming too or half ignorant in regards to their ideas in regards to the society, whilst bannering words like "patriotism", "hope", "peace", "progress", speaking off words like "change starts from ourselves", "we must study our lessons", and any other kind of, these people are the ones who had no concrete goals and insist in building castles on sand, of pipe dreams without concrete settings.

While at the same time, the massive ranks of people, mostly coming from the oppressed are starting to rise up and marching a la the peaceful rallies during the Russian revolution! Like the PUP students who threw off and burned the old dilapidated chairs in response for Guevarra's increase proposal (that end up in scrapping it off), these people who called for change remained deeply oppressed. True to their ideas that they kept on fighting for it unlike those who banner who in fact hath nothing to deal with it.

In general,
This society we're belonging, remained as it is, rotten and dilapidated, wherein anything around the society is based on what Pol Pot said:
"To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss."
And thus, the clique of the rich and famous, who controlled the society itself simply approved on what Pol Pot hath said to them, to the fact that the ones working, from the farmer to the student are no benefit from them all despite the labors given to them day and night, of having their produce under their own greedy filthy hands and lastly, discarding them out of a certain problem in the end, thinking of it as nothing, no loss indeed as they look for another.

all things out of these problems are likely to give way to anger after languishing in physical torture and mental fantasy-of themselves, the humanity in general, being oppressed by the few, crucified in a cross of dollar and gold! And therefore we mustn't get contented in praying, fasting and anything-we need action all in the name of those who are suffering in the cross of capital against the ones in the temple of greed: for FAITH WITHOUT ACTION IS DEAD!