Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Serving in the middle of the Kali Yuga

Serving in the middle of the Kali Yuga

Widespread calamities, financial breakdowns, rice riots, anything disastrous around the society. These are the current negative trends we are experiencing up now in this planet called Earth. However, these trends somehow are more of a start, start that may shook the world badly due to the acts that destroys social sanity and of forcing people to join the flow that leads to nothing.

In short,
We are now likely to be in the stage of Kali Yuga in this global society. Age of Kali or in other meaning as the Age of vice, Kali Yuga is the last of the four stages that the world goes through as part of the cycle described in the Hindu scriptures. And that stage somehow shows that human civilization degenerates spiritually, or in a Marxian phrase that it changes due to the condition, especially in the stages of society from primitive communal phase to the stage of capitalism. Somehow if I sum this together, both Hindu and Marxian ideas, as progress continue to lead within the society, the society also degenerates spiritually due to the problems around it, like calamities, financial problems, etc.

But then,
Many people are trying to endure and at the same time resist the flow, of trying to solve every problem in this age of vice, not just spiritual as what the Hindus think of, but also of temporal-of trying to deal with the society like the ones being experienced today.

Let's take the typhoon "Ondoy" in the Philippines perhaps, that typhoon somehow was a part of that Kali Yuga age, and that ravaging wind and rain concoction ravages homes in and surrounding Metro Manila and parts of the country, leaving it flooded, in mud, in dirt while the people, rich and poor are greatly suffered. For sure out of these incident lies a temporary unity and a cease fire from an everyday battle, and instead more and more relief operations laced with corporate social responsibilities, of showbusiness and political aspirations mushroomed through it in order to gain popular support ...or use them.

This example somehow shows that even showbiz personalities also engaged in this short term program to give the affected a handout. Perhaps they may just trying to get serious, or truly, really serious acts to do these things just like Angel Locsin! Perhaps her example seemed different from her previous "Darna" (a Filipino Superheroine) days as a savior of the Filipino masa (the masses, mostly consists of the working classes), but this time without any power just herself as a person or maybe a person excluding her artist appeal perhaps.

But still,
Despite these short term services, more and more will come in this Kali Yuga. Will the people expect this quotation indicating the end?:
"When flowers will be begot within flowers, and fruits within fruits, then will the Yuga come to an end. And the clouds will pour rain unseasonably when the end of the Yuga approaches."
But this time, in this modern age, people may call this crazy or a fairy tale kind of thing; but they didn't notice that in that age also includes ourselves, and thus the only way is not just to pray, but also to change the society hard, especially that life and history in general is more of a struggles both as an individual and as a class, as possible of breaking off the rotten old tree of society and destroy its roots and branches in it, and to build a society which is new one; this time peaceful, just and prosperous that can benefit humankind temporally and spiritually.