Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alma Mater Dolorosa

Alma Mater Dolorosa

During my elementary and high school days, my teachers taught us how to be loyal, and being loyal includes "loving" to our dear "Alma Mater". And we, as their servants do so despite the policies they impose are often disagree, especially when it comes to haircuts and not bringing cellular phones.

As I enter college life, it becomes totally different. For college life lies outmost realities, that we always see in the boob tube and in the voices of our college friends. I, in fact, say that college life is better than elementary or high school, for anyone can exercise their own "thought" without any restriction; but the difficult thing is that on how will you exercise your own "thought", of thinking out of the box, of looking at realities since all of us are forced to be confined in the four corners of the classroom for years, of obeisance without opposition, of paying expensive fees whose majority are exorbitant, of being forced to be bookish and having limited time to think from realities, supplemented by vices outside?

That is what all colleges, including state ones used to, all in order to continue the system of the ruling clique, of forcing students to obey without "ifs" or "buts", all in order to become peons of the ruling class-especially comprador bourgeoisie and of the landlord-CEOS or the worse? To become a member of a large army of the unemployed. These situations students may likely to face may likely to think about the "behind" rather than relying on to the "front" of their respective institutions, of thinking where were their monies being paid off as tuition fees going through? To the salaries of their professors? To the improvement of their surroundings? Or to the advertising and marketing department to continue the method of deceiving the nation's hope?

Through these, that is what I call "the reality of the education system" And most of the policies bear a chance of every comprador bourgeoisie as educators to exploit the youth, of making them possible as their peons. "Nourishing" them forcibly with the ideas being vested, of not having the youth geared for struggle for enlightenment and instead? Focus much on theories supplemented by some practices, as well as vices and illusions given to them.

And through these, some students, especially those who are running for scholarships, end up relying to the owners of the establishment they are studying. Some even work in the businesses owned by the same owners and trying to have their children to study there, for according to them, it is good to study in a school to get a good job. Then why? For the owner of their company is the same owner of their alma mater!

Is this alma mater? Is she the one who nourishes us with knowledge with love? Of instructing us progressively? Of giving us a critical mindset out of analyzing realities around? Of encouraging us to build a just, progressive humane society?
A monster who corrupts us? Of chaining us? Enslaving till end up being fed to the cannibals and its flesh loving cohorts?

ALMA MATER DOLOROSA! This is the real nourishing mother that gives us knowledge, now being chained, blindfolded, gagged and suffered from pains given by the exploiters and of the monsters around her. For sure most of her children didn't know what's going on about her, especially her suffering coming from them!

Someday, every children who had know the truth in regards to her will eventually rise up and revolt to save her, to the point of building barricades around and even resorting to arms-joining hand in hand with the worker and peasant, ready to destroy the exploiters and redeem education from the clutches of the ruling class!