Thursday, December 31, 2009



Comrades, Allies, Friends, I bring to you my warmest greetings.

We are now entering another decade in the history of mankind, and for sure we are trying hard to think of it as promising since the global society tends to create new ways to solve anything, especially after years of crises being set upon against the people, whether it is war, finance, and perhaps even love and sex affairs.

Not all things man surely thinks of can be promising, since some tend to think curses instead of promises and insisting on piting against other people, somehow as what the conservatives in UK said "intenting on waging a negative and pointless class war". True, for the ones who started an untimely mess against the oppressed masses wanted a negative and pointless class war even in the 21st century! Anyway, we cannot deny this kind of event for that kind of struggle, altough they tried to call it pointless has a point, especially in the creation and destruction of human society, and that includes how people treated people and people treated the society same as society treating people,-including things like machinery and others that makes the world going.

But then,
Despite the growing tide of modernity, of change, we didn't notice that most of the people are still facing backwardness as the society, run by the oppressing classes tends to make them in a state of barbarity and ignorance as they force us to join the flow courtesy of consumerism and of the like. And somehow we don't even like to be ignorant and be a part of this growing threat what a backward-forward system wanted against us. For sure people wanted to stop this kind of "flow" by all means necessary for the sake of saving social sanity and mankind in general.

And therefore,
There are events in which the growing tide of opposition against the flow becomes rampant. The rallies against the masacre in Maguindanao and the unveiling of fascist -style violence made by the government courtesy of its warlords, the opposition against extrajudicial killings and justice for its victims, a call for a genuine agrarian reform program to replace the landlord-sponsored CARP, and others, in which it was well-coordinated with the events happned around the world, and now growing as ever.

And of course, there are more and more remains to be done, but the progress and struggles of the past year gives me confidence that we are heading in the right direction towards a just, progressive peaceful society. In this, we must intensify our calls for genuine change and justice, and we should redouble our efforts to forge a real new century of peace and freedom. The challenges we face today are no less daunting, but with good will and determination on both sides, I and the rest of the peoples of the world are confident that we will continue intensifying the struggle we about to continue, as what the song "Internationale" says:
"Tis' the final conflict,
And the last fight must face,
The Internationale,
Unites the human race."

Again, Thank you, God bless you, and have a liberating and promising New Year to the peoples of the world!

Peace, Land and Bread to all the nations of the world!

Solidarity and Friendship,