Tuesday, January 5, 2010



It was all started when I was looking for a good inspiration for some artworks to be drawn, looking until I sought a girl whose looks seemed good, more of a proletarian kind-a lively face, of a pleasing but strong willed personality, and a good built that seemingly reminds of a female Kolkhoz farmer working for hours tilling the soil; and thus that girl became a good basis for "revolutionary artworks" featuring women.

But then,
That girl, whose name is Katleah, perhaps unknowingly didn't think it badly regarding this kind of thing being done, or being made through a series of drawings and perhaps even some stories whose female protagonist and its image can be based on her, well... for me she knew that I am drawing and even recognizing my talent, although on the other side it can be considered as annoying-especially in getting "drawn" and end up in a piece of paper featuring a girl wearing a gimsterka, pants, boots, a budenovka as her headgear and carrying an AK47 or some sort-for based on what I have seen for her, more of "that", a Kolkhoz woman, a proletarian, a revolutionary-anything, left, radical especially for that girl.

And in addition to that,
I am deeply influenced by the left through a series of books (like the communist manifesto, the French revolution, Les Miserables) and other writeups since childhood, somehow drawing or writing stories anything based on Katleah or even other ones also expresses more of personifying the struggle, like Berglend back then whom I drawn her as a female knight or Charmel as a beautiful empress with a humble heart, Katleah somehow to me is the struggle as a woman, a maiden whose prowess in the protest-battlefield is her outmost devotion to the people, including the acceptance of death..

Katleah is struggle, like Lorena she is the woman who gives anything to the people.