Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We oppose foreign interference in the affairs of the DPRK

We oppose foreign interference in the affairs of the DPRK.

January 27, Juche 99 (2010)

Recently a story has been circulated in the media regarding a plan by the south Korean intelligence service to invade and conquer the DPRK should a "leadership crisis" (which will never happen because the Korean people are firmly devoted to the cause of national independence as embodied in the Juche and in the Songun ideas) occur. Even after overcoming numerous setbacks and cementing the single-hearted unity of the people and army of Korea with the leader, the imperialists still maintain their wild ambitions for aggression and war.

The Songun Politics Study Group (USA). strongly condemns this action by the ROK puppet regime and its US imperialist puppet masters who are provoking a crisis between north and south as part of their long term plan to bring the entire world under their globalist sway. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a free and sovereign country safe-guarding its independence and working for the peaceful re-unification of Korea. The US and south Korean so called "democratic" governments have shown again their true nature and must stop their interference in the DPRK's internal affairs at once. The Songun idea followers in the US salute the military preparedness and principled stand of the DPRK and the dynamic anti-war and anti-imperialist struggle of the south Korean people. We send our support and best wishes to Leader Kim Jong Il and the valiant, brave and courageous Korean people in their time of struggle.

Jason-Adam Tonis and John Paul Cupp,
Songun Politics Study Group (USA)
and the US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF and the South Korean People's Struggle