Saturday, March 27, 2010

A letter to Katleah

A letter to Katleah

Dear Katleah, or rather say "comrade,"

Its so happy to see and hear that you finished college. Happy because you finished four years of mind and body twisting ordeals that seemed make you "nose bleed", "groggy" and anything that may never control most of the time.

But then,
Despite all of these things you have done with, lies sadness as you finish college and leaving it full of memories both material and immaterial. In fact, as I notice you during the first days of meeting, of running as a candidate in the CAS student council, under the banner of KBPA last 2008, I was nearly inspired-from listening to you singing "rosas ng digma" (a tagalog song meaning "rose of war") with Troy while playing a guitar, of enjoying with some friends' company, that even made me compelled much in drawing every features of you, and end up you (in my works) clenching a fist, carrying a gun, or even donning a "Liza Maza" getup of white and having a pink scarf. Well... perhaps out of activism rather and of you, creating a being whose beauty and strength is a product of ceaseless admiration.

And despite all the tragedies I passed though, of having a fight with your friend, I never made wrong or anything against you. But on the other hand, out of that "away", I became so shy, whenever I wanted to meet and have a chitchat with you. True and weird isn't it? But then, Despite any attempt to meet and having a chitchat, perhaps no to avail, since both of us are having most of the time working. And secondly I consider it "difficult", wanting no fight therefore better not to speak though-and instead preferring other means like drawing, of girl with a gun, rising a left fist, having a red star, wearing a mao cap or budenovka headgear, carrying an AK47, etc. Making the person who created is a hardcore.

And like the the song "Comrade Lover", with no regrets in doing every work both school and in struggle, that I sacrificed the blood, sweat and tears of my youth to complete every ordeal-all of these are due to you as my inspiration, as you sing every pop song whilst I listen to hardcore speeches.
As what the song said:
"Joy and Sorrow,
parting and union

-The story always the the same

Hand in hand,
and unchanging face"

Perhaps, it's (or all it's) over, since you are leaving UE with profound memories. And so are the works full of agitation. "All hail thou hope of our land, Loyal thy sons we'll ever be."* these are the words I may say to you my once inspiration and idea in my work. Or rather say, we have another battle to face!

Farewell to a red star shining! You may have left UE, but there are millions of Katleahs, red stars rising and shining in the realm of struggle! HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE!

From a comrade, and once a friend

*From Teogenes Velez's "UP Beloved" (UP naming mahal)