Friday, September 25, 2009



For sure months pass by will be an end for a semester, and it is also a failed attempt of the studentry against the increase on tuition and other fees.

These events every year makes every student had the possibility to stop or rage against the rising of tuition and other fee increases especially in the city, some ought to resist actively by joining in a progressive organizations and calling for a refund, others simply criticize but continue studying as part of their plans to finish schooling. I, in spite of paying these expensive fees continue to sympathize the ones whom trying to battle against the rising of these illegal fees-and I often actively used to be against it since in spite of our status, these problems involving financial matters may likely to make lives of every student difficult to reach-likely to think whether they'll stop schooling or to shout, likely to have a call for a voice of dissent.

In fact, as I used to have full payments and earning good grades, I pity at those whom used to have lack of requirement or even the infrastructure in the institution, from old classrooms to slow internet connections in school sponsored internet rooms. Most of the students using there end up criticizing these since they used to pay high whilst the connection remained slow. Or in case of classrooms, remained unimproved except painted walls and chairs.

In this writeup, the students, especially from the lower middle class, whom used to oppose these kinds of perennial problems, are the majority of the school population. They used to study hard and trying to remain studying but still, the increase of tuition fees, accompanied by other fees, likely for them to stop, or as they remain, likely to endure suffering-forcing themselves to rise up and shout a voice of total dissent against the authorities.

These voices of dissent are equivalent to a blasting ingredient found in a bomb, gunpowder, TNT or Ammonium Nitrate perhaps, this bomb may likely to shatter ever corner of the institution with the criticisms, anger made by the students and even the parents of these children whom working hard, giving a decent salary, then paying for many essential things including these expensive tuition and other fee increases made by these fee rising universities whether it is state or private; Just like the 15% increase in a private college or the more expensive 300% increase in a State University. These problems related to financial matters may likely to be perennial, even there are well to do families whom may used to pay for it while criticizing this kind of problem.

In my own perspective, Education must be a right than a privilege. Every educator must consider the status of every people with the aim of educating the people with affordability and of course, with full devotion in enlightening them. They must act as servants to the people since they opted to choose setting up these palaces of knowledge to educate people.

All students must rise up and stop being manipulated. Look at the reality and you will know what's behind their good scene which is rotten and bad. And as you look upon it, you will likely to criticize than to praise-like creating your own bomb against them in the name of justice, since every fee rising university may likely to end up bombarded by the voices of students, faculty members, staff, and even the parents whom paying tuition fees for their children or some progressive minded administrators whom may likely to oppose the idea what their constituents used to agree upon it.