Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Of "Affiriming" the U.S. Imperialists, and its allies as Paper Tigers

Of "Affiriming" the U.S. Imperialists, and its allies as Paper Tigers

54 years since the late great Chairman Mao Zedong made this writeup lies the conclusion that the U.S. Imperialists, as well as its reactionary allies are to be known as Paper Tigers. True, for despite their strengths outside, they remained internally weak, and yet they still tried to pretend acting as strong-especially due to their actions which may lead to their demise as an entity.

For sure Mao even told us that the United States owes much debts in every corner of the globe. Whether it is in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, or even Great Britain, France, and Eire (Ireland). And it also tries its "best" or rather say "worst" to control whether by hook or by crook all in the name of their concepts of "Democracy" and "Liberation." And yet, the people whom they "helped" remained hostile towards them.

And somehow, as years passed, due to their intentions as a "policeman of the world", all capitalist-controlled countries, stretching from Japan to the smallest like Maldives owe much to their all-mighty overlord, Uncle Sam a debt of gratitude in their interests, which is contrary to the interests of the people which is Independence and Self Sufficiency.

As the Imperialist system continues to retain its clutches using "Technology", "Democracy", "Liberalization", "Free Trade" and any other intended actions, their rottenness gives the people whom they controlled a protracted despair, in which as they sweat so much in every working hour in a sweatshop or in a factory, only to end up having few earnings whilst the entire profits are being controlled much by vested interests-especially companies controlled by the U.S. Imperialists and its allies.

And as Imperialist interventions continues to prevail, despite their weaknesses, countless resistance will remain still protracted as ever as what the people expected. Remember September 11? The U.S. Imperialists got a terrible blow from the Terrorist Al-Quaeda and thus unleashed their weakness due to their action. Somehow these people, who are bragging that they are "strong", deserved a terrible blow from those whom they called "weak".

Same as in Iraq, wherein U.S. soldiers, despite their technology, their modernity, were being beaten much by the insurgents whose opposition to the "liberators", who are in fact, fighting for oil, are radically severe as an old Soviet-made Rocket Propelled Grenade can destroy a modern Apache attack helicopter.

Whilst their tactics, proven according to themselves to be effective, also having strains of weaknesses that can also destroy credibility, strength and even its ability. As what Mao said:"Now U.S. Imperialism is quite powerful, but in reality it isn't. It is very weak politically for it is divorced from the masses of the people and is disliked by everybody and by the American people too. In appearance it is very powerful but in reality it is nothing to be afraid of, it is a paper tiger. Outwardly a tiger, it is made of paper, unable to withstand the wind and the rain. I believe the United States is nothing but a paper tiger."

And thus,
Due to the words being said by the late Chairman Mao, the United States of America, who boasts much of its own as a strong entity, a vanguard of "democracy", of the "free world", was and is nothing, but a paper tiger, strong in outside but weak in inside; and the September 11 tragedy, the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and other showcases of Military capabilities in the U.S. shows how these reactionaries called themselves as strong-only to unleash rather its weakness, and even resorted to atrocities-that instead of demoralizing and submitting its subjects to their will, rather increases to the point of staging a battle towards them-exposing its weaknesses and concluding that the U.S. Imperialists, and even its allies as "paper tigers" who can't withstand the winds and the storms of struggling people rallying against them, all despite of their "Nuclear teeth" and of their "Steel skin" wrapping around its body.

And how can we destroy them?
In an era wherein class struggle continues despite the loss of the USSR, of seeing China as being turned to a revisionist, and other countries greatly being manipulated by vested interests, the great mass of people fighting against them and its allies are somehow are in need of consolidation and of unity-both in the realms of parliamentary and armed struggle.

And somehow like the wind and the rain that spoils off the paper tiger, the people who continues to oppose U.S. Imperialist and domestic reactionary policies somehow gives an absolute resurgence to the popular struggles this 21st century. As the Iraqi insurgents and the Palestinian militants to the IRA in Eire and the NPA in the Philippines also unleashes its protracted wrath also against the U.S. And even on the oppressor's bulwark, wherein in every state, as the inhabitants of the oppressive country are even fighting against their administration's policies set upon also against their will to support oppressed countries' right for self-determination (like the Anti-Imperialist league of the late 19th and early 20th centuries). And only through unity and consolidation to the point of generating a global opposition would hasten its disability, as what Mao said:
"If we do a good job, we can root out imperialist oppression. In this we are comrades."

And since the battle continues against them, why not accelerate it further protractedly? Since Mao himself said:
"We are of the same nature as you in our opposition to imperialist oppression, differing only in geographical position, nationality and language. But we are different in nature from imperialism, and the very sight of it makes us sick."
And that sick U.S. Imperialism, that continues to harm every people through its affected allies, that zombie or pestilence that infests every land, nation and people into a terrible mess, must be wiped out virtually, as we affirm that the U.S. Imperialists, its allies and cohorts, who are imbued with "strength", "modernity", "technology" are really paper tigers.

"What use is imperialism?" Mao said. "The Chinese people will have none of it, nor will the people in the rest of the world. There is no reason for the existence of imperialism."