Friday, March 19, 2010

UE's Affirmation of its capitalistic, or rather say corporate tendency

UE's Affirmation of its capitalistic, or rather say corporate tendency

It was late in the afternoon and early in the morning when I read The University of the East's school paper. That paper somehow remains as it is-a big leaflet, four pages and contains such write-ups that seemed unbalanced and too emphasized on the school proper.

As I continue reading, I found one article, and it said:
And somehow, it shows how the university affirms to its capitalistic sentiment of creating profits despite the tragedies happened, as well as seriously affirming their intention to increase their fees-or rather say increase their income despite calling itself a "non-stock", "non-profit" institution made last February 24 2010.

And since they continue doing so, that even the pro-administration, socially-apathetic dominated Student Council and its cohorts, minus the opposing College of Education Student Council approved the increase proposal. Speaking off reasons like "old chalkboards", "chairs" and anything that remained a perennial problem.

Somehow the UE Administration, again speak off their intentions regarding the results of the last year's increase, of building renovations, of water reproofing of the Education building, of changing chairs to fibreglass, but all of these carry the main basic reason-of accreditation of colleges.
How come they say so in that said increase? And yet due to the financial reports the profits of that said institution increased from 2008 to 2009? And due to the tragedies being happened, of typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng, of this El Nino Phenomenon and other financial scandals strike all over the country and others, why is it the institution, being known as the "University of the Common Man", and a "Poor Man's University" increased their profits instead of utilizing their main income much on these said projects? And how come they even spoke of having UE be given a faster internet access through having the entire building, university-wide having a Wi-fi internet service, which it was really intended for many years as a plan?

Despite that said approval, there are still opposing to that approved plan, as the progressives remained defiant against the approval made by the reactionary inclined and its horde of apathetics who are evenly approved the said increase proposal, as Crisostomo Consul said (in an English translation):
"We are against the TFI. For the main problem is that we are paying increase without justifiable changes or development."
And he even said that it is not enough even the University being given an autonomous status and has undergone a lot of changes to justify the cause of that said increase. And he even said this (in an English translation):
"It must start from the internal, since we're much emphasised on the external. There's UAAP, topnochers, all of them are champions. But we must consider our internal problems."
And he even explained that the said increase may resulted to a domino effect on the University;s status (In an English translation):
"If they increase, there will be a big loss to UE. It may decrease enrollment, and even the quality education may decrease due to the incompetency of the professors."
And lastly, Consul concluded (In an English translation):
"I hope they consider first the students who are agonizing in paying the tuition fee but willing to finish their future in UE."

But then, on the other side,
The newly elected president of the council, the illiberal-inclined Mars Lago, like the rest of the Kaisa Ka Clique simply agreed on the said increase, bannering such statements like "development", "improvement", that in fact, a cosmetic job for the administrators for the sake of accreditation while the rest end up in filling up the institution's pockets-a feature of a capitalist- and thus, it affirms UE's entity as a "corporation", a "profiteer", a "capitalist roader" who disregards its vision and mission as an institution and a vanguard of the youth, emphasizing profit generating activities over quality education whilst bragging for academic excellence!

How come the newly elected University Student Council president approved so without any question? Is the Kaisa Ka Party Coalition, or rather say the moderates who trying to act as progressives didn't think much of student welfare and instead bannering UE's academic excellence blindly? Perhaps as years passed by, and if the reigning party continue approving the increase, whether it is small or big and for the goddamn sake of "cosmetic improvement" without reading any financial statement to notice about the increase in UE's profits, then we'll end up as what Consul said!

What's next?
Doing the events in PUP, of throwing away chairs and tables from the building? Of doing the age old carrying the coffin up to Lualhati (UE's counterpart of UP Oblation) as a sign of the death of UE's entity as a "University of the Common Man"? Sadly for the Kaisa Ka and the UE admin for it may. For in the end, we hope that there will be an insurrection inside the institution! We demand the stoppage of a yearly tuition fee increase without any cause!